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(一):Im here to meet you today.今天我来这里接您。A: Im here to meet you today.甲:今天我来这里接您。B: Glad to meet you.乙:很高兴认识您。我来接您:I came to pick you up to your hotel.我来接您去饭店。Mr. Li asked me to come and meet you, as he was unexpectedly tied up this morning.李先生要我来接您,他今早突然有事无法前来。(二):Long time no see.好久不见。 A: Long time no see. How is everything going?甲:好久不见。最近怎么样?B: Very good. How about you?乙:棒极了。你呢?好久不见了:Yes, Mom. Its been a long time.是啊,妈妈,好久不见了。Its great to meet you after all this time.这么长时间之后再次见到你可真令人高兴。We havent seen you in ages.我们已经很久没有见到你了。 /201409/328484。

Ive aly ed you the rock-bottom price.我已经给您报了最低价了。This price is quite reasonable.这个价钱是很合理的。This price is quite low.这个价钱很低了。This is a good bargain/buy!这多便宜多划得来啊!I can give you a 10% discount.我可以给您打九折。In that case,we can knock off 1O%.这样的话,我们可以打九折。There is no discount.不能打折。Its not expensive at all.这个一点也不贵。Its worth the price.值这个价钱。Less expensive, lower quality.便宜的质量差。Cheap things always have bad quality.便宜没好货。We dont bargain.我们不讲价。Its fixed price.价钱是固定的。Normally we have no second price.通常我们都是不二价的。Youll find nothing less expensive than this.您会发现没有更便宜的了。There isnt anything cheaper than this.没有比这更便宜的了。If you buy two sets, I can give you a discount.如果您买两套,我就给您打个折。The price will be cheaper if you buy more.如果您多买点,价钱就便宜些。It cant be any cheaper.不能再便宜了。Its the cheapest.这是最便宜的了。Its cheap enough.这已经够便宜的了。Lets meet each other halfway.咱们各让一半吧。Could you add 20 yuan?您能给加20块钱吗?Add 20 yuan,this will be yours.加20块钱,这个就是您的了。Take it or leave it.要买就买,不买拉倒。I cant sell it at this price.这个价格我不能卖。Please check other stores.请到别家商店去看看吧。How much is this piano, please?请问,这架钢琴多少钱?10,620 yuan.10620块钱。Wow, thats kind of expensive!哇,有点儿贵啊!But you must realize it, sir. Beethoven is the most famous brand.可是,先生,您得明白,贝多芬可是最著名的牌子啊。Nevertheless, its altogether too extravagant for me. I just want to get one to leam how to play the piano.不管怎么说,总之这对我来说太奢侈了。我只是想买一架供我学习用。Then how about this one made in Guangzhou.那么这架广州生产的怎么样?I hope its quality is guaranteed.希望质量能有保。Oh, yes, sir. I think youll find we have an excellent reputation for quality and service.噢,当然有保,先生。我想你会发现我们店因为质量和务好声誉很不错。Can you come down a little bit?便宜点儿可以吗?Normally we have no second price. As you are coming to us for the first time, Ill make it 5.000 yuan.通常我们都是不二价的,不过既然您是第一次光顾我们店,我就要5000元吧。Thank you. Ill take it.谢谢。我买了。 /201405/299567。

Part 5. Work relation with colleagues42.办公室恋情常用应急场景范例一:Handle emotional stressDo you remember Tina, my good friend?Yes.She just broke up with her boyfriend.Well, that happens. I hope she is all right.But the problem is she and her ex-boyfriend are working in the same department. It is somehow embarrassing for them to see each other everyday.That is the down side of an office romance. I hope their work is not affected by the emotional stress. The boss must be very annoyed if that will be the case.Well, Tina says she would be able to handle it and concentrate on her own work, easier set them done. But working harder and concentrating only on the job might well helped to overcome the initial stress of the breakup.范例二:Pros and cons of office romanceSome companies use to ban dating among employees, but now they have realized it is something in avertable. People spend so much time at work. It is not surprising for one to have a crash on the other.If we think positively, office love can be beneficial to company.Beneficial? I don’t think so. If two employees get married, they will leave at the same time for a honeymoon, or later one of them will stay at home taking care of babies. If they break up, the company will probably have to relocate one of them to make the workplace more comfortable. By any means, the company must spare extra efforts to solve problems brought by an office dating.But if two employees are in love, they will be happy. Happy people are more productive. If they develop an intimate relation with each other, they are willing to share knowledge and experience. It can help to improve work efficiency.I doubt that. /201001/94357。

