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湖州减肥瘦身多少钱长兴县妇幼保健院激光祛斑多少钱Japan and Russia are discussing almost 100 economic co-operation projects as they prepare to negotiate over four disputed islands at a high stakes summit in December.日本和俄罗斯正在讨论00个经济合作项目,同时两国准备2月一个事关重大的峰会上围绕四个争议岛屿展开谈判。In an interview with the Financial Times, Hiroshige Seko, Japan’s minister for economy, trade and industry, said the Japanese side had put forward tens of projects and the Russian side had come forward with almost 70.日本经济产业大臣世耕弘Hiroshige Seko)在接受英囀?金融时报》采访时表示,日本方面提出了几十个项目,而俄罗斯方面提出了近70个项目。“Right now, officials at various ministries are working with their Russian counterparts to firm these projects up, and check which ones are viable,said Mr Seko, before a weekend trip to Moscow for talks with Russian ministries. “There’s huge energy going into coordinating this.”“眼下,各部的官员们正与俄罗斯同行合作,深入研究这些项目,确定哪些是可行的,”世耕弘成在周末启程前往莫斯科与俄方商谈之前表示。“投入了大量精力来协调这方面的努力。”The intensity of discussions shows the weight prime minister Shinzo Abe is putting on his latest effort to resolve the long-running dispute over a group of islands Russia calls the Kuriles and Japan the Northern Territories.讨论的强度表明,日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)高度注重其解决这一长期争端的最新努力。俄罗斯称这个争议岛群为库页Kuriles),日本称其为北方领土(Northern Territories)。But it also raises the risk of a post-summit backlash in Japan if there is no progress on the islands. Last week, a Russian parliamentarian visiting Tokyo said there is “no discussion going on at all on things like the handover of the islands但是,如果在这些岛屿的问题上没有进展,峰会之后在日本遭遇反弹的风险也会加大。上周,一位俄罗斯议员在访问东京期间表示,“根本没有讨论岛屿移交之类的事情。”Mr Abe’s new approach to Russia launched at a Sochi summit with president Vladimir Putin in May is aimed at building a broader relationship with Moscow to ease negotiations on the islands. The two men met again at Vladivostok in September and will hold a summit in Mr Abe’s home prefecture of Yamaguchi on December 15th.安倍对俄罗斯的新政策是月与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)在索契举行的峰会上发起的,目的是与莫斯科方面构建更广泛的关系,为围绕争议岛屿的谈判创造条件。两月在符拉迪沃斯托克再次会晤,并将25日在安倍的故乡山口Yamaguchi)举行峰会。Mr Seko said his goal was to prepare economic co-operation projects by then. “We want a win-win relationship. Without thinking about the Northern Territories too much, we want to set up economic projects of benefit to Japan.”世耕弘成表示,他的目标是在峰会之前准备好经济合作项目。“我方想要一个双赢的关系。在不过多考虑北方领土的情况下,我方希望建立对日本有利的经济项目。”“But if both countries can work together and develop a really good relationship, then it’ll help make a better environment for prime minister Abe and foreign minister [Fumio] Kishida to conduct their Northern Territories negotiations.”“但是,如果两国能够共同努力,发展真正良好的关系,那么它将有助于为首相安倍晋三和外务大臣岸田文雄(Fumio Kishida)进行北方领土谈判创造一个更好的环境。”Mr Seko declined to comment on specific projects, but among those mooted are upgrades to Khabarovsk airport, coal export terminals at Vanino and Vostochnyy as well as investments in fossil fuels and renewable energy.世耕弘成拒绝对具体项目发表,但双方考虑的项目包括哈巴罗夫斯克机Khabarovsk airport)的升级改造,瓦尼Vanino)和沃斯托Vostochnyy)的煤炭出口码头,以及化石燃料和可再生能源领域的投资项目。