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赣州整形美容医院南康市玻尿酸多少钱一支不可思议!艾滋病药救回埃拉病患 -- :30:57 来源: 不可思议!艾滋病药救回埃拉病患 Ebola crisis: Liberia doctor treats patients with HIV drugs - most survive A doctor who was used anti-HIV medication to treat Ebola out of desperation after being inundated with patients, has reported positive results.Dr Gobee Logan gave the drug lamivudine to Ebola patients in a clinic in Tubmanburg, and survived.This gives patients treated with lamivudine a 7% mortality rate, whereas overall mortality rates those infected are 70%."My stomach was hurting; I was feeling weak; I was vomiting," Ebola patient Elizabeth Kundu, 3, told CNN. "They gave me medicine, and I'm feeling fine. We take it, and we can eat – we're feeling fine in our bodies."Those patients who survived after taking lamivudine, took the medication during the first five days of infection. The two who died started treatment five and eight days after onset of the illness."I'm sure that when [patients] present early, this medicine can help," Logan said. "I've proven it right in my center."Logan said that he was aware that the medical establishment would remain sceptical until research had been undertaken involving a much larger group of patients, half of whom would be given lamivudine, and the other half a placebo."Our people are dying and you're taking about studies?" he said. "It's a matter of doing all that I can do as a doctor to save some people's lives."He said that he decided to try using lamivudine after ing in a medical journal that HIV and Ebola replicates in the body in similar ways.Initially Logan tried the drug on a colleague who had become infected, and within two days he showed signs of improvement and survived.Researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told CNN that they would be willing to carry out follow-up tests. The World Health Organisation said that experimental use of two trial Ebola vaccines developed by GlaxoSmithKline and NewLink has begun.据美国有线电视新闻网9月7日报道,埃拉疫情持续肆虐,病人之多已远超医院负荷,感染人数仍在不断攀升,援助和疫苗也迟迟不见踪影,绝望之中,利比里亚一医生“兵行险着”,启用抗HIV药物进行治疗,不料竟获奇效在杜伯曼堡的一家隔离中心,医生洛根让诊所内的埃拉感染者用了治疗艾滋病的药物拉米夫定,结果人中人生还,死亡率从原来的70%下降至了7%病人伊丽莎白说:“原本胃痛得厉害,感觉很虚弱,不停地吐吃过药以后觉得有所好转,现在已经可以进食了”据了解,生还病人在感染后的5天内用了拉米夫定,而不治的两人在用药物时已感染了5到8天洛根表示,如果病人及早就医,药物就能更好地发挥作用,“至少我的病人已经明了拉米夫定是有效的”但他同时表示,医疗机构对此疗法可能仍抱怀疑态度,只有在对大批病人进行随机对照试验后,才会转变看法他说:“我们的病人都快死了,还讨论研究?我是个医生,要做的就是尽力多救几个人”洛根的灵感来源于医学杂志上的一篇文章,文章称,埃拉病毒在人体内的复制过程和HIV病毒颇为相似,他由此产生了“用抗HIV药物治疗”的大胆想法起初,他在染病同事身上“试药”,两天不到,该同事就显示出了好转的迹象美国国家过敏和传染病研究所的研究人员表示“愿意开展跟进测试”疫苗方面,虽进展缓慢但总算也传来了好消息,制药商NewLink Genetics和葛兰素史克的两种试验性埃拉疫苗已进入临床试验阶段(译者 ADDID 编辑 丹妮)赣州哪里切双眼皮医院好 英国地铁新规:扶梯左右可同时站人 --5 :: 来源:   The rules of etiquette have been tossed out of the window yet again as people are being asked to stand on both sides of escalators at Holborn station.  在霍尔本地铁站,礼仪的规矩再遭抛弃,人们又可以站在扶梯两边了  One of the busiest stations on London Underground, Holborn was the first station in the country to urge travellers to stand on both the right and left of upward-moving escalators during an experiment in November last year.  霍尔本地铁站是伦敦地下交通系统最繁忙的站点之一,在去年月的一次试行中,霍尔本地铁站在英国率先允许乘客可以站在上行扶梯的左右两边  The previous test, which lasted three weeks, showed that standing actually reduced congestion by 30 per cent ndash; , people an hour were able to travel on the escalator during rush hour compared to the usual ,75 when both standing and walking are allowed.  