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Are you afraid to shake hands or high-five? Do you avoid holding hands with your lover? Do your palms get clammy and damp when you get nervous? Relax! There is help for you. Learn how to manage and control your sweaty palms in a few easy steps.你是否害怕和别人握手或击掌?你手否不敢和恋人牵手?你紧张的时候是否会手心出汗?放松一点!这段视频可以帮你解决!跟随我们学习一下怎样通过几个简单的步骤来解决和控制手掌出汗的问题。Step 1: In The Moment1.手心出汗时Need to dry your palms right now? Clap a little cornstarch or talcum powder between your hands. Or try the medicated powder you use on your feet toll soak up moisture and odor.需要立即把手心的汗擦干?在两手之间抹一点玉米粉或滑石粉。或者尝试一下用于吸湿和除臭的药粉。Step 2: Ahead Of Time2.提前准备If youre worried your palms are going to sweat, take preventative measures. Put some clear, unscented antiperspirant right on them. Look for the kind with aluminum chloride - it blocks your sweat ducts.如果你担心你的手掌会出汗,提前采取一些措施。在手掌抹上一些透明,无气味的吸汗剂。可以选择能够堵塞汗腺的氯化铝。Step 3: Relax3.放松If your palms get clammy when youre nervous, you have to learn how to relax and control your anxiety. Try yoga, meditation or biofeedback to keep your hands dry.如果你紧张的时候手心易出汗,你应该学习一下怎样放松,控制自己的焦虑不安。可以尝试瑜伽,药物或机能反馈疗法来保持手掌干燥。Thanks for watching How To Treat Sweaty Palms感谢收看“怎样治疗手心出汗”视频节目。 /201211/206897。

Producer, Dan Rees, led the Frozen Planet team制片人丹·瑞兹 带领冰冻星球栏目组on their longest journey in the Arctic.开始了他们在北极漫长旅途Their mission was to film walrus hunters他们的任务是拍摄in Russias most remote region, Chukotka,生存在俄罗斯最偏远的楚科奇的海象捕猎者the closest point to their old enemy the ed States,在这里 俄罗斯离它的宿敌美国最近4,000 miles and nine time zones east of Moscow.距西面九个时区外的莫斯科6400公里Its still a sensitive region,这里仍是个政治敏感区and the team soon learn that the border guards队员们很快发现 这里的边防战士remain twitchy about foreigners with cameras.对持有摄像机的外国人十分警惕Nyet! Nyet!不许拍 不许拍To get permission to film,为取得拍摄许可the crew relied on anthropologist Niobe Thompson,只能求助于人类学家尼俄伯·汤普森one of the few westerners to have worked with the people here.他是在当地工作的为数不多的西方人之一But even Niobe finds a lot of doors closed to him.但即使是尼俄伯 也碰了不少壁I have experienced a level of red tape这一任务的政治障碍I never could have anticipated.绝对在我的意料之外Weve got our Russian visas in our passports,护照上 有俄罗斯的签thats fine, but thats just the beginning.这没问题 但仅仅是个开始Here is the special permission given by the security services这是楚科奇当地安全部门签发的to be in the region of Chukotka,入境特别许可 /201212/215440。