“The Japan-Russia economic relationship so far has been centred on energy,said Mr Seko. “But there are areas where the Russian people have needs such as hospitals or urban development, promoting industry in the Far East, or co-operation in advanced technology. We want a of projects that makes Russians feel a real difference in their lives.”“日俄经济关系迄今以能源为中心,”世耕弘成表示。“但是俄罗斯有一些地方的人民需要医院或城市发展等等,促进远东地区的工业,或者在先进技术领域开展合作。我们想要一个项目菜单,让俄罗斯人在生活中感受到真正的不同。”Mr Seko said he envisions private companies taking the lead, with Japan’s government offering finance, and working with Russia to overcome regulatory hurdles. But he also vowed that “not violating sanctions is an absolute precondition世耕弘成表示,他的设想是由私营企业主导,日本政府提供资金,并与俄罗斯合作克监管障碍。但他也誓言“不违反制裁是绝对的先决条件”。Tokyo is part of G7 sanctions put in place after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Japanese banks say they are feeling contradictory pressures from government both to tighten the enforcement of sanctions and restore lending to Russia to its previous highs.俄罗斯吞并克里米亚后,东京方面参与了七国集团(G7)的一致对俄制裁。日本各表示,他们在两方面受到政府的压力,既要收紧制裁的执行,又要把对俄罗斯的放贷恢复到之前的高点。The two countries never signed a peace treaty after World War Two because of Moscow’s seizure of the four southernmost islands of the Kuril chain. Covering about 5,000 square kilometres, the islands offer rich fishing and have a Russian population of thousands. The previous Japanese population was expelled after the war.这两个国家在第二次世界大战后从未签署和平条约,因为莫斯科方面夺取了千岛群岛最南端的四个岛屿。这些岛屿的总面积达到约5000平方公里,周边海域拥有丰富渔业资源,岛上有数千俄罗斯居民。以往的日本居民在战后被驱逐。The starting point for any settlement would most likely be a 1956 joint declaration by Japan and the Soviet Union agreeing that the smallest of the four disputed islands Habomai and Shikotan should go back to Japan. But there is little sign Mr Putin is minded to return any territory at all.任何和解的起点很可能956年日本和苏联的联合声明,当时的苏联同意向日本移交四个争议岛屿中较小的两个:齿舞群Habomai)和色丹岛(Shikotan)。但没有什么迹象表明普京有意交还任何领土。来 /201611/476524湖州解放军第九八医院开双眼皮手术多少钱 U.S.–Cuba Relations End After Obama Hit By Foul Ball At Exhibition Baseball Game奥巴马在棒球比赛展示中被界外球击中后,美---古巴关系终结HAVANA—Officially closing the brief period of eased tensions between the two countries, the ed States government severed all diplomatic ties to Cuba today after President Obama was reportedly hit in the face by a foul ball while attending an exhibition baseball game between the Cuban national team and the Tampa Bay Rays. “Shortly after being struck just below the left eye by an errant line drive this afternoon, the president determined that the U.S. would terminate all humanitarian aid to Cuba, effective immediately,said White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, who stated that Obama was glancing down at his phone in the fifth inning when Cuban slugger Yosvani Alarcon Tardio drove a late-breaking pitch over the third-base dugout and directly into the commander-in-chief’s head, adding that the disoriented president, with blood gushing from his nose and covered in the contents of his bag of popcorn that had been sent flying by the impact, angrily refused the napkins and ice cubes offered