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Basic Rules Cats猫的基本行为准则1. CHAIRS AND RUGS1. 关于椅子和地毯If you have to throw up, get into a chair quickly.如果要呕吐,迅速跳到一把椅子上If you cannot manage in time, get to an Oriental rug.如果来不及跳到椅子上,就找一张手织东方地毯If no Oriental rug is available, shag is good.如果没有手织东方地毯,长绒地毯也凑合了. DOORS. 关于门Do not allow closed doors in any room.所有房间的门都不能关着To get a door opened, stand on hind legs and hammer with epaws. Once door is opened, it is not necessary to use it.出门的方法是,用后腿起身体,用前爪不断敲门门开了以后就没用了After you have ordered an outside door opened, stand halfway in and out and think about several things. It is particularly important during very cold weather, rain, snow, and mosquito season.把户门叫开后,就不当不正地站在门中间想事情,尤其是在冷天里、下雨下雪的时候或是闹蚊虫的季节3. GUESTS3. 关于客人Quickly determine which guest hates cats the most. Sit on that human lap.迅速判断出哪个客人最不喜欢猫,坐到他的腿上去 sitting on laps of rubbing against clothing, select fabric color which contrasts well with your fur. example: white furred cats go to black wool clothing.找那些衣颜色与你的毛色反差大的客人的腿上坐或身上蹭,比如:白猫找穿着黑色毛料衣的客人Foor the guest who claims, ;I love kitties,; be y with aloof disdain; apply claws to stockings or use a quick nip on the ankle.对那些声称:“我好喜欢小猫”的客人,要作冷漠的鄙视状用爪子去钩她们的长统袜,或是在他们的脚踝上迅速咬一小口When walking among the dishes on the dinner table, be prepared to look surprised and hurt when scolded. The idea is to convey, ;But you always allow me on the table when company isnt here.; Always accompany guests to the bathroom. It isnt necessary to do anything. Just sit and stare.在餐桌上溜达时,一听到责备声,就做出一副吃惊而又无辜的样子这样做传递出的信息是“这些人不在的时候你是让我上餐桌的”. WORK. 关于工作If one of your humans is sewing or writing and another is idle, stay with the busy one. This is called helping, otherwise known as hampering.如果你的一个主人在做针线活或写东西,而另一个没事做,那么要和在做事的那个待在一起,我们管这种行为叫帮忙相反,和没事做的那个在一起叫捣乱5. HAMPERING5. 捣乱When supervising cooking, sit just behind the left heel of the cook. You cant be soon and thereby stand a better chance of being stepped on, picked up and consoled.视察做饭的时候,坐在做饭人的左脚后跟处在那儿你不易被发现,而被踩到,然后被抱起来抚慰 book ers, get in close under the chin, between the human eyes and the book. If it is a newspaper, claw at it until shredded.对于正在看书的人,爬到他的下巴处,刚好挡在他的眼睛和书之间如果他看的是报纸,用爪子抓,直到把它抓踩 9930。

影片《我的守护者有着优美精致的画面,片中配以的插曲也多是以独立音乐人的作品为主,充分融入剧情,首首动听这首Feels Like Home来自英国的独立乐人Edwina Hayes的翻唱,清亮的嗓音沁人心脾,配合主人公在海边的画面,极度催泪Somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myselfMakes me wanna lose myself, in your armsThere's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fastHope this feeling lasts, the rest of my lifeIf you knew how lonely my life has beenAnd how long I've been so aloneAnd if you knew how I wanted someone to come alongAnd change my life the way you've doneIt feels like home to me, it feels like home to meIt feels like I'm all the way back where I come fromIt feels like home to me, it feels like home to meIt feels like I'm all the way back where I belongA window breaks, down a long, dark streetAnd a siren wails in the nightBut I'm alright, 'cause I have you here with meAnd I can almost see, through the dark there is lightWell, if you knew how much this moment means to meAnd how long I've waited your touchAnd if you knew how happy you are making meI never thought that I'd love anyone so muchIt feels like home to me, it feels like home to meIt feels like I'm all the way the back where I come fromIt feels like home to me, it feels like home to meIt feels like I'm all the way back where I belongIt feels like I'm all the way back where I belong 9183。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻1.Beer washing hair1.啤酒是洗头用的Two nuns were shopping and happened to be passing the beer store.两个修女外出购物,路过一家啤酒店One asks the other if she would like a beer.其中一个修女问另外一个要不要买点啤酒喝The other nun answered that would be good, but that she would be queasy about purchasing it.那个修女回答说她是想喝,但不太敢去买The first nun said that she would handle it and picked up a six pack and took it to the cashier.第一个修女说她会搞定,说罢拿起一提六瓶装的啤酒,来到收银台The cashier had a surprised look and the first nun said, ;The beer is used washing our hair.;看到收银员的表情有点怪,第一个修女说,“我们买啤酒是用来洗头的”The cashier, without blinking an eye, reached under the counter and put a package of pretzels in the bag with the beer, saying. . .收银员,眼皮都没有眨一下,把手伸进柜台下面,拿出一包椒盐饼干放到装啤酒的袋子里面,;Here, dont get the curlers.;说“嘿,卷发器可不能少!” 399。

