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台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:The value of their works lay precisely in preserving visual traditions, rather than in changing them. In the last few decades, works such as quilts, ceramics and wood carvings have become more prominently included in art history textbooks and displayed in museums alongside paintings and sculpture.那些作品的价值在于保存视觉传统,而非造成巨大革新。过去几十年中,部分缝制品、陶艺品和木雕逐渐被重视,并与画作和雕像平起平坐,被写进历史课本并在物馆里展示。学习重点:1.precisely 精确地precisely (adv.) 精确地precise (adj.) 精准的accurate (adj.) 准确的accuracy (n.) 准确性2.preserve 保藏、防腐preserve (v.) 保藏、防腐preservation (n.) 保护conserve (v.) 保存conservation (n.) 保存conservative (adj.) 保守的reserve (v.) 保留reservation (n.) 订位3.visual 视觉的visual (adj.) 视觉的visible (adj.) 可看见的4.prominent 凸起的prominent (adj.) 凸起的dominant (adj.) 主要的permanent (adj.) 永久的5.include 包含include (v.) 包含inclusive (adj.) 包容的exclude (v.) 排除在外exclusive (adj.)6.sculpture 雕像sculpture (n.) 雕像carving (n.) 雕刻品craving (n.) 渴望 /201607/456219Nick: Hi everybody, this is Nick. Welcome to teaching series ;how do you say this in American English.;Nick:大家好,我是Nick.Brad:大家好,我是BradNick: 那我们今天来讲一个非常Popular的一个phrase,就是临时抱佛脚。我们在中文呢常说,;哎呀这个考试快到了;,比如说我16周一个学期,我玩了15周,发现最后一个星期要考试了,我发现我完全不会。那这种时候呢我们可以说:啊,又要临时抱佛脚一下。就是想要在短的时间内,获得一个比较好的成绩,在短的时间内完成某件任务。一般我们把这个叫做临时抱佛脚。在英语中我们就把它叫做;Cram;,就像我刚刚说的,一般呢我们是用在考试啊或者项目project上面比较多.In this situation, you can say cram for exams, right?Brad: Yeah usually since we are college students. We associate cramming with exams. If you say you cram the night before, we are gonna assume you are cramming, doing homework or studying. But let#39;s say you are not a college student. You can still cram. To maybe clean up the house. You can cram to get certain home projects done. So it#39;s no limited to just like academic assignments.Nick: Sure. But usually people use it for, you know, especially when we are in college, we usually use the word for exams. Like ;I crammed for my exams tomorrow.; ;cramming for exams will work sometimes.;Brad: yeah that#39;s probably the most popular way to use cram as saying you are cramming before the exam.Nick: It really works actually. I did it a lot of times.Brad: we do it all the time especially people procrastinate it the night before. Then you have to cram tonight.Nick: Yeah, you don#39;t sleep. Do you really sleep for that?Brad: Not really, you just take a bunch of confine, some coffee or some Mountain Dew.Nick: lol Mountain DewBrad: it#39;s a soda, you know.Nick: Yeah, I know. 那Brad刚刚就说呢,这个cram不仅仅是用在考试上但是一般我们college students是用在考试上,因为它用的次数会比较频繁,就说临时抱佛脚在考试上比较频繁的使用,但是也可以用在一些处理其他事情,比如你清扫自己的房间,比较仓促的清扫自己的房间也可以这么用,只不过这个我们没那么常用而已.这个就是中文的临时抱佛脚的一个表达。So, I hope you guys learned ;cram;, this phrase. I#39;ll see you guys next time, bye. /201703/496909Let#39;s Chit chat!来扯会!讲解:To Chit Chat is to talk about general things that aren#39;t very important. I don#39;t really have anything specific or urgent to talk about.Chit Chat就是闲聊 扯淡~~ /201511/409199

今日短语:someone knows how to use his/her某人很懂得利用本身的…例句:Jimmy really knows how to use his hands.吉米的手很巧。 /201707/507191

THE FIR TREEOut in the woods stood a nice little Fir Tree. The place he had was a verygood one: the sun shone on him: as to fresh air, there was enough of that, andround him grew many large-sized comrades, pines as well as firs. But thelittle Fir wanted so very much to be a grown-up tree.He did not think of the warm sun and of the fresh air; he did not care for thelittle cottage children that ran about and prattled when they were in thewoods looking for wild-strawberries. The children often came with a wholepitcher full of berries, or a long row of them thed on a straw, and satdown near the young tree and said, "Oh, how pretty he is! What a nice littlefir!" But this was what the Tree could not bear to hear.At the end of a year he had shot up a good deal, and after another year he wasanother long bit taller; for with fir trees one can always tell by the shootshow many years old they are."Oh! Were I but such a high tree as the others are," sighed he. "Then I shouldbe able to sp out my branches, and with the tops to look into the wideworld! Then would the birds build nests among my branches: and when there wasa breeze, I could bend with as much stateliness as the others!"Neither the sunbeams, nor the birds, nor the red clouds which morning andevening sailed above him, gave the little Tree any pleasure.In winter, when the snow lay glittering on the ground, a hare would often comeleaping along, and jump right over the little