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阅读提示:中文在上,对照英文在下京东发布公告称,将在2015年底停止拍拍网务,并在三个月的过渡期后,于2016年4月1日起彻底关闭拍拍网。京东表示,关闭拍拍网是因为C2C模式中假货现象无法杜绝。近年来公众对网上平台出售的假货问题关注度一直很高,该如何改进这种局面,让顾客放心网上购物?China#39;s online retailer JD.com will shut down the online customer-to-customer (C2C) platform Paipai.com in three months in order to fight fake goods.Problems with fake and poor-quality products sold online have attracted complaints from the public for years. What should be done?顾客对顾客销售模式是什么?What is C2C? /201511/410156。

Apple is expected to unveil its latest device, the iPhone 6s (or 7), on September 9 in what should be a sigh of relief for investors, who have had a tough ride this week. Despite CEO Tim Cook’s assurance that China’s economic difficulties should not adversely impact the tech giant’s sales, the company’s stock is still trading below its 5 a share level just a few weeks ago, even after the robust market rally on Thursday, and far below its 52-week high of 4.54 a share.苹果公司预计将于9月9日发布最新款手机iPhone 6s(或iPhone 7),在过去一周经历股价震荡的投资者们理应松一口气。尽管首席执行官蒂姆錠克信誓旦旦地声称,中国的经济困境不会对这家科技巨头的销量造成负面影响,但就在几周前,苹果股价依然低于115美元,即便是在上周四股市强劲反弹之后依然如此,远低于52周以来的最高点134.54美元。At least some of the market punishment seems unique to Apple. Investors are worried about the company for many reasons, including competition from low-cost Chinese smartphone makers and only modest traction for Apple Music and Apple Pay.至少,来自市场的某些惩罚似乎就是专门冲着苹果来的。投资者有许多理由为这家公司担心,比如中国智能手机厂商的低价竞争,Apple Music和Apple Pay的吸引力十分有限,等等。Which is why the new iPhone is crucial for Apple to restore investors’ confidence, and there’s a good chance it will for several reasons.有鉴于此,投资者能否重拾信心,新款iPhone的表现至关重要。基于以下几个原因,它很可能会不负所望。The phone will have a 12 megapixel camera, a big increase from previous versions; 4k recording; faster processing speed; longer battery life, which many users consider to be an extremely important feature, according to multiple studies cited by Tech Insider; animated wallpaper like the Apple Watch and Android phones; the ability to detect when a Wi-Fi network is weak and automatically switch to cellular; and Wi-Fi calling over ATamp;T, previously limited to T-Mobile.这款手机拥有远超前几代产品的1200万像素摄像头、4K视频录制功能、更快的处理速度、更长的电池续航时间(据Tech Insider引用的多项调研显示,用户认为这一点极为重要)、类似Apple Watch和安卓手机的动态墙纸。这款手机能识别较差的Wi-Fi网络信号,并在这类环境中自动切换至蜂窝网络。这代手机的Wi-Fi通话功能还持ATamp;T的网络,此前仅限于T-Mobile。But what’s expected to be the most important new feature of all: force touch, a technology that enables a device to distinguish between light and strong taps by a user and assign different functions to them, as it currently does on the Apple Watch and MacBooks. Applied to the iPhone, this could potentially be the killer feature that solidly differentiates the new iPhone from its predecessors by enhancing ease-of-use and utility.不过该手机最重要的新特色还是压感触控(force touch),这项技术能让设备识别用户的轻度和重度触屏,并为它们分配不同的功能。它目前已经在Apple Watch和Macbook上实现了。一旦该技术应用于新款iPhone上,就可能成为一项王牌特色,使其在操作简便性和功能实用性方面远远甩开前几代产品。An improvement to the user experience has always been at the heart of Apple’s success with new models and the force touch feature can provide this. Force touch is also new enough to encourage buyers to replace their existing phones, a major driver of sales in in China, one of Apple’s key markets. Force Touch should also help Apple maintain its position in the Asian market, where competitor Huawei is reportedly introducing a similar feature to its smartphones.