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The worst drought in the US in 25 years has wrought havoc on the country#39;s most important crops, putting the global economy at risk of its third food inflation shock in five years. 美国25年来最严重的干旱对该国主要农作物造成了巨大破坏,全球经济可能因此面临5年来第三次粮食通胀的冲击。 The US Department of Agriculture slashed its forecast for the corn crop yesterday by the most since the drought of 1988. It cut the 2012-13 production estimate by 12 per cent and its season-end inventory estimate by a hefty 37 per cent. Richard Feltes, vice-president at broker RJ O#39;Brien, said the lower crop ;ups the risks of reintroducing food inflation as an issue affecting global recovery;. 美国农业部(US Department of Agriculture)昨日调降了玉米产量预期,调降幅度为1988年干旱以来最大一次。美国农业部将2012-2013年度的产量预测调降12%,将季末库存预测大幅调降37%。经纪商RJ O#39;Brien副总裁理查德#8226;菲尔特斯(Richard Feltes)表示,收成下降;加大了粮食通胀再次影响全球复苏的风险。; The US is the world#39;s largest corn exporter and is a major supplier of other food commodities including soyabean and wheat. The USDA monthly estimates are among the most closely monitored barometers of food commodities markets. 美国是全球最大玉米出口国,也是大豆和小麦等其他粮食产品的主要供应国。美国农业部的月度预测是粮食大宗商品市场最受密切关注的指标之一。 The much lower-than-expected crop sizes sent the price of corn and soyabean higher, reviving memories of the price jump in the 2007-08 food crisis and the surge in 2010-11 after Russia banned exports of grains. 远远低于预期的收成情况推动玉米和大豆价格走高,这让人回忆起2007年至2008年粮食危机时粮价大幅上涨,以及2010年至2011年在俄罗斯禁止谷物出口之后粮价飙升的情景。 But policymakers believe a food crisis is unlikely because supplies of wheat and rice, the two main commodities for the world#39;s food security, remain relatively plentiful and prices are still below previous highs. 但政策制定者认为,粮食危机不太可能出现,因为关系到全球粮食安全的两种主要农作物——小麦和大米的供应仍相对充足,价格仍低于之前高位。 The surge in corn and soyabean prices comes as the UN#39;s Food and Agriculture Organisation and the OECD, the rich countries#39; club, warned in their annual food outlook report that prices are set to remain high for at least another 10 years.在玉米和大豆价格飙升之际,联合国粮农组织(Food and Agriculture Organisation)和;富国俱乐部;经合组织(OECD)在年度粮食前景报告中警告称,未来至少10年内,粮食价格将继续维持高位。 /201207/190119。

  • Amid a sharp increase in sexual assault cases in Hong Kong in recent months, a top city official drew criticism this week for warning that women should drink less to avoid becoming victims.最近几个月香港的性侵案件急剧增多,本周,香港的一名高级官员因为警告妇女少喝酒以免成为性侵目标而招致了批评。#39;Some of these cases...involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol,#39; Hong Kong security secretary Lai Tung-kwok said on Tuesday during a press briefing, in describing this year#39;s jump in sexual violence. #39;So I would appeal that young ladies should not drink too much.#39;香港保安局长黎栋国周二在一个新闻发布会上提到了今年性侵案件急剧上升的情况,他说,一些案件中的受害者都是在大量饮酒后被强奸的,因此我呼吁年轻的女士们不要喝太多酒。