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Barbie has held onto her crown as queen of girls' holiday wish lists for the fifth year but boys are going more high-tech, according to a poll of must-have toys.The poll of 7,982 US consumers by the company BIGresearch showed Barbie remained the most sought after toy for girls, with the rival Bratz dolls in second place, generic dolls in third place followed by Dora the Explorer and Disney Princess.But for boys there was a bit of a shake-up in the annual list with last year's favorite, TMX Elmo, losing out to Transformers, like the Autobots and Decepticons, made popular by the movie of the same name.Coming second on the boys' wish-list was games overall and the top 10 also included two games consoles - the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's XBox 360.The National Retail Federation, a retail trade association which commissioned the annual survey, said the best advice for parents was to shop early so they did not miss out on their children's favorites."It's always a race for parents to find the year's sought after toys," said NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin in a statement.Newcomers to the girls' list this year were toys involving Disney singing star Hannah Montana, and the popular Webkinz animals that come with a special code to give access to Webkinz World online.Cars, Spider-Man and LEGOs also featured in the boys' top 10 wish lists.This year's top 10 holiday wish-lists:GIRLS:1. Barbie2. Bratz3. Dolls (generic)4. Dora the Explorer5. Disney Princess6. Disney Hannah Montana7. Nintendo Wii8. Webkinz9. Elmo10. American GirlBOYS1. Transformers2. Video Games3. Nintendo Wii4. Cars (generic)5. Spider-Man6. LEGOs7. Thomas the Tank Engine8. Xbox 3609. Elmo10. Remote Controlled Vehicles /200803/29707这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:都说,与其等死,不如找死;咱能不动不动就寻死觅活吗?不能!以为,死了都要爱~译者:koogle /201308/251029Daily activities such as DIY or gardening may prolong life by up to 30% in the 60+ age group, a report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed.《英国运动医学杂志》上发表的一篇报道显示,像手工制作或园艺这样的日常活动有可能使60岁以上的人的寿命延长30%。As any committed gardener will confirm, seeing the first shoots of life emerge after the winter months can provide a deep sense of satisfaction.据英国《卫报》报道,任何热衷园艺的人都会同意,漫长的冬天过后,看见新芽萌发的那一刻,他们会感到很满足。But gardeners now have another reason to feel rather smug – regular gardening or DIY can cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke, and prolong life by as much as 30% among the 60-plus age group, according to a study of almost 4,000 60-year-olds in Stockholm.但是现在园丁们又有另外一个值得神气的理由:一项针对斯德哥尔市近4000名60岁老人的研究表明,经常从事园艺或手工制作可以降低心脏病发作或中风的风险,还能使60岁以上的人的寿命延长30%。The research found that even those who spent their retirement training for marathons were not at less risk than the green-fingered group. Gardening – voted pensioners#39; favourite pastime in a recent study byAge UK – provided as many health benefits as regular exercise.研究发现,即使是那些退休后跑马拉松的人,患病的风险也没有比从事园艺的人低。慈善机构AgeUK最近的一项研究表明,园艺是退休老人最喜爱的消遣。园艺同定期锻炼一样对人体健康有诸多益处。The 60-year-olds who were most active on a daily basis had a 27% lower risk of a heart attack or stroke and a 30% reduced risk of death from all causes, irrespective of how much regular formal exercise was taken.无论常期、正式运动量有多大,60岁老人中每天最活力十足的,心脏病发作或中风的风险会降低27%,因各种原因死亡的风险降低30%。;Our findings are particularly important for older adults, because individuals in this age group tend, compared with other age groups, to spend a relatively greater proportion of their active day performing [routine activities] as they often find it difficult to achieve recommended exercise intensity levels,; the scientists wrote in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.