增强用户体验一直是苹果成功的不二法门,而新款机型和压感触控特色就能做到这一点。压感触控这项技术足够新颖,能让用户有动力替换现有机型,在苹果的重要市场中国,这是提高销量的一大因素。压感触控还能帮助苹果维持其在亚洲市场的地位,据说中国的竞争对手华为即将在智能手机上推出类似功能。Another factor working in Apple’s favor is that while the company may have a hard time outdoing its blockbuster sales for the iPhone 6, new equipment installment plans from wireless carriers might encourage adoption for the new iPhone by consumers. An increasing percentage of ATamp;T and Verizon customers have been opting for these plans, which don’t tie them down to two-year contracts and allow them to upgrade early.另一个因素也可能成为苹果一大利好。诚然,在iPhone 6大获成功之后,苹果公司的业绩或许很难再上一层楼。不过,无线网络运营商提供的新设备分期付款计划也许会鼓励用户购买新iPhone。越来越多的ATamp;T和威瑞森的顾客都开始选择这类计划。这些计划不会把他们束缚在两年的合约中,可以让他们尽早升级手机。Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi estimates that about 14.9 million U.S. customers will be eligible for upgrades at the end of this year, compared to 5.3 million last fall when the iPhone 6 launched, according to The Wall Street Journal.斯坦福伯恩斯坦公司分析师托尼萨克纳西预计,大约有1490万美国用户可以在今年年底前升级手机。而据《华尔街日报》所述,去年秋天iPhone 6发布时,这一数值是530万。Finally, even though Apple continues to trail Samsung in terms of worldwide smartphone sales, which fell in the second quarter of 2015, Apple’s market share rose to 14.6% from 12.2% a year ago, while Samsung’s declined to 21.9% from 26.2%, according to research firm Gartner. In China, too, Apple’s iPhone sales grew by 68% last quarter to 11.9 million units, indicating that the company is making inroads in that market despite its challenges. “It’s a big brand and people really associate that with their status and it’s kind of an aspirational brand so many of the consumers in China expect to own an iPhone at some point of time,” says Gartner research director Anshul Gupta.最后,尽管苹果在全球智能手机销量上仍然不及三星,后者的销量在2015年第二季度有所下滑。研究公司高德纳的数据显示,苹果的市场占有率从去年的12.2%上升到14.6%,而三星从26.2%下降到21.5%。在中国,苹果的iPhone销量上季度大涨68%,达到1190万部。这充分明,尽管中国市场充满挑战,苹果依然能够披荆斩棘,高歌猛进。高德纳研究总监安舒尔古普塔表示:“苹果是一个大品牌,人们真的很认同它的地位。这也是一个让许多人梦寐以求的品牌,很多中国顾客都希望有朝一日能拥有一部iPhone。”Some words of caution here. Apple’s new product launches are always surrounded by hype and predictions that don’t always come true. It remains to be seen how good the final product will be and, of course, how many people will buy it. In addition, analyst expectations could be inflated, as they were last quarter, setting Apple up to disappoint Wall Street even with a great smartphone.不过这里也要提个醒。苹果的新产品总是被吹得天花乱坠,但这些预言并不是总能实现。最终发布的产品究竟有多好,以及有多少人愿意买单,还需拭目以待。此外,就想上个季度一样,分析师的预计也可能过高,华尔街最终可能以失望告终。Nonetheless, given the importance of the new iPhone as investors add pressure on Apple’s stock, it’s a safe bet that the company is going take this particular launch very seriously. Stay tuned for September 9th.尽管如此,由于投资者不断对苹果股价施压,新款iPhone的重要性不言而喻,我们可以肯定苹果会严肃对待这次特别的发布会。9月9日的确是令人期待的一天。 /201509/397951。