to him by panicked Cuban diplomats. “The president decided to leave for the airport just moments after the incident, and while receiving first aid aboard Air Force One, repeatedly mentioned that visiting Cuba had been a mistake and that he will revoke the policy permitting certain forms of American tourism. At present, the president is recovering from his injuries, but he has stressed that the trade embargo will also remain in place indefinitely.According to numerous political historians, the incident marks the lowest point in U.S.–Cuba relations since Fidel Castro’s 1959 visit to the White House when he was mauled by Vice President Richard Nixon’s dog, Checkers.哈瓦那——据报道称,奥巴马在参加古巴国家队和坦帕湾光芒队的棒球比赛展览时,被界外球直击正脸后,美国政府切断了与古巴的所有外交关系,至此正式结束两国之间短暂的局势缓和期。“今天下午被一个错误的平飞球砸到左眼下面一点之后,奥巴马总统决定美国将会终止对古巴所有的人道援助,并立即执行,”白宫参谋长丹尼麦克多诺说道,他说道当时是第五局,古巴强击手尤斯瓦尼.阿拉塔迪奥往三垒棒球场休息的地方掷了一球,直直的打中了总统的头,当时总统正低头瞄自己的手机,丹尼斯还补充说道被砸之后,总统没有了方向感,血不断从鼻子里流出来,流到了大包爆米花上,爆米花由于受到球飞过来的力量的影响,有些已经飞了出去,总统十分生气,慌乱的古巴外教官递给总统纸巾和冰块遭到了总统的拒绝。“事故发生后,总统立马决定前往机场。当他在空军一号飞机上接受帮助时,他不断重复提到访问古巴就是一个错误,并且说他将取消允许美国旅游业某些形式的政策。目前,总统正在恢复,但他仍然强调贸易禁运令还是会毫无疑问地执行的。”据很多政治历史学家称,自卡斯特959年访问白宫以来,该事故标志着美国---古巴关系中的最低点,当时卡斯特罗来访时被副总统尼克松家的小切可斯咬伤了。译文属 /201606/447413湖州曙光整形美容医院鼻头鼻翼缩小怎么样

湖州曙光整形美容医院激光去斑多少钱The outlook for oil prices is under renewed pressure following signals from Saudi Arabia that it is preparing for a long period of low returns and expectations that Iran will further flood the market when sanctions are lifted.油价前景面临新的压力,因为沙特阿拉伯发出该国正在为长期低回报做准备的信号,同时各方预期伊朗在制裁解除后将向市场新增大量供应。Analysts said plans announced by Saudi Arabia late on Monday to reduce a budget deficit of nearly bn through spending cuts, reforms to energy subsidies and a privatisation drive were a signal that Riyadh intends to stick with its policy of not cutting output.分析人士称,沙特周一晚间宣布通过削减出、改革能源补贴以及私有化举措来压低目前逼近980亿美元预算赤字的方案表明,沙特打算坚持不减产的政策。It showed that Opec’s de facto leader is prepared to accept cheap crude prices as it seeks to put pressure on higher cost rivals such as US shale producers and waits for the market to rebalance.这表明,石油输出国组织(OPEC,中文简称“欧佩克”)的实际领导者打算接受低廉的原油价格,以求对美国页?油生产商等成本更高的竞争对手施压,等待市场重新达到平衡。“They are responding to the low price regime, the duration of which has surprised,said Ole Hansen at Saxo Bank. “Having gone this far with their pump and dump strategy they sense that victory in the shape of non-Opec production cuts is just around the corner.”“他们正在对低价体系做出回应,该体系的持续时间迄今出乎意料,”盛宝银Saxo Bank)的奥勒汉Ole Hansen)表示,“在推行‘全力开采和倾销’战略到了这一步之后,他们感觉胜利在望,非欧佩克国家即将减产。”Another signal that Saudi Arabia is prepared to sustain its strategy of keeping the taps open came from the chairman of Saudi Aramco, the state-controlled oil company, after the budget was announced.在沙特宣布预算后,沙特阿拉伯国家石油公司(Saudi Aramco)董事长放出了另一个表明沙特准备坚持不减产战略的信号。“We see the market balancing sometime in 2016, we see demand ultimately exceeding supply and soaking up a lot of the excess inventory and prices in due course will respond,said Khalid alFalih. “Saudi Arabia more than anyone else has the capacity to wait out the market until this balancing takes place.”