Tree. Oh, that made him soangry! But two winters were past, and in the third the Tree was so large thatthe hare was obliged to go round it. "To grow and grow, to get older and betall," thought the Tree--"that, after all, is the most delightful thing in theworld!"In autumn the wood-cutters always came and felled some of the largest trees.This happened every year; and the young Fir Tree, that had now grown to a verycomely size, trembled at the sight; for the magnificent great trees fell tothe earth with noise and cracking, the branches were lopped off, and the treeslooked long and bare; they were hardly to be recognised; and then they werelaid in carts, and the horses dragged them out of the wood.Where did they go to? What became of them?In spring, when the swallows and the storks came, the Tree asked them, "Don'tyou know where they have been taken? Have you not met them anywhere?"The swallows did not know anything about it; but the Stork looked musing,nodded his head, and said, "Yes; I think I know; I met many ships as I wasflying hither from Egypt; on the ships were magnificent masts, and I ventureto assert that it was they that smelt so of fir. I may congratulate you, forthey lifted themselves on high most majestically!""Oh, were I but old enough to fly across the sea! But how does the sea look inreality? What is it like?""That would take a long time to explain," said the Stork, and with these wordsoff he went."Rejoice in thy growth!" said the Sunbeams. "Rejoice in thy vigorous growth,and in the fresh life that moveth within thee!"And the Wind kissed the Tree, and the Dew wept tears over him; but the Firunderstood it not.When Christmas came, quite young trees were cut down: trees which often werenot even as large or of the same age as this Fir Tree, who could never rest,but always wanted to be off. These young trees, and they were always thefinest looking, retained their branches; they were laid on carts, and thehorses drew them out of the wood."Where are they going to?" asked the Fir. "They are not taller than I; therewas one indeed that was considerably shorter; and why do they retain all theirbranches? Whither are they taken?""We know! We know!" chirped the Sparrows. "We have peeped in at the windows inthe town below! We know whither they are taken! The greatest splendor and thegreatest magnificence one can imagine await them. We peeped through thewindows, and saw them planted in the middle of the warm room and ornamentedwith the most splendid things, with gilded apples, with gingerb, withtoys, and many hundred lights!""And then?" asked the Fir Tree, trembling in every bough. "And then? Whathappens then?""We did not see anything more: it was incomparably beautiful.""I would fain know if I am destined for so glorious a career," cried the Tree,rejoicing. "That is still better than to cross the sea! What a longing do Isuffer! Were Christmas but come! I am now tall, and my branches sp likethe others that were carried off last year! Oh! were I but aly on thecart! Were I in the warm room with all the splendor and magnificence! Yes;then something better, something still grander, will surely follow, orwherefore should they thus ornament me? Something better, something stillgrander must follow--but what? Oh, how I long, how I suffer! I do not knowmyself what is the matter with me!""Rejoice in our presence!" said the Air and the Sunlight. "Rejoice in thy ownfresh youth!"But the Tree did not rejoice at all; he grew and grew, and was green bothwinter and summer. People that saw him said, "What a fine tree!" and towardsChristmas he was one of the first that was cut down. The axe struck deep intothe very pith; the Tree fell to the earth with a sigh; he felt a pang--it waslike a swoon; he could not think of happiness, for he was sorrowful at beingseparated from his home, from the place where he had sprung up. He well knewthat he should never see his dear old comrades, the little bushes and flowersaround him, anymore; perhaps not even the birds! The departure was not at allagreeable.The Tree only came to himself when he was unloaded in a court-yard with theother trees, and heard a man say, "That one is splendid! We don't want theothers." Then two servants came in rich livery and carried the Fir Tree into alarge and splendid drawing-room. Portraits were hanging on the walls, and nearthe white porcelain stove stood two large Chinese vases with lions on thecovers. There, too, were large easy-chairs, silken sofas, large tables full ofpicture-books and full of toys, worth hundreds