In the first quarter of 2013, government statistics show, the city#39;s number of rape cases rose 60% from the same period last year, up to 35. Incidents of indecent assault also rose by 18%, up to 367. Advocates for victims of sexual assault say the crimes are likely to be significantly underreported.政府数据显示,2013年第一季度,香港的强奸案数量达到35起,同比增长了60%。性骚扰事件达到367起,同比增长了18%。性侵受害者维权人士说,此类犯罪的数量可能被严重低估。#39;There#39;s a lot of stigma that#39;s given to the victims,#39; said Liu Si-si, director of the Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers. She cited the security chief#39;s remarks on rape as one prime example. #39;The remarks he made are proof of a culture that blames victims for doing something #39;wrong,#39; like drinking.#39;香港妇女中心协会(Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers)的董事刘思思(音)说,很多耻辱被强加给受害者。她认为保安局长有关强奸案的话就是一个突出的例子。她说,黎栋国所发表的言论是责备受害者文化的据,这种文化认为受害者做错了事情,比如喝酒。Other women#39;s advocates also criticized Mr. Lai#39;s remarks. #39;People aren#39;t being raped because they#39;re drunk or wear a sexy dress,#39; said Linda Wong, executive director of the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women.还有一些维护女性权利的人士也谴责了黎栋国的言论。关注妇女性暴力协会(Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women)的总干事王秀容(Linda Wong)说,人们不应该因为喝酒或者穿着暴露就被强奸。#39;Maybe he has good intentions, and he did not intend to blame the women or be unfriendly to them,#39; said Ms. Liu on Wednesday. #39;But if he continues to say things like this, I worry women will be less likely to report crimes because they#39;ll be worried about being blamed,#39; especially if they were drinking when victimized. Mr. Lai#39;s office did not respond to a request for comment on such concerns.刘思思周三说,也许黎栋国的意图是好的,他没有打算责备女性或对她们不友好。但是如果他继续说这样的话,我担心女性在受到侵害之后会不愿意报案,因为她们担心会受到指责,尤其是如果她们在受害时喝了酒的话。黎栋国的办公室没有回复记者就上述担忧寻求置评请求。It wasn#39;t clear whether this year#39;s rise in sexual assault cases was due to greater incidence, or more frequent reporting. Ms. Wong said that the number of rape cases in the city had held #39;quite steady#39; in recent years, and that the work of women#39;s groups and events such as the city#39;s recent #39;SlutWalk#39; might be helping encourage more victims to feel comfortable reporting crimes.目前还不清楚今年性侵案件数量增多是因为发生概率增加,还是因为举报比例上升。王秀容说,香港强奸案的数量最近几年一直保持平稳,一些妇女权益组织的工作,以及香港最近的“游行”(SlutWalk)一类活动让更多受害者有勇气坦然地举报性犯罪。Launched in Canada in 2011, SlutWalks--which aim to challenge the idea that rape victims were #39;asking for it#39; by drinking or wearing provocative clothes--have since been held around the world. During the so-called SlutWalks, women march through cities carrying placards with slogans such as #39;My clothes are not my consent#39; and #39;Shame rapists, not victims.#39;“游行”2011年起源于加拿大,目的是挑战一些人的看法,即强奸案的受害者是因为喝酒或衣着暴露才使自己成为性侵目标的。此后,这种做法蔓延到了世界各地。在所谓的“游行”中,妇女们在城市中游行,她们举着的标语牌上写着“我的穿着不代表我同意”或“可耻的是强奸犯,不是受害者”等标语。 /201305/240317。
