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Paying Upon Arrival查票与补票Excuse me,sir. Can I look at your ticket? 打扰一下,先生我能看一下您的票吗?Wait a minute. I am really sorry but I cant find it now.稍等很抱歉,我找不到我的车票了You must have left it somewhere.您一定是把它落到什么地方了Maybe,what shall I do now?可能,我该怎么办啊?Well,I think you should pay upon arrival.我想您应该补张票Well,I think that the only thing l can do.我看我也只能这么办了 367宁都县妇幼保健人民医院激光去胎记多少钱A red Tibetan mastiff has become the priciest dog in the world after being sold for 10 million Chinese yuan, or ?945,000.   一只红色藏獒售价一千万人民币(945,000英镑),成为世界上最昂贵的名犬 Big Splash, or Hong Dong in Chinese, was bought by a coal baron from the north of China.   Big Splash(中文名叫轰动)被一位来自北方的煤矿大王买下  And it's lucky his new master is a multi-millionaire, because the hefty price tag doesn't factor in Big Splash's diet enough chicken and beef to fill a growing 180lb dog, spiced up with Chinese delicacies such as sea cucumber and abalone.   幸运的是,轰动的新主人是个千万富翁,因为高昂的售价和它的口粮费用相比,简直是小巫见大巫。要喂养一条重180磅且正在发育的藏獒,你得准备好充足的鸡肉和牛肉,佐以美味的海参和鲍鱼  His owner will need a big house too, as adult Tibetan Mastiffs have been known to weigh as much as 286lb, or more than 20 stone the same as a sizeable rugby player. However the typical weight for a fully grown Tibetan Mastiff is around 13 stone.   的主人还得准备一间大房子,因为成年藏獒体重可86磅(20余石),和橄榄球运动员的体重不相上下。当然,一般来说成年藏獒的体重3石 /201103/128735江西省中心医院祛疤手术多少钱Notes注意事项How would you accomplish this task?你该如何完成这项任务?First ,you would probably go through the customer files in alphabetical order, foler by folder.第一,你可能要字母顺序仔细检查顾客文件,一个文件夹接着一个文件夹去查You would examine each invoice in the folders to determine if the amount is in excess of $,500 and remove and copy each invoice that meets the criterion.你还要查看文件夹内的每个发货票,以便确定其数额是否超过500美元,对于满足要求的每个发货票要取出并加以复印You would then have to refill the copies you removed and risk misfiling them然后你还必须把取出的部分重新归档When you had examined all the customer folders and copied all the appropriate invoices.当你检查了全部顾客文件夹并复印了全部需要复印的发货票,you would then review the copies and put together your report.你还要重新检查并且整理好Imagine how much time this would take.可以设想一下,做这些工作要花去多少时间If there are a lot of customers, you would need to spend hours if not days.如果有大量顾客时,即使无需花好几天,也需要花好几个小时吧Now let look at the situation in a different way.现在我们用另一种方式来研究这个问题The environment is the same , except that ,instead of file cabinets.环境情况不变以,只是取代文件柜的是,you have a microcomputer or a terminal and DBMS software that has access to a customer database file as shown in the following .你有了一台微型机或一台终端,以及可以访问顾客数据库的DBMS软件,这个顾客数据库文件如下面所示In this file a row of customer data is referred to as a record, and an individual piece of data within a record ,such as a name ,is referred to as a field.在文件中,每一排顾客数据称为一个记录,记录内的单独数据段(如姓名)则称为一个字段To get the invoice data you need, you would do something like this.为了获得你所需的发货票数据,你总要做如下一些事情Turn on the computer and the printer.启动计算机及打印机start up the DBMS software启动DBMS软件Give the command to open up the customer database file stored on your disk ,which is similar in concept to manually opening up the customer file in a filing cabinet.发出命令,以便“打开”存储在磁盘中的顾客数据库文件,从概念上讲“打开”既类似于用手打开文件柜中的顾客文件Give the command to search all the records in the database file and display copies of the records that meet your criterion.发出命令,以便搜索查找数据库文件中的全部记录,并显示合乎要求的记录内容that is the names of people with unpaid invoices greater than $,500.(即,发货票总金额超过500元未付款人的姓名)If you were using dBASE IV , a popular microcomputer DBMS ,the command would look something like.如果你一直使用的是Dbase 1v(一种在微机上使用的著名的DBMS),则命令会是:If you were using SQL( Structured Query Language) the command would look like this.如果你一直使用SQL(结构化查询语言),则命令会是:In response to this command ,all the records in the file that have an invoice amount greater than $,500 will be listed on the screen.作为这些命令的回答,在文件的全部记录中,凡是多于500元的发货票,均将在屏幕上显示出来The SQL command would also sort the listing into order by name.(SQL命令将挑选的发货票姓名进行排序)This whole procedure would take perhaps only five minutes or less.全部过程可能只需要5分钟,甚至更少 368737Chinas surprise assertion of a new air defense identification zone has alarmed Japan and South Korea and put the U.S. on alert. It could also end up inflicting some serious damage to its ties with Taiwan. 中国划设新防空识别区的意外之举惊动了日本和韩国,也让美国提高了警惕。此举最终还可能严重破坏中国大陆与台湾的关系。Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou -- who has invested heavily in improving ties with China -- is now dodging the flak fired in his direction since Beijing unveiled its ADIZ, which overlaps with similar zones of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Aly struggling with approval ratings of around 11%, Mr. Ma hardly needs this additional headache, particularly as his party eyes important elections later next year. 自从中国政府公布了与日本、韩国和台湾的类似区域存在重叠的防空识别区后,曾下大力气改善两岸关系的台湾总统马英九一直面临对其立场的指责。这对于持率已降至11%左右的马英九无异于雪上加霜,特别是在他领导的政党明年晚些时候将面临重要选举的情况下。In its official statement announcing the establishment of the ADIZ last month, Chinas Ministry of National Defense said it would require flight plan, transponder, radio and logo identification for all aircraft operating in the ADIZ. The zone covers the disputed East China Sea islands that Japan administers and calls the Senkaku. Beijing calls them the Diaoyu, while Taiwan has its own claim and refers to the islands as Diaoyutai.中国国防部上个月在发布划设防空识别区的正式声明时称,所有进入防空识别区的飞行器必须提供飞行计划、无线电、应答机和标志识别四种识别方式。中国的防空识别区涵盖了中日两国存在领土争端的东中国海(中国称东海)岛屿,日本将这些岛屿称作尖阁列岛,中国大陆称作钓鱼岛。而台湾将这些岛屿称作钓鱼台,并且也宣称对其拥有主权。U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to the region last week said the move had created apprehension. 美国副总统拜登(Joe Biden)上周出访中、日、韩三国时称,中国划设新防空识别区的做法给亚洲地区带来恐慌。Though U.S. civilian airlines have been instructed to comply with the notification requirements, the U.S. sent two B-52 bombers into the zone shortly after it was announced by Beijing. 虽然美国要求国内民用航空公司遵守中国方面的识别要求,但仍在中国宣布划设新防空识别区后不久派遣了两架B-52轰炸机进入该区域。Japan and South Korea followed with some nose-thumbing of their own, sending military planes into the zone without warning Beijing. South Korea has said it will extend its own zone, while Japan has told its airlines to ignore Beijings request for information before entering the zone. 日本和韩国紧接着也作出了行为,在没有通知中方的情况下派遣军机进入中国防空识别区。韩国已表示将扩大自己的防空识别区。同时日本已告知其国内航空公司,对中国关于进入防空识别区前要事先通报的要求可不予理睬。Taiwans President Ma has been a lot less assertive. This type of action does not help the development of relations between the two sides of the (Taiwan) Straits, he said. 相比之下,台湾总统马英九对此的反对态度则远没那么强硬。他说,这样的举动无助于台海两岸关系的发展。His administration has prided itself on sealing a slew of economic deals with the mainland after eight rocky years of relations under predecessor Chen Shui-bian of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party. The Ma administration has instructed airlines to comply with Beijings request for security reasons. 马英九政府为与大陆签订了一系列经济协议感到自豪,此前在倾向台独的民进党主席陈水扁担任台湾总统的八年时间里,台湾和中国大陆擦不断。出于安全考虑,马英九政府已经指示台湾航空公司遵守中国大陆的要求。Mr. Ma has also called on parties to refrain from actions that would elevate tensions in the East China Sea, and to quickly hold bilateral dialogue with Beijing on relevant issues, including the issue of the ADIZ. He has pushed hard for what he calls an East China Sea Peace Initiative -- with all parties conducting dialogue on the territorial rows. So far his suggestion has been largely ignored. 此外,马英九还呼吁各方保持克制,不要采取会加剧东海紧张局势的行动,并尽快与北京方面就包括防空识别区问题在内的相关问题举行双边对话。马英九一直在努力推进他提出的《东海和平倡议East China Sea Peace Initiative),建议各方就领土争端展开对话。但到目前为止他的这一提议基本没有得到响应。Under Mr. Ma, the ruling Kuomintang has tried to balance the economic reality of growing reliance on the China market with the islands distaste for Beijings authoritarian system. His administration has managed to nail down a series of accords, including a broader economic pact and a service sector deal as well as agreements on tourism, air travel and food safety. 台湾经济愈发依赖中国大陆市场,同时台湾又厌恶中国大陆的专制制度,马英九领导的国民党一直试图在这两者之间取得平衡。马英九政府已成功与中国大陆签订了一系列协议,其中包括一项内容广泛的经济协定、一项务贸易协议以及有关旅游、航空旅行和食品安全的多项协议。But clearly there is a political downside in the improved ties with Beijing, and the ADIZ has made that all too apparent. Beijing has incautiously forced Mr. Ma to choose between a holding a position that might undermine some of the progress he has aly made and opening himself up to criticism that he is soft on the mainland. He chose the latter response. 但对台湾而言,与北京改善关系在政治上有一个不利之处,中国大陆划设防空识别区令这一点暴露得非常明显。中国大陆政府不加考虑地迫使马英九在他坚持自己的立场(这可能让他在改善两岸关系上取得的某些成果受损)与遭受对大陆态度软弱的批评之间做出选择。马英九选择了后者。