and hundreds of crowns--atleast the children said so. And the Fir Tree was stuck upright in a cask thatwas filled with sand; but no one could see that it was a cask, for green clothwas hung all round it, and it stood on a large gaily-colored carpet. Oh! howthe Tree quivered! What was to happen? The servants, as well as the youngladies, decorated it. On one branch there hung little nets cut out of coloredpaper, and each net was filled with sugarplums; and among the other boughsgilded apples and walnuts were suspended, looking as though they had grownthere, and little blue and white tapers were placed among the leaves. Dollsthat looked for all the world like men--the Tree had never beheld suchbefore--were seen among the foliage, and at the very top a large star of goldtinsel was fixed. It was really splendid--beyond description splendid."This evening!" they all said. "How it will shine this evening!""Oh!" thought the Tree. "If the evening were but come! If the tapers were butlighted! And then I wonder what will happen! Perhaps the other trees from theforest will come to look at me! Perhaps the sparrows will beat against thewindowpanes! I wonder if I shall take root here, and winter and summer standcovered with ornaments!"He knew very much about the matter--but he was so impatient that for sheerlonging he got a pain in his back, and this with trees is the same thing as aheadache with us.The candles were now lighted--what brightness! What splendor! The Treetrembled so in every bough that one of the tapers set fire to the foliage. Itblazed up famously."Help! Help!" cried the young ladies, and they quickly put out the fire.Now the Tree did not even dare tremble. What a state he was in! He was souneasy lest he should lose something of his splendor, that he was quitebewildered amidst the glare and brightness; when suddenly both folding-doorsopened and a troop of children rushed in as if they would upset the Tree. Theolder persons followed quietly; the little ones stood quite still. But it wasonly for a moment; then they shouted that the whole place re-echoed with theirrejoicing; they danced round the Tree, and one present after the other waspulled off."What are they about?" thought the Tree. "What is to happen now!" And thelights burned down to the very branches, and as they burned down they were putout one after the other, and then the children had permission to plunder theTree. So they fell upon it with such violence that all its branches cracked;if it had not been fixed firmly in the ground, it would certainly have tumbleddown.The children danced about with their beautiful playthings; no one looked atthe Tree except the old nurse, who peeped between the branches; but it wasonly to see if there was a fig or an apple left that had been forgotten."A story! A story!" cried the children, drawing a little fat man towards theTree. He seated himself under it and said, "Now we are in the shade, and theTree can listen too. But I shall tell only one story. Now which will you have;that about Ivedy-Avedy, or about Humpy-Dumpy, who tumbled downstairs, and yetafter all came to the throne and married the princess?""Ivedy-Avedy," cried some; "Humpy-Dumpy," cried the others. There was such abawling and screaming--the Fir Tree alone was silent, and he thought tohimself, "Am I not to bawl with the rest? Am I to do nothing whatever?" for hewas one of the company, and had done what he had to do.And the man told about Humpy-Dumpy that tumbled down, who notwithstanding cameto the throne, and at last married the princess. And the children clappedtheir hands, and cried. "Oh, go on! Do go on!" They wanted to hear aboutIvedy-Avedy too, but the little man only told them about Humpy-Dumpy. The FirTree stood quite still and absorbed in thought; the birds in the wood hadnever related the like of this. "Humpy-Dumpy fell downstairs, and yet hemarried the princess! Yes, yes! That's the way of the world!" thought the FirTree, and believed it all, because the man who told the story was sogood-looking. "Well, well! who knows, perhaps I may fall downstairs, too, andget a princess as wife!" And he looked forward with joy to the morrow, whenhe hoped to be decked out again with lights, playthings, fruits, and tinsel."I won't tremble to-morrow!" thought the Fir Tree. "I will enjoy to the fullall my splendor! To-morrow I shall hear again the story of Humpy-Dumpy, andperhaps that of Ivedy-Avedy too." And the whole night the Tree stood still andin deep thought.In the morning the servant and the housemaid