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Watching sports is ace and we know that like us you wont be denied your fix by the shackles of work. Getting a sneak of the match aint half tricky when youre busy with your 9 to 5 and surrounded by spying eyes…so what can you do? Well, this.观看体育比赛是非常惬意的事情,我们知道,像我们一样,你肯定不想让工作束缚你的爱好。在被主管盯紧的朝九晚五的生活中,机警一点,偷懒一下偷看体育比赛并非难事。那么你应该怎么做呢?Step 1: Get your co-workers involved1.把同事拉进来First off, convince the boss that getting the whole team in on the action is a good bonding type thing. Spin some story about a happy office being a productive office and with any luck theyll go for it. Get hold of a telly and make sure everyones on board, otherwise you might not get to do it again. Also, make sure everyone is paying attention; anyone who chooses not to watch could result in dissention amongst your fellow work slackers...and what could be worse than that?首先,说老板让大家一起进行这项活动,这是可以增进同事间关系的事情。捏造一点谎言,气氛愉快的办公室也是高效的办公室。运气好的话老板或许会同意。准备一架电视机,确保每个人都参与进来,否则你就不可能故计重施了。同时,确保每个人都认真观看;任何不用心看的人都会导致这群偷懒的同事之间的不和,没有什么比这种情况更严重了。Step 2: Desktop scoreboards2.电脑桌面记分板If you have to be even more sly then you can follow your game via live written commentary. Some dude with fast fingers outlines all the ins and outs of the games progress and all you have to be is not be dyslexic. Its kinda like watching a film with subtitles except its easier to follow than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.如果必须偷偷摸摸地私下进行,你可以通过赛事实况报道进行了解。一些动作比较快的人会概括出比赛进展情况,只要你没有阅读困难就可以了。这就好像观看有字幕的电影一样,只不过比观看《藏龙卧虎》容易多了。Step 3: Online Streaming3.网上观看Many sports are now shown over the internet and if youve got a good broadband connection you can watch the game on the sly. Just dont forget that the subtlety of this approach can become lost if you get too engrossed in it and forget that youre supposed to be working.现在许多体育比赛都在互联网上直播,如果你的宽带连接状况比较好,你也可以偷偷观看比赛。不要忘记,如果你看得太投入了,就失去了这种方法的隐秘性,忘记你原本应该在工作。If you cant be bothered with all that other nonsense and you have bad eyesight and very thick skin, why not jack it all in and get a job right in the middle of it all? Good on ya son, live the dream.如果你不想麻烦来尝试这些荒谬的行为,而且你的视力不好,很不怕羞,为何不综合以上方法,在比赛的中场完成工作呢?祝你好运,实现自己的梦想。Thanks for watching How To Watch Sport While You Work.感谢收看“上班时间如何观看体育比赛”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/242450。

In order to tell whether a diamond was natural and not synthetic, youd have to go to a professional gemmologist or demonologist for inspection, using a spectrometer or other tools to be able to determine that. But it would be very, very difficult, and the untrained eye really couldnt catch the difference.为了辨别钻石是自然而非人工合成,你得去一位专业宝石专家那里进行检验,利用分光计或其他工具就能够确定。不过仅靠肉眼可能会非常非常困难,因为未经训练的眼睛很难分辨出这两者之间的差异。201204/177923。

Le Vaus plans for the remodelling of Versailles were complete,勒沃改造凡尔赛宫的计划已经完成and y to present to his demanding boss.已可呈现给他挑剔的主顾Louis certainly knew that what he wanted,路易当然知道自己想要的was a building which had that shock and awe effect.是令人敬畏的建筑Theres absolutely no doubt that he wanted a building,毫无疑问 他想要的建筑that would be sensational.必须轰动世人Le Vaus model was impressive, but had a major flaw.勒沃的建筑让人惊叹 却有大错He planned to destroy the old hunting lodge.他计划拆掉曾经的狩猎行宫The idea of Louis XIV,路易十四的想法was to keep always the little chateau of his father.是永远保留他父亲的小行宫So that was a problem for an architect because architects prefer.这为建筑师造成了麻烦 因为to destroy everything and to build a new building.他们偏向于拆掉一切然后重新建造So Louis sent the architect away and told him,所以路易解雇了建筑师 并告之I want this little chateau preserved.我要保留小行宫With Le Vau sent back to the drawing board,勒沃继续改进图纸Louis turned his attention to the landscape.而路易开始观察风景He wanted to expand the existing garden,他想扩建现有的花园adding ornamental lakes and groves,加入更多观赏性湖泊与果园lined with dazzling fountains.其中点缀耀眼的喷泉But hed picked an awful site.但他选址有误There were no views - its hemmed in by the sides of a valley.这里被山谷包围 缺少美景And also Versailles wasnt endowed, the region,凡尔赛本身也没有with the sort of trees which Louis wanted for his garden.路易想要栽在花园里的树木Louiss chief gardener was the centurys,路易的花园总管是该世纪most celebrated landscape designer,最著名的景观设计师Andre Le Notre.安德烈;勒诺特尔Versailles would be the greatest challenge of his career.凡尔赛宫是他职业生涯中的大挑战But the Sun King did not want to wait for his earthly paradise,不过太阳王不愿等待人间天堂or for his trees to grow from saplings.也不愿等待树苗长大Louis XIV wanted results and he wanted them fast.路易十四急于求成This was really a theme of the whole sort of Project Versailles.这真的是凡尔赛工程的主题And the solution was to uproot mature trees,解决方法就是从法国其他地方from other parts of France and bring them in.拔出成年树木栽种在这里And a special contraption was invented,人们发明了一种奇妙的装置a horse-drawn contraption,它由马拉动which would allow these mature trees to be transported on,你能想象得出as you can imagine,它如何通过糟糕的道路these terribly bad roads from other provinces.从其他省份运送成年树木201203/175510。

可以读懂用户脑电波的神奇电脑界面,使得仅仅通过想象(和一点点专注)就来操作虚拟的物体,甚至是真实的电子物体。Tan Le将演示这个耳机,告诉我们一些不可思议的应用。166421。