“我们的发现对老年人来说尤其重要,因为和其他年龄段的人相比,他们很难达到专家建议的运动强度水平,因此习惯于花相对更多的时间在日常活动上。”科学家在《英国运动医学杂志》上写道。Over a 12-year period the team, led by Dr Elin Ekblom-Bak at Karolinska University hospital#39;s department of medicine, asked 60-year-olds for information on diet, smoking and alcohol intake in addition to information on whether they did regular activities such as gardening, DIY, car maintenance and blackberry picking. The researchers also carried out lab tests and physical examinations.瑞典卡罗林斯卡大学医院医学部的艾琳(Elin Ekblom-Bak)士带领一队伍,历时12年,询问了一群60岁老人的各种信息,包括饮食、吸烟、酒精摄入以及是否有参加如园艺、手工制作、汽车维修和黑莓采摘一类的定期活动。研究者还进行了实验室测试,对参与者进行身体检查。At the start of the study, those who had an active daily life were at much less risk of heart attacks – even if they did not exercise – than those with low levels of daily activity. They also had smaller waists, lower levels of potentially harmful blood fats, and lower glucose, insulin and clotting factor levels in men, high levels of which are linked to a raised heart attack and stroke risk.实验初始,那些平时活力十足的人,即使平常不锻炼,心脏病发作的风险也也比平时活动少的人低得多。同时,他们腰围更小,潜在有害的血脂更少,男性葡萄糖、胰岛素和凝血因子水平更低,这些物质水平高的时候会提高人心脏病发作和中风的风险。The benefits of regular activity continued through the course of the study. During the 12.5-year follow-up period, 476 of the participants had their first heart attack and 383 died from various causes. Those who exercised regularly, but were not routinely physically active, were also at less risk of cardiovascular problems, and those who exercised regularly and were active on a daily basis were at the least risk of all.在整个研究过程中,定期锻炼的益处一直都有体现。在12年半的随访期内,476名参与者心脏病发作过,383名因为各种原因死亡。那些有定期锻炼,平时却懒于活动的人,出现心血管问题可能性小;那些有定期锻炼,且每天活力十足的人在所有人中患病风险最低。The study suggests gardening and DIY can be as good as exercise for the over-60s because they increase overall energy expenditure – prolonged sitting drives down metabolic rate to the bare minimum, while standing up and physical activity increase it. The study went on to explain that sitting down can disrupt the skeletal muscle#39;s normal hormone production, with potential negative impacts on other body organs and tissues.这项研究表明对于60岁以上的老人来说,园艺、手工制作和锻炼一样有益,因为它们都能增加整体身体能耗。长时间静坐会让身体代谢率降至最低,而站立和体力活动能提高代谢率。研究还深入解释说,静坐会扰乱骨骼肌正常激素生成,对身体其他器官组织有潜在的负面影响。Dr Gavin Sandercock, er in sport and exercise science at the University of Essex, said: ;#39;This study is excellent news for large swaths of the population who might not want to run, swim or go to the gym because it clearly shows that even moderate, non-exercise activity like gardening benefits the health of older adults.;英国埃塞克斯大学体育和运动科学高级讲师加文(Gavin Sandercock)士说道:“这项研究对很多可能不愿意跑步、游泳或去体育馆锻炼的人来说是大好消息,因为研究清楚地表明,即使像园艺这样温和、非运动性的活动都有益于老年人的健康。”But he warned that younger people and children still had to be encouraged to do vigorous exercise like fast walking, running, swimming and cycling. ;While the amounts reported here are OK for older people, children still need to do an hour of activity every day to be healthy and that needs to be hard enough to make them breathe hard and preferably feel hot.;但是他也警告说,还是要鼓励年轻人和儿童进行剧烈运动,如快走、跑步、游泳和骑自行车。“尽管报道中提到的运动量适合老年人,儿童要保持健康还是得每天运动一小时,增加运动强度,用力呼吸,最好能够全身发热。”Dr Tim Chico, senior clinical lecturer and honorary consultant cardiologist at the University of Sheffield/Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said the more active a person was throughout their lives, the lower their risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.英国谢菲尔德大学高级临床讲师,谢菲尔德教学医院心脏病科名誉顾问蒂姆(Tim Chico)士表示,一个人一辈子越是充满活力,患心血管疾病的风险就越低。;The message I take from this study is simple,; he said. ;If you want to reduce your risk of heart disease, be more active. Don#39;t sit down for long periods; get up on your feet and do something you enjoy that involves moving around.;“我从这项研究中得到的启示很简单,”他说道,“如果你想要降低患心脏病的风险,就得更有活力一点。不要长时间静坐;起身做些喜欢的事情,到处转一转。” /201312/269047

