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Next Up for MicroHoo: An Antitrust Battle?摘要:看来,微软(Microsoft)和雅Yahoo)已经让对方相信,把双方的搜索和广告业务结合起来是好事一桩。不过,它们是否能让反垄断监管机构相信这桩交易对市场有好处呢?So, Microsoft and Yahoo have convinced each other that search and advertising between the companies is a good thing. But will they be able to convince antitrust regulators that the deal's good for the marketplace? Possibly, but it won't happen without some considerable scrutiny by federal antitrust regulators and lawmakers.Under the partnership deal, Microsoft's technology will power Yahoo's search engine, while Yahoo will sell ads on behalf of both companies.Shortly after the deal was announced, the two companies went on a full-court press, sending out separate letters to major ad agencies and advertisers. One was entitled 'Benefits to Consumers, Customers and the Internet.'But it's just the opening gambit in what could be a long chess match. In the few hours after the deal was announced, Sen. Herb Kohl (D., Wis.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Committee, said it warrants 'careful scrutiny' since it would combine 'industry giants and direct competitors in Internet advertising and search markets.' He promised the deal would be 'closely reviewed' by his committee.A Federal Trade Commission spokesman declined to comment. A Justice Department spokeswoman said the agency is 'aware of' the deal but declined to comment further.Consumer groups weren't as reticent, saying the deal could lead to less choice for consumers and more tracking of their online activities. 'There are questions that must be answered regarding the collection and sharing of consumer data by the two companies,' said Jeff Chester, founder of the Center for Digital Democracy, a Washington nonprofit focused on privacy issues.The companies are confident that the deal will be approved, Yahoo General Counsel Michael Callahan and Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith said in a joint interview. They argued that the deal shouldn't be seen as reducing the number of players in Internet search from three to two but rather as helping both companies better compete in online advertising with Google.The combination is 'really the only way to ensure' that there is 'going to be a competitive long-term alternative to Google in paid search,' Callahan said. /08/79943Thieves in Argentina dug a tunnel into a bank and stole from nearly 140 safe deposit boxes.Authorities believe the burglars entered the bank and emptied the safe deposit boxes during the New Year's Eve weekend. The caper wasn't discovered until Monday morning.阿根廷一伙盗贼挖了一条隧道,潜入一家,盗走将近140个保险箱里的物品。阿根廷当局认为,盗窃犯是在新年前夕凿入,并利用周末清空这些保险箱,这起盗窃案直到周一营业时才被发现。The prosecutor said the thieves rented the neighboring building to the bank in June. The tunnel they dug included lighting, ventilation and reinforcement.检察官表示,窃贼们去年6月在隔壁租了一栋楼,然后凿了一条通往的隧道,隧道经过加固,里面装有灯光和通风设备。Officials could not tell how much was stolen, since box owners do not have to say what they have secured.Many Argentineans started using safe deposit boxes instead of regular bank accounts following a 2001 financial crisis.2001年阿根廷发生金融危机后,许多人不再把钱存进,而是把它们放进保管箱里。管理人员并未说明盗贼此次盗走物品的总价值是多少,因为客户不必告诉方面保险箱里放了什么。来 /201101/122716

Notice from Stewardess空提示Welcome on board.May I see your boarding pass?欢迎登机我能看一下您的登机牌吗?Here you are.给你Your seat is three in the third row near the window.您的座位号是3号,在第3排,靠窗户的那个Thank you. Where can I put my suitcase?谢谢,我应该把行李放哪里呢?Either in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat.既可以放到头顶的行李架里,又可以放到座位下面Everyone attention, please. We are going to take ofF. Please fasten your belts.各位乘客请注意,飞机即将起飞请系好安全带 6675

North Korea is preparing its ceremonial farewell Wednesday to late leader Kim Jong Il, as the world watches for clues to future power brokers in the secretive, nuclear-armed nation. Pyongyangs state media have, so far, given no details of the planned event, and foreigners are barred. But analysts expect the ceremony to be similar to that of Mr. Kims father and founding president Kim Il Sung, which highlighted the hallmarks of his rule and strengthened loyalty to his dynastic successor.朝鲜正在准备已故领导人金正日星期三的葬礼。与此同时,全世界正在关注这个行迹隐秘、拥有核武器的国家未来实权人物的蛛丝马迹。平壤国营媒体迄今没有公布葬礼的任何细节。朝鲜禁止外国人参加葬礼。但是分析人士预计,金正日的葬礼会类似于他的父亲、朝鲜开国领导人金日成的葬礼,即强调他统治的丰功伟绩,并加强对他世袭接班人的忠诚。North Korean official media continued to establish newly-anointed leader Kim Jong Uns leadership credentials, announcing Monday that Mr. Kim had been appointed to the top post in the Communist Party. The young leader met Monday in Pyongyang with a private delegation of prominent South Koreans, in his first public encounter with foreign visitors since the death of his father was announced last week. Foreign governments are watching events in Pyongyang closely because of concerns over the young Mr. Kims rise in a country with a nuclear program, a large army and a history of deep animosity towards its neighbors.朝鲜官方媒体继续确立新领导人金正恩的领导权威。星期一,朝鲜媒体宣布他被任命为朝鲜劳动党的最高领导人。这位年轻的领导人星期一在平壤会见了一个由韩国知名人士组成的民间代表团。这是朝鲜上星期宣布金正日去世后,金正恩首次会见外国访客。其他国家的政府正在密切关注平壤的事态,因为年轻的金正恩执掌这个有核项目、庞大军队和对邻国长期怀有强烈敌意的国家使外界感到担忧。来 /166217

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