  • The Chinese iron ore and steel industry has painted a gloomy outlook for the sector with officials revealing that roughly 40 per cent of the country#39;s iron mines have shut down because of low prices.中国铁矿石及钢铁业为自己描绘了一幅黯淡的前景,官员们透露,由于价格偏低,中国大约40%的铁矿已经停产。The bearish tone at the annual gathering backed by the China Iron and Steel Association was reinforced yesterday by Baosteel, China#39;s biggest listed steelmaker, which announced more production cuts amid weak demand.中国最大上市炼钢企业宝钢(Baosteel)昨日宣布,面对疲弱需求,将进一步减产,这个消息强化了中国钢铁工业协会(CISA)主办的年度会议上的悲观基调。The cutbacks suggest that the industry has little faith that the 0bn programme in infrastructure projects that Beijing approved this month would provide more than temporary relief.宝钢的减产计划似乎表明,行业对北京方面本月批准的1500亿美元基建项目计划没有什么信心,认为其最多只能提供暂时的缓解。Iron ore and steel prices rose after the spending boost was approved but have since fallen again.铁矿石和钢材价格在上述出增加计划获得批准后一度上升,但自那以来已经回落。Over the past decade, China#39;s steel demand has seen double-digit growth but this has dropped to the low single-digits this year.过去10年期间,中国的钢材需求以两位数增幅不断增长,但今年已降至个位数增幅。As a result, overall profits at Chinese steel companies – which include names such as Baosteel, Ansteeland Wuhan Iron and Steel– fell 50 per cent in the first half of this year compared with last year, according to official statistics.其结果是,官方统计数据显示,今年上半年中国炼钢企业(包括宝钢、鞍钢和武钢)的总利润同比下降50%。The drop in steel demand in China has, in turn, triggered a drop in iron ore and coking coal consumption, which is hurting some of the world#39;s largest mining groups, including Valeof Brazil, Rio Tinto, BHP Billitonand Anglo American.中国钢材需求下降,已进而引发铁矿石和炼焦煤消费量下降,从而打击一些全球最大的矿业集团,包括巴西的淡水河谷(Vale)、力拓(Rio Tinto)、必和必拓(BHP Billiton)以及英美资源(Anglo American)。Iron ore prices, which hit an all-time high of nearly 0 a tonne in early 2011, fell recently to a three-year low of a tonne.曾在2011年初达到每吨近200美元史上最高位的铁矿石价格,近期跌至每吨89美元的三年低位。The drop has prompted some miners to cancel multi-billion dollar investment projects in Australia, the biggest producer.价格下跌已促使一些矿商叫停澳大利亚(全球最大铁矿石出产国)的一些巨额投资项目。But some relief could be under way as Chinese iron ore miners start to close pits as prices drop below their cost of production.但是,一些利好因素可能即将显现。随着铁矿石价格跌至低于生产成本的水平,中国铁矿石企业开始让一些矿山停产。Liu Xiaoliang, executive deputy secretary-general of the Metallurgical Mines Association of China, told the conference that low prices had forced about 40 per cent of the country#39;s iron mines to suspend operations.中国冶金矿山企业协会(Metallurgical Mines Association of China)执行副秘书长刘效良在上述会议上表示,价格滑坡已迫使中国约40%的铁矿石矿山暂停生产。Scarlett Chan, analyst at Citi in Hong Kong, said that the production cuts reflected weak demand for iron ore.花旗(Citi)香港分析师Scarlett Chan表示,减产反映了铁矿石需求疲弱。Benchmark iron ore with a 62 per cent iron content changed hands in the spot market yesterday at 6 a tonne, according to Platts.普氏能源资讯(Platts)的数据显示,含铁量62%的基准铁矿石昨日现货市场价格为每吨106美元。Additional reporting by Javier Blas in London and Reuters in Dalian哈维尔#8226;布拉斯(Javier Blas)伦敦、路透社(Reuters)大连补充报道 /201209/202252。