LONDON — The Finnish telecommunications company Nokia said on Wednesday that it had agreed to an all-share takeover of Alcatel-Lucent that valued its French rival at 15.6 billion euros, or about .6 billion.伦敦——芬兰电信公司诺基亚(Nokia)周三表示,已同意以全股票方式收购法国竞争对手阿尔卡特朗讯(Alcatel-Lucent),对后者估值为156亿欧元(约合1027亿元人民币)。The combined company is expected to become the world’s second-largest telecom equipment manufacturer behind Ericsson of Sweden, with global revenues totaling billion and operations sp across Asia, Europe and North America.合并后的公司将成为世界第二大电信设备制造商,仅次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson),公司全球总营收将达到270亿美元(约合1670亿元人民币),业务遍布亚洲、欧洲和北美。The companies are betting that, by joining forces, they can better compete against Chinese and European rivals bidding to provide telecom hardware and software to the world’s largest carriers, including ATamp;T and Verizon in the ed States, Vodafone and Orange in Europe, and SoftBank in Japan.两家公司确信,合并后它们可以更好地与中国和欧洲的对手竞争,竞相为世界上最大的一些电信运营商提供硬件和软件。这些运营商包括美国的ATamp;T和威瑞森(Verizon),欧洲的沃达丰(Vodafone)和Orange,以及日本的软银(SoftBank)。The announcement came after the companies had said they were in advanced talks over a deal, which would represent the latest in a string of mergers in the fast-consolidating telecom sector.声明发出前,两家公司曾表示正在为一项交易进行最后阶段的谈判。这项交易将会是电信行业急剧整合的大潮中最新的一次合并。Nokia said that it had offered 0.55 of a new share for each Alcatel-Lucent share, roughly a one-third premium to the company’s stock price before the news of a potential deal was first announced.诺基亚表示,其已提出以新发行股的每0.55股兑换一股阿尔卡特朗讯股,约高出关于潜在合并的消息公布之前朗讯股价达三分之一。Nokia’s chief executive, Rajeev Suri, would take over the combined company, which expects the restructuring to save about billion a year starting in 2019.诺基亚首席执行官拉吉夫·苏瑞(Rajeev Suri)将执掌合并后的公司。预计从2019年开始,重组将为公司每年节省约10亿美元。“Together, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia intend to lead in next-generation network technology and services,” Mr. Suri said. “We will have a strong presence in every part of the world, including leading positions in the ed States and China.”“阿尔卡特朗讯和诺基亚一起,意在引领下一代网络科技与务,”苏瑞说。“我们将在世界上每一个地方都拥有可观的市场占有率,包括在美国和中国也拥有领先地位。”In early trading in Europe, shares of Nokia rose 3.1 percent while shares of Alcatel-Lucent fell 10.9 percent.欧洲早盘,诺基亚股价上涨了3.1%,阿尔卡特朗讯下跌了10.9%。The deal is expected to be completed in the first half of next year, with Nokia shareholders owning 66.5 percent of the telecom giant and Alcatel-Lucent investors holding the rest.合并预计将于明年上半年完成,诺基亚的股东将拥有新电信巨头66.5%的股份,其余股份归阿尔卡特朗讯的投资人所有。 /201504/370540。

Have you heard of Razer?你听说过雷蛇公司(Razer)吗?Most people that aren’t avid gamers haven’t—but they should. Investors now value the Carlsbad, Calif. game accessories company at billion, securing it a place onFortune‘s Unicorn List. The company has been on a tear lately, recently expanding beyond mice, keyboards, and other controllers into virtual reality and “micro-consoles” and wearables built on Google’s Android mobile operating system. With winds at its back, it’s a prime target for acquisition by a large company like Microsoft MSFT 3.11% .除了狂热的游戏玩家,大多数人可能没听说过,但大家应该了解一下。这家公司总部位于加利福尼亚州卡尔斯巴德市,主要做视频游戏周边产品,投资人对该公司的估值已达到10亿美元,因此它也在《财富》“独角兽公司榜”上拥有一席之地。近年来,该公司的增长势头非常迅猛,已经从传统的鼠标、键盘等控制设备杀入了虚拟现实、“微主机”和基于安卓移动操作系统的可穿戴设备等领域。它也由此成为微软等大公司的主要收购目标之一。In the game world, Razer is among the most well-known brands in the business. Peter Warman, a game analyst at Newzoo, estimates the company’s 2014 revenues to be between 0 and 0 million. With its raised funds—from IDG-Accel China Capital Fund in 2011 and Intel Capital more recently—“they now have the cash to grow these new businesses without losing focus on where they came from,” Warman says.