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Flint is going back to Detroit water. The state, the city and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation together are kicking in million to shut off the tap to the Flint River.A year and a half ago, city leaders stood in Flints water plant and raised plastic glasses to toast the citys switch to the Flint River.Eighteen months later, Governor Snyder has announced the end of the Flint River experiment.;Im in full support of a return to the Great Lakes Water Authority (formerly the DWSD),; Snyder told a mid-morning news conference in Flint, ;and that we do this in a prompt and efficient fashion.;It may only take a few weeks to bring to an end what has become a failed experiment.Since shutting off the pipeline from Detroit and tapping the Flint River for the citys drinking water, Flint residents have endured a progressively nightmarish existence every time they filled a glass from their kitchen faucet.The cloudy water smelled and tasted bad. Then there were E. coli outbreaks. The heavy chlorination in response to those outbreaks left people with burned skin and hair falling out in clumps.A disinfectant by-product landed the city in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act for a year.And then theres lead.A Virginia Tech research team found serious levels of lead in the tap water in a significant percentage of Flint homes. Other tests showed blood lead levels in Flint children have doubled since the switch.New tests of drinking water in 13 Flint schools show 4 schools with seriously high lead levels. At one school, Freeman Elementary on the citys south side, the water tested at more than 100 parts per billion. Thats more than six times the federal action level for lead. ;We are suggesting we have specialized staff go in and really track who has elevated blood levels,; says Nick Lyon, the director of the Department of Health and Human Services, ;You dont know the facts until you know the facts. So were going to test these children.;Pastor Allen Overton has been a leader in the grassroots movement to return Flint to Detroit water. He listened as the governor and other officials talked about the steps being taken to quickly get Detroit water flowing to Flint again. Overton blames Flints mayor and other city leaders for not asking the governor for help sooner.;If they had (brought) it to the governor before now I think he would have moved before now,; says Overton, ;But they were slow about getting it to the governor. So thats why I think it took so long to get to this point.;The head of Flints public works department says it will take about two weeks to re-connect with Detroits system.But that doesnt end Flints water woes.The highly corrosive Flint River water has caused, by some estimates, tens of millions of dollars in damage to older lead and iron pipes in Flint. Lead will continue to leach into the water even after the switch to a less corrosive water source. Then there are the long-term health effects on children who have been drinking water with high levels of lead for more than a year. Flint Mayor Dayne Walling says the city will need help repairing and replacing the citys aging and decaying water infrastructure.He suggests other cities should pay attention to whats been happening in Flint.;There are important lessons from Flints experience,; says Walling, ;We need to take a look at federal and state policy reforms, that include expanding water safety sampling to include our most vulnerable families.;;We need to look at factors of affordability in public health and infrastructure all being assessed together,; Flints mayor adds.The governor says hes asking the Michigan legislature for half the expected 12 million dollar cost of getting Flint hooked back up to Detroit water. Thats until next year, when a new pipeline from Lake Huron is expected to be y. The Mott Foundation is kicking in four million dollars and the city will come up with two million dollars.This experiment that was supposed to save millions of dollars will most certainly will end up costing the city and the state dearly.201510/402871。