  • 在路口凑够一拨人就走,与红绿灯无关。这种行人无视交通法规过路口的现象被称为“中国式过马路”。即日起,交管部门将依法严管此类违法行为,“带头”闯灯的行人将面临罚款,对于态度蛮横、拒不从纠正,有妨碍民警执行公务甚至是袭警行为的人员,公安机关将依法严肃处理。Beijing#39;s jaywalkers to face finesBeijing traffic chiefs have vowed to crack down on jaywalkers. From this week, people who do not wait for the ;green man; signal to cross at intersections will receive on-the-spot fines of 10 yuan (.60)。The move was announced on Monday by Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, a department of the capital#39;s public security bureau.The action follows a cyberphrase — which roughly translates as ;cross the road Chinese-style; — that gained popularity online in October and sparked heated debate。People talked about widesp violation of traffic laws and raised concerns about pedestrians disregarding traffic lights。行人闯红灯罚款10元市交管局副局长陈龙波介绍,行人和非机动车违法情况长期存在且是突出违法行为。此次严查将整治行人违法明确纳入秩序整治重点。初期,交管部门对违法人员做到逢违必管、必纠、必教育。“对于不听执法的还结合处罚。”按北京相关法规,行人闯红灯处10元罚款,但交警操作起来存在一定难度。陈龙波举例,一个路口所有行人都在等红灯,但有行人非要强行闯灯并对周边行人造成带动作用,这样的违法行为就必须处罚。陈龙波坦言,此次重提对行人违法严管,不会是“运动式”执法,“交通秩序整治要形成常态化,效果出来以后力度不减,才能保交通陋习逐渐改善。”China Central Television broadcast a series of reports on jaywalking in several cities, showing pedestrians running traffic lights for various reasons。In Beijing#39;s popular Nanluoguxiang alley on Tuesday, China Daily reporters saw 47 people run red lights within 10 minutes。Yang Qing, a junior college student in the city, was one of them。;I know it#39;s bad, but I was in the middle of the street when the light turned red and I could not turn back,; she said. ;Besides, the cars were stuck in a jam, so there was no way of missing the chance to cross the road.;A 32-year-old Swedish man, working for a sunglasses company in Beijing, said: ;I don#39;t care about the traffic light, but I care about safety. In Sweden, we go against traffic lights as well but we go after making sure there are no cars coming。将改善行人过马路条件近期,全市150处重点路口的交通协管员将手持小旗,身背扩音喇叭劝阻违法行人。交管部门还将通过提高路口见警率,组织交通志愿者文明劝导活动等方式,加大对行人和非机动车驾驶人违法的教育、劝阻力度,遏制“中国式过马路”的现象。同时,交管部门也积极改善行人过马路的条件。陈龙波介绍,调研发现一些路口较宽,给行人过马路造成一定影响,交管部门将进行相应改造,将原有的一次过街形式改造为二次过街形式,即在路口半程位置设安全岛。针对较宽的路口通过增设多组信号灯,提高信号灯的识认效果,提升行人、非机动车通过路口安全系数。探访行人难忍长时间红绿灯9时 地点:官园桥官园桥下是平交路口,车流复杂,因为靠近地铁,行人也多。这个路口南北向通过要等红灯约2分30秒,很多行人,尤其在早高峰很难忍受这2分多钟,一般只要看到东西向机动车信号灯变红就马上冲进路口,可这时,自西向北左转的车辆还正常通过,与挤在路中间的行人抢路。协管员老张说,他们只能挥旗劝阻行人,但还有不少人一看到路口车速不快,就见缝插针地抢行,带着后面的行人一起过。“交警在现场还可以,交警只要一离开,我们绝对喊不住。”老张说协管员没有执法权,只能劝阻,队里也要求不能跟行人发生冲突,所以只能忍气吞声。路口太宽行人打提前量;It#39;s a good idea to fine jaywalkers. For 10 yuan, you can take the subway five times,; he said, adding that he was concerned the new measure will put a strain on police manpower and workload。The traffic management bureau said it will not only focus on punishment but also upgrade road safety facilities, such as arranging traffic lights more scientifically, and building overpasses。In December, the bureau began focusing on traffic safety to stop pedestrians from running red lights。