在视频游戏界,雷蛇是全行业最知名的品牌之一。Newzoo公司视频游戏分析师彼得o沃尔曼预测,雷蛇2014年的营收估计在2.5到3亿美元之间。沃尔曼表示,凭借雷蛇2011年从IDG-Accel中国成长基金,以及最近从英特尔资本获得的融资,“他们现在已拥有足够的资金,完全可以在保障原有业务的同时发展新业务。”Robert Krakoff and Min-Liang Tan founded Razer in 1998 to introduce accessories such as gaming mice to an audience that was being ignored by traditional technology companies. Today, Razer accounts for approximately 30% of the global game mouse and keyboard business, according to Ed Zhao, an analyst at game research firm Eedar. Zhao estimates overall North American game accessories sales exceeded .1 billion last year.雷蛇公司是罗伯特o卡拉克夫和陈民亮于1998年共同创立的,该公司主要向不被传统科技公司重视的游戏发烧友提供游戏鼠标等电脑配件。游戏研究公司Eedar的分析师艾德o赵指出,雷蛇如今已经占据全球游戏鼠标和键盘市场约30%的份额。他预测称,去年北美地区的游戏周边产品的销售额超过了21亿美元。But its enormous valuation is likely a product of the company’s high-profile partnership with Tencent in China, which will allow it to integrate WeChat, the Chinese company’s popular messaging service, into its Nabu wrist bands, which are intended for a broad audience beyond hardcore gamers.雷蛇获得如此高的估值,很可能是该公司与中国互联网巨头腾讯公司缔结战略合作伙伴关系的结果。此项合作使得雷蛇能够将中国时下最流行的消息应用——微信集成到它的Nabu手环中。Nabu手环是雷蛇为吸引游戏发烧友以外的用户而做出的一次重大努力。“Razer has an almost ‘cult status’ brand image that it has built up over the past 15 years,” Warman says. “What also sets it apart from most competitors is the range of products that includes both console and PC peripherals, as well as gaming laptops. Razer has always been motivated to use its software with its products, giving them a more continuous relationship with their users. This is an important asset in the broadening of their product portfolio into tablet controllers, smart bands, and the Open Source Virtual Reality platform. These services could open up completely new business models for Razer.”沃尔曼表示:“在过去15年里,雷蛇在游戏圈里已经建立起了几乎是‘圣杯’级别的品牌形象。另外,相对于其他竞争对手,该公司的一个重大优势就是它的产品范围——除了游戏机和PC周边产品外,还包括游戏专用笔记本。雷蛇一直鼓励用户协同使用它们的软件和硬件,因此他们与用户的关系也更加持续。正是凭借这一重要资产,雷蛇正在将产品范畴扩展至平板电脑游戏机、智能手环和开源虚拟现实平台等领域。这些务能够为雷蛇开启一套全新的业务模式。”Warman believes Razer’s cross-platform focus on gaming enthusiasts could be a good fit for an acquirer like Microsoft, which plans to introduce a PC-console game offering with Windows 10. The OSVR platform may also be of interest to the folks in Redmond.沃尔曼相信,雷蛇对游戏发烧友的跨平台吸引力,非常适合微软这样的潜在收购者,后者正计划推出一款搭载Windows 10系统的PC游戏机。此外,雷蛇的开源虚拟现实平台也可能让微软产生兴趣。Tan, Razer’s chief executive officer, believes that the company’s independence has been integral to its success. Razer has 400 employees and 10 offices across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. “Whether we are part of a larger organization or we do it ourselves, it’s really what Razer stands for as a brand,” Tan says. “I really don’t think it makes a difference. What makes a difference is that the people within Razer continue to focus on delighting our users all the time and exceeding their high expectations.”雷蛇公司CEO陈民亮则认为,公司的独立性是成功的必要因素。雷蛇公司在美国、欧洲和亚洲共设立了10个办事处,拥有400余名员工。“不管是作为一个大企业的一部分,还是独立运营,最重要的是雷蛇作为一个品牌代表的是什么。我认为(是否被收购)并不重要,重要的是雷蛇人能否继续集中精力取悦我们的用户,并超越他们的高预期。”