那次试行共持续了三周,结果明,扶梯两侧同时站人可以有效减少30%的拥堵;;在高峰时段,扶梯每小时可载人次但以前左行右立的时候,每小时只有75人次通过  Transport London (TfL) hopes the new standing mation, which this time will be tested six months, will make the most of wasted space on longer escalators, where most people choose to wait on the right.  此次试行时间长达六个月伦敦交通局(TfL)希望新规能最大化地利用长扶梯上被浪费掉的空间,因为大多数人总是选择站在右边  Many passengers had expressed concern at being ced to stand where previously they would have chosen to dash up the stairs, but TfL have addressed those fears ahead of this latest experiment.  很多乘客表达了自己的担忧,因为以前他们可以从扶梯左侧冲上去,但现在被要求站在左侧,他们有点不适应但伦敦交通局在此次试运行前已经解决了这些担忧  A third 'up' escalator will be available people who wish to tackle the steps with more vigour, they said.  他们说,已给那些步伐矫健的人士另设了一架上行扶梯  Signs and inmation will be displayed around the station to encourage people to participate and prevent confusion during the six-month experiment.  在六个月的试行期内,地铁站会四处张贴标语和告示,鼓励人们参与,防止发生混乱  They will range from the creative ndash; a talking projection of a staff member ndash; to the more traditional ndash; signs on the floors, footprints on the escalator steps, handprints on the handrails and station announcements.  这些措施有很新鲜的,比如车站工作人员的语音播报;也有很传统的,比如地板上的标识、扶梯台阶上的脚印、扶手上的手印和车站的告示  LU operations director Peter McNaught said: 'I look ward to this new pilot.  伦敦地铁公司运营总监皮特bull;麦克诺特说:;我十分期待这项新规;  'The etiquette on London Underground is customers to stand on the right of escalators, allowing others to walk on the left. However, few customers choose to walk on longer escalators such as Holborn, so much of the left-hand-side is unused.  ;伦敦地铁的规矩就是乘客站在扶梯右边,这样别人就可以从左边走但是很少有乘客选择在像霍尔本这样比较长的扶梯上行走,所以左手边的很多空间都没有被利用起来;  'We hope that this can lead to improving congestion at Holborn, making journeys easier all of our customers.'  ;我们希望这项措施有助于改善霍尔本地铁站的拥堵状况,给所有乘客带来方便快捷的出行体验;  Holborn is one of the busiest stations on the Tube network, with more than 56 million customers each year.  霍尔本是伦敦地铁系统中最繁忙的车站之一,每年接待乘客5600多万  The new 'standing only' escalators are 3. metres, and research suggests few people will wish to climb heights exceeding 18.5 metres, TfL said.  伦敦交通局称,新设立的;只可站立;扶梯有3.米长,调查显示几乎没有人愿意爬超过18.5米的扶梯  Vocabulary  etiquette:礼仪,规矩  escalator:扶梯毕业生创业比例下降,更想去就业 --5 :: 来源:中国日报 近日,智联招聘发布了《年应届毕业生就业力调研报告这份报告指出,参与调查的届应届毕业生中,毕业后选择就业的比例为75.6%,.5%的人选择在国内继续学习,.8%的人选择出国继续学习,选择创业的比例仅为3.1%Given a choice, Chinese university graduates prefer to find employment rather than start a company.在就业和创业之间进行抉择时,中国的大学毕业生偏向于前者A report by human resources website Zhaopin released recently found that only 3.1 percent of students expecting to graduate in July said they will start their own business, down from 6.3 percent in .智联招聘最近的一份调查报告显示,参与调查的届应届毕业生中,毕业后选择创业的比例为仅仅只有3.1%,而年的比例是6.3%;The Chinese government, universities and investors have provided a friendly environment young startups. However, the failure rate of fresh graduates founding startups is still too high due to the lack of experience, resources and networking,; said Wang Yixin, a senior consultant at Zhaopin.智联招聘高级职业顾问王一新说:;虽然国家政策、各大高校和投资环境给大学生创业提供了良好的土壤,但鉴于大学生经验欠缺,资源积累不足,人脉不足等原因,目前大学生创业成功的概率并不高;;In addition, universities have paid a lot of attention to cultivating innovation instead of starting up companies. This is another reason the low desire on campus to found startups.;;加之相比创业,高校更注重培养学生的创新意识这也是大学生创业意向如此低的另一个原因;At the same time, college graduatesrsquo; interest in further education has also dwindled, leading to an increase in students wanting employment from 71. percent last year to 75.6 percent this year. Nearly 30 percent of those graduates accepted offers from the internet industry, which is among the highest paying.