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武汉华夏男子医院男性孕前检查武汉华夏男子门诊部怎么样武汉人民医院有没有做包皮切割手术 Nice sarcasm! 黑得漂亮!大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。在生活中,有时候我们会说:“诶,你可不可以不要黑我?”“黑某人”在英语中怎么表达呢?其实,我们常说的“黑”某人这个“黑”一般有两层含义:一是讽刺,我们可以用sarcasm或sarcastic来表示,前者是名词,或者是形容词。比如说:Youre being sarcastic. 你这是在黑人家啊。Nice sarcasm! 黑得漂亮!“黑”的第二层含义是“贬损、抨击他人”,我们可以用deprecate。比如说:The teacher should not deprecate his students efforts.老师不应该贬低学生的努力。举一反三,“自黑”的形容词形式就是self-deprecating,而名词就是self-deprecation。好了,本期的“小强英语”就是这样。感谢收听,我们下期再会。本栏目由原创,。 /201409/327693武汉早泄治疗多少费用

武汉包皮多少钱主持人Mike Bond和杨琳带你走进他们幽默搞怪的日常生活,带你边玩边学地道美语!今天杨琳的朋友露露来办公室玩儿,但是Mike又误会了……误会了什么呢?1. Have an instant connection 一见如故,瞬间来电;2. PDA -- Public display of affection 在公开场合亲昵的行为;3. On someones case 抱怨/唠叨某人;4. Get out of here. 不会吧,太不可思议了!;5.Touchy-feely 感情过于外露,喜欢肢体接触,一般带有贬义 /201310/257401武汉治疗精液异常哪里好 武汉华夏男子男科女医生

