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  • Give your mom a confidence boost, and show your appreciation by giving her a makeover.为你的妈妈增加一点信心,为她改头换面,表现出你的赞赏和感激。You Will Need你需要A salon沙龙A department store商场A personal trainer私人教练A massage therapist治疗师Steps步骤STEP 1 Take her to a salon1.带她去沙龙Take your mom to a salon to find a style and color that will flatter her face.带她去沙龙,看看哪种风格和颜色能让她的面部更出。Find a style that is easy to maintain.选择一种更容易维护的造型。STEP 2 Keep nails2.美甲Keep her hands and feet looking their best by getting her a manicure and a pedicure.为她进行美甲,让她的双手和双脚看上去达到最佳状态。STEP 3 Go shopping3.购物Go shopping for the latest styles. Large department stores can help you find classic pieces that can be paired with the latest trends.带她购买最新的时尚产品。大商场可以帮你找到与最新的流行时尚搭配的经典款式。STEP 4 Make a makeup stop4.购买化妆品Make your next stop to the makeup counter. Find makeup that will match her complexion and bring out her eyes.下一站去化妆品柜台。寻找适合她的皮肤,凸显她的眼睛的化妆品。STEP 5 Get personal trainer5.寻找私人教练Get a personal trainer to design a program that meets her needs.找一位私人教练,为她设计适合她的需求的计划。STEP 6 Get a massage6.Get a relaxing massage. It will help reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and will be rejuvenating.进行放松。可以帮助减轻压力,缓解肌肉紧张,焕发新生。According to the U.S. Census, in 2004, there were approximately 82.8 million American mothers.根据美国统计局的调查,2004年,美国共有大约8280万位母亲。201501/352177。
  • My Generation我的世代Im part of a fearful generation, and I refuse to believe that I can change the world. I realize this may be a shock, but an independent Scotland will thrive is a lie. ;The U.K. is Better Together,; so in thirty years, Ill tell my children I vote with my head. I have my priority straight: the Union is more important to me than Scotland.我是这个畏缩世代的一部分,而我不愿相信我可以改变世界。我了解这可能是个打击,但独立的苏格兰将会繁荣是个谎言。“联合王国团结起来会更好”,因此三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子我深思后才投票。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来:联合王国对我而言远比苏格兰重要。As the experts tell me, 30 years from now, I would regret voting ;Yes.; I do not believe that I need to live in a country of my own making. In the future, the Union will prioritize Scotlands needs, and I completely reject any suggestion that Westminster only wants us for our resources. The fact is my generation is fearful and unambitious. It is foolish to presume that we need change.正如专家们告诉我的,从现在起三十年,我会后悔投“赞成票”。我不相信我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。在未来,联合王国将优先考虑苏格兰的需求,而我完全否认任何英国国会只为了我们的资源而需要我们的说词。事实是我的世代都畏畏缩缩且毫无野心。擅自主张我们需要改变是愚蠢的。Or is it?或者真是这样吗?We need change. It is foolish to presume that my generation is fearful and unambitious. The fact is Westminster only wants us for our resources, and I completely reject any suggestion that the Union will prioritize Scotlands needs. In the future, I need to live in a country of my own making. I do not believe that 30 years from now I would regret voting ;Yes; as the experts tell me.我们需要改变。认为我的世代都畏畏缩缩又没野心是愚蠢的。 事实是英国国会只因为我们的资源需要我们,而且我完全驳回任何联合王国将会优先考虑苏格兰需求的说词。未来,我需要住在一个由我自己决定的国家。我不相信从今以后的三十年,我会像专家所告诉我的那样,后悔投下“赞成票”。Scotland is more important to me than the Union. I have my priority straight. I vote with my head. So in 30 years, Ill tell my children ;The U.K. is Better Together; is a lie. An independent Scotland will thrive. I realize this may be a shock, but I can change the world, and I refuse to believe that Im part of a fearful generation.苏格兰对我而言远比联合王国重要。我将我优先考虑的要事直接表述出来。我是深思熟虑过投票的。所以三十年后,我会告诉我的孩子们“联合王国团结起来会更好”是个谎言。独立的苏格兰将会兴盛。我知道这或许是个冲击,但我可以改变这世界,而我拒绝相信我是一个畏缩世代的一部分。On September 18th, vote ;yes;.九月18号,投赞成票。201411/341961。