“我们预计市场将016年的某个时候达到平衡,我们预计需求最终将超过供应并吸收大量过剩库存,价格将在适当的时候做出回应,”哈立德法立Khalid Falih)说,“沙特阿拉伯比其他任何人都更有能力坚持到市场平衡。”Oil prices moved higher yesterday supported by forecasts for lower temperatures in the US and as hedge funds and other speculators moved to close bearish bets before the end of the year. Brent, the international oil marker, rose 2.5 per cent to .53 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate, the US benchmark, added 2.4 per cent to .68昨日石油价格上涨,受美国降温预报的撑,以及对冲基金和其他投机者在年底前纷纷对看跌押注进行平仓。国际油价标杆布伦特原油上涨2.5%,至每桶37.53美元,而美国油价基准西德克萨斯中质油上.4%,至每桶37.68美元。But a relentless rise in global oil and ballooning inventories has resulted in the price of Brent crude falling 35 per cent this year to its lowest levels in more than a decade.但全球石油产量的持续上升以及飙涨的库存导致布伦特原油价格今年以来下跌35%,至10多年来的最低水平。The market is expected to remain oversupplied in 2016 as Riyadh resists calls for production restraint and Iran, once Opec’s second-largest producer, prepares to increase output once sanctions linked to its nuclear programme are lifted. Reports that the Iran nuclear deal was on track after Tehran dispatched a shipment of more than 11 tonnes of low-enriched uranium to Russia has renewed focus on the supply glut.由于沙特拒绝响应限制石油产量的呼吁,而欧佩克第二大产油国伊朗准备在核计划相关制裁解除后立即增产,预计市场016年将维持供大于求的状态。有关德黑兰方面把一批1吨的低浓缩铀发往俄罗斯、伊朗核协议进展顺利的报道,促使各方再度关注供应过剩问题。“Iran is gearing up to flood the market with 500,000 barrels a day within weeks of sanctions being lifted while the ceasefire in Libya may also add extra barrels,Mr Hansen said.“伊朗准备在制裁解除后数周内每天0万桶原油打入市场,而利比亚的停火还可能增加额外的原油供应,”盛宝的汉森表示。Data showing weaker demand for oil products such petrol and diesel in Europe during October have also affected sentiment. “This might be the first indication that further demand gains induced by additional driving on the back of low prices is likely to be limited in 2016,noted consultancy J Energy.有关10月份欧洲成品油(如汽油和柴油)需求减弱的数据,也影响了市场情绪。“这可能是第一个迹象,表明低价引发的额外驾驶行为所带来的需求增长在2016年可能是有限的,”J能源咨询公司(J Energy)指出。来 /201601/419762长兴县提眉手术多少钱 Chinese retail investors may be able to dream of Picasso while hanging share certificates on their walls.中国散户投资者或许将可以在把股票挂在墙上的同时,做一做毕加索(Picasso)的梦。A Singapore-based Chinese billionaire investor, who this year acquired stakes in peer-to-peer group Lending Club, Legg Mason, the fund manager and Sotheby’s, has proposed “securitisingthe artist’s work to create fractional ownership and tap a wider market in Asia.居住在新加坡的中国亿万富豪投资者陈天桥提议将艺术家的作品“券化”,以创建部分所有权,并挖掘亚洲的更广泛市场。今年,陈天桥曾入股P2P集团Lending Club、基金管理公司美Legg Mason)和苏富比(Sothebys)。Chen Tianqiao and his wife Chrissy Luo, co-founders of investment group Shanda, floated the idea to Sotheby’s chief executive that the auction house could enlarge its base of Chinese buyers by creating shares in artworks.陈天桥和盛大(Shanda)投资集团共同创始人、他的妻子雒芊芊(Chrissy Luo)向苏富比首席执行官提出,这家拍卖行可以通过创建艺术品的股票,来扩大其中国买家群体。“The Picasso painting is 0m,Mr Chen says. “No one can pay that unless you are a billionaire. How [about] if we securitise to 100m shares and each share is ? If you buy 100 shares of each Picasso painting, that will be a portfolio for Picasso.”