Its a morning edition.这是晨版的。Its a daily.这是日报。Its a weekly.这是周刊。Its a monthly,这是月刊。Its been sold out.已经卖完了。Do you want a subscription to Beijing Review?您要订《北京周报》吗?These are back issues.这些是过刊。Its published every Thursday.每周四出刊。Would you like a six-month or one-year subscription?您要订半年的还是一年的?Please fill out a subscription form.请填写一张订阅单。You can enjoy a special offer for new subscribers.您可以享受新订户的优惠价。You can enjoy a discount if you subscribe to it for one year.如果您订阅一年,可以享受折扣价。Handling a Subscription报刊杂志订阅Can I help you?我能为您务吗?Id like a subscription.我想办理订阅。What would you like to subscribe to?您想订什么?Im interested in a magazine, Beijing Review.我对一本杂志比较感兴趣,这个杂志叫《北京周报》。Which edition?哪个版本的?English print edition.英文版。For how long?订多长时间的?Im not sure yet, because I dont know much about this magazine. Could you tell me a little about it?我还不太确定,因为我不太了解这个杂志。你能稍微介绍一下吗?Sure. Its Chinas only national English weekly news magazine published in Beijing.可以。这是中国惟一的英语新闻周刊,在北京出版发行。It reports and comments on the countrys social, political, economic and cultural affairs, policy changes and latest developments.报道中国的社会、政治、经济、文化事务、政策变动及最新的发展状况。It also offers in-depth analysis on major international events. It has a great circulation.同时也就国际上的一些重大事件进行深入的评析。发行量挺大的。Well, then Id like a one-year subscription.嗯,那我订一年的吧。OK. Please fill out a subscription form. Let me check the Postal Distribution Code for you...Its 2-922.好的。请填写一张订阅单。我帮您查一下邮发代号…是2-922。Thank you.谢谢。 /201404/288276。

8 约定3句英文任你选You cant sublet the apartment.你不能把这套公寓转租给他人。Do I have to sign a lease?我是否得签一份租约?You must pay one month refundable deposit in advance.你得预先付一个月可退还得押金。半个句型要记牢pay a refundable deposit (付押金)Tip: refundable a. 可退还的;可偿还的 /201503/354479。

大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: Word of mouth is not enough: every business needs to advertise. 光有口碑还不够,无论做哪样生意,都要广告才行。。

最近公司比较忙,员工都累坏了,老板原来说忙完后要组织大家出去旅游,但由于最近接到一笔新单,旅游计划最后又被取消了。大家都很生气,Catherine准备去找老板,说公司要是不兑现承诺,她就不当经理了。好友Jane劝她说:It's no laughing matter. It's no laughing matter.这可不是闹着玩的。laughing matter是指“无关紧要的事,开玩笑的事”,no laughing matter意思就是“一点也不是开玩笑,这可不是闹着玩的”,比not a laughing matter语气更强。这个俚语现在多用来告诉对方,请认真考虑和严肃对待所要处理的问题。所以如果碰到同事有什么冲动的想法,你就可以对他说:It's no laughing matter. Tom: I wanna go out and get relaxed, I don't care what the boss will say.汤姆:我要出去度假,放松一下,我才不在乎老板说什么呢。Shirley: It's no laughing matter, our work is quite busy recently.雪莉:这不是开玩笑的,工作正忙呢最近。背景音乐:Through the Rain◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201012/120657。

第25期:应聘机械工程师为什么你选择了机械工程专业?Why did you choose to major in mechanical engineering?For example:A: Why did you choose to major in mechanical engineering?为什么你选择了机械工程专业?B: Many factors led me to major in mechanical engineering.许多因素导致我选择了机械工程这个专业。你为什么认为你适合这份工作?Why do you think you are qualified for this position?For example:A: Why do you think you are qualified for this position?你为什么认为你适合这份工作?B: I have a solid theory foundation and got a lot of practical experience.我有坚实的理论基础。而且有丰富的实际经验。关于机械工程,你最感兴趣的是什么?I What are you primarily interested in about mechanical engineering?For example:A: What are you primarily interested in about mechanical engineering?关于机械工程,你最感兴趣的是什么? B: I like designing products, and one of my designs received an award. 我喜欢设计产品,我的一份设计作品还得过奖。你现在的技术职称是什么?Whats your technical post title now?For example:A: Whats your technical post title now?你现在的技术职称是什么?B: I am a senior mechanical design engineer.我现在是高级机械设计工程师。technical post title 技术职称你能简要介绍一项你的设计成果吗?Can you briefly tell me about one of your designs?Can you tell me concisely about one of your designs?Can you tell me in short about one of your designs?For example:A: Can you briefly tell me about one of your designs?你能简要介绍一项你的设计成果吗?B: Of course, I designed a more powerful gasoline engine, which greatly increased the speed of limousines.当然可以了。我曾经设计了一个功能非常强大的汽油发动机,它显著提高了轿车的速度。limousine 大轿车 /201501/356597。