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武汉包茎手术费用问题武汉阴径武汉汉南区割包皮哪家医院最好 Is marijuanna legal in Norway?Uh...no...在挪威吸大麻是合法的吗 开什么玩笑当然不是的The fun fact is that marijuanna you know is actualy called ,in Norwegian,is the Norwegian word for fox.不过有趣的是大麻 在挪威语里也被称为狐狸So if you take like a smoke thats called taking a fox actually. yeah,taking a fox.所以如果你抽一口大麻 也可以叫做抽一口狐狸 是的 抽一口狐狸Now it makes sense. Now make sense. Now it all makes sense.现在说得通了 说得通了 终于能说得通了Youve answered my question. yeah, alright,so I would like to know what the fox says.你们解答了我的疑惑 是啊 我很想知道狐狸到底是怎么叫的I would like to sing with you if thats okay.如果可以我想和你们一块儿唱This would be like the biggest joy in the world.那一定乐翻天了Do you know...do you know the lyrics?你记得歌词吗I do. do you know how to do it?我记得 你知道要怎么唱吗I dont know how to pronouce them exactly.我不太知道具体要怎么发音Most people they the lyrics and they go like ringeringedingeding大多数人看到歌词都是这样唱的 仍个叮个叮个叮But you have to...you know, if you gonna perform you really have to put a lot of...hows it go? Its like...但是如果要表演的话 需要注意许多细节 该怎么唱 像这样Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding.Gering--ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding仍顶顶顶叮个叮个叮 咯仍顶顶顶叮个叮个叮Ring--ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding. No,not the ring...咯仍顶顶顶叮个叮个叮 不 不是ringNo,you have to use then. You know.Yeah,thats good. Thats better.你必须发后鼻音‘n’ 你懂的 唱的不错 好多了All right. And the second is...Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow很好 然后是 哗啪啪啪啪啪咆Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow. Yeah, thats great.哗啪啪啪啪啪咆 对 就是那样Yeah,you have to... we-pa-pa...你必须 哗啪啪Yeah,thats good. Its like... were all set. Alright. There are your mics.很棒 我们可以开始了 好的 这是你们的麦And I have a very special silver one.我的是独特的银色麦And lets go. tell everybody what the fox says.让我们为大家演示一下狐狸怎么叫的I think they know the lyrics too,so...okay.他们肯定都熟悉歌词了 所以 好的Here we go. Should we go over here? Thats exciting.我们开始吧 要到这边来吗 好兴奋注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/265088武汉华夏医院主治医生