Working with your ex is a situation no one wants to face. But with VideoJugs excellent advice, you and your ex will soon be best workmates without that underlying tension.任何人都不想面临和前任一起工作的尴尬局面。但是在VideoJug的建议下,你和你的前任仍然可以避免紧张关系,成为最佳拍档。Step 1: Be professional1.职业化Whatever is going on in your love life, from 9-5 your mind should be on your job. Dont dwell on the reasons for your break up, its over - move on. Stop staring longingly at them with tears in your eyes, and restrain yourself from scrawling insults over their desk. From this moment on see that person as a colleague, just like everyone else in your workplace.无论你们的恋情出了什么问题,上班时间都应该集中精力工作。不要一直想着你们分手的原因,这已经是过去的事情了,应该向前看。不要泪眼朦胧充满渴望地盯着对方,不要在他的办公桌上涂写侮辱的言语。从这一刻起,只把这个人视为同事,和办公室其他任何人都一样。Step 2: Talk it out2.坦诚Discreetly take your ex to one side away from prying eyes. State that whats past is past, it will be difficult but you are looking forward to being workmates.避开众人耳目,谨慎地把你的前任带出去。言明过去的事情过去就算了。这可能有点困难,但是你希望两人能够成为好同事。Mention that this is important for both your jobs and your happiness. If they dont share your mature attitude dont scoop to their level, dont give each other the cold shoulder, or even worse, mud slinging in the office is not going to make either of you look good. The more normal you act, the more likely they are going to follow suit.告诉他们这对你们的工作和幸福都是非常重要的。如果他们和你的态度不同,不要愤然离去,或者更糟糕的,在办公室中伤对方,这对两人的形象都不好。你表现的越正常,他们照做的可能性越大。Step 3: Avoid sensitive topics3.避免敏感话题Wounds may still be raw so dont rub them. Its wise not to flirt with the new temp in their presence, or start reminiscing about what a great time you had in Ibiza together last year. And never, ever bring up the break-up - unless you want to relive it one last time.分手的伤痛可能还在,所以不要在伤口上撒盐。不要在前任的面前和新欢调情,或者回忆去年一起在伊比沙岛度过了多么美好的时光。千万不要提起分手的事情,除非你想重温那次经历。Step 4: Other colleagues4.其他同事Misery attracts company. Mentioning you are having issues with your ex will see the whole sorry episode picked over again and again by your gossip hungry colleagues, they may even begin to take sides.同病相怜。你和前任的问题会成为办公室八卦的同事一再提起的谈资,他们甚至可能开始偏袒。Less scurrilous workmates might feel excluded or embarrassed by your situation. Keep your affairs to yourself and prevent your life being turned into a soap opera.不那么粗俗的同事可能为你的境遇感到尴尬。守口如瓶,不要让自己的生活成为别人观看的肥皂剧。Step 5: Give it time5.给双方一点时间Dont expect to immediately have the same working rapport with your ex as you have with your other colleagues. It will take time but eventually you may develop an even better relationship.不要期望立即和自己的前任保持和其他同事一样的关系。这需要一点时间,但是最终你们能够发展更友好的关系。Now get back to work!现在,回到工作岗位吧!Thanks for watching How To Work With Your Ex.感谢收看“怎样和前任保持同事关系”视频节目。201211/210988。

