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Alibaba is not content to control the prosaic internet retail industry. China’s dominant e-commerce platm is also building a more glamorous empire in entertainment.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)不满足于控制平淡的在线零售行业这家在中国占主导地位的电商平台正开始打造一个更加光鲜的帝国China’s box office rose by a third to hit $.8bn in , market researcher IHS Technology says. The US figure is twice that, but shrank per cent last year. IHS expects the Chinese market to overtake the US, and reach $.6bn, by 19. The money doesn’t stop at the box office, of course. Last year global online film distribution generated $bn in sales. Netflix — which distributes TV shows as well — had revenues of .5bn.市场调研机构IHS Technology数据显示,年中国票房收入增长三分之一,至8亿美元美国票房收入是中国的两倍,但去年降低了%IHS预计,到19年中国市场规模将超过美国,达1亿美元当然,票房并非唯一收入来源去年,全球在线电影分销收入达到0亿美元除了电影之外还分销电视剧的Netflix实现了55亿美元收入Alibaba’s main vehicle content production is Hong Kong-listed Ali Pictures, which was med last year after Alibaba bought 60 per cent of ChinaVision Media. Ali Pictures has yet to produce anything. It has a market capitalisation of bn, and loses money. It does have production or distribution agreements with several mainland TV stations. In January it said its first film will be a collaboration with two big stars: producer Wong Kar-Wai and actor Tony Leung. On Tuesday the stock was suspended pending an announcement. This is not necessarily good. Last year it was suspended five months ing issues.阿里巴巴的主要内容制作实体是香港上市的阿里影业(Ali Pictures),后者是阿里巴巴去年收购文化中国传播集团(ChinaVision Media Group) 60%股权之后成立的阿里影业尚未制作任何作品该公司市值达80亿美元,处于亏损状态阿里影业的确跟中国内地多家电视台签订了制作或分销协议阿里影业1月份表示,其首部电影将与两大明星合作:制片人王家卫(Wong Kar-Wai)和演员梁朝伟(Tony Leung)周二,阿里影业因等待需公布事项而停牌这未必是好事去年,阿里影业曾因会计问题停牌5个月Still, the Alibaba empire does not rely exclusively on Ali Pictures content. Founder Jack Ma owns per cent of the Shenzhen listed film-maker Huayi Brothers. Last November Alibaba struck a deal with that company to fund productions and allow investment through its crowdfunding site, Yule Bao. This month, Hangzhou Ali Venture Capital (owned by Alibaba founders Jack Ma and Simon Xie, but not Alibaba itself) bought a reported9 per cent of Beijing Enlight Media, which makes TV shows and films, 3m. distribution, Alibaba makes set-top boxes with partner Wasu (in which Mr Xie owns a stake). It also owns (directly, a change) a quarter of US-listed Chinese online site, Yukou Tudou.尽管如此,阿里巴巴帝国在内容方面并非仅仅依靠阿里影业阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)拥有深圳上市公司华谊兄弟(Huayi Brothers) %的股权去年月,阿里巴巴与华谊兄弟达成一项协议,为其提供制片资金、并允许通过其众筹网站宝(Yule Bao)进行投资本月,杭州阿里创投(Hangzhou Ali Venture Capital)——股东为阿里巴巴创始人马云和谢世煌(Simon Xie),但不涉及阿里巴巴集团本身——据报道以3.83亿美元收购了北京光线传媒(Enlight Media) 9%的股权,后者制作电视剧和电影在分销方面,阿里巴巴与合作方华数传媒(Wasu Media)——谢世煌是股东之一——合作生产机顶盒阿里巴巴拥有(这次有所不同,是直接拥有)美国上市的中国在线视频网站优酷土豆(Yukou Tudou)四分之一的股权Alibaba is not confining itself to local content. Last year it signed a deal with US listed Lionsgate, maker of Hunger Games, to stream Lionsgate content through Alibaba’s set top boxes.阿里巴巴的目光并不局限于本土内容去年,它与美国上市公司、《饥饿游戏(Hunger Games)出品方狮门(Lionsgate)签订了一项协议,通过阿里巴巴机顶盒在线播放狮门的影片Given the strong online brand and deep pockets of the parent, Alibaba’s entertainment businesses have a shot at success. Their confusing ownership structures make it hard to say whether shareholders will feel the benefit.鉴于母公司的强大在线品牌和雄厚资金,阿里巴巴旗下的企业有机会取得成功这些企业的股权结构复杂得令人困惑,使人难以判断股东会不会获益 36673