Track OneBeijing has been my home the past seven years北京过去七年都是我的家And no matter how far it is from Scotland it definitely feels like my home不论这里离苏格兰有多远,我的确觉得这就是我的家Beijing has a sense of commy北京有种社区感Even in the most developed areas you can still find these wee nookets – places where people have lived here generations即使在最发达的地区,仍然可以找到这些;wee nookets;,当地人世世代代都居住在这里They are in the streets, in the shops and local businesses他们存在于各种街道中,小商店以及本地商业点You really feel at home because people are so welcoming你真的有宾至如归的感觉,因为人们是如此热情好客Eager to engage with you no matter where you are from and ask you questions不论你来自哪里他们都渴望了解你,与你熟络,问你许多问题That is what makes me feel at home这就是使我感觉很像家的地方Also the winter because I am Scottish and I love the winter还有冬天,因为我是苏格兰人,我喜欢冬季I came to China, the first time by train – all the way from Moscow我第一次来中国是乘火车来的,一路从由莫斯科过来I took four weeks – my last stop was Beijing – it was in – I only had four days我花了整整四周—最后一站才是北京—那是年了—我却只待了四天After days I said to myself ;There is something really special here – I will have to come back and find out more;四天之后我对自己说;这里真的有一些特别之处,我一定得再回来,好好地了解她;It is just a magical situation – pulling up at the train station – the chaos – trying to get a taxi to wherever we were staying – my friend sofa at that time这真是个有魔力的经历—到达火车站—进入喧嚣的洪流—拦出租车到达我们的住所—那会儿就是我朋友家的沙发It was just so exciting – people were so helpful – people were so curious但这一切是如此令人兴奋—人们都如此友善好客,如此对我充满好奇There was such a great feeling about the city and excitement对这个城市有一种很棒的兴奋的感觉It was – the year of the Olympics – the World was talking about Beijing and here I was after traveling across the continent在年,就是奥运会那一年,整个世界都在谈论北京,穿越大洲,跋山涉水,我来了So the following year I moved out接下来的一年我把家给搬了过来You do not the Sunday Post? There was a two-page sp all about Beijing 你没读周日邮报吗?它有两页专门报道北京We were all talking about it – we were all fascinated about it – what was going to happen我们都在谈论它—我们都为它着迷—接下来都会发生什么?Just the feeling and I am sure the Olympics was part of that就是这种感觉,而且我确信奥运会是其中一部分There were certainly only blue skies – I had no idea about pollution then – that was just a rumour那时当然只有蓝天—我跟本对污染没有概念—那些只是谣言Track TwoThere is something about Beijing – anyone who lives here would just agree有些关于北京的事是任何生活在北京的人都会认同的It is a city that captures your heart – your attention – easily becomes your home if you give it a chance那就是:这个城市轻而易举地俘获了你的心—你的全部注意力—只要你给它一个机会它就会很容易地成为你的家You havent lost the affection; you havent lost the interest after all these years?经历这些年之后,你还没失去对这里的感情和兴趣吗?Definitely not – every day when you wake up in Beijing you never know what you are going to see当然没有—当你每天醒来,你永远不会知道今天将会看到什么I love getting on my bike every day – carefully although I have been described as though I cycle like a maniac我喜欢每天骑上我的自行车,小心翼翼地骑着,尽管我被形容得骑得像疯了一样Getting around Beijing – the streets – the crazy traffic – it is just the element of surprise every day在北京城里四处溜达,街道,疯狂的交通,都是每日令人惊奇的元素You do not know when your door knocks who is going to be there – what is going to be happening – who you are going to encounter你永远不会知道下一秒谁会来敲你家的门,谁会站在门外,即将要发生什么,你会遇见谁It never ceases to stop – in one week in Beijing you can have enough stories a lifetime一切从不会停止,在北京一周你就会拥有足以诉说一生的故事This is why I take my camera with me every day – there is always something这也是为什么我每天都必须带上我的相机--这里总会有故事发生Whether it is the delivery men with their electric bikes all gathering together – or a guy sitting on his pedicab outside the Opposite House hotel不论是快递员们和他们的电动自行车停在一起,还是一个人坐在他的停在瑜舍酒店外的三轮车上There is always something这儿总有故事发生It could be a nouveau riche girl with the latest smart phone或者是有个暴发户女孩儿拿着她的最新款的智能手机It is just that whole array of things that we see in Beijing that keep it the vibrant city that it is就是我们在北京所看到所有一系列的城市风景使得这个城市充满了清新的活力I have got two dogs – that just opens into another commy here in Beijing我有两只,它们刚刚在北京替我打通了另一个社区Two pugs – that all Chinese people know – they love that me the eigner have got these two Chinese dogs两只哈趴,所有中国人都知道,他们喜欢我作为外国人养两只中国犬I am very involved in the dog commy in the area that I live in我很好地融入了我小区里的;社交小区;That opens up a lot of doors of meeting different people and hearing their stories那也为能见到不同的人,聆听他们的故事打开了许多方便之门 50。

