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One study found that people who smoke pipes or cigars are more likely than non-smokers to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. People with the disease have trouble breathing. Finally, if yoursquo;re not aly convinced, pipes and cigars can be just as addictive as cigarettes. After all, yoursquo;re still smoking tobacco laced with nicotine. And even if you donrsquo;t inhale deeply, the nicotine still seeps into your bloodstream through the lining of the mouth. So bottom line, smoking tobacco is bad for youndash;period. Just because pipes and cigars may seem urbane, therersquo;s nothing harmless about them.一项研究发现,抽烟斗或抽雪茄的人比不吸烟者更容易患上慢性阻塞性肺病。得病的人会有呼吸困难。最后,如果上面这些还不能说你,抽烟斗或抽雪茄和抽烟一样会让人上瘾。毕竟,你还在吸含有尼古丁成分的烟草。即使你不深吸气,尼古丁仍然通过口腔进入你的血液中。因此,结果是吸烟对你有害;;就是这么回事。不会因为抽烟斗或抽雪茄看上去彬彬有礼,就明那是无害的。165576Oil sinks despite OPEC Production cuts are the topic of OPEC's emergency meeting, yet crude futures continue to fall as investors focus on slowing global demand.Oil price's falling in concert with stocks today, and this is despite the fact that OPEC has expected to significantly cut production in the cartel meets later on this week. What's going on? Let's talk to trader, Anthony Grisanti, president, GRZ Energy. Here, with us now. From the floor, talk to us about why you are seeing this, why it seems OPEC isn't even playing in?Well, right now, today the focus is on the dollar. We..we're about at a key 1.30 level(是对欧元的汇率). It's right above it. And really it's the strength of the dollar, that has made oil weaker today. And, you know, going over to OPEC. You know, we pretty much know that they wanna cut Friday. But most of traders feel down here: they are gonna have to cut a significant amount to have any impact on this market and to have these prices go higher. And by significant amount, I am talking about four to five million barrels a day. And I really don't see that happening. In fact, any kind of the cut we see, I expect, one to two million barrels. And I don't really see in that have a lot of influences on prices right now. And word to down market, we wanna thaw rallies out here,it looks like it is gonna continue. We had Chinese economy, the growth revised down for next year and for the rest of this year. Of course, the U.S. is the same way. So really it is all about demand and the dollar right now. And OPEC is kind of on the sidelines. Alright. Let's say, OPEC does cut a significantly four or five billions barrels a day, what then happens to oil prices when you are dealing with slowing economies around the world, and as you said the stronger U.S. dollars than we've seen in the long time. Well, if they do cut the four or five billion , you will see its initial spike,that's for sure. Probably to about the 85 dollar level. But , I think, at that point, you are gonna turn around and look to see what the demand is, even at the low levels that OPEC is producing. And I don't think we are gonna see the demand may, will be there, even for those numbers. So, I expect that the market will be very weak or will be very range-bound, say, between 70 and 90 dollars. But if they come in less that cut,if they come in and say one and two, (Yeah. ) I think we'll take a shot towards 60 dollars. at this point.You know, finally , the shift that's happend this fall, so interesting as you see oil moving concert with stocks, which is the opposite of what we saw all summer. How long does that hang on? How long is that the case? Will these two move together? And it's really the demand that play?Well, I think , it's a matter really... I don't think they are so moving in tandem together. I think it just , kind of... it seems that way. And that's the way it's working out. But really it is about the demand in oil and when that demand starts to picking up , then you can see, you know, uh, the market. And actually the stock market could pick up at that point too, because a bigger demand means that economie's doing a little bit better. But I don't think there 's link as we think they are. I think it's just a moving tandem right now. Just a coincidence at this point. Alright,Anthony , appreciate your expertise, thank you.200810/53912China moved almost a million people from its coastal provinces to safer areas before Typhoon Morakat hit the mainland on Sunday. Heavy rain triggered landslides and caused several hundred houses to collapse, but the effects weren't as bad as might have been feared, after the damage it had wreaked elsewhere.The storm had caused the worst flooding in 50 years in Taiwan. They're still working there to free thousands of people who remain trapped, and searching for the dozens who are missing.In Japan, there were more casualties, as a different typhoon caused severe problems along the western coast of the country. Again torrential downpours triggered landslides and flooding. One man was found drowned inside his car, a woman was found dead in a gutter.Trigger: 引起,触发A spark triggered the explosion. 