Natural shelter in the wild is a potential life saver. If you do not have a tent or bivouac with you, knowing how to make a lean-to shelter is one of the most important bush craft survival skills. So watch VideoJugs guide to building a shelter in a forest.野外天然庇护所,关键时候可以用来保命。如果没有帐篷和宿营地,建立容身处的知识就是丛林生存的关键。现在我们来学习如何在森林中建立一个容身之所。Step 1: You will need1.所需材料#8226;An uprooted tree1棵连根拔起的大树#8226;Some sturdy branches一些粗的树枝#8226;Plenty of leaves and debris from the forest floor大量的枯枝败叶。Step 2: Preparation2.准备Make sure you choose the right spot to make camp. If you are stuck outside after nightfall and it is too dangerous to carry on. You must work with the environment you find yourself in, but if you have a choice then there are a number of things to consider.选对地点再继续,而且夜幕降临之后很难完成,所以要提早进行选址。要先选择一个合适的地点,另外,选址结束后还有很多别的事情要考虑。Where are you? If you are on high exposed ground, head to lower more sheltered ground. If you are in a valley, then head to higher ground. Hot air rises, so the lower ground will tend to be colder and damp.你的地点应该选在哪儿呢?平地环境中要选择低一些的、更容易隐蔽的地方,不要选择高地,那样极其容易暴露自己;而如果是在山谷中,就要反其道而行之,因为受太阳照射影响,低处一般比较湿冷。Are there any natural resources? Ideally you would like to be near a water source, and a good source of fuel for your fire. Are there animal trails nearby? You dont want bear or any other animals wandering through your camp at night.还有别的可利用的资源吗?理想状态下,避身处应该接近水源,同时还要有生火的燃料。附近有没有野兽出没的迹象?你一定不愿意看到熊或者别的野兽在你的藏身处附近转来转去的。Also spend a minute checking the area above where you intend to camp, are there any bees nests or dead branches in the trees? These may crash down on top of you in if the wind picks up.同样要花些时间大致查看一番营地周围的环境,看看树上有没有马蜂窝或是枯死的树枝,这些东西受风影响也许会砸在你头上。Always try to camp at the edge of a forest, rather than in the middle of it, so that you can see what is going on around you.永远选择在森林边缘宿营,而不要选择在森林中央。在森林边缘地带更容易看清周边发生的一切。Step 3: Location3.地点You will need to find the right structure to lean your branches against, an uprooted tree is perfect, especially if it has a hollow where the roots once were as this will give you more space inside. Be sure that it is dry as sometimes these hollows fill with water.你需要找到合适的构架进行搭建,连根拔起的大树最适合,当然如果树根部分中空一块,那就更好了,这意味着你有更大的空间。只不过需要确定这个树根中空部分是干的,因为里面可能含有水。Step 4: Construction4.构建Now you have the main structure you will need the branches to create the rest of your shelter. Light fades very quickly in wooded areas, so it is essential the construction is done quickly and efficiently.有了构架之后,你就需要用树枝搭建剩余的部分了。火燃烧的很快,所以要在火熄灭之前完成,速度和效果都要有保。The shelter can be made from fallen branches and debris. Once you have collected your wood, start by leaning it against the structure, each piece should be firmly pushed into the ground, at a 45 degree angle. This allows the rain to run off effectively. Use the stronger, thicker branches first, as these will form the main support for your structure, then fill in with the thinner pieces.这个避身所可以用掉落的树枝和落叶组成,收集完木材之后,每一根树枝都要牢牢地土里,呈45度角搭在构架上,这样如果下雨,雨水会流的很快。优先选择那些细而结实的树枝作为主要的撑体,然后用更细的树枝填充。Leaving just one end open for your entrance gives you further protection from the elements and will insulate you better. With the structure finished add handfuls of leaves to create an insulating roof. You will need a lot of leaves and debris, because as a general rule you want a 30 cm layer of leaves, to have any hope of retaining warmth.避身处只留一个出口,这样能更好地保护自己。最后把树叶铺在这个构架上,形成一个“屋顶”,工作就算完成了。你需要很多的树叶,因为通常30厘米厚的树叶层才能起到保暖的效果。Thanks for watching How To Build A Shelter In A Forest谢谢收看本期“林中避身”节目 /201208/197127。


Deep-cleaning your carpet can offer benefits including getting rid of dust mites and allergens. Not to mention dirt.深入清洁地毯有许多好处,包括消除尘螨和过敏原,更不要说污垢了。You Will Need你需要Carpet地毯Vacuum cleaner吸尘器Traffic-lane cleaner道路清洁剂Deep-cleaning machine深入清洁机器Manufacturers instructions生产商指引Cleaning solution清洁溶液Water水Steps步骤Step 1 Vacuum1.吸尘Vacuum your carpet thoroughly.彻底为地毯吸尘。Step 2 Apply a cleaner2.使用清洁剂Apply a traffic-lane cleaner to areas of the carpet that are stained or heavily soiled with grease, oil, and dirt.向地毯上染色或被油脂,石油和污垢严重污染的地方喷洒道路清洁剂。Step 3 Deep clean3.深入清洁Clean the carpet with a deep-cleaning machine, following the manufacturers instructions. The deep cleaner forces a mixture of cleaning solution and water deep into the carpet while vacuuming out the dirt and liquid.使用深入清洁机器,按照生产厂家指引来清洗地毯。深入清洁剂迫使清洁溶液和水的混合物深入地毯内部,同时吸走污垢和液体。As an alternative to purchasing a deep-cleaning machine, consider renting one.如果不想购买深入清洁机器,可以考虑租一台。Step 4 Dry carpet4.干燥Allow the carpet to dry. Although the deep-cleaning machine will extract most of the moisture from your carpet, it will still take several hours to dry coompletely.让地毯变干。尽管深入清洁机器会吸收地毯中的大部分水分,地毯仍然需要几个小时的时间才能彻底干燥。James W. Spangler received the first U.S. patent for an electric vacuum cleaner in 1908.1908年,James W. Spangler获得了美国首个电动吸尘器专利。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/236519。