《断背山》男主角希斯#8226;莱杰身亡Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan apartment, naked in bed with sleeping pills nearby. The Australian-born actor was 28. The reason was not clear yet.He had an appointment for a massage at a residence in the tony neighborhood of SoHo, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. A housekeeper who went to let him know the massage therapist had arrived found him dead at 3:26 p.m."We are all deeply saddened and shocked by this accident," Ledger's publicist, Mara Buxbaum, said in a statement Tuesday night. "This is an extremely difficult time for his loved ones and we are asking the media to please respect the family's privacy and avoid speculation until the facts are known."The medical examiner's office planned an autopsy Wednesday, spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said.Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain," where he met Michelle Williams, who played his wife in the film. The two had a daughter, Matilda, and lived together in Brooklyn until they split up last year.Ledger most recently appeared in "I'm Not There," in which he played one of the many incarnations of Bob Dylan.He's had starring roles in "A Knight's Tale" and "The Patriot," and played the suicidal son of Billy Bob Thornton in "Monster's Ball.""I had such great hope for him," said Mel Gibson, who played Ledger's father in "The Patriot," in a statement. "He was just taking off and to lose his life at such a young age is a tragic loss."Ledger was born in 1979 in Perth, in western Australia, to a mining engineer and a French teacher, and got his first acting role playing Peter Pan at age 10 at a local theater company. 澳大利亚籍影星希斯#8226;莱杰(译者注:电影《断背山》男主角)于本周二被发现死于曼哈顿的家中,年仅28岁。莱杰被发现时全身地躺在床上,身旁有一些安眠药片。目前他的死因尚未确定。纽约警察局发言人保尔#8226;布朗尼说,当天莱杰约了一位师来其位于高级SoHo区的家中。但当他的管家去通知他师已到访时,发现他已经死亡,当时的时间是下午3点26分。莱杰的经纪人马拉#8226;巴克斯鲍姆在本周二晚发表的一份声明中说:“我们对莱杰的突然离去感到十分悲痛和震惊。此时他的亲人一定非常痛苦,我们已请求媒体尊重他们的隐私,在事情没弄清楚之前,不要无根据地猜测。”纽约警察局女发言人艾伦#8226;波拉科维说,监察医务院将于本周三对莱杰进行尸检。希斯#8226;莱杰曾在电影《断背山》中饰演一名同性恋牛仔,并因此获得奥斯卡奖提名。后来,他与片中饰演其妻子的米歇尔#8226;威廉姆斯相恋,并与其育有一女玛蒂尔达。两人一直住在布鲁克林区,直到去年分手。莱杰最近出演的一部电影是《我不在场》,他在片中饰演具有多重人格的鲍勃#8226;迪伦的一种化身。他曾主演影片《圣战骑士》和《爱国者》,并在《死囚之舞》中饰演了主人公(比利#8226;鲍勃#8226;汤顿饰演)自杀身亡的儿子。在《爱国者》中饰演莱杰父亲的梅尔#8226;吉布森在一份声明中说:“我对他寄予了厚望。他的事业正处于上升期,英年早逝实在是悲痛的损失。”莱杰于1979年出生于澳大利亚西部的泊思市,他的父亲是一名开矿工程师,母亲是一位法语教师。莱杰十岁那年在当地一家剧团获得了他的第一个角色比特#8226;潘。 /200803/31203

Bad news for those with bulging bellies: fat that builds up around the waist during middle age may cause dementia decades later, say researchers who examined the health records of thousands of senior citizens.Scientists aly know that overweight adults risk developing diabetes, heart problems and other medical conditions. But over the last few years researchers have noticed that obesity in middle age is linked with cognitive problems in the aged.Now it seems that overall body mass is not so important – it's the fat around the belly that appears to cause the problems.Epidemiologist Rachel Whitmer and colleagues looked at the medical records of 6583 adults registered with the healthcare firm she works for – Kaiser Permanente of Oakland, California.During