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浙江杭州市妇幼医院的电话萧山查妇科去哪家医院Most of us don#39;t learn a lot about Central American civilisations at school;大部分英国人在上学时都没怎么学习过中美洲文明。we#39;re all taught about the Parthenon, and we#39;ve all heard of Confucius as a great Chinese thinker,我们可能学过帕台农神庙和孔子,but we don#39;t know a lot about the great civilisations occurring at the same time in Central America.但并不怎么了解在同一时期出现在中美洲的伟大文明。Yet the Olmecs were a highly sophisticated people, who built the first cities in Central America, mapped the heavens, developed the first writing and probably evolved the first calendar there.奥尔梅克人拥有极高的智慧,他们修建中美洲最早的城市,绘制了天文图,发明了当地最旱的文字,并很可能创制了当地的历法。They even invented one of the world#39;s earliest ball games-which the Spanish would encounter about three thousand years later.他们甚至还发明了世界上最早的球类游戏之一,西班牙人要在三千年后才首次接触它。It was played using rubber balls-rubber being ily available from the local tropical gum trees-and although we don#39;t know what the Olmecs called themselves, it#39;s documented that the Aztecs called them Olmen, meaning #39;the rubber country#39;.游戏使用的是橡胶球,而橡胶取自当地的热带橡胶树。尽管我们并不知道奥尔梅克人如何自称,但有记录显示,阿玆特克人称他们为奥尔曼人,奥尔曼,即“橡胶之国”。 It#39;s only relatively recently that Olmec civilisation was uncovered from the jungles of Mexico;从墨西哥丛林中发现奥尔梅克文明的时间并不算长。it was after the First World War that their sites, their architecture and above all their sculptures were found and investigated.一战后,人们才陆续找到他们的遗址、建筑和雕像,开始研究。Finding out when the Olmecs lived took even longer.人们花了更长的时间才确定了他们生活的时代。In the 1950s radiocarbon dating came in, and that allowed archaeologists to date the buildings and therefore the people that lived in them.二十世纪五十年代,放射性碳定年法出现,考古学家才最终确定了那些建筑的兴建时间,从而估算出居民生活的年代。The results showed that this great civilisation flourished about three thousand years ago.结果显示,这一伟大文明繁盛于三千年前。The discovery of this ancient and long-standing culture has had a profound effect on the cultural identity of Mexicans today.这一古老而悠久的文明的发现,对墨西哥人的民族认同产生了深远影响。We asked the celebrated Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes what it means to him.我曾问墨西哥著名作家卡洛斯?富恩特斯,这一发现对他有何意义。 Article/201409/329921下城区妇幼保健院属几甲 2013超级碗经典幽默广告,E-trade告诉你,假如你通过聪明的理财,你可以省下巨额的手续费,你可以拿这笔钱去消费,也可以再把这笔钱拿去投资。以下是中英对照:Oh, this is tragic, man. Investors just like you could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. Etrade has low-cost investments and no hidden fees. But, you know, if you#39;re still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash, there#39;s a couple ways you could do it...这是个悲剧,伙计!像你这样的投资者可能因为许多收费项目而损失几万美元,但是E-trade却可以大大的帮你节省经费。当然,如果你还是想继续浪费你的大笔资金的话,可做的办法有很多。(Lyrics)So forget about tomorrow忘了明天的事儿Tonight we#39;re drinking from the bottle今朝有酒今朝醉or just go to E-Trade and save it. Boom!或者还是上E-trade理财!开动吧 Article/201405/292987ANNOUNCER: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Ben Franklin was the first person to run the U.S. Postal Service.第一个管理美国邮政总局的人是本·富兰克林。It‘s true. In 1775 the continental congress appointed Franklin as the first U.S. postmaster general.是真的。1775年,大陆议会任命富兰克林作为第一任美国邮政局长。AZUZ: Back in the 18 century, the good old days, it cost six cents to send the letter through the mail.回到十八世纪,美好的旧时光,只要花6分钱就能通过邮政送信。In 1975, 200 years after Ben Franklin became the postmaster general, it cost ten cents. 在1975年,在200本·富兰克林成为邮政局长的200年后,那要花10分。Today, a first class stamp cost 46 cents, but the postal service wants to increase that to 49 cents staring next January. 今天,一张一等邮票要花46分钱,但是邮政务想要在明年一月把价格提高到49分。Then you might say, who cares, I don‘t send anything through the mail. 那么你可能说,谁在乎呢,反正我不用邮政寄东西。That‘s part of the issue. 那是故事的一部分。Every year the amount of mail the postal service handles drops by hundreds of millions of pieces. 邮政务处理的邮件数量每年呈好几百万封的下降。The postal service lost billion in 2012, another 1740 million from April through June of this year.邮政务在2012年损失一百六十亿美元,又在今年四月到六月损失十七亿四千万美元。One of the ways to make up those losses is by increasing stand prices. 要想弥补这些损失,一种方法就是提高邮票价格。The postal service board of governors describes that move as the last resort, this three cent increase could raise billion for the postal service, but the board of governors has to approve it first.邮政务董事会成员表示,这一措施是最后的办法了,涨价3分钱何以为邮政务筹得二十亿美元,但主管委员会必须先同意这一提案。 /201310/258982萧山大阴唇做手术多少钱