昨日是国百年馆庆之日。100年前的7月9日,中国国家物馆的前身“国立历史物馆筹备处”成立。国百年路,如今已走在“世界大馆”行列。Chinas National Museum, near Beijings Tiananmen Square, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The museum is the largest in the world. Here are 100 years of its history.This is Guo Zi Jian, the Imperial College of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Exactly 100 years ago today, an office for the National Museum of History was opened here, at the suggestion of scholar, Cai Yuanpei. Its believed to be the earliest predecessor of Chinas National Museum.In 1918, the National Museum of History was moved to the Forbidden City. In 1950, the National Revolutionary Museum was also set up within the walls of the Forbidden City.In 1958, construction of the new site of the two museums began. Theyre located at the east side of Tiananmen Square, and in 2003, the two were combined into one, to become the National Museum.Renovation work on the National Museum began in March, 2007. Four years later, on March 2011, the museum reopened. The newly renovated building occupies an area of 200,000 square meters, three times its original size. It houses 48 exhibition halls, and is the worlds largest museum in terms of area. Its collection has also been expanded. Before renovation work began, it housed 650,000 relics. Now it boasts 1.2 million artifacts, thanks to the governments donation of 400,000 pieces, previously owned by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.The museum hosts two permanent exhibitions, the ;Ancient China; exhibition and the ;Road to Revival; exhibition. Since reopening last March, its hosted some 50 temporary exhibitions.Lu Zhangshen, Director of National Museum of China, said, ;The success of Chinas economy has allowed us to invest more in cultural restoration projects. The National Museum is a symbol of this.;Chinas National Museum aims to offer its visiting public some of the rarest and most prestigious exhibitions in the world.201207/189736。

Experiments have proved what dog owners have always suspected.实验明了主人一直猜想的那样After thousands of years living together,经过几百年人类和的共同生活dogs are attuned to us like no other animal.对人类的适应性是其他动物比不了的New research has taken our understanding of how dogs evolved新的研究让我们理解了是如何进化To a whole new level and getting到达一个新的高度的us closer to exactly what it means to be tame.让我们明白了什么叫驯Now dogs could be about现在可能送给我们的to provide us with the greatest gift of all.最好的礼物When it comes to combating human disease,就是当我们人类与疾病搏斗时dogs could hold many of the answers.可能为我们提供很多线索Theyre going to help us它们可以帮助我们tackle some of the most dangerous diseases研究一些现代社会中的重大疾病of our time that kill millions of people every year.这些疾病每年让数百万的人失去生命Dr. Elinor Karlsson, a geneticist埃莉诺·卡森教授是at the Brode Institute, harvard, is on the hunt哈佛布洛德研究所的遗传学家 正在探索for gene mutations that could throw light on human diseases.可能引起人类疾病的基因突变I think theres hundreds of我认为有数百种疾病diseases that are in common between dogs and humans.是和人类共有的Theres diabetes,比如糖尿病theres various cardiac diseases, theres epilepsy,比如各种心脏病 还有癫痫theres a lot of different cancers - bone cancers,还有很多不同的癌症 骨癌breast cancers, brain tumours.乳腺癌 脑瘤等The narrow gene pool within a dog breed一个品种的之间的基因的差异很小makes it far easier to pinpoint genetic mutations than in humans.使之相比人类更易找到基因突变位置201303/227916。

Fill the beer glass. 首先在杯中倒入啤酒。 Try to bounce the quarter off the table to get it into the beer filled glass; either by dropping it on its side or bouncing it flat on the table. 试着让硬币在桌子上反弹后进入酒杯,碰到边缘或者再次掉到桌子上都宣告失败。If it goes in; then select a player to drink it down. Dont swallow the quarter! 如果进入酒杯;然后你就有权利选择一名;选手;将啤酒一饮而尽。记住不要吞下硬币。 Keep going till you miss. 一直继续,直到你失误。If you miss you can chance it and go again but if you miss a second time; you drink the beer and its the next players turn. 如果你失败,你还有一次机会继续尝试,但如果你再次失败,就轮到你喝啤酒,机会也给了下一人。Now thats a cheap drunk! 希望能给你的节假日带来欢乐,祝好运,切勿贪杯哦~201201/167475。