If youve ever had major surgery, you probably remember lying down and waking up-but nothing in between.如果你曾经动过手术,你可能会记得躺下和醒来这两个动作,但是对中间发生的事情一无所知。Thanks to the anesthesiologist, during the actual surgery you were out of it: immobilized and insensitive to pain.多亏了你的麻醉师,在实际的手术过程中你对疼痛全然不知。But until recently scientists had little understanding of how anesthetics actually work on the cellular level.但直到最近科学家们对麻醉药如何在细胞水平上发挥作用仍然了解甚少。Thats changed thanks to recent experiments performed by researchers at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland.归功于瑞士苏黎世大学研究人员的最新研究,这种情况得以改变。They knew that anesthetics caused pain receptors in the brain to turn off by acting likemost drugs do:他们知道正如许多药物那样,麻醉药让大脑里的疼痛受体处于关闭状态。anesthetizing drugs attach to particular sites on nerve cells and turn them off.麻醉药依附在神经细胞里的特定区域,并对它们进行麻醉。The question was, where on nerve cells do these drugs attach?问题是,这些药物是依附在神经细胞的的哪个部位呢?Nerve cell membranes have receptors for different kinds of chemicals produced by the brain.神经细胞膜针对大脑产生的各种化学物质都有受体。Gamma-amino butyric acid, or GABA, for example, is a chemical thatshuts down nerve cells.如γ-氨基丁酸或伽马氨基丁酸,都是可以使神经细胞关闭的化学物质。The hypothesis was that general anesthesia works by binding to GABA receptors on a nerve cell, thereby activating the receptor and instructing the cell to shut down.假设全身麻醉与神经细胞上的伽马氨基丁酸受体有关,那么可以激活受体,指示细胞关闭。So itmade sense for the Zurich researchers to focus on GABA receptors.因此苏黎世大学研究人员认为应该着重研究伽马氨基丁酸受体。To do this they worked with mice that had been genetically engineered to have nerve cells with GABA receptors that wouldnt respond to anesthetics.为了此项研究,研究人员们用经过遗传工程处理后的老鼠做实验,这些老鼠的伽马氨基丁酸受体不会对麻醉药起反应。And sure enough, when such mice were givenanesthetic drugs they werent nearly as immune to pain as regular mice that had also been given pain-blocking drugs.果然,这些老鼠在注射了麻醉药后并不像正常的老鼠注射了麻醉药那样,对疼痛免疫。Clearly, GABA receptor sites on nerve cells are part of what allows anesthetics to dotheir job.显然,在神经细胞上的伽马氨基丁酸受体就是麻醉药发挥作用的地方。While the Zurich experiment fills in only one piece of the puzzle, it is an important step towards learninghow these amazing drugs work, and how to make them even better.尽管苏黎世大学的实验只解决了谜团中的一小部分,但是研究麻醉药是怎样工作的以及怎样让它们工作的更好仍是非常重要的。 201412/349865。

The Next IdeaFor the last two years, Mason County has the Momentum Business Plan Competition, which awards ,000 to entrepreneurs during the startup phase of their businesses. The project aims to boost entrepreneurship and small businesses within the county. Prize money is provided by local sponsors and organizations.The competition can galvanize budding businesses, like it did for Andy Thomass business, Starving Artist Brewing, which won the competition last year.Before the competition, Thomas, who has an enthusiasm for Michigan beer and brewed at home, was a gallery owner in downtown Ludington for nearly ten years. But the prize money from the competition jump-started his business.;I really believe it launched us two years into the future—overnight,; Thomas said. ;And weve been going high-speed ever since.;This year, Thomas is mentoring the candidates and the potential winner. He says having a mentor is as important as having the money to start a business.;I personally believe that the mentors that come along with the package—with the board of judges and the business people that put this together—I believe that their input is worth as much if not more than the prize,; Thomas said.Thomas joined Stateside to discuss how winning the Momentum Business Plan Competition transformed his life and business.Join the conversation in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know your Next Idea here.GUESTAndy Thomas is the founder of Starving Artist Brewery.201607/455211。

John U. Bacon joins us for this weeks sports roundup.Wolverines moving forwardBacon tells us that despite the 24-17 loss to the Utah Utes last week, the Wolverines played ;far better football on both sides of the ball than Ive seen in a long time.;He tells us he didnt anticipate a win for Michigan, but he did expect to see 60 minutes of honest, fundamental football, and it looks like thats what we got.;Theyve got a lot of work to do … but man, you can see the foundation, you can see the building blocks, and this team is going to improve pretty quickly,; he says.Bacon says that the Jim Harbaughs postgame press conference was the best hes seen.;Calm, the eyes are still on fire, the jaw is still set … but he was not about to throw his team under the bus by saying we didnt execute, which was one of Brady Hokes singsong phrases,; he says.He cites it as an early example of Harbaughs ;very good coaching.;The Wolverines kick off their home schedule Saturday afternoon against Oregon State, and Bacon expects Michigan to pull out a win.Marquee game for SpartansMichigan State will keep the Oregon Ducks busy Saturday night, and Bacon tells us the Spartans are favored by four points.He says that MSUs loss to the Ducks last year may have actually played to their advantage, as it kept them ;under the radar; all the way through to the end of the Big Ten season.Bacon applauds the work Mark Dantonio has done coaching in East Lansing, and calls Saturdays matchup a ;marquee game.;;They win this one, theyll be a top five team for a while,; he says.Lions to have good seasonThe Detroit Lions will play their season opener Sunday at San Diego.;The big problem theyve got is how to replace Ndamukong Suh,; Bacon says.He describes Suh as the type of player whose value lies in his ability to really disrupt the offense of the other team.;The guys theyve got down there are competent, theyre good, but theyre not game changers,; he says.Bacon tells us that the Lions are expected to have a good season and may make the playoffs by the end of it.Tigers shut out againThe Tigers lost to Tampa Bay last night 8-0, their eighth shutout.Bacon says that it all started at the end of the trade deadline.;We said, if you dont trade youre playing to win, and if you do trade youve bagged it for the season. And look, once the front office has given up on the season, dont expect the players or the fans to care any more than they do. So once theyve bailed on it, the season is done,; he says.201509/398303。