大冶市中医医院治疗男性不育多少钱武汉做包茎手术多钱 Finance and economics财经商业The Hong Kong dollar港币Buy now at 1983 prices现在入手还是1983年那个价格After 30 years, Hong Kongs peg to the American dollar is still going strong三十年后的今天,港币汇率稳定不变将继续走强The skyline has changed but the exchange rate hasnt.楼高可以变,但是汇率不行。WHATEVER exchange-rate system a country has, it will wish at some times that it had another one, according to Stanley Fischer, a former central banker.不论一个国家有什么样的汇率系统,它一定会时不时希望能变成另一个国家的汇率,前任以色列央行行长Stanley Fischer这么说过。Many countries find it hard to cope with a floating currency and even harder to stick to a fixed one.很多国家发现应对一个浮动汇率很难,但是更难的是守住一个固定的浮动汇率。It is therefore remarkable thatHong Kongthis week celebrated the 30th anniversary of its currencys peg to the dollar.因此港币汇率保持不变三十周年令人瞩目。This crude but effective system was adopted on October 17th 1983 to stop a currency crisis.香港在1983年10月17号采用了这一简单却有效的体系成功阻止了汇率危机。Since then it has survived three American recessions, SARS and Soros, a fabled currency speculator, who attacked the peg during the Asian financial crisis.自那以后,港币在三次冲击—非典,索罗斯基金冲击,虚构资金投机者,面对亚洲金融危机里美元衰退的情形下屹立不倒。In recent yearsHong Kongs peg has come under upward,not downward pressure.最近几年,港币的稳定是归功于向上的冲劲而不是向下的压力。In maintaining its fixed rate to the dollar,Hong Konghas imported the Federal Reserves easy monetary policy despite its healthier economy.尽管香港经济更加有活力,它还是一直套用美联储的宽松货币政策来维持它的固定汇率。The result has been high inflation and surging home prices.结果便是高通胀和高涨的房价。Even as its economy has diverged from Americas, it has converged with that of the rest ofChina.尽管经济已和美国分道扬镳,但是香港早就联合中国大陆。Yet theHong Kongdollar and the yuan have been growing apart.现在港币和人民币分别都在成长。The Hong Kong dollars peg was once also a tight link to the yuan, which was itself pegged toAmericas currency.港币的稳定一度和人民币有紧密的联系,而人民币本身就和美元的汇率挂钩。But sinceChinamodified the peg, the yuan has appreciated by over a third.但是自从中国修改了汇率,人民币升值了将近三成。As Mr Fischer suggested, some economists now wish thatHong Konghad another system.正如同Mr.Fischer暗示的,一些经济学家现在希望香港换一套系统。It could, for example, let its exchange rate crawl upwards to curb inflation, asSingaporedoes.例如,它可以是让汇率缓慢上升来控制通胀,就像新加坡做的那样。Or it could track the rising yuan.或者它可以追随人民币那样升值。Eventually it could even adopt the mainlands currency; over 10% of bank deposits inHong Kongare aly in yuan.最后它可能甚至会采用大陆的汇率;将近10%的香港存款现在已经是以人民币为单位了。But these alternatives have drawbacks of their own.但是这些选择本身也是有自身缺陷的。Chinamay now dominateHong Kongs trade, but much of that trade is still priced in dollars, points out Li-Gang Liu of ANZ, a bank.澳新的刘利军指出,中国可能现在控制着香港的贸易,然而大部分贸易仍然用美元标价。Besides, the yuans value is still fixed each morning by Chinas central bank, and yuan assets are fenced in by capital controls.除此之外,中国央行仍然保持人民币的价值不变,那样通过资产控制来保护人民币资产。Pegging to an inconvertible yuan could destroyHong Kongs role as an international financial centre, Mr Liu argues.刘利军说道,坚持不变的人民币汇率可能会摧毁掉香港作为国际金融中心的地位。Over timeHong Konghas adapted to some of the pegs constraints.随着时间的迁移,香港已经适应了一些汇率不变的限制。Its exchange rate may be rigid, but its other prices and wages are remarkably flexible.它的汇率可能是僵硬的,但是它的其他价格和工资却是惊人的灵活变化。During the financial crisis, even senior civil servants took a pay cut.在金融危机下,甚至是高级公务员都减薪。This flexibility allows the economy to adjust quickly to cyclical ups and downs without the help of an independent monetary policy.这种灵活性就保了经济迅速调整到周期性的涨伏里,从而不需要单独的货币政策帮忙。Prices, particularly for property, do sometimes take on a life of their own.价格,尤其对于财产,有时确实有他们自己的生命。But a more flexible exchange rate is not enough by itself to prevent asset-price booms:Singapores house prices have also soared despite its strengthening currency.但是更加灵活的汇率政策还不足够通过自身来避免资产价格爆炸:尽管新加坡有强势的汇率,它的房价也已经被炒起来了。And in some cases the currency itself can be the asset that takes off.并且在一些情况下汇率本身就会让资产缩水。The Swiss franc, for example, strengthened dramatically during the euro crisis, prompting its central bank to intervene.例如,瑞士法郎,在欧债危机里戏剧化的走高,刺激了它的央行去干预。As nearby countries like India and Indonesia fret about capital outflows and plunging currencies, the stability offered by Hong Kongs peg looks as good on its 30th birthday as it ever has.就像印度,印尼这些附近的国家就对资本外流和汇率突降感到烦忧,香港的货币稳定性永远看起来像它三十岁生日那样美。 /201310/261766武汉华夏医院前例炎

武汉华夏男子医院生殖泌尿外科 Even if youre not an astronomy buff, chances are you caneasily recognize certain constellations and stars such as the Big Dipper, Orions Belt and the North Star.即使你不是一名天文学发烧友,你也能轻易地辨认出某些星座,比如,北斗七星,猎户座的腰带,还有北极星。The North Star is the brightest star in the constellation known as the Little Dipper.北极星是小熊座中最明亮的一颗星。It is so-called because of the special position it occupies relative to Earths axis.它的名字源于它所处的特殊位置,这个位置与地轴有关。If you were to stay up all night gazing at the stars, youd slowly see them revolve around a point in the sky known as the North Celestial Pole.如果你熬夜盯着满天繁星看,会慢慢发现它们都绕着天上的一个点旋转,这个点就是北天极。You would notice, however, that one star remains stationary.这时,你会注意到有一颗星星一动不动,它就是北极星。This is the North Star, so named forits location almost directly in line with the North Celestial Pole.北极星因自身位置几乎与北天极重合而得名。Due to its consistent position in the sky, at one time sailors used the North Star as a navigational tool.由于北极星在天上的位置永远不变,所以曾经一度,水手们将北极星作为导航工具。By measuring the angle between the northern horizon and the North Star, a navigator could accurately determine the ships latitude.通过测量北方地平线与北极星之间的角度,导航员能确定船只所处的纬度。But latitude, or the imaginary lines stretching across the globe parallel to the equator, was notenough to pinpoint a ships location.但纬度,或者,想象中与赤道平行环绕地球的那条线,不足以确定船只的位置。Knowing latitude only allowed navigators to locate themselveson a particular latitude line at a particular distance from the equator.知道纬度,导航员也只能确定自己在哪条纬线上,距赤道有多远。It was only with the inventionof a way to accurately measure longitude that precise navigation became possible.只有发明出测量经度的方法,进行准确的导航才会成为可能。Although the North Star is no longer used by navigators, it remains a heavenly icon of humancuriosity and exploration.尽管如今导航员已不靠北极星来导航。但它代表着人类永恒的探索与开创精神,将永远在天空中绽放光芒。201407/316289武汉华夏男子割包皮技术好么武汉医院看男科



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