新西兰前政客、著名女播音员帕姆-考克利日前被曝其打算开设新西兰第一家专为女性务的男妓院  mer politician and high-profile broadcaster Pam Corkery has been linked to plans New Zealand's first brothel women.  新西兰前政客、著名女播音员帕姆-考克利日前被曝其打算开设新西兰第一家专为女性务的“牛郎店”  The MP is on the hunt a property to house the bordello - where sex workers will be male and clients female. She is believed to be looking property in central Auckland. One source said the concept involved a spa, bar and bordello where women could "come and either just drink and be titillated.  据悉,这位前议员正在为自己的“牛郎店”选址——届时性工作者是男性,而目标客户则是女性目前她在奥克兰中部地区选址有消息称“牛郎店”今后既有温泉浴,也有酒吧,“女士们可以只来喝喝酒,也可以挑选自己喜爱的牛郎来消遣”  Publicist Paul Ellis said he had met Corkery in the past week to discuss her business plan. Ellis said Corkery wanted the brothel plan "to be shot as a TV project". The reality TV show would be focused on the hiring of the male sex workers.  时事员保罗称他已经和考克利在上周讨论了她的“牛郎店”计划保罗称考克利希望该计划能“被拍成电视”而这样一个真人秀节目将会以招募男性性工作者为主题  Auckland City Council staff said they had not received any application a brothel licence in the name of Corkery.  不过,奥克兰市议会议员表示,目前尚未收到考克利的执照申请  Annah Pickering, of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, said a brothel dedicated solely to women would be the first of its kind. "The male sex workers working out of the male escort agencies we have now serve both male and female clients," she said. She also said the main clientele would probably be "cougars" - older women who are attracted to and have sex with significantly younger men.  新西兰性工作者联合会的安娜称,专为女性提供性务在新西兰还是头一遭“此前来自男性援交机构的男性性工作者既为女性也为男性务,”她说她还称主要客户更可能是“美洲狮”——喜欢年轻男性、且喜欢和他们发生性关系的大龄女性  But the business would still struggle to survive in New Zealand. "It's easier to meet men, and get picked up at bars and night spots."  但是“牛郎店”在新西兰能否存活下去是个问题“在酒吧、夜店见到男人拉到生意要更容易”  Australian feminist advocate Melinda Tankard Reist said she was disgusted with the idea of the sale of sex from men to women. Turning the tables did not make prostitution right or the situation any better women, she said.  澳大利亚女权主义者梅琳达则称她对于将卖淫从女人转到男人身上这一想法感到恶心她说只是这样做并不会让卖淫变得正确,也不会让女性所处的形势更加有利 98

Feng Xiaogang is perhaps China’s most clever commercial movie director. He hasn’t directed one movie that failed to make a handsome profit in recent years, including Assembly in , If You Are the One in and Aftershock in .冯小刚也许是中国最精明的商业片导演了近年来他所执导的影片步步卖座,从未失手,包括年的《集结号、年的《非诚勿扰以及年的《唐山大地震 some, Feng may be too commercial at times – product placement in his movies is often conspicuous and has even become a laughing stock.对于一些人而言,冯小刚有时太过商业化了——他影片中的植入广告往往十分显眼,甚至这已经成为了一个笑柄But with his new epic Back to 19, Feng might avoid such criticism.而凭借最新史诗巨制《一九四二,冯小刚导演或许可以摆脱这些骂名Based on a novel by Liu Zhenyun, Back to 19 tells the true story of the devastating Henan province famine that claimed more than 3 million lives in 19, a time when China was engaged in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-195).该片根据刘震云小说改编而成,讲述了一个真实的故事——19年正值中国人民的抗日战争(1937-195年),河南省遭遇严重饥荒,超过300万人丧生This historic background provides the perfect material to create a blockbuster movie. And Feng is no stranger to using exciting elements, such as devastating natural disasters (as seen in Aftershock) and thrilling battle scenes (as seen in Assembly).这一历史背景为炮制大片提供了绝佳的题材而冯小刚在调动这些激动人心的元素上已经是位老手了,如《唐山大地震中毁灭性的自然灾害以及《集结号中那些惊心动魄的战争场景Combined with a strong cast, which includes Xu Fan, Zhang Guoli, Chen Daoming and Zhang Hanyu, it is almost certain that these elements will ensure the movie becomes a major box office hit, at least in China.加上徐帆、张国立、陈道明以及张涵予这些超强的演员阵容,可以断定的是,这几大要素必保本片票房大卖,至少在国内绝对But this time, Feng seems to have set his eyes on the international market as well. Joining the strong Chinese cast are two big names from Hollywood: Tim Robbins (who plays a Catholic priest) and Adrien Brody (who plays American journalist Theodore White).而这一回,冯小刚似乎将目光同时投向了国际市场除了一种华语演员外,他还力邀了好莱坞双雄的加盟:扮演天主教神父的蒂姆#86;罗宾斯以及饰演美国记者白修德的亚德里安#86;布劳迪Many of the movie’s scenes, like the ones showing the bombing attacks by the Japanese army, are very Hollywood-style, both in terms of their scale and technical level.片中,包括日军轰炸场面在内的有许多镜头,就规模及技术层面而言,都是十足的好莱坞范But somehow, despite the cast mostly bearing up to the challenge of delivering their roles, the movie, like many of its kind, such as White Deer Plain, falls short on generating an emotional impact. It seems to confirm the old saying “one man dying is a tragedy, but a million deaths is a statistic figure”.但不知为何,尽管应付起这些富有挑战性的角色来,演员们大都驾轻就熟同《白鹿原等同类型影片一样,该片却无法打造出情感上的震撼这似乎也印了那句老话:“死一个人,是个悲剧;死一百万人,那就不过是个统计数据罢了”In the end, the movie portrays a saga that will undoubtedly be treasured at home and, most likely, be filed abroad as yet another lesson in modern Chinese history–but one well worth remembering and learning from.说到底,该片成功描述了一部长篇历史故事,这个故事毫无疑问将受到国人的重视,并且很可能被西方整理成中国近代史的又一课——而这个故事也记得人们铭记并从中学到些什么 6

nx9wE0E5h~3liK3e[asX8|JjArWq9|6uwUR(ANNA CHLUMSKYThen: In 1991, she was the epitome of precocious as Vada, a death-obsessed girl who lives in a funeral parlor in the hit coming-of-age film My Girl.Now: The actress – who is expecting a baby – plays the Vice President power Chief of Staff on the hit HBO comedy Veep.安娜#86;克鲁姆斯基彼时:1991年在热门成长电影《我的女孩中她是早熟儿童的典型,饰演一个生活在殡仪馆且迷恋死亡的女孩Vadae-NDm~5L9WI6^Zrge#)此时:这位正期待着孩子的女演员,在大热的HBO电视剧《副总统中扮演副总统权力班子里的人员%#0Fj,vl;WN!@Tb5aE)kw7qn+cMK7+UXr_gQ||JLU(f78L5n-~Ar*tC 35

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