与此同时,大学毕业生选择选择继续深造的意向也降低了,这让今年选择就业的人数比例达到了75.6%,而去年这一数据为71.%Zhang Jingxiu, executive director of Beijing-based employment consultancy Newjincin Research Institute, said he didnrsquo;t monitor the significant decrease of studentsrsquo; willingness to start businesses, but he does admit the desire to found startups among students on campus is low.提供就业指导工作的北京新锦程研究院的执行院长张景岫说,他并没看到高校学生的创业意向有降低的趋势,但是他承认学生的自主创业意向很低;Students are not suited starting businesses on their own,; said Zhang, adding that vocational students are more eager to start businesses than university undergraduates.张说:;学生本身并不适合创业;他补充说职业院校的学生比大学生更渴望自主创业;According to our survey last year, only 0.6 to 0.7 percent of students at universities were thinking about starting their own companies. The number among vocational school students was as high as . percent.;;根据我们去年的调查,仅仅只有0.6%-0.7%的大学生有自主创业的意向而这个比例在职业院校达.%;;;However, the idea of vocational students starting businesses is related more to creating jobs themselves, and the majority of them have chosen to have online shops.;;然而,职业院校的学生创业的目的是为了为他们自己创造就业岗位,并且大多人选择了开网店;In the past months, more than provinces have introduced policies to encourage students to start their own companies by allowing them to quit studying but keep their student status two to eight years. However, many industry insiders insist that students complete their studies and work a few years first.在过去的一年中,多个省推出鼓励学生创业的政策,创业期间,允许学生休学年到8年,并保留其学籍然而,很多行业内部坚持学生应该首先完成学业,并先工作几年Chen Yu, vice-president of the China Association Employment Promotion, said a startup may be meaningful, but one should not expect too much from it.中国就业促进会副会长陈宇表明,创业意义重大,但是我们不应该对此有太高的期望值;Some geniuses in the internet industry created miracles, but that does not tell the whole story,; said Chen. ;Business has its own rules. Bee you start up, you have to know how to produce products, how to sell them, how to manage a company. Those lessons you cannot expect a fresh graduate to know.;;一些互联网行业的天才创造了很多奇迹,但这并不代表一切;每个行业都有各自的规则在你在这一行业开始之前,你必须要知道如何生产产品,如何销售,如何经营一家公司我们不能期待一个刚刚毕业的大学生一开始就知道这些经验;Yang Qiuping, general manager of Fudan Software Park, suggested that students finish their studies first, especially those from rural areas.复旦软件园的总经理杨秋萍建议学生首先应该完成学业,特别是对于那些来自农村地区的学生;Students can start after graduation, but it is not urgent,; said Yang. ;In China, I think a diploma still matters.;;学生可以在毕业后再开始创业,但是这并不是一件迫切的事,;杨说;在中国,我认为文凭仍然很重要;赣州俪人整形美容医院瑞兰美白针怎么样

赣州医院整容美容中心绣眉价格美国“第一千金”的时尚之路 --19 :00: 来源: 美国“第一千金”的时尚之路Malia and Sasha Obama dress to impress at Downing Street日,美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马带着一双女儿到访英国人们发现,岁的玛利亚、岁的萨莎已经出落得亭亭玉立,变身为优雅时尚的淑女了Striding behind each other on Downing Street, poised and confident, Malia, , and Sasha Obama, , seem to be the epitome of well brought up young ladies.岁的玛利亚和岁的萨沙一前一后走在唐宁街,淡定而自信的两人看上去就像是知书识礼的年轻淑女典范Cutting elegant figures in vibrant attire, the First Daughters of the ed States have certainly blossomed since their last visit to the UK in .两位美国“第一千金”优雅的身姿和充满生气的着装相得益彰,比起年访问英国时明显更加成熟Almost overtaking their mother and First Lady Michelle Obama's towering 5ft frame, the pair have matured sartorially, ditching hoodies and jumpers feminine dresses.