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听笑话学英语: I hung him up to dry 我把他吊起来让他晾干Jim and Mary were both patients in a Mental Hospital. One day while they were walking by the hospital swimming pool, Jim suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom. Mary promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled Jim out. When the medical director became aware of Mary's heroic act he immediately reviewed her file and called her into his office. "Mary, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're being discharged because since you were able to jump in and save the life of another patient, I think you've regained your senses. The bad news is Jim, the patient you saved, hung himself with his bathrobe belt in the bathroom,he's dead." Mary replied, "He didn't hang himself, I hung him up to dry." Jim和Mary都是精神病院里的病人一天,他们沿着医院的游泳池散步,Jim突然跳入泳池的深水区,他沉到了底部Mary立刻跳下去救他,她潜到水底,把Jim拉了上来当院长听闻了Mary的英勇行为后,他立刻翻看了她的病历档案,把她叫进了自己的办公室,“Mary,我有一个好消息和一个坏消息要告诉你好消息是你能跳入水中救其他病人,这说明你的意识已经恢复了,你可以出院了坏消息就是,Jim,你救的那个病人,他还是用自己的浴袍带子在浴室上吊自杀了”Mary说:“他没有自杀,是我把他吊起来好让他晾干”赣州俪人整形医院美容科A Black President黑人总统He walked into the doctor’s office. The receptionist said hello. He said hello. She asked if he had an appointment. He said, “Yes, I have an appointment at o’clock.” She told him to sign in. He signed in. “Which doctor are you seeing?” she asked. “I’m seeing Dr. Evans,” he said. She told him to take a seat. Dr. Evans would see him in a few minutes. He took a seat. He opened a magazine. The name of the magazine was Time. He looked at the date on the magazine. The date was November , . The magazine was one year old. He didn’t mind. Old news was interesting. New news was interesting. He the old news. It was about a new president. Barack Obama was the new president. He was the new president of the ed States. Everyone was so happy. Finally, a black man was president.他走进医生办公室前台向他问好他也向她问好她向他询问是否有约他说:“我两点有约”她让他签字他签了字她询问到:“你预约的是哪位医生?”他说:“是埃文斯医生”她让他坐下等待埃文斯医生随后就到他坐了下来他看杂志杂志名称是“时代”他看了看杂志日期日期是年月日杂志已经发刊一年他不介意旧新闻更有趣时事新闻也有趣他开始阅读旧新闻新闻是关于新任总统巴拉克·奥巴马为新总统他是美国新总统所有人欢呼雀跃黑人终于成为了总统译文属原创,,不得转载 05赣州隆胸整形中心Who Sits in the Front? 谁坐前面 The boys were going to the beach. Dad was going to drive them to the beach. The drive to the beach would take an hour. Dave and Dick loved the beach. They also loved the drive to the beach. They loved to look out the window. They loved to stick their heads and arms out the window and feel the breeze. They also loved to be in the front seat. They both preferred the front seat. They both hated the back seat. “Let’s go, boys,” Dad said. “Let’s go to the beach.” Both boys ran out of the house. They ran straight to the front door of the car. Dave got there first. Dick got there second. Dave pulled the door open. Dick fell to the ground. Dave got into the front seat and shut the door. “Guess what? You can sit in the back seat,” he said to Dick.孩子们要去沙滩爸爸开车送他们去沙滩需要一个小时车程戴夫和迪克喜欢沙滩更喜欢开车去沙滩他们喜欢向窗外看喜欢将头和胳臂伸出窗外,感受迎风扑面的感觉还喜欢坐在副驾驶两人都想坐在副驾驶都讨厌坐在后座爸爸说:“走吧,孩子们去沙滩吧”孩子们跑出房间径直跑向车门前方戴夫先跑到迪克第二个戴夫将车门打开迪克摔了一跤戴夫坐上了副驾驶,关上了车门他对迪克说;“你要坐在后座了”译文属原创,,不得转载 3500赣州整形美容医院治疗短鼻整形手术怎么样

赣州整形美容医院嫩肤手术怎么样赣州市立医院做祛疤手术多少钱Part . Keeping the country healthy.Keywords. health service, changes, the NHS, prevention, screening, diagnostic tests, opposition, private healthcare.Vocabulary. crux, ultrasound, gimmick, the NHS(the National Health Service).Listen to a news report about the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown health rems.Make a comparison between his proposals and the criticism he faced from the opposition. Complete the following chart.It seems that politicians around the world are thinking about the health of their countries.While in China, Chen Zhu has announced his plans a universal health service and rem across health services,Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister, has also announced he is planning to make some changes in our health services.The crux of Mr Brown proposals are related to giving the NHS (National Health Service) a greater focus on prevention, rather than just curing patients.He is planning to introduce increased screening common diseases such as heart disease, strokes and cancer, example, breast cancer.In Britain, there are 0,000 deaths a year from heart attack and strokes, many of which might have been avoided if the condition had been known about.Initially, the diagnostic tests will be available those who are most vulnerable, or most likely to have the disease.But later on, the Prime Minster claims that they will be more widely available.One example is a plan to offer all men over 65 an ultrasound test to check problems with main artery, a condition which kills 3000 men a year.The opposition have criticized Mr Brown proposals, saying that they are just a gimmick, and claiming that there is no proper timetable the changes.They also say that Mr Brown is reducing the money available the treatment of certain conditions while putting more money towards testing them.The NHS was founded in 198, and is paid by taxation.The idea is that the rich pay more towards the health service than the poor.However, in recent years, there has been a great increase in the use of private healthcare.Many people who can afd it choose to pay medical care, often because it can be quicker, although the doctors and hospitals are often the same.NHS waiting lists operations can be very long.So people can jump the queue by paying their operation. 