咸宁市嘉鱼县治疗阳痿早泄Todd: So, Greg, you are quite the world traveler I hear.托德:格雷格,我听说你是位环球旅行家。Greg: Um, yeah, I love traveling. Ive been to probably around, I dont know, 20 different countries. Ive lived in Thailand and South Korea and ed Arab Emirates, and four different parts of Japan格雷格:嗯,对,我喜欢旅游。我不太确定,我大概去过20个国家。我在泰国、韩国、阿联酋还有日本的四个地区生活过。Todd: Oh, thats a lot.托德:哦,那真是好多地方啊。Greg: And of course several different places in the U.S.格雷格:当然我还去过美国的许多地方。Todd: Well, for somebody whos going to travel for for the first time, what type of advice would you give them, so you know, in case they never get lost.托德:嗯,对那些第一次去旅行的人来说,你会给他们什么建议来防止他们迷路呢?Greg: Ah, getting lost. (Right) Yeah, that happens all the time. You have to prepare for that. Some of the, one of the first things I do whenever I get to an airport is I see if I can get a map from the information center. I go to a hotel. I ask if they have a map of the area. When I want to go somewhere, I ask then to write the destination in the local language, and also I practice my pronunciation with them, and sometimes Ill, almost always actually, I get a business card or a match book from the hotel to where Ill be returning (right, right) and then I go off on my merry way.格雷格:啊,迷路。(对啊)嗯,这一直都在发生。你必须要做好准备。我到达机场后首先要做的一件事就是看看能否从务台拿份地图。我会去酒店然后问他们有没有那个地区的地图。我要去一个地方的时候,我会请他们用当地的语言把目的地写下来,我还会请他们帮我练习那个地名的发音,有时我还会从酒店拿到名片或是电话簿,当然之后我会还回去(好,好的),之后我就可以开始我的快乐旅程了。Todd: OK, well, lets say that um, youre on business in a foreign country, and its really busy and you forget to get the business card, you dont have the map, youre trying to find someplace and youre completely lost, what should you do?托德:好,假设你去外国出差,行程特别忙,而你忘了拿名片了,你也没有地图,你想找到某个地方,可是你完全迷失了方向,那你要怎么办?Greg: Well, of course, youve got to ask people. (Right, right) and its a good idea to ask a lot of different people because in some countries people dont want to say no, but they dont want to say I dont know, right. They give you some directions, or maybe they dont understand you, and they give you the wrong directions, so even if you think you got good directions the first time constantly check with other people along your way.格雷格:这种情况肯定要向别人问路。(对,是的)向很多人问路是个好主意,因为有些国家的人们并不想说不,他们也不想说不知道。他们会给你指一些方向,但是也许他们会不明白你的话,可能会给你指错误的方向,所以即使你认为你找到了正确的方向,也要向沿途的其他人确认方向。Todd: Well, so when youre going down the street, and say you are lost, is there a certain type of person you look for like lets say an old lady or children. Is there a certain person who is better at giving directions?托德:好,那假如你在街上的时候迷路了,那你会不会找特定的人问路,比如老人或是孩子?有没有会指明正确方向的特定的人?Greg: Um, well, if its a child, and you want to get to a business section or something, probably they dont know. (Right) Its a good idea to ask somebody who looks as if they live in the area, and not just another, sorry, tourist passing through or something.格雷格:嗯,如果你要去商务区这种地方,那孩子可能不知道。(对)所以向那些看起来生活在那个地区的人问路比较好,而不是去问跟你一样是游客或者只是路过那里的人。Todd: Right, right, right. So youre talking about people who work in shops and things like that?托德:对,没错,说得对。那你指的是那些在商店里工作的人吗?Greg: Yes, and also though, delivery men are usually very good, cause they have to go all over the city, so they know it well.格雷格:对,而且向快递人员问路也是不错的选择,因为他们要在城市各地送快递,所以他们会很清楚。Todd: Right. So have you actually ever been lost?托德:好。那你迷过路吗?Greg: Oh, Ive been lost all the time. Once I got lost for a couple hours in Bangkok and it was terrible.格雷格:哦,我总是会迷路。有一次我在曼谷迷路了好几个小时,那真是非常糟糕。Todd: Well, thats a pretty, thats a pretty intense city.托德:那是一个非常非常密集的城市。Greg: Yeah, so after that, it gave me the idea that I should always check for landmarks, you know landmarks are really tall buildings, or a river, something I could always know, I could see easily, and try to remember, ;oh the rivers on my right side. Ah, theres a hill over there.; Keep looking for it. Remember it格雷格:对,所以在那之后,我知道要随时注意地标,你知道地标通常是指那些高楼、河流或是我知道、或者很容易看到的地方,然后要努力记住这些地标,就像“哦,这条河流在我的右边。啊,那边有座山。”一直看着这些地标,记住它们的位置。Todd: Well, it sounds like good advice. Thanks Greg.托德:这听起来真是不错的建议。谢谢你,格雷格。Greg: Youre welcome.格雷格:不客气。译文属 /201408/324754 13. When is a proper time to call?什么时候打来最合适?还能这样说:When is a good time for calling?When is he available?谚语:In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty; in time of adversity, none amongst twenty.富在深山有远亲,穷在闹市无人问。14. Im also finding him.我也正找他呢。还能这样说:Im also trying to get him.I dont know where he is, neither.谚语:Water finds its own level.水往低处流。15. Could you possibly ask him to call me back?你可以叫他给我回个电话吗?还能这样说:Can you tell him to give me a phone call later?Will you inform him to return my call?应用:Ask me another!问点新鲜的!多此一举!我怎么知道!(通常用于回答熟人无聊的提问)16. This is a call from Laura.是劳拉打来的电话。还能这样说:A phone from Laura.Laura wants to speak to you.17. Im sorry for letting you wait so long.很抱歉让你等这么久。还能这样说:Sorry for keeping you waiting for me such a long time.I feel sorry that you have been waiting here.应用:wait a bit 等一下,稍等一等;wait out 在外面等着,等到……结束;wait up (for) 熬夜等候 /201304/235143武汉哪家治疗早泄的医院好武汉手术治疗早泄要多少钱




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