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夷陵区有泌尿科吗宜昌看包皮哪家医院好matron主妇,antique古董,shade色度/色调,eccentric古怪的I Painted the VaseA wealthy matron was so proud of a valuable antique vase that she decided to have her bedroom painted the same color as the vase. Several painters tried to match the shade, but none came close enough to satisfy the eccentric woman.Eventually, a painter approached who was confident that he could mix the proper color. The woman was pleased with the result, and the painter became famous.Years later, he retired and turned the business over to his son. "Dad," said the son, "there's something I've got to know. How did you get those walls to match the vase so perfectly?""Son," the father replied, "I painted the vase."我给花瓶上了色一个有钱的主妇很骄傲自己有一个价值连城的古董花瓶,所以她决定把她的卧室也油漆成花瓶的颜色好几个油漆匠试着调色,可是没一个人能把颜色调得足够接近花瓶的,来满足这个奇怪的女人的要求终于,一个油漆匠找到一个自信能调好颜色的人主妇对结果非常满意,那个调色的人也出名了多年后,他退休了并把家业移交给了儿子“爸爸,”儿子问,“有件事我必须得知道您是如何那么完美地使墙壁的颜色贴合花瓶呢?”“儿子,”爸爸回答,“我给花瓶上了色”1.proud骄傲的与proud有关的惯用语除了文中的be proud of,还有do sb. Proud, 是“给某人增光”之意:His honesty did him proud.他的正直为他增光.valuable价值连城的,它的对义词是valueless,而不是invaluableInvaluable 是valuable的同义词,是“非常珍贵的”、“无法估价的”的意思3.antique,形容词“古老的/过时的”,名词“古董、古玩”.have her bedroom painted,这里有一个句型“have sth. done”让某人做某事,比如:He had his hair cut.他(请人)给他理头发了5.eccentric,形容词“古怪的”,名词“怪人”6.turn over,移交,也有“仔细考虑” 的意思: He turned over the problem hours.他对这个问题思考了好几个小时宜昌泌尿哪个医院最好 Drinking grappa and eating tiramisuSophia: So what do you think?Acheng: She amazing!Sophia: I meant about the grappa and the tiramisu. Isnt it all wonderful?Acheng: Yes! Cheers!Sophia: Salute! That “to your health”...Acheng: Salute!Sophia: Whoa! Take it slow, buddy! This is strong stuff. It ty-two percent.Acheng: I feel great. In fact, I can feel myself becoming more Italian with every bite. Viva Italia!参考译文:喝格纳帕跟吃提拉米苏苏菲亚:你觉得怎么样?阿 震:她真美!苏菲亚:我是说格纳帕跟提拉米苏真是好吃,不是吗?阿 震:对!干杯!苏菲亚:干杯!这是“祝你健康”的意大利文……阿 震:干杯!苏菲亚:哇!喝慢点,兄弟!这可不比一般的酒酒精浓度有百分之四十二阿 震:我感觉很好事实上,我越喝越觉得自己像意大利人意大利万岁!重点词汇:salute (v.)英文是「向…致意,敬酒」,在意大利文中,salute 则是「健康」的意思I salute the bride and groom!我敬新娘跟新郎!down (v.)喝下Let take the elevator down.我们搭电梯下去吧viva万岁呼声Viva lo revolucion!革命万岁! 36373Voice 1: Today, Nick travels to different countries sharing his story. He works with young people. He helps them to deal with problems caused by drugs, alcohol and depression. He helps those who question the meaning of their life. People often feel very emotional during Nick talks. Afterwards, they may cry on his shoulder. He tells them of God love - and that there are no limits to his power.声音1:现在,尼克去不同的国家分享他的故事他和年轻人一起工作他帮助他们解决由药物、酒精和抑郁引发的问题他为那些对生活的意义存在质疑的人提供帮助在尼克讲话时,人们通常会非常感动之后,他们可能会伏在他的肩头哭泣他给他们讲述上帝的爱,告诉他们上帝的能力没有限制Voice 3: As humans, we keep putting limits on ourselves no reason at all. Even worse - we put limits on God. And God can do all things - there are no limits!声音3:作为人类,虽然没有任何原因,但我们一直给自己设置限制更糟的是,我们给上帝设置限制上帝可以做任何事,没有任何限制! 译文属 5689宜昌治疗龟头炎费用多少