Opposition legislators were quick to pounce, challenging what they called a lame response. The DPP offered up a poll that showed more than 69% of respondents were opposed to submitting flight information to China while almost 65% thought the presidents reaction was too weak. And the smaller opposition Taiwan Solidarity Union party filed a suit accusing the president of abetting foreign aggression and compromising national security. 反对派立委立即出击,对马英九“蹩脚的回应”提出质疑。台湾民进党进行的一项调查显示,超过69%的受访者反对向中国大陆提交航班信息,有5%的受访者认为马英九的反应过于软弱。较小的反对党台湾团结联Taiwan Solidarity Union)提起诉讼,指控马英九煽动“外国侵略”,牺牲台湾安全Chinas new ADIZ is a slap in the face for the Ma government because it shows Mr. Mas accommodative policy is failing, said Chen Chao-chien, public affairs professor at Ming Chuan University. The sovereignty of Diaoyutai is one of the most important elements concerning Taiwans statehood and territorial claims. Now, it seems like the dispute is only between China and Japan and Taiwans opinion doesnt matter because the international community aly assume Taiwan will yield to China. 铭传大学(Ming Chuan University)公共事务学系教授陈朝建说,中国大陆划设新的防空识别区打了马英九政府一记耳光,因这表明马英九的迁就政策正在遭遇失败。他说,钓鱼台主权是关于台湾主权和领土主张的最重要问题之一,但现在似乎可能只属于中国大陆与日本之争,台湾的意见无足轻重,因国际社会已经假定台湾会向大陆屈。Mr. Ma got some less caustic advice on the pages of The Wall Street Journal. Former U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations John Bolton suggested in an opinion piece that Taiwan could reduce its international isolation by distancing itself from Chinas assertive posture. 《华尔街日报》刊载的文章给马英九提供了一些不那么尖刻的建议。前美国驻联合国大使尔John Bolton)在一篇文章中建议,如果台湾能与中国大陆的“武断姿态”拉开距离,就有可能减少其在国际社会的被孤立的程度Taiwan could say publicly that it does not recognize Beijings defense-zone declaration, and that it wants to confer with Japan, South Korea and others to align their responses, he wrote. 尔顿写道,台湾可以公开表示不承认中国大陆的防空识别区,以及希望与日本、韩国和其他方面进行磋商,并做出与之一致的回应Mr. Mas party, the Kuomintang, may have time to undo some of the damage before the next election for mayors and other local officials late next year. But it may be wondering whether Beijing has more plans that could shoot down its electoral chances. 马英九的国民党可能还有时间,在明年初的台湾市县选举前挽回一些不良影响。但国民党可能还在揣,中国大陆政府是否还有更多影响其选举胜率的政策出台。来 /201312/268639南康市哪家绣眉好

赣州去黑眼圈的方法赣州市立医院激光祛痘手术多少钱星级典句:第一句:Why dont you join us?为什么不加入到我们当中呢?A: Why dont you join us?为什么不加入到我们当中呢?B: Sure, Id love to.好的,我很愿意的!第二句:Would you like to come with us?你想和我们一起来吗?A: Next Sunday we are going to hvae a picnic in the park. Would you like to come with us?下周我们要到公园去野餐,你想和我们一起来吗?B: Id love to!我非常愿意!其他表达法:Why dont you come over?为什么你不来我家?Let go to see the movie tonight.我们今天晚上一起去看电影吧!May I ask you out?可以邀请你出去吗? 6摘要:美国研究人员日前在火星上找到了一个古老湖泊的痕迹。这使人们在该红色星球上发现数十亿年前生命迹象的希望大大增强。US researchers have uncovered traces of an ancient lake on Mars boosting hopes of discovering evidence that billions of years ago the Red planet hosted life.The lake, which dates back some 3.4 billion years, appears to have covered as much as 80 square miles and was up to 1,500 feet deep, said the team from the University of Colorado."This is the first unambiguous evidence of shorelines on the surface of Mars," said Boulder's research associate, Gaetano Di Achille, in a study published in the latest edition of Geophysical Research Letters."The identification of the shorelines and accompanying geological evidence allows us to calculate the size and volume of the lake, which appears to have formed about 3.4 billion years ago."Analysis of the images has shown the water carved out the canyon in which it was found, which then opened out into a valley depositing sediment which formed a delta."Finding shorelines is a holy grail of sorts to us," said assistant professor Brian Hynek, adding it showed the lake existed at a time when Mars was thought to have been cold and dry.Scientists believe the oldest surfaces on Mars formed during the wet and warm era known as the Noachan epoch, about 4.1 billion to 3.7 billion years ago, that featured a bombardment of large meteors and extensive flooding.The newly discovered lake is believed to date from the Hesperian era and postdates the end of the warm and wet period on Mars by 300 million years, according to the study.Scientists believe deltas next to the lake may well hold secrets about past life on Mars as such places on Earth have become the natural deposits of organic carbon and other markers of life. /06/75249赣州整形美容医院去除颈纹手术怎么样赣州妇幼保健院祛疤痕多少钱

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