两人现在已经几乎有妈妈米歇尔5英尺英寸的身高(约1.8米),着装上也抛弃了卫衣针织套衫,而选择了更女性化的饰During their unscheduled two-day visit to Ireland in , both were seen sporting jeans, T-shirts and shapeless jumpers and hooded tops, as well as clunky trainers.年她们在计划外的两天爱尔兰访问行程中,都穿着运动牛仔裤、T恤、没有剪裁的套衫、连帽上衣和笨重的运动鞋As they were on their holidays at the time the girls seemed less interested in making fashion statements, as they were with trawling idyllic Irish sights, including Glendalough, in Co Wicklow, and the Coastal village of Dalkey.那时候两人正在度假,似乎对体现自己的时尚主张没这么大兴趣她们穿行在田园般的爱尔兰风景中,拜访了威克洛郡的格兰达洛、海滨小村达尔基But today the wardrobe transmation in just two years was evident.而仅仅两年后的今天,两人的衣着变化是如此明显With her hair in groomed waves, oldest daughter Malia sported a sleeveless fuchsia lace dress with a scalloped hem and classic black pumps.长女玛利亚一袭卷发,身着紫红色的无袖扇形裙边蕾丝连衣裙,配以经典的黑色舞鞋 Younger sister Sasha sported a stylish turquoise dress with box pleats and dainty nude pumps, while clutching a matching cardigan.小女儿萨沙则身穿时尚的青绿色箱形褶裥连衣裙,配上一双考究的裸色舞鞋,手里还拿着一件配套的开衫This remarkable style overhaul was also noted as the two First Daughters alighted the plane at Stansted Airport this week.本周两人在斯坦斯特机场下飞机时,我们就注意到了她们着装风格上的这种变化The pair opted stylish yet elegant shift dresses, Malia in a fun sunflower print and Sasha in a monochrome polka dot number, hair scraped back in a sleek ballerina bun.两人都选择了时尚而优雅的宽松直筒连衣裙,玛利亚的是向日葵印花,萨沙的是黑白圆点,还绑了芭蕾发髻Both girls have come a long way from the wide-eyed children that they once were, often trussed up in overly mature gowns and stiff high-collared dresses. Today's wardrobe choices are more fitting, whilst still feminine and smart.两个女孩都不再是从前的天真孩童了过去她们常常穿着过于成熟的礼和僵硬的高领连衣裙今天她们的衣着选择更加适宜、更有女性味、更整洁Over the past few years, the emerging style of the two girls, especially self-assured -year-old Malia have been closely observed by the world.过去几年中,两个女孩的时尚风格渐渐成型,特别是自信的玛利亚,我们见了岁的她形成了自己的衣品Bee and directly after Obama was elected president on November , the election process called repeated cases of mal wear and co-ordinating clothing that was much older than the two girls' years.年月,奥巴马当选前后,两个姑娘在选举过程中一直穿着比自己年龄老气的正装,以配合选举 It wasn't until when Malia had just turned , that her own style began to appear, with the teen opting more age-appropriate trend-led pieces.直到年,玛利亚岁时,她自己的时尚风格才开始形成,她会选择更适合自己年龄的流行饰Clunky shoes began to be replaced by slim-fitting colourful pumps, and shapeless, old-fashioned dresses with short-sleeved skater dresses and Peter Pan collars.鲜艳修型的舞鞋取代了笨重的运动鞋,小圆领短袖溜冰裙取代了没有剪裁的过时连衣裙Navy blazers were layered on top of cotton shorts, and witnessing older sister Malia's style overhaul, younger sister Sasha began to follow suit.看着玛利亚的时尚风格转变,萨沙也有样学样穿起深蓝色的运动衫和棉布短裤Childish headbands were discarded curly, glossy hairstyles, and she too began to sport colourful skater skirts, vibrant shell-tops and fashionably retro Mary-Jane shoes.萨沙也不再佩戴儿童发带,而选择了有光泽的卷发,搭配鲜艳的溜冰裙、动感的无袖上衣和时髦的复古娃娃鞋小时候的玛利亚和萨沙 今天的她们 美国第一家庭全家福赣州做双眼皮多少钱 章子怡产后复工 与继女亲密搭肩 --9 :00: 来源: 产后低调复工的章子怡,颜值依旧美艳精致,眉宇间藏不住的笑靥如花升级人母的章子怡变身晒娃狂魔,各种素颜照和女儿醒醒生活照po在微 Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has gone back to work after an absence of more than a year, during which she got married and gave birth to a baby girl.