宜昌前列腺炎哪家医院最好Voice : Fast treatment is very important with strokes. Melissa got to the hospital quickly. And doctors were able to save her life. But many people do not get fast treatment. This is because they do not recognise the signs of a stroke. This is true particularly with strokes that are not severe. Some of the signs of a stroke include:声音:快速治疗对中风非常重要梅丽莎马上赶往医院医生保住了她的性命但是许多人没能接受快速治疗这是因为他们没有意识到这是中风的迹象那些中风情况不严重的人尤其如此中风迹象包括:Voice 1: Difficulty speaking or understanding speech声音1:说话困难或难以理解他人的话Voice : Difficulty walking.声音:难以行走Voice 1: A sudden loss of balance.声音1:突然失去平衡Voice : A severe pain in the head.声音:头部剧痛Voice 1: Sudden eye problems.声音1:眼疾突然不适Voice : And weakness or a loss of movement in one side.声音:身体一侧肢体无力或无法行动Voice 1: Doctors say that people showing these signs should seek help immediately. They should not wait the signs to go away. Fast treatment can be the difference between life and death.声音1:医生表示,出现这些症状的人应该马上寻求帮助他们不能等这些症状继续发展能否接受快速治疗可能意味着生死之别 译文属 568枝江市割包皮哪家医院最好 Putin Appears After Absence普京失踪后终现身After a mysterious -day absence, Vladimir Putin appeared in public in a meeting with Kyrgyzstan’s president. Russia’s president appears to be in good health, and there has been no explanation about his absence. His cancellation of a key meeting followed by an unusual absence from public view sparked many rumours last week. Some speculated that Putin was undergoing cosmetic surgery. Others suggested his young girlfriend had a baby. Many wondered if there had been a revolt inside the Kremlin, or if he was seriously ill or even dead. Putin did not comment on his whereabouts, but said it would be boring without gossip.神秘消失天后,普京出现在了与吉尔吉斯共和国总统的会晤中俄罗斯总统看起来身体状况良好,对于他的失踪没有进行任何的解释上周,普京取消了一次重要会议,随后又消失在了公众视野之中,这件事情引起了诸多传闻许多人猜测普京正在接受整容手术还有人认为他的小女朋友有了孩子还有人推测克林姆林宫内部出现了反叛,他身患重病,或已经死亡就他的去向问题,普京没有作出回答,但是他称如果他没有谣言那就太无聊了译文属原创,,不得转载 3781宜昌包皮过长手术哪家好

宜昌梅毒的治疗费用Dogs and their owners go the top prize at Crufts Seven of the top dogs have been chosen, but only one can be crowned best in show. One thing is certain-- Fur is going to fly. You've got seven of the best, out there. So it's like a top athelet going gold, trust me this. And what does the dog have to do to go best in show? It comes up on its toes, it looks at you, the judge and is showing just you, and it knows this. And it will be that special something, that charisma on one particular dog, that will stand out. Fantastic, amazing, wonderful. Every breeder's dream, every dog's showing person's dream, isn't it, to be here? (and the clothes of course most important). World's best dog show. I have it in my hands to make a dog famous tonight and make a human being's life never the same again. Not quite used to that kind of power, but they'll have an adrenaline rush after that they've.. I finish work tonight that they'll never experience again in the whole of their lives. And that you take them righ to the top of Mount Everest without stepping one foot ward I can assure you. It's something so precious. And you can't get it anywhere else but at Crufts. Best show at crufts, worldbeater. 6636 It's a portrait of Hillary Clinton unflattering this angle released by an anonymous creator borrowing liberally part in the pond from an old ad Apple computers. The ad ends with the web address Sen. Barack Obama, Clinton's main rival the democratic presidential nomination at least now. But he denies having anything to do with it.We knew nothing about it, given what it looks like. We don't have the technical capacity to create something like that, though it's pretty extraordinary.So who is responsible, it was posted by someone called "ParkRidge7", presumably named the Chicago suburb and the year in which Clinton was born. But that's all anyone knows.It is pretty sleek though, doesn't that indicate that somebody knows what they are doing?Er, actually what it indicates is the technology has become easier to work with.Micah Sifry is the editor of a political website called TechPresident.com. You don't have to be a high-paid political consultant necessarily to do this anymore.The fact is you don't have to be any kind of political consultant to do this and that's a potential nightmare candidates.That voter-generated content is the wild card in .....And YouTube has clearly moved beyond its role as the political got-you site.November, .If the Clinton campaign wants to respond to this, it'd better to be quick. This had aly been viewed by more than a million people online bee broadcasters discovered it. Now total viewership is well north of 8 million as the 's migrated off the internet from YouTube to your tube.Richard Schlesinger, CBS NEWS, New York. 61宜昌最好治疗前列腺肥大医院宜昌西陵区男科医院在那儿




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