came in."Now then the splendor will begin again," thought the Fir. But they draggedhim out of the room, and up the stairs into the loft: and here, in a darkcorner, where no daylight could enter, they left him. "What's the meaning ofthis?" thought the Tree. "What am I to do here? What shall I hear now, Iwonder?" And he leaned against the wall lost in reverie. Time enough had hetoo for his reflections; for days and nights passed on, and nobody came up;and when at last somebody did come, it was only to put some great trunks in acorner, out of the way. There stood the Tree quite hidden; it seemed as if hehad been entirely forgotten."'Tis now winter out-of-doors!" thought the Tree. "The earth is hard andcovered with snow; men cannot plant me now, and therefore I have been put uphere under shelter till the spring-time comes! How thoughtful that is! Howkind man is, after all! If it only were not so dark here, and so terriblylonely! Not even a hare! And out in the woods it was so pleasant, when thesnow was on the ground, and the hare leaped by; yes--even when he jumped overme; but I did not like it then! It is really terribly lonely here!""Squeak! Squeak!" said a little Mouse, at the same moment, peeping out of hishole. And then another little one came. They snuffed about the Fir Tree, andrustled among the branches."It is dfully cold," said the Mouse. "But for that, it would be delightfulhere, old Fir, wouldn't it?""I am by no means old," said the Fir Tree. "There's many a one considerablyolder than I am.""Where do you come from," asked the Mice; "and what can you do?" They were soextremely curious. "Tell us about the most beautiful spot on the earth. Haveyou never been there? Were you never in the larder, where cheeses lie on theshelves, and hams hang from above; where one dances about on tallow candles:that place where one enters lean, and comes out again fat and portly?""I know no such place," said the Tree. "But I know the wood, where the sunshines and where the little birds sing." And then he told all about his youth;and the little Mice had never heard the like before; and they listened andsaid,"Well, to be sure! How much you have seen! How happy you must have been!""I!" said the Fir Tree, thinking over what he had himself related. "Yes, inreality those were happy times." And then he told about Christmas-eve, when hewas decked out with cakes and candles."Oh," said the little Mice, "how fortunate you have been, old Fir Tree!""I am by no means old," said he. "I came from the wood this winter; I am in myprime, and am only rather short for my age.""What delightful stories you know," said the Mice: and the next night theycame with four other little Mice, who were to hear what the Tree recounted:and the more he related, the more he remembered himself; and it appeared as ifthose times had really been happy times. "But they may still come--they maystill come! Humpy-Dumpy fell downstairs, and yet he got a princess!" and hethought at the moment of a nice little Birch Tree growing out in the woods: tothe Fir, that would be a real charming princess."Who is Humpy-Dumpy?" asked the Mice. So then the Fir Tree told the wholefairy tale, for he could remember every single word of it; and the little Micejumped for joy up to the very top of the Tree. Next night two more Mice came,and on Sunday two Rats even; but they said the stories were not interesting,which vexed the little Mice; and they, too, now began to think them not sovery amusing either."Do you know only one story?" asked the Rats."Only that one," answered the Tree. "I heard it on my happiest evening; but Idid not then know how happy I was.""It is a very stupid story! Don't you know one about bacon and tallow candles?Can't you tell any larder stories?""No," said the Tree."Then good-bye," said the Rats; and they went home.At last the little Mice stayed away also; and the Tree sighed: "After all, itwas very pleasant when the sleek little Mice sat round me, and listened towhat I told them. Now that too is over. But I will take good care to enjoymyself when I am brought out again."But when was that to be? Why, one morning there came a quantity of people andset to work in the loft. The trunks were moved, the tree was pulled out andthrown--rather hard, it is true--down on the floor, but a man drew him towardsthe stairs, where the daylight shone."Now a merry life will begin again," thought the Tree. He felt the fresh air,the first sunbeam--and now he was out in the courtyard. All passed so quickly,there was so much going