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The Meaning of Paper Cutting剪纸所体现出的意义People find hope and comfort in expressing wishes with paper cuttings. For example:for a wedding ceremony,red paper cuttings are a traditional and required decoration on the tea set,the dressing table glass,and on other furniture. A big red paper character“Xi”( happiness) is a traditional must on the newlywed#39;s door. Upon the birthday party of a senior, the character “Shou” represents longevity and will add delight to the whole celebration;while a pattern of plump children cuddling fish signifies that every year they will be abundant in wealth.人们在剪纸中看到了希望和表达愿望的安慰。例如:婚礼,红色的剪纸是一种传统,并要求装饰茶具,梳妆台的玻璃,和其他家具。一个大红“喜”(幸福)是一种传统,必须贴在新婚的大门上。长者的生日派对,字“寿”代表长寿,将为整个庆祝活动增加喜悦;而胖乎乎的孩子拥抱鱼的图案表示,他们每年都会收获丰富的财富。 /201609/464286。

The gravitational tug of large planets,like Jupiter and Saturn, could sling some planets on ;escapetrajectories;, propelling them off beyond their solar system into theempty space between stars.木星和土星等大行星的引力拖曳, 可把某些行星抛掷到“逃逸轨迹上”,把它们推出其自身的太阳系外,进入空旷的星际空间。That might seem to consign them to a coldand barren future. But some scientists believe that the first life on Earth wasnot powered by sunlight, but by volcanic energy released from the planet#39;sinterior at hot vents in the deep sea.这看起来似乎是把它们交付给了一个寒冷而荒芜的未来。但一些科学家认为,地球上最初的生命并不是由太阳提供能量的,而是由深海热液喷口喷出的地球内部释放的火山能量驱动的。All of the rocky planets in the inner solarsystem come with two internal heat sources.太阳系的所有岩态行星都有两个内部热源。First, each planet has a fiery core stillhot from the primordial fury of its formation. On top of that, they containradioactive elements. Primordial heat and radioactive decay inside rocky rogueplanets could warm them for billions of years – perhaps enough to keep theplanets volcanically active and provide the energy for life to start.第一,每个行星都有炙热核心,仍然保持着形成过程中的原始狂暴产生的热量。除此之外,它们还含有放射性元素。岩态的流浪行星内部的原始热能和放射性衰变,可温暖它们数十亿年– 也许足够保持行星上的火山活跃,为生命的开始提供能量。Rogue planets could also have dense,heat-retaining atmospheres. Compared with gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn,Earth#39;s atmosphere is thin and tenuous, because the Sun#39;s heat and light havestripped away lighter gases like hydrogen. Mercury is so close to the Sun thatit barely has any atmosphere at all.流浪行星还可有稠密储热的大气层。与木星和土星等气态巨星相比,地球的大气层稀薄,因为太阳的热和光除去了氢气等较轻的气体。水星离太阳如此之近,以致几乎没有任何大气层。Yet on an Earth-sized rogue planet, farbeyond its parent star#39;s influence, much of the original atmosphere mightremain in place. The resulting temperature and pressure could be enough tosustain liquid water at the surface, even without any sunlight.然而在地球大小的流浪行星上,因为远离母恒星的影响,原始大气层可能大体保持了原样。由此产生的气温和压力可能足以在星球表面维持液态水,即使没有任何阳光。What#39;s more, rogue planets would not beplagued by giant meteorite impacts, as Earth has been.而且,流浪行星不会受到巨陨石撞击的困扰,像地球曾经遭受的那样。If these ideas are right, then outside oursolar system rogue planets in interstellar space could be the closest placeswhere extraterrestrial life exists.若这些想法对头,那么在我们的太阳系外,星际空间的流浪行星可能是离我们最近的外星生命存在的地方。 /201605/440813。

A 19 year old newly wed bride, Khanzadi Lashari has been strangled to death on the night of her wedding by her husband during a wedding in the province of Jacobabad in Pakistan.近日,在巴基斯坦的雅各布阿巴德省,一名名叫堪萨迪·拉沙里的19岁新娘在新婚夜上被她的丈夫活活勒死。The murder of the woman, deemed an #39;honor killing#39; according to local reports comes after the husband discovered that his newly wedded bride was not a virgin.据当地媒体报道,在新婚夜上,当新郎发现自己的新婚妻子不是处女之后,遂将其谋杀,而这一行为竟然还被当成“荣誉谋杀”。Notes a report via Pakistan#39;s express tribune: Khanzadi, daughter of Lal Mohammad Lashari, married her cousin Qalandar Bux Khokhar the night before her lifeless body was found in her bedroom in ADC Colony. The suspect, her husband, remains on the run.据巴基斯坦的《论坛快报》报道,拉尔·默罕默德·拉沙里的女儿堪萨迪嫁给了她的表哥卡兰德,而第二天人们却在位于ADC Colony的卧