Well, Id like to say it in a different way,But its Ye Olde wedding watch本来是想换个说法的 但是这么说更英国化But sometimes Ill say other words,This is true,Dont think不过有时候我会换个说法 我说真的 别以为This is a joke just because I messed up the whole beginning我开玩笑的 因为我没有开个好头I got a letter,This is from the New England genealogical我收到了一封信 信的地址是新英格兰宗谱协会Society which of course I thought it was from my lady doctor所以显然我认为是我的妇科医生给我写的And so I said why was she writing me,Turns out means family她为什么要给我写信 结果这个词是家族的意思So anyway,Hold on to you crumps everybody,This is really exciting,This is true所以无论任何 各位稳住了 这真的很激动人心 我没骗你Dear Ellen,Our trusty genealogist have been working on Kate Middletons genealogy with the big royal wedding coming up亲爱的Ellen 随着隆重的皇家婚礼临近 我们德高望重的 系谱学家一直在研究Kate Middleton系谱As we were doing the research, we discovered that you are related to Kate via a man named sir Thomas Fairfaxs wife Agnes Gascoigne在调查的途中 我们发现由于 你是皇妃家的远房亲戚通过 Thomas Fairfax爵士和他的妻子Agnes Gascoigne的关系You were distant cousins,You are 15th,But cousin is still the same你是她远房的表 中间大概隔了15重关系 但你还是她表Sincerely Tom Shampole from the New England Historic Genealogical Society来自新英格兰宗谱协会的Tom ShampoleSo how about that,Im related to Kate,Im definitely invited to the wedding now瞧见没 我是未来王妃的亲戚 我肯定会被邀请参加婚礼Well between the Packers wining Super Bowl and this Im having a good week再加上包装工队赢得了超级碗 我这一周过的很滋润So Kate,cuz,Let me know where youre registered first of allKate 表 要登记注册的话先和我说下cause I have a Pier 1 and a Target real,real close to my house我家附近有Pier1和Target家具店And let me know if you need me to plan a bachelorette party如果你需要举办单身派对一定要告诉我cause I found some straws that shape like...well never mind因为我找到了一些吸管的形状很像 算了 不说了Im so excited, Im so so excited,Oh,Im so excited I forgot to dance我很激动 我太激动了 我激动得都忘记跳舞了 /201606/450356。

Within half an hour, the fish is completely enveloped in a slimy cocoon, which traps its smell.不到半个小时,鹦鹉鱼就整个包裹在一个防止气味外泄的黏糊糊的茧里了。But not all the reef hunters are fooled.但道高一尺魔高一丈。White tipped reef sharks do use smell to find their prey.白顶礁鲨的确通过气味来寻找猎物。But if that doesnt work, they have another sense.但如果这个不管用,它们还另有妙招。They can detect an animals bioelectrical energy, the tiny electrical signals given off by even the smallest of its twitching muscles.鲨鱼能探测到其他动物身上的生物电能,即使是由微笑的抽搐引发的电流。This resting parrotfish risks discovery every time it moves a fin or wafts its gills.鹦鹉鱼每次移动鱼鳍或者鼓动鱼鳃都有被鲨鱼发现的危险。As the sharks pass, it holds its breath.当鲨鱼游过时,鹦鹉鱼都屏住呼吸。But sharks dont give up that easily.但鲨鱼不会这样轻易放弃。White tips are the perfect size and shape for hunting in this cramped spaces.而白顶鲨的尺寸和形状都极为适合在这些狭窄的礁石缝隙中捕猎。201412/346085。