the 1960s and 1970s, records were taken of the diameters of the adults' bellies, which gave Whitmer a rough idea of how much fat they were carrying around the waist.Metabolically activeWhen she compared the measurements with the subjects' current medical records, the results were startling. Incidence of dementia increased steadily with the amount of belly fat, such that the 20% with the most belly fat were over two and half times more likely to develop dementia that those carrying the least.Levels of total fat also seemed to increase dementia risk, but not by the same magnitude."This is an important paper," says Sudha Seshadri, a neurologist at Boston University who has also found evidence linking belly fat to cognitive problems. "I believe the effect is real."The link may seem odd, but Whitmer notes that the fat around the belly is the most metabolically active of all fat types.For example, it secretes larger amounts of cytokines, molecules that carry chemical signals between cells. Some of these molecules, such as leptin, have been shown in animal studies to cross the blood-brain barrier, suggesting a mechanism by which extra weight around the belly could be affecting the brain.Slimming exerciseYet Seshadri also notes that factors other than fat could be responsible for the results. Whitmer's team controlled for some of these, such as education and rates of other illnesses. But other issues were not taken into account. Overweight people are less likely to exercise, for instance. Physical activity is known to decrease obesity risk, as well as being psychologically beneficial.Whitmer acknowledges this short-coming, but points out that the dementia rates were greater among those who were not overweight during middle-age, but did have high levels of belly fat. These people are likely to have exercised since their weight was normal, she says, but they still went on to develop cognitive problems.Researchers next need to study the impact that the molecules released by body fat have on the brain. If Whitmer's hypothesis proves right, the conclusions could be disturbing – those beer bellies may be silently damaging the brain, long before old age sets in.But she notes that there are also grounds for optimism, since moderate exercise and diet can reduce weight around the belly more easily that it can in other parts of the body."It's the least stubborn fat," Whitmer says. 对于大腹便便者来说这是个不幸的消息: 研究者在仔细查阅了成千上万的老年人健康记录后作出结论,中年人腰部的赘肉可能会成为几十年后患老年痴呆症的诱因.科学家已经查明超重的成年人更容易患糖尿病, 心脏疾病和其他病症. 然而在过去几年里研究人员发现中年肥胖与老年时发生认知障碍有关联.如今看来似乎身体肥胖并非如此紧要 – 而是啤酒肚上的脂肪造成了这种疾患。流行病学家Rachel Whitmer和他的同事查看了6583名成年人的医疗记录,这些患者都在她工作的保健公司——加利福尼亚奥克兰的Kaiser Permanente 公司做过登记。20世纪60年代到70 年代,该公司测量了这些成年患者的腹部直径,Whitmer 据此大致了解了他们在这个部位上含有多少脂肪。新陈代谢旺盛当她把测量结果与患者现在的医疗报告进行比较后 ,发现了一个惊人的事实. 老年痴呆症的发生随着腹部脂肪的含量成正比例增长, 例如与肚子较小的人相比,20% 啤酒肚最大的病人患老年痴呆症的几率是前者的两倍半.全身肥胖似乎也会增加患痴呆症的几率,但是远比不上腹部发胖造成的影响。"这是一个重要的报告,"波斯顿大学的神经学家Sudha Seshadri说, 他也发现啤酒肚与认知障碍有显著的关联性. "我认为这种影响是真实的."这种关联看起来似乎稀奇古怪, 但是Whitmer注意到在所有的脂肪类型中,肚子周围的脂肪新陈代谢是最活跃的.比方说, 它分泌大量能在细胞间传递化学信号的细胞因子,分子。 其中有些分子, 如瘦素, 在动物实验中已经表明能够穿越脑血管屏障, 促成这样一个机制,即腹部过胖能影响到大脑.瘦身运动Seshadri 也注意到了脂肪以外造成痴呆的原因. Whitmer的团队控制了其他一些因素, 例如教育和其他疾病. 但是还有一些原因没有考虑进来. 比如说肥胖的人不太喜欢运动. 众所周知运动可以降低患痴呆的危险, 而且有利于心理健康.Whitmer 承认了这个缺陷, 但是指出那些中年时虽然没有超重,但腹部脂肪含量确实过多的人到了老年痴呆症发病率更高. 她说,这些人也许锻炼过,因为他们的体重正常 ,但还是发生了认知障碍.研究者接下来需要研究身体脂肪释放出来的分子对大脑造成的影响. 如果 Whitmer的假说成立,这个结论会让人困扰– 虽然还远未到老年,那些啤酒肚却已经悄声无息地在损伤着大脑了.但她说仍然有值得乐观的地方, 因为适量的运动和节食可以更加容易地减消腹部脂肪,而其他的部位就没有这么容易达到减肥效果."这是最不顽固的脂肪," Whitmer 说. /200808/45866

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