;It will be a continuous action to improve road safety, making pedestrians follow the traffic laws,; said Qi Qi, a bureau spokesman。According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 62,387 people died in 210,812 road traffic accidents in 2011, with 237,421 injured。Road traffic deaths top the list of deaths from non-natural causes in China, Xinhua News Agency reported。Liu Lin, a lawyer at the Shuangli Law Firm in Beijing, said enforcing the law will have a positive effect。11时 地点:崇文门等了1分多钟,看到北向南的红灯亮起后,刘搀扶着母亲自西向东闯红灯过路口。老人走得慢,大概30秒左右,他们才走到路口中间位置,这里有“安全岛”,稍作休息,等行人信号灯变绿再慢慢走过路口。这个路口行人信号灯变绿时长约36秒,普通人快步可以通过,如果稍有停顿就会“被”闯红灯。协管员说,这个路口信号灯是半幅控制,机动车信号灯变灯和行人信号灯变灯之间还有30秒的间隔,他们就会趁着这个间隔放行人过,等行人走到路中间后,再等行人绿灯亮起。“中间那个安全岛就是给行人停留用的。”等灯区过小挤到行车道15时 地点:赵公口桥出租司机孙师傅无奈地停下,车边的行人分两股涌来,汇集在路口,右转车道上所有车辆都放慢了速度。孙师傅自西向东走三环辅路,从这个路口要右转上光路,但东西通行的行人往往会不顾红绿灯肆意通行。孙师傅说,这已经是顽疾,行人不安全,车辆也不能顺畅通过。“但你要罚人家也不好说,这路口没法排队。”这个路口供行人停留等灯的区域并不大,行人等待要站在人行便道上。附近小贩称,早上从汽车站、地铁站出来的人流很大,有时便道上连人都走不动,更别说等红灯了。行人有下列行为之一的,处10元罚款:1 违反交通信号、未走人行道或未按规定靠路边行走的2 通过路口或横过道路,未走人行横道或过街设施的3 未被交通信号放行的行人进入路口的驾驶非机动车有下列行为之一的,处20元罚款:1 违反交通信号通行的2 在人行道、人行横道上骑行的3 行经人行横道未避让行人的4 未被交通信号放行的非机动车进入路口的执法交警称现场处罚有难度交警孟昆玉在前三门大街执勤,几个路口是行人过马路集中的地方。他的经验是“劝住带头过马路的人”。孟昆玉总结,三类人易闯红灯:老年人、初高中生和部分刚来北京的外省人。他说,每次看到带头闯红灯的,他都最先“按”下来,这样才能保没有效仿的人。他坦言,早晚高峰车流量大时,路口为保机动车通过,交警手动控制红绿灯,这样有些信号灯等待时间会延长,此时就会有等不及的行人想闯过去,交警和协管员只能尽量挡在行人前。“绝大部分行人是自觉配合我们工作。”遇到个别闯红灯的,交警也主要是以劝说、教育代替处罚。“按北京相关法规,行人闯红灯要处10元罚款,但操作起来不容易。”声音“执法者应有长期严管态度”“执法者应该有个长期严管的态度,让绝大多数人感受到法律所设的红线不能碰,才能逐渐养成习惯。”全国政协委员施杰认为,执法部门不能一味地将责任推给百姓,而要将法律真正落到实处。施杰说,国家层面的道交法,各地的具体实施办法,对行人违法都有明确规定,执法部门在落实过程中有问题。平常的执法要是以抽查等类似的形式表现在民众面前,会对人造成一种侥幸、不公的想法。“被处罚是偶然性,别人过了你没罚凭什么罚我?”久而久之,这样的想法成为惯性,阻碍人们形成良好的交通意识。施杰认为,执法部门应该在法律框架内严格执法,罚款不是目的,而是让违法者承担违法后果。同时,还要配合社会管理,发动更多人自觉加入交通管理,形成良好社会氛围。“就像排队,有插队的,所有人就要谴责。”相关新闻;The law states that if pedestrians run traffic lights, they will face a 10 yuan fine. As the fine has been written into law, I can#39;t see any reason to break the law,; Liu said. But he added that he thought enforcement is ;a little late;。Stricter regulation has not only been seen in Beijing, but elsewhere in the country in the past six months。Modern Express reported that in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, pedestrians running traffic lights will face a 20 yuan fine。Liu, from the law firm, said, ;The fine is one aspect, but 10 yuan is not a big deal for most people. The violation could be recorded on a person#39;s career record or character profile to deter people from breaking the law.;国贸桥区改造实现人车分流新京报讯(记者 马力)昨日,市规划委主任黄艳做客城市务管理广播城市零距离“市民对话一把手”节目时称,国贸桥区将打通断头地下通道,人流步行转入地下,彻底实现人车分流。黄艳表示,此次市规划委将借国贸桥西北角国贸展厅改造的机会,协调CBD管委会,对国贸桥路口的交通环境做进一步完善,把附近地上、地下、人行、车行及路口四角的交通进行梳理,计划打通断头的地下通道。同时,还将理顺1号线、10号线和公交线的换乘方式,让人车彻底分流。将地上商业区发展到地下,人流步行全部转至地下,实现行人一边逛商场一边过街。“中国式过马路”与从众心理密不可分,很多人认为法不责众,才形成了结伴而行的群体心态。——北京师范大学[微]心理学士刘朝莹管理部门也需自查,是否因管理上的漏洞造成行人不便。闯红灯原因之一是红绿灯设置不合理,这要管理部门调整。——中国消费者协会律师团团长邱宝昌 /201304/234574。
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