过去一年里,中国演员章子怡先后结婚生女现在,她重新开始了工作On July , editors and crew from ELLE China published several photos of Zhang doing a photoshoot the magazine in Los Angeles, along with stylist Tang Yi and photographer Feng Hai.7月日,ELLE中国的编辑和工作人员发布了几张章子怡在洛杉矶为杂志拍摄照片时与设计师唐毅、摄影师冯海的合影Jin Jing, an editor at ELLE, confirmed Zhang’s comeback on her Weibo : "She is so great, it’s as if she were a teenager again!" Xiao Xue, the editor-in-chief retweeted the post, saying, "The woman is particularly beautiful when she is a mother, stunning time and our lens with her beauty."ELLE编辑金静在微上实了章子怡产后复工的消息:“子怡状态超好,醒妈回到少女时代!”ELLE主编晓雪转发微并留言:“做了母亲的女人特别美,惊艳了时光和我们的镜头”In a group photo, Zhang sat with crew members and her stepdaughter, whose biological mother Ge Huijie was reportedly arrested using drugs in Beijing.合影中,章子怡与工作人员和继女坐在一起据报道,她的生母葛荟婕在北京因吸毒被捕Zhang posted a photo on July showing herself playing guitar to her own daughter at home.7月日,章子怡晒出一张在家里对着女儿弹吉他的照片After falling in love and constantly being put in the headlines a year due to the relationship, Zhang Ziyi and rock singer Wang Feng got married in May . She then gave birth to a baby girl named Xing Xing on Dec. 7, .相恋一年以来,章子怡与摇滚歌手汪峰的关系多次成为大家关注的头条年5月,他们喜结良缘年月7日,她生下一个女孩,取名为醒醒Zhang Ziyi, the Chinese actress who became famous her roles in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," "Hero" and "The Grandmaster," is reportedly joining the J.J. Abrams produced sci-fi thriller "God P," along with David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Chris O’Dowd, Daniel Bruhl and Elizabeth Debicki. Julius Onah will direct the film. The film started filming in June and is scheduled a February release in .中国女演员章子怡因出演《卧虎藏龙、《英雄和《一代宗师而成名据报道,章子怡将加盟由J·J·艾布拉姆斯监制、朱利叶斯·约拿执导的科幻惊悚片《上帝粒子除了章子怡,主演阵容还包括大卫·奥伊罗、古古·玛芭塔劳、克里斯·奥多德、丹尼尔?布鲁赫和伊丽莎白·德比茨基等人《上帝粒子从六月开机,预计将于年月上映Another film she starred in, Cheng Er’s "The Wasted Times," which was shot bee her pregnancy, will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September and is set a Christmas season release in China.在怀之前,章子怡主演了由程耳执导的《罗曼蒂克消亡史九月份,《罗曼蒂克消亡史将亮相多伦多国际电影节,并于圣诞节期间在中国上映赣南医学院第一附属医院激光点痣多少钱

赣州玻尿酸丰太阳穴足球巨星梅西因逃税获刑1个月 -- :18: 来源:chinadaily Barcelona's Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 1 months in prison and fined million euros ($. million) after being found guilty of three counts of tax fraud, a court in the Spanish city said on Wednesday.巴塞罗那地方法院周三宣判,来自阿根廷的巴萨球星里奥?梅西因三项偷逃税款的指控,被判1个月监禁,并处罚金0万欧元(万美元)The court handed the same jail sentence to the Argentine soccer player's father, Jorge, and fined him 1.5 million euros. However, in Spain it is customary that those sentenced to under two years non-violent crimes do not serve time in jail.这位阿根廷足球运动员的父亲豪尔赫也获刑1个月,罚款0万欧元然而,依据西班牙的惯例,非暴力犯罪且监禁期不足两年的人不必入狱刑Messi, 9, and his father were accused by the Spanish tax office of defrauding the government of . million euros ($.7 million) in tax between and .西班牙税务部门指控现年9岁的梅西及其父亲在至年间偷逃国家税款万欧元(70万美元)The court found that they had used a web of shell companies to evade taxes on income from the player's image rights.法庭发现他们利用一系列空壳公司,偷逃梅西肖像权收入的税款Messi, five-times World Player of the Year, said during the trial that he had no knowledge of the dealings and that his father had control over his financial affairs. But the court said this was not enough him to avoid charges.曾五度荣获国际足联金球奖的梅西在审判中表示,他对逃税行为并不知情,其财务事宜均由父亲管控但法院称这一说法不足以使其免于指控The defendants can appeal to the supreme court, the Barcelona local court said in its statement.巴塞罗那地方法院在声明中说,被告可以向最高法院进行上诉Messi and his father had aly paid 5 million euros to the tax authorities as a "corrective" measure after mal investigations were opened.