杭州大医院人流多少钱Axes like this normally have a haft-that is, they#39;re fitted into a long wooden handle and they#39;re used like a modern axe; but it#39;s quite clear that our axe has never been hafted-in fact, it shows no signs of wear and tear at all. If I run my finger carefully, rather gingerly, round the blade end, I can#39;t feel even the smallest chip. The long flat surfaces are remarkably smooth and still have a glossy, mirror-like sheen.斧头通常都有斧柄,装上长长的木制斧柄,才能像现代斧头一样发 挥功用。但很明显,本节中的这把斧头从未装过斧柄,且完全没有任何使用过的痕迹。用手指小心地抚摸斧刃,也完全感觉不到哪怕最细微的缺损。长而平坦的表面极为光滑,仍旧发出镜面般的光泽。The conclusion is obvious: not only has our axe not been used-it was never intended to be used. Mark Edmonds of York University explains how this magnificent prestige object was made:结论是肯定的。这把斧头从未被使用过,人们打造它的目的也不是使用,而是欣赏。约克大学的马克埃德蒙玆阐述了这件华丽迷人的物品是如何打造出来的:;If you have the good fortune to handle one of these axes-the feel in the hand, the balance, the weight, the smoothness-they have been polished to an extraordinary degree. We are talking about hour upon hour of grinding against stone, and then polishing with fine sand or silt and water, and then rubbing backwards and forwards in the hand, perhaps with grease and leaves, to really give that polish-that#39;s days and days of work. It gives the edge a really sharp and resilient bite to it, but the polishing also brings out the shape, allows the control of form, and brings out that extraordinary green and black speckled quality to the stone-it makes it instantly recognisable, it makes it visually very striking. And those things maybe are just as important almost as the cutting edge.;如果你有幸握过一把这样的斧头,感受它的重量、光滑与均衡, 就会了解工匠们将其打磨得何等精细。要获得这样的光泽,先要用石头长时间打磨,再用细沙或混水的泥沙抛光,最后在手里反复挲,可能还要用上油脂和树叶。不知道要用掉多少天的工夫才能磨 出尖端略带弹性的利刃。在打磨的过程中还要留心形状,控制形式,体现出这种玉石特有的黑绿相间的色泽,让它变得十分抢眼,使人 一眼就能认出。对这样的斧头来说,视觉事受也许与锋利的斧刃同样重要。 Article/201406/303797萧山做刮宫在水头海都医院要多少钱 杭州武警医院妇科专家大夫

杭州人流比较低价E-cigarette sales on the rise Marlboro-maker Altria is expected to jump into the e-cigarette market, as sales heat up. 电子香烟倍受青睐 ,烟草巨头万宝路押宝电子香烟。电子烟的功能是替代香烟,它有着与香烟一样的外观、与香烟近似的味道,也像香烟一样能吸出烟、吸出味道跟感觉来。它的原理是将尼古丁和其他一些化学成分雾化后让使用者吸入。It’s been decades since cigarettes like Virginia Slims were considered trendy and fashionable when Don Draper of Mad Men fame could light up at will and giving a carton of cigarettes was considered an appropriate holiday gift. -“It looks so bright and colorful under my dear Christmas tree.” But today with the dangers of tobacco smoke plastered on every packet, -“We are having a LED light here.”A new generation of smokeless cigarettes are gaining investor attention and even celebrity support.-“This is remarkable.”-“I know!”With these cigarettes, nicotine is heated up, creating a smokeless vapor and to the dismay of some in the health industry who worry about their safety, sales are rising. E-cigarette sales are expected to double this year to a billion market with dozens of brands to choose from. Investors who used the smoke out opportunity in the trendy dotcoms are seeking cash and into the smokeless products. Former Facebook president and brains behind Napster, Sean Parker, is among the investors pouring a whopping million into NJOY, one of the leading e-cigarette makers.Bedford Slims, a smokeless cigarette startup based in Brooklyn, is also attracting outside interest.-;I started with about a ,000 investment and throughout that course of the year, I raised about , 000,; And don’t think smokeless tobacco isn’t sniffing out of opportunity.-;Today we are unveiling our latest transformative product that is Vuse digital vapor cigarettes.; Last week, RJ Reynolds, the makers of Camel, Winston and Salem cigarettes, rolled out Vuse.Reynolds is not worried that people will turn away from traditional tobacco just yet.;There will be some level of cannibalization; however it#39;s aligned with our transformation strategy. We’ve got to provide smoke-free alternatives.;Smoke-free alternatives are only lightly regulated by the government.-“Developed in the USA.” But there#39;s nothing stopping them from being advertised on TV and in magazines. Without government intervention, big tobaccos may be back on the airwaves in a big way. Meggie Lake, CNN, New York. /201306/244122 萧山内痔的主要症状萧山利普刀手术费



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