on around him, the Tree quite forgot to look tohimself. The court adjoined a garden, and all was in flower; the roses hung sofresh and odorous over the balustrade, the lindens were in blossom, theSwallows flew by, and said, "Quirre-vit! My husband is come!" but it was notthe Fir Tree that they meant."Now, then, I shall really enjoy life," said he exultingly, and sp out hisbranches; but, alas, they were all withered and yellow! It was in a cornerthat he lay, among weeds and nettles. The golden star of tinsel was still onthe top of the Tree, and glittered in the sunshine.In the court-yard some of the merry children were playing who had danced atChristmas round the Fir Tree, and were so glad at the sight of him. One of theyoungest ran and tore off the golden star."Only look what is still on the ugly old Christmas tree!" said he, tramplingon the branches, so that they all cracked beneath his feet.And the Tree beheld all the beauty of the flowers, and the freshness in thegarden; he beheld himself, and wished he had remained in his dark corner inthe loft; he thought of his first youth in the wood, of the merryChristmas-eve, and of the little Mice who had listened with so much pleasureto the story of Humpy-Dumpy."'Tis over--'tis past!" said the poor Tree. "Had I but rejoiced when I hadreason to do so! But now 'tis past, 'tis past!"And the gardener's boy chopped the Tree into small pieces; there was a wholeheap lying there. The wood flamed up splendidly under the large brewingcopper, and it sighed so deeply! Each sigh was like a shot.The boys played about in the court, and the youngest wore the gold star on hisbreast which the Tree had had on the happiest evening of his life. However,that was over now--the Tree gone, the story at an end. All, all wasover--every tale must end at last. Article/200710/18303It#39;s about time.时间差不多了讲解:这句话,语法上说不通,但是了老美就这么用~ 所以,大家都这么用就可以了~别问为什么?! /201509/395522You are a promising guy 我看好你呦promising 有希望的,大有作为的~ /201612/473966

视频文本如下:If something is ;out of the blue,; is it expected, or a surprise? Find out how to use this colorful idiom in this episode of English in a Minute! /201507/389567释义:go (well, fine )(事态或状况)变得……表示事态或状况向某种形势发展的表达,常用的句型有... go well (变得好)、或 how ... go?(……怎么样了)。例句:The meeting went well. Good job.会议很顺利,干得漂亮。How#39;s your business going?你生意怎么样了?How#39;s it going? Did you make any new friends?怎么样?交到新朋友没?How did it go with Caroline last night?昨天晚上和卡洛琳过得怎么样?对话:A: How#39;s it going with your new job?你的新工作怎么样?B: I have to admit that it#39;s pretty tough.不得不承认,那是个很棘手的工作。 /201605/445407每日一句口语:I#39;m just folk.I have mood swings.我只是个平凡人,我也有我的小情绪。【知识点讲解】swing n.摇摆;改变;冲力;秋千例句:The children were swinging on a rope.孩子们抓着绳子荡来荡去。 /201607/456884

Lesson 64 look at our home一、情景对话:Okay listen carefully 好了听清楚I have something very important to explain to you. 我有些重要的事要告诉你.This is the refrigerator 这是电冰箱It keeps your food cold 它是冷冻食品And this is the computer 这是电脑You can use it to surf the web 你可以用它上网Or to chat with your friends on-line. 或者和你的朋友们在线聊天.Here is the television 这是电视机If you’re bored you can watch it. 如果你感到无聊, 你可以看电视.But not too long okay? 但别看太久, 知道吗?And this is the remote 这是遥控器This is the microwave 这是微波炉Keep away! 别碰它!It’s too dangerous! 太危险了!And here are the manuals for all of the appliances. 好了! 这是所有这些电器的使用手册All right if you have any problems be sure to call me . 如果你有问题的话,及时给我打电话.I’ll miss you! 我会想你的!Taje care! Good-bye! 保重! 再见!二、单词:Important 重要的/ food 食物/ computer 计算机/ television 电视/三、要点:I have something important to explain to you. 我有些重要的事要告诉你.I have something interesting to tell you. 我有些有趣的事要告诉你.I have something urgent to tell you. 我有些紧急的事要告诉你.I have something beautiful to show you. 我有些好看的东西给你.It keeps our food cold. 它冷冻食品.It keeps me warm. 它使我暖和.It keeps me happy. 它使我高兴.It keeps the coffee hot. 它保持咖啡的温度.You can use it to surf the web, or to chat with your friends on-line. 你可以用它上网或着和你的朋友们在线聊天.And here are the manuals for all of the appliances. 这是所有这些电器的使用手册.If you have any problems, … 如果你有问题的话, ….All right ,if you have any problems, be sure to call me. 如果你有问题的话,及时给我打电话.If you have any problems, just ask me. 如果你有问题的话,就来问我.If you have any problems, please call the manager. 如果你有问题的话, 打电话给经理.Keep away! 别碰它!Take care! 保重!I’ll miss you. 我会想你的.Important 重要的/ food 食物/ cold 冷的/ keep away! 别碰它!/ take care! 保重!/ I’ll miss you. 我会想你的. /201606/443198今日短语:Something#39;s going on...事有蹊跷例句:I don#39;t know, but I know that something is going on in there.我不知道怎么了,但是我知道里面一定不对劲。 /201705/501608

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