Despite competition from companies such as Logitech, Mad Catz, Corsair, and SteelSeries, Razer has distinguished itself by operating as a so-called platform company, rather than as a pure product manufacturer. Still, it dominates: Razer is currently the number-one maker of gaming mice and gaming keyboards in the world and leads the pack in the ultra-competitive gaming headphones market, despite strong competition from Turtle Beach, Astro Gaming, Polk, and HyperX.虽然面临着来自罗技科技、美加狮、Corsair和赛睿等竞争对手的竞争,但雷蛇将自己看成了一家做平台的公司,而不是一个纯粹的产品制造企业。即便是这样,雷蛇依然是行业的龙头老大:目前雷蛇是全球最大的游戏键盘与鼠标制造商,在竞争异常激烈的游戏耳机市场上也是一路领跑,将Turtle Beach、Astro Gaming、Polk和HyperX等竞争对手远远甩在了身后。“While other companies either sell hardware or make software, we do both,” Tan says. “And we integrate the software with the hardware really well. If you go on Facebook or Twitter or WeChat we are the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers, and gaming has become a larger subculture over the years. And we don’t just participate in the industry. We are focused on pushing core technology as opposed to just making something in China.”陈民亮表示:“其他公司要么卖硬件,要么卖软件,而我们软硬件都卖。我们把软硬件整合得非常好。你到Facebook、Twitter或微信上看看就会发现,我们是全球领先的游戏周边品牌。这些年来,游戏已经成了一种规模庞大的亚文化。另外我们并非只是行业的参与者,我们更注重推动核心技术,而不是简单地在中国制造什么东西。”Razer has an active community of over 3.7 million gamers who not only buy its gaming laptops and accessories, but use its voice-over IP services and purchase Razer-branded clothing. The company has sold over 13.5 million connected devices and has over 11.5 million registered users across its software platform. And it registers approximately 20,000 new gamers daily.雷蛇拥有一个由370万玩家构成的活跃社区,他们不仅购买雷蛇的游戏本和周边配件,还使用它的VoIP技术,并积极购买雷蛇品牌的装。雷设已经卖出了1350多万台联网设备,其软件平台拥有超过1150万名注册用户,而且每天新增的注册玩家都在2万名左右。Razer debuted its OSVR platform at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A dozen companies have since signed on as partners, including Hollywood studio Jaunt and game engine maker y. Tan says Razer wants to give game hardware and software companies the ability to develop products that will work seamlessly across Oculus, Sony, Samsung, and other virtual-reality devices. Razer is also developing its own VR controllers for the platform.在今年的CES消费电子展上,雷神首次展出了它的OSVR开源虚拟现实平台。在那次活动后,已有多家公司成为了雷神的合作伙伴,包括好莱坞电影工作室Jaunt和游戏引擎制造商y等等。陈民亮表示,雷蛇希望使各大软硬件公司能够开发出在Oculus、索尼、三星和其他虚拟现实设备上无缝运行的产品。雷蛇也在基于该平台开发自己的虚拟现实游戏机。It’s also entering the second screen experience with Forge TV, a micro-console that will allow gamers to stream PC games to their TV and also play mobile games on the large screen. And its Nabu X smart band is designed to allow gamers to connect with each other in the real world and share game information. Together, the devices give Razer presence on all four screens that today’s gamer uses: PC, TV, mobile, and wearable.此外,雷蛇还与微主机公司Forge TV合作,打造所谓的“第二块屏幕体验”,使玩家将PC游戏通过网络流媒体挪动到电视上,获得更爽的游戏体验,同时他们也可以通过电视玩移动游戏。雷蛇的Nabu X智能手环还可以使玩家在真实世界中互相沟通,并分享游戏信息。这样一来,雷蛇就保了它在玩家大大小小的四块屏幕上都占有不可撼动的地位——PC、电视、移动、可穿戴。“We see a blurring of lines across all of these four screens and we want to provide a holistic, integrated experience for gamers,” Tan says. “What differentiates us from everyone else is that we are hyper-focused on the gamer. They have an incredibly strong influence on technology.”陈民亮表示:“我们认为,这四块屏幕之间的界限正在变得模糊。同时,我们想为玩家提供完整的游戏体验。我们和其他公司最大的区别就是,我们高度关注于游戏玩家。他们对科技有着难以置信的强大影响。”And, Razer hopes, its future revenues.当然,雷蛇同时高度关注的,还有未来的收入前景。 /201504/369357。