此前,梅西父子已在正式调查启动后向税务机关缴纳了500万欧元作为“改正”措施The footballer is th on bes Magazine's list of the world’s highest-earning athletes over the past decade, with an estimated income of 0 million during this period.在美国商业杂志《福布斯发布的过去十年收入最高运动员排行榜上,梅西位列第十据估算,其十年内的总收入达3.5亿美元英文来源:赫芬顿邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮 四川彝族自治州:孩子爬藤梯上学! --7 19::6 来源: 近日,一张四川彝族自治州的照片在全引起了剧烈反响,照片中年幼的孩子不得不攀爬藤梯上学此事一出,当地政府立刻采取了行动本周三,一工作组抵达了该村 A public outcry over photos of young school children clambering up a sheer 800-meter cliff face on rickety wooden ladders, the only way they can get from their village homes to school, has prompted swift action from local authorities.近日,一张照片引起了中国民众的强烈反响在这张照片上有一条800米长的陡峭山崖,而一群小学生正在攀爬一条摇晃的木梯,那是他们从家里到学校的唯一道路此照片一出,当地政府迅速采取了行动Atuleer, home to people from the Yi ethnic group in the southwest of Sichuan Province, has no road connection and the residents depend on subsistence farming of potatoes, walnuts and chili peppers.阿土勒儿村是四川彝族人聚居的地方,那里与外界没有道路连接,当地居民依靠种植土豆、核桃和辣椒为生While many urban residents have expressed shock and disbelief that there are still people struggling a basic living and education in the world’s second-largest economy, experts said that there is still a long way to go to lift those left behind by China’s modernization out of poverty.尽管许多城市居民都表示震惊,不相信在世界第二大经济体内居然仍有许多人为了最基本的生活和教育而挣扎,但是专家们表示要解决这些落后于中国现代化的人们的脱贫问题,仍然有很长一段路要走A work team of 50 from Zhaojue county’s transport, education and environment departments arrived in Atuleer Wednesday to look into the situation after photos of the children’s struggle caught the nation’s attention in the past two days, The Beijing News reported on Thursday.过去的两天里,这张孩子们奋力挣扎的照片让全国人民都揪起了心据《新京报周四的报道,周三的时候,一只来自昭觉县运输、教育和环境部门的50人工作小组已经抵达了阿土勒儿村,查看当地环境Lin Shucheng, Party secretary of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, said that authorities would build a set of steel stairs as a temporary solution to ensure the security of the village residents, while more permanent solutions were sought, the report said.《新京报的报道指出,据凉山彝族自治州党委书记林书成(音)透露,政府会修建一批钢制阶梯作为临时解决措施,以保障当地村民的安全,同时寻求更长久的解决办法Home to 7 families, the only way residents can reach the outside world is to risk the climb down a series of ladders made from tree branches and vines precariously fixed to the cliff, The Beijing News reported Tuesday.据《新京报在周二的报道,阿土勒儿村共有7户村民,为和外界相连,当地村民只能冒险攀爬一条由个梯子组成的“道路”这些梯子全由树枝和藤蔓固定到山崖上,极度不安全The village children, aged from 6 to , board at their school and are only able to return home twice a month, when their parents take turns escorting them up and down the mountain.村里6到岁的孩子们寄宿在学校里,两个月才能回一次家,每次都要他们的父母轮流护送上下山Yu Shaoxiang, an expert on social security and poverty relief legislation at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Global Times on Thursday that the news went viral because it shows the sharp contrast between the relatively comtable lives of China’s urban majority, and the harsh life in villages like these.本周四,中国社科院社会保障和扶贫立法专家余少祥(音)告诉《环球时报,说之所以这份新闻能够引起如此大的反响,是因为它展示了在中国城市大众相对舒适生活和农村残酷人生之间存在的的鲜明对比"It warned the public that even though some people have a good life, China is still in the initial stages of socialism and so development is uneven," said Hu Xingdou, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology and expert on China’s social problems.北京理工大学教授、中国社会问题专家胡星斗(音)表示说:“这起事件是对公众的一个警醒,尽管目前一些人有一个很好的生活,但是中国仍然处于社会主义初级阶段,我国的发展还很不平衡”赣州人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱赣州妇幼保健院治疗痘痘多少钱



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