  • ANNOUNCER: Is this legit? 这合理吗?An IPO is the first time a company sells its stock to the public. IPO指的是一家企业第一次将它的股份向大众出售。It`s true. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, specifically offering shares of a company stocks.是的。IPO表示首次公开募股,特别是指提供股票。AZUZ: A popular social media service launched its IPO this week. 一家流行的社会媒体务公司本周进行了首次公开募股。Twitter, and the initial offer went pretty well. 推特,它的最初出价还不错。On Thursday, more than 113 million shares of Twitter were bought or sold on the stock market. 在周四,推特有超过一亿一千三百万股在股票市场上进行了买卖。The stock`s price at the end of the day puts the company`s value at around billion. 当日股票收盘价让该公司的市值达到大约两百四十亿美元。Now, Twitter has to show potential buyers that it`s worth than investment.现在,推特向潜在用户展示了,它是很值得购买的。 /201311/264671。
  • Learn the dangers of online dating sites in this high school dating advice from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester.观看Howcast这段高中生约会建议视频,跟随专家Shallon Lester了解在线约会网站的危险。Hey guys. My name is Shallon and Im here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website shallononline.com.朋友们,大家好。我叫Shallon,帮助大家回答关于爱,诱惑,浪漫和其中涉及的所有问题。要了解更多内容,可以登录我的推特页面或者我的个人网站。Theres nothing creepy or sketchy about meeting somebody on an online dating site but that doesnt mean that theres no creepy and sketchy people on the online dating site. Heres a few things to look out for, remember theres no limit to how much somebody can lie.通过在线约会网站来和某人会面并没有什么怪异的,但是这并不意味着在线约会网站上没有怪人。下面是需要注意的几点,要记住,某些人撒谎是没有底线的。If a guy says hes 17, a lot of girls are like well hes you know may be 18 or 19. No, he could be 50.如果一名男子声称他17岁了,许多女孩子都明白他可能18岁或19岁。不,他还有可能已经50岁了。People lie and they lie big, also dont give out too much of your personal information. A guy doesnt need your email, your address, your phone number, your Twitter handle, your Facebook page, real in the contact that someone can have. You never know where something is going to lead and once you give someone that info it cant be taken back. Its really important to listen to your gut and your instinct. If you get kind of a bad feeling about somebody or anything. A respectable guy isnt going to get mad that you want to postpone the meeting or may be talk on the phone a little bit first or bring one of your friends along. A real man understands that its important for a woman to feel safe so dont be afraid to set limits and listen to your instincts because if you dont and youre just flattered that hes giving you attention , it might be the wrong kind of attention. He might have fun with a tiger airbrushed on the side of it. Is that a chance you want to take? I dont think so.人们可能会说谎,甚至说很大的谎话,不要泄露太多个人信息。男子不需要你的电子邮件地址,你的家庭住址,你的电话号码,你的推特帐号,你的脸书页面,以及现实的联系方式。你不知道某件事可能会导致什么样的后果,一旦你给了某人你的信息,就收不回来了。听从自己的内心和本能是非常重要的。如果你对某人或某事有一种糟糕的感觉,那就听从内心的感觉。如果你想推迟会面,或者先通过电话沟通一段时间,或者带一个朋友一起见面,值得尊敬的男士是不会有意见的。真正的男人理解女性感到安全是非常重要的,所以不要害怕设定限制,听从内心的感觉,因为如果不这样的话,你只是在讨好对方,希望能引起对方的注意,但是这或许不是正确的注意力。他可能只是享受其中被美化的部分。你希望冒这种风险吗?我不认为是这样。201408/318878。
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