陈天桥表示:“毕加索的画作是1亿美元。除非是亿万富翁,没人付得起这么多钱。如果我们把它券化亿股、每美元会怎么样?如果你买下毕加索每幅画作00股,就构成了一个毕加索的投资组合。”The investors would profit if the artwork rose in value, Mr Chen adds.陈天桥还说,作品只要一升值,投资者就会盈利。The couple, who founded online gaming and books group Shanda Interactive Entertainment in 1999, say they can be pioneers in investment leading more of China’s private wealth overseas. 1999年,陈天桥夫妻俩创立了网络游戏和网络图书集团——盛大互动有限公Shanda Interactive Entertainment)。两人表示,他们可能是投资领域的带头人,从而引领更多中国私人财富走向海外。While Shanda, which has bn in net assets under management, sold its 2 per cent stake in Sotheby’s in August, it is now attempting to direct its innovative investment approach to other companies, mainly in the financial sector.盛大目前管理的净资产0亿美元。尽管该公司在今月已经转让了手中持有的苏富比2%的股份,但该集团正试图将其创新的投资模式导向以金融产业为主的其他企业。The Singapore-based company has a 15.13 per cent stake in US group Lending Club making it the single biggest investor and a 9.9 per cent stake in Legg Mason, acquired in April. It also has accumulated a 13.8 per cent holding in US hospital operator Community Health Systems.这个总部驻新加坡的公司持有美国Lending Club集团15.13%的股份(这让该公司成为后者的最大投资者),还曾在今年4月收购美.9%的股什?此外,它还累积了美国医院运营商——社区卫生系统公Community Health Systems) 13.8%股份。The group is now looking to raise its stake in Legg Mason to 15 per cent, the two companies have said. Mr Chen will by June join the board of the US-listed asset manager as vice-chairman and will lead Shanda’s efforts to assist Legg Mason in building its brand in China.该集团和美盛共同表示,盛大正寻求增持美盛股份5%。陈天桥将最迟在2017月以副董事长的身份加入这家在美国上市的资产管理公司的董事会,并将领导盛大帮助美盛打造其在华品牌的努力。“The globalisation of the renminbi will happen,Mr Chen says. “More and more Chinese money will come to the market.陈天桥表示:“人民币将会全球化。越来越多的中国资金将进入市场。”But the ups and downs of equities markets make potential Chinese investors anxious, he says, so first they have to conquer their fears: “Once they move the asset offshore, their mindset is to try to keep the asset safe.不过,他还表示,股市的波动令潜在的中国投资者十分焦虑,因此他们首先需要征恐惧感:“一旦把资产移至境外,他们的想法将是努力确保资产安全。”Mr Chen cites Lending Club’s A and B grade loans the top two tiers of their seven-grade system as examples of relatively safe products that might tempt Chinese buyers. “This is a good product. We can help them introduce the product to the Chinese investor.”陈天桥提到了Lending Club的A级贷款和B级贷款——该公司7级系统中最高的两个级别,把它们作为可能吸引中国买家的相对安全的产品的例子。“这是个好产品。我们可以帮助他们将该产品介绍给中国投资者。”He proposes customising Legg Mason’s investment products for Chinese clients. Chinese retail investors might be tempted by real estate assets that are securitised to provide liquidity, but with insurance companies brought in to guarantee a minimum return, Mr Chen suggests. 他还建议把美盛的投资产品针对中国客户做相应定制。陈天桥提出,通过券化处理提供流动性、同时引入保险公司以保最低回报的房地产资产,或许会吸引中国散户投资者。A draft of new rules restricting some capital outflows from China have circulated since Mr Chen expressed this optimistic outlook to the Financial Times.自陈天桥向英囀?金融时报》表达这一乐观展望以来,限制部分资金从中国外流的新规定草案开始流传。Acquisitions of more than bn will be screened by the government for signs of capital flight as opposed to strategic investment. 规模超过10亿美元的收购将受到政府的审核,寻找该交易属于资金外逃(而非战略投资)的据。