一粒火星引起了这场爆炸。Landslide: 滑坡,泥石流Collapse: 倒塌Having been neglected for years, the house collapsed. 这所房子因年久失修而倒塌了。Wreak: 造成(巨大的破坏或伤害)Casualty: (事故、灾难等的)死者;伤者;受害人There were dozens of casualties in the train crash. 在那次火车撞车事故中有数十人伤亡。Downpour: 倾盆大雨,豪雨She was drenched by the sudden downpour. 她被那场突然下的倾盆大雨淋得湿透。08/81340A friendly against Switzerland next week could have been David Beckham's opportunity to join the exclusive club of football players with 100 caps, but instead of such glory, the former England captain hasn't even made the squad.Fabio Capello, leaving the FA's headquarters this afternoon, his smiling demeanor probably a stark contrast from David Beckham's, "Fabio, why did you leave David out of the squad?" The Italian who is still taking English lessons didn't speak to answer, but he does give his reasons on the FA's website. "The reason that David is not in the squad is because he's not had any real match practice since playing in November, when I spoke with David on the phone yesterday, I advised him that he is still part of my plans, and once he is playing regularly in America, we will look at him closely again. "Beckham's LA Galaxy season ended last October, and he hasn't played a competitive match since England were defeated by Croatia, he has been training with Arsenal though, and said last week that he's fit, sharp and y to be selected. He said it before while collecting a sport industry award last March. "Not being in the team is very very difficult, but I've always said and I'll always say while I'm still playing, I'm always available for the country."It's not the first time Capello's left Beckham out, it happened when they were at Real Madrid, too. His decision leaves the 32-year-old still coveting his 100th cap, but if the cap doesn't fit, Beckham has plenty of other hats to wear at the moment. As UNICEF ambassador, he was highlighting child mortality in Sierra Leone last week. And this week he's been in Brazil, opening his new academy. And even if he is not playing against Switzerland at Wembley, at least there will be more time for keep-it-happy on the beach.200810/53803The most powerful atom smasher ever built could make some bizarre discoveries, such as new forces of nature or even extra dimensions of space, after it's switched on in August. The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, basically consists of a ring of supercooled magnets 17 miles in circumference attached to huge barrel-shaped detectors. The ring which straddles the French and Swiss borders at the CERN center is buried 330 feet underground. But some have fears. Will it spawn a black hole that could swallow Earth or spit out particles that could turn the planet into a hot dead clump?LHC is only going to reproduce what nature does every second and has been doing for billions of years, and all those astronomical bodies including the Earth and the Sun. They are still here. So though there really is no problem, but okay, if people are concerned about it, we'll certainly discuss (it).The safety of the collider, which will generate energies 7 times higher than its most powerful rival at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory here in Chicago, has been debated for years.When you collide two particles, it nearly seems like colliding two mosquitoes. These will be incredibly small black holes with no more energy than a mosquito. Very likely these things are not going to be made at all. If they are made, then they’re surely going to decay.A lawsuit was filed against CERN and its US partners in a Hawaiian court on March 21st, but a ruling has yet to be made.I think obviously we have no concern at all. There is a huge community of scientists who know what they are talking about and are sleeping quite soundly concerning LHC. But nevertheless this creates problems in the general public where LHC is concerned and we have to answer to that.The machine, which has been called the largest scientific experiment in history, isn't expected to begin test rounds until August, and ramping up to full power could take months. CERN(欧洲核子研究中心)是世界上最大的粒子物理研究实验室.