Mail Online: charities have warned that one million elderly people in Britain are chronically lonely, with many not seeing or even speaking to someone every day.Almost a quarter of those aged over 75 who live alone go whole days without any human contact – face-to-face or over the phone.In total, one in ten men and women aged 65-plus – equivalent to around 1 million people – are always or often lonely.But, as the population ages, the problem will blight the lives of even more with 1.5 million pensioners set to be affected by . 38787。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻8.Babies Sale8.宝贝待售A New Mum took her baby daughter to the supermarket the first time.一个年轻的妈妈头一回带着她的宝贝女儿到超市买东西,She dressed her in pink from head to toe.她把小宝贝从头到脚穿上粉红色的衣At the store, she placed her in the shopping cart and put her purchases around her.在商场,她把小女孩放在购物车里,把买来的东西都推在孩子周围At the checkout line a small boy and his mother were ahead of them.在付款台前排队时,一个小男孩和他妈妈正好排在她们前面The child was crying and begging some special treat.那个小男孩在哭,看上去在向他妈要着什么东西,年轻的妈妈想,He wants some candy or gumand his mother wont let him have any, she thought.这个小孩一定是要糖果或是口香糖之类的玩意儿,而他妈妈又不给,所以才闹得这么厉害Then she heard his mother reply.然而就在这个时候,她听到男孩的妈妈一边回答说,;No!;she said, looking in her direction.“不行,”一边往她的方向看过来,;You may not have a baby sister today. That lady got the last one;“你今天不能买一个了,那位女士把最后一个买走了!” 397999。

英语学习笔记:I don’t deserve you.我配不上你You deserve someone better.你值得更好的人We don’t match each other.我们俩不合适I’m not attracted to you.你不吸引我I’m emotionally unavailable.我已经心有所属更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 8999。

A Good Boy好孩子Peter came bcak from school and said to his father happily, ;Dad, our teacher asked us a queation this morning. Only one student could answer it. Do you know who he is?;彼得放学回家,高兴地对爸爸说:“爸爸,今天上午,老师问了我们一个问题只有一个学生回答了你知道是是谁吗?”;No.;“不知道”;It me, Dad.;“是我,爸爸!”;Oh, you are my good son. What did the teacher ask?;“哦,你真是我的好儿子老师问什么了?”;Who broke the window?;“是谁打碎了玻璃?” 3673。