Through a spokeswoman, Mr Chen later declines to comment on the capital outflow rules. However, a boom in overseas investment in recent years means there are plenty of investors with capital outside China. According to commerce ministry data, Chinese companiesoverseas purchases reached 6bn in the first 10 months of 2016.陈天桥后来通过一位女发言人表示,拒绝有关资本外流的规定。不过,最近几年中国对境外投资的繁荣,意味着有足够多的投资者在中国境外持有资金。根据中国商务部的数据,2016年头10个月中企海外收购的规模达460亿美元。Finance is the sector that Shanda is focusing on because it is “sustainable,Mr Chen says. “A lot of financial companies have 100 years of history.陈天桥表示,盛大关注金融产业是因为该产业是“可持续的”。“许多金融企业都00年的历史。”Global regulators are increasingly focusing attention on peer-to-peer lenders, with the US Treasury pushing for greater transparency both for borrowers on pricing terms and investors on loan-level data. 全球监管机构正在把越来越多的注意力集中到P2P上,美国财政部正推动提升借贷双方的透明度——对借款方是指公开其产品定价信息,对投资者则是指公开放贷水平的数据。Shanda revealed in a securities filing in May that it had accumulated a stake of nearly 12 per cent in Lending Club. The filing was made two days after the online lender’s chief executive Renaud Laplanche stepped down amid a loan mis-selling scandal and the company’s stock price collapsed.今年5月,盛大在一份监管申报文件中披露,该公司已累积了Lending Club2%的股什?而就在这份文件提交两天前,Lending Club首席执行官雷#8226;拉普朗什(Renaud Laplanche)由于一宗不当发放贷款的丑闻辞职,该公司股价也因此暴跌。“I fully believe in the power of the technology,Mr Chen says of Lending Club. “All of these transparency problems can be solved. It just takes time. Peer-to-peer lending makes the lender directly meet the customer, it can save a lot of costs and time strategically it is a great direction for the finance business.在提到Lending Club时,陈天桥表示:“我完全相信科技的力量。所有这些透明度问题都能解决。只是需要时间而已。P2P贷款将与客户直接对接,可以省去许多成本和时间——从战略上说,这是金融业务的一个大方向。”A more regulated market will ultimately benefit Lending Club, he adds. “As a dominant player, the more regulated the better.他还表示,加强监管的市场最终会令Lending Club受益。“对于占绝对优势的参与者来说,监管越多越好。”He cites Lending Club’s commanding position it is the biggest listed online lender by loan volumes and its 0m cash on its balance sheet as evidence of its strength.他提到了Lending Club占据的制高点位置——该公司是贷款总额最大的上市网上——以及其资产负债表上的8亿美元现金,称其为Lending Club实力的据。Mr Chen also predicts consolidation in the P2P lending sector. “Followers, peers of Lending Club if their scale is small, if internal controls are weak there will be a shakeout. That will be good for the industry and also good for the dominant player.陈天桥还预计P2P贷款行业会出现整合。“Lending Club的追随者和同行如果规模较小、内控机制较弱,就会遭遇洗牌。这对整个行业是件好事,对于占优势地位的参与方也是好事。”来 /201612/486151湖州解放军98医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱

湖州打美白针价格 Shinzo Abe has a reputation for being a nationalist and a hawk. Yet in striking a deal with South Korea over wartime “comfort women the Japanese prime minister has made the most significant atonement for his country’s past conduct since 1995, when Tomiichi Murayama the dovish Social Democrat who then held that office apologised for Japan’s aggression during the second world war.安倍晋Shinzo Abe)以民族主义和鹰派立场著称。然而,通过与韩国就战时“慰安妇”问题达成协议,这位日本首相却完成了995年以来为日本过去行为所做的最重要赎罪995年时,当时的日本首相、鸽派的社会党人村山富市(Tomiichi Murayama)为日本在二战期间的侵略行为进行了道歉。