它成立于 1954 年,位于日内瓦的西北部,法国与瑞士边界的侏罗山脚下.这里有 6 台粒子加速器供科学家和研究人员使用,这些加速器位居世界最大科学仪器之列.基本粒子经这些装置加速后获得极高的能量,然后撞击在一起.通过粒子探测器记录的碰撞情况可以了解宇宙爆炸之后的物质实况.参考中文翻译:有史以来最有威力的核粒子加速器8月份开启以来,有一些奇异的发现,比如自然界新的力量甚至空间的多维性。这个巨大的粒子对撞机,或者简称LHC,基本构成是一个周长17英里的过冷的磁环,附着在一个巨大的桶形的探测器上。该磁环位于法国和瑞士边境上的CERN中心,埋于地面以下330尺。但是有人有一些担忧。会不会产生黑洞并将地球吞噬?会不会分裂出粒子,让地球走向毁灭?LHC只是重塑过去自然界做的并且几十亿年以来一直在做的,和所有的天体,包括地球和太阳。现在地球和太阳仍然存在于宇宙中。所以根本不会有任何问题。但是如果有人为这些担忧的话,我们在这里可以进行讨论。对撞机产生的能量是芝加哥的菲尔米国家加速器实验室最有威力的对手的7倍。所以,几年以来,对于对撞机的安全性一直存在争议。当你让两个粒子碰撞的时候,几乎看上去就像两只蚊子相撞。这个过程造成的黑洞小的不可思议,产生的能量不会超过一只蚊子。或者很可能根本就不会产生黑洞或者能量。即使产生了,也必定很快就消失了。有关部门3月21日在夏威夷法庭对CERN和美国的合作伙伴提起诉,但是尚未判决。我认为我们完全没必要担心。那里有大批科学家,他们知道他们在坦坤什么,关于LHC,他们安枕无忧。但是既然公众担忧可能会产生问题,我们就必须进行回答。该对撞机被称为有史以来最大的科学实验,可能一直到8月份才会进行测试,充分发挥能量则需要几个月的时间。200811/57472

Gliese 581g is the sixth planet to be found circling a dwarf star some 20 light-years away, in the constellation of Libra. On paper it looks good – three times the mass of the Earth with possibly a rocky surface and enough gravity to hold on to an atmosphere.The researchers also promised shirt-sleeve weather in some regions, but not everywhere. One side of the planet is almost always in sunshine; the other almost always in darkness and estimated temperatures range from minus four degrees Celsius to a very hot 71 degrees. A year meanwhile would go by in just 37 days.Of course, whether life could really be supported on Gliese 581g will need much more investigation and, most probably, technologies which don't exist yet. But the astronomers say planet hunting is getting easier and they were surprised how quickly they detected the tell-tale signs of this distant body, using ground-based telescopes.【生词注释】dwarf star 天矮星light-years 光年constellation n.星座on paper 在理论上mass n.质量rocky surface 岩石表面shirt-sleeve weather 温暖的气候hunting n.搜寻detect v.发现或注意到tell-tale signs 明显的线索Gliese 581g是发现的第六颗围绕天矮星的星球,它位于20光年外天秤座附近。理论上它看起来很不错——质量是地球的三位,岩石表面并有足够的引力能吸引住大气层。研究者也发现有些地区有着温暖的气候,但并不是所有的地方都是这样。星球的一侧总是处于阳光中,另一侧总是处于黑暗中,温度估计从零下从读到零上71度。一年只有37天。当然,Gliese 581g上是否适合生命生存还需要很多的调查,而且,很可能这方面的技术并不纯在。天文学家说发现星球变得更加容易,当他们用地对空望远镜很快就发现这个遥远天气的明显迹象时,他们很惊讶。201110/158024

微软首席执行官史蒂夫·鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)在"D: All Things Digital"大会上发布了其新一代搜索引擎Bing,以方便网络信息搜索。微软这么做是为了提高在搜索引擎市场的竞争力,希望借此撼动Google的霸主地位。不过截止发稿前,Bing的网站并不能正常登陆,也有传闻说被屏蔽。In today's ‘Tech Bytes', you've heard of Googling something or TiVoing your favorite show, now Microsoft is hoping you'll "bing", that's the name for Microsoft's new search engine due out next week. The company's hoping to challenge Google with ‘Bing', but this tool's aimed at people trying to make decisions on what to buy, planning a trip or searching for local businesses. Bing.com goes live next Thursday.A single penny can't even buy a piece of candy these days, but now one phone company has a pretty sweet deal: a Smartphone for just one cent. USA Today‘s Ed Baig gives us a look."It's not some discontinued models they are trying to get rid of. Now this device has 3G and it has WIFI; it even has a camera among other multimedia features. Now it's not perfect: The keyboard is cramped; there's not a lot of memory; it doesn't come with a headphone, so there...and the interface is not exactly intuitive. There are a couple of s that drove me nuts. But overall, how can you beat the value, in this economy, the price is right".Now without the ATamp;T service plan, the phone will cost you 300 dollars. You can Ed's column on usatoday.com. The new Smartphone many say may win over iPhone fans is about to take on Apple on its own turf. We've now learn the highly anticipated Palm Pre will sync up with iTunes allowing users to manage their music library and photos. That's just one of the major features of the new phone that's set to be released next week. There's also word that Verizon will offer the Palm Pre in 6 months, but until then the only way to get one will be to sign up for a contract with Sprint.06/72848

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