0197Lwaj8sCOzEOu8wg[sz;]qMx,q3aa%W@P+;AIdUA.p(uQqQH[HPpPDavid lost his yellow pencil. He could not find it. “Where is my yellow pencil?” he asked his sister. His sister did not know. “I don’t know where your pencil is,” she said. David thought about it. He thought and thought. He used his yellow pencil bee lunch. He used it to write a note to his teacher. The notesaid, “Dear teacher, Thank you helping me. David.” He put the note in an envelope. Where was the envelope? He looked in the kitchen. He looked on the kitchen counter. He found the envelope. It was next to the toaster. He found the pencil. It was under the toaster.q-L998EXDt8LnxH!NQVfXV#MixeuM9Y*qFYh9V6.E)sAxOwiO|A]-InXTOiwV 3733赣州俪人整形美容医院比基尼脱毛怎么样The Toxic Paradox关于有毒的悖论There is nothing like the suggestion of a cancer risk to scare a parent, especially one of the over-educated, eco-conscious type. So you can imagine the reaction when a recent USA Today investigation of air quality around the nation schools singled out those in the smugly (自鸣得意) green village of Berkeley, Calif, as being among the worst in the country.没有什么比致癌危险更能令一个家长担惊受怕的了,特别是一个受教育程度过高、具有生态保护意识的家长,你可以想象得出当《今日美国日报公布了一项关于学校周围空气质量的调查后所引起的发响调查显示,被称为“绿色村庄”的加州柏克莱市是全国空气质量最差的地区之一The city public high school, as well as a number of daycare centers, preschools, elementary and middle schools, fell in the lowest %. Industrial pollution in our town had supposedly turned students into living science experiments breathing in a laboratory worth of heavy metals like manganese, chromium and nickel each day. This is a city that requires school cafeterias to serve organic meals.该市的公立高中、日托务中心、幼儿园、小学和初中,都位于空气质量最差的%的地区之内我们城镇内的工业污染似乎已经把学生拿来做科学实验,使他们置身于实验室中,每天都呼吸着重金属如锰、铬、镍等有害物质这是一座要求学校餐厅提供有机食物的城市Great, I thought, organic lunch, toxic campus.我想,有机食物加上有毒校园,真是绝配啊!Since December, when the report came out, the mayor, neighborhood activists (活跃分子) and various parent-teacher associations have engaged in a fierce battle over its validity: over the guilt of the steel-casting factory on the western edge of town, over union jobs versus children health and over what, if anything, ought to be done.自月调查报告公布后,市长、街区活跃分子、各种连接父母和老师的协会都加入到确定这一报告是否属实的激烈争论中来了他们强烈地谴责着城西那家铸钢厂的罪责,议论着工会应该为孩子的健康做些什么,商讨着任何应该采取的措施With all sides presenting their own experts armed with conflicting scientific studies, whom should parents believe? Is there truly a threat here, we asked one another as we dropped off our kids, and if so, how great is it? And how does it compare with the other, seemingly perpetual health scares we confront, like panic over lead in syntheic athletic fields?各方提供专家意见,并辅以科学研究加以佐,但却各执一词,父母又该相信谁呢?是否这里的空气质量真的已造成威胁呢?我们在接送孩子时彼此询问,如果果真如此,这一威胁又有多大呢?与另一种我们似乎永远需面对的健康威胁,如运动场上铅的危害相比,这一威胁又有多严重呢?Rather than just another weird iin the town that brought you protesting environmentalists, this latest drama is a trial how today parents perceive risk, how we try to keep our kids safe-whether it possible to keep them safe-in what feels like an increasingly threatening world. It raises the question of what, in our time, ;safe; could even mean.这并非另一出引来环保主义者抗议的闹剧,此次事件是对当今父母们在一个日益威胁我们的世界中如何看待危害,如何保护孩子安全(不管是否能够保护他们的安全)的一次检验它提出了一个问题——在我们的时代中,“安全”到底是指什么?;There no way around the uncertainty,; says Kimberly Thompson, president of Kid Risk, a nonprofit group that studies children health. ;That means your choices can matter, but it also means you arent going to know if they do.; A report in the journal Pediatrics explained that nervous parents have more to fear from fire, car accidents and drowning than from toxic chemical exposure.金伯莉·汤普森是非营利组织“孩子和危险”(Kid Risk)的主席,该组织主要研究孩子健康金伯莉说:“面对不确定的危险时,我们毫无办法这也就是说,你的决定很重要,但却也不能确定这些决定是否真有效”《儿科杂志年的一份报告解释道,相比有毒的化学物质,紧张的父母更担心火灾、交通事故和溺水对孩子造成的危险To which I say: Well, obviously. But such concrete hazards are beside the point. It the dangers parents cant-and may never-quantify that occur all of a sudden. That why Ive rid my cupboard of microwave food packed in bags coated with a potential cancer-causing substance, but although Ive lived blocks from a major fault line (地质断层) more than years, I still havent bolted our bookcases to the living room wall.关于这点,我认为显而易见但是,这些具体的危险是我们无法控制的,正是这类父母们不能,也或许永远无法预估的事故才有突发的可能这也就是我为什么将含致癌物质的微波炉食品从橱柜中清除掉,但在这个离地质断层只有数个街区距离的地方住了年多却还没有用螺栓将书柜与客厅墙壁固定在一起的原因赣州去痘坑价格

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