As part of this week’s agreement, Tokyo apologised for forcing Korean women to serve as sex slaves for imperial troops. It pledged .3m for surviving victims; as many in South Korea had demanded, the funds will come from official rather than private sources. Both sides called the agreement “final and irrevocable raising hopes that two of Asia’s most important economies can finally overcome a longstanding impediment to constructive relations between them.作为本周达成的协议的一部分,东京方面为强迫韩国妇女充当日本帝国军队性奴进行了道歉。日本政府承诺出30万美元援助依然健在的受害者;正如很多韩国人曾经要求的那样,这笔资金将来自官方、而非民间渠道。日韩双方均称这份协议是“最终和不可撤销的”,这让人们不禁期待,亚洲两个最重要经济体终于能够克长期以来阻止双方建立建设性关系的一道障碍。Both South Korea and Japan have showed courage, pragmatism and the willingness to risk a domestic backlash. The benefits of this rapprochement should not be underestimated, at a moment when east Asia confronts both opportunity and peril.韩国和日本均表现出了勇气、务实作风以及冒国内反对的风险达成协议的意愿。在东亚既面临机遇又面临危险之际,人们不应低估日韩修好带来的好处。One of the more astonishing features of the deal is that it comes on Mr Abe’s watch. Here is a leader who has outraged neighbours with plans to revise Japan’s pacifist constitution. In his rightwing screed, Towards a Beautiful Country, he has brazenly displayed his nationalist stripes. He has also flirted with historical revisionism. In 2007, during a previous stint as prime minister, he went so far as to say that there was no evidence that the “comfort womenhad in fact been forced into prostitution.更令人惊讶的一点是,该协议是在安倍掌权期间达成的。这是一位因企图修订日本和平宪法而激怒邻国的领导人。在其冗长的右翼作品《致美丽的国家Towards a Beautiful Country)中,安倍公然向人们展示了他的民族主义色。他还与历史修正主义有着暧昧关系007年,在上次担任日本首相期间,他甚至表示没有据表明“慰安妇”事实上是被强迫卖淫的。Yet it is because of his hawkish credentials that Mr Abe has been able to begin the crucial work of pulling Seoul closer to Tokyo. Rightwingers make up an important chunk of his Liberal Democratic party’s support base. Perhaps, alone among Japanese politicians, the prime minister has the street credibility to quell their anger and persuade them that, in the end, he has their interests at heart.不过,正是因为拥有身为鹰派的种种“凭”,安倍才能够启动拉拢韩国的关键工作。右翼是他领导的自民LDP)的持阵营的重要组成部分。这位日本首相拥有的街头号召力,可以平息右翼的怒火并让他们相信他内心深处记得他们的利益,他的这种号召力在日本政界或许是绝无仅有的。Mr Abe has been able to press the same advantage in other areas, too. He has achieved the remarkable feat of bringing Japan into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade pact involving 12 Pacific Rim nations, taming his own camp’s vested interests along the way. The deal is good for Japan’s economic prospects, but potentially painful for the coddled farming sector, a pillar of LDP support. Using a combination of clout and sweeteners, Mr Abe has hacked through resistance to change in a way that the Democratic party which was last in power between and 2012 has never managed.安倍还能将这种优势运用在其他领域。他实现了令人瞩目的成就,让日本加入了涉2个环太平洋国家的重要贸易协定《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,简称TPP),并在这个过程中驯了他所在阵营内的既得利益。该协定有利于日本的经济前景,但可能会不利于受到呵护的农业部门,后者是自民党的重要拥趸。通过恩威并施,安倍突破了阻力,实现了变革,而这是民主党(上一次执政是009年至2012年)一直未能做到的。Mr Abe is no closet liberal. Left to his own devices, he might very well be tempted to careen into the rigid nationalism where his instincts lie. Yet instead he has surrounded himself with clear-sighted realists, notably chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga, whose official role as government spokesman belies his outsize influence. And Mr Abe himself should be given much credit for the positive economic and diplomatic steps Japan has taken. Faced with the choice between the romantic nationalism close to his heart, and the recognition that only bold economic and diplomatic measures can restore his country to prosperity, Mr Abe appears to have listened to his head and chosen the latter.安倍并不是一个秘密的自由派。如果他由着自己的心意,他很可能会忍不住倒向顽固的民族主义,因为那才是他内心深处所推崇的。尽管如此,他却挑选了一些精明的现实主义者作为自己的副手,特别是内阁官房长官菅义Yoshihide Suga)——虽然他的官方身份只是政府发言人,但他的影响力其实要大得多。就日本已经采取的积极的经济和外交举措而言,很大一部分功劳应记在安倍本人头上。他内心推崇的是浪漫的民族主义,但他同时也认识到只有大胆的经济和外交举措才能使日本恢复繁荣。在要在这二者当中作选择时,安倍似乎理智地选择了后者。Next he should turn his attention to Beijing, and see whether a similar approach can generate a virtuous circle of trust and co-operation to replace the acrimony of the past seven decades.接下来他应把注意力转向北京方面,看看类似的做法是否可以在日中两国间建立起信任与合作的良性循环,来取代过0年两国间的恶语相向。There have been hopeful moments before. In 1972, Kakuei Tanaka, the Japanese premier, and Zhou Enlai, his Chinese counterpart, enjoyed a meeting of minds and especially of personalities, which led to the normalisation of diplomatic ties between the two Asian giants. Watching the grainy footage of their handshake, one senses something more at stake than the realpolitik of Asian rivalry. These are two old codgers moved by friendship and mutual achievement. They are beyond faking it.以前曾有过充满希望的时刻972年,当时的日本首相田中角Kakuei Tanaka)和中国总理周恩来愉快地举行了一次会晤,展现出了双方的思想,尤其是人格魅力。这促成了两个亚洲巨人之间外交关系的正常化。观看田中与周恩来握手的模糊影像画面,人们可以感受到某种比亚洲竞争的现实政治更重要的东西。这是两位被友谊和相互成全打动的老人。他们的姿态不是装出来的。There was a glimmer of that in the handshake in Seoul between South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye and Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida to mark this week’s agreement. I have watched it over and over; it does not look choreographed, but entirely sincere.在首尔,当韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)与日本外相岸田文Fumio Kishida)为庆祝本周达成的协议而握手时,人们也能隐约感受到类似的东西。我看了一遍又一遍;这一幕看起来不像是精心设计的,而是完全发自内心。Here are two politicians, coming from vastly different historical perspectives, who are genuinely pleased at the prospect of a new beginning. They want something to happen.历史观截然不同的两位政治人士,为一个新开端的前景而由衷地高兴。他们希望能够促成某种东西。Yet there is a touch of shrewdness, too, in this week’s deal. It comes just as Japan goes into a mode of collective hibernation known as the shogatsu, or new year, holidays. Even the most hardened nationalist may be too busy drinking sake and munching on rice cakes to make much of a fuss about Japan extending a historic hand of friendship to Korea.不过,在本周的协议中也能体会到一丝精心的设计。协议达成时,正值日本人进入“集体冬眠”模式,即新年假期。即便是最强硬的民族主义者或许也在忙着喝清酒、吃年糕,没时间就日本向韩国伸出历史性的友谊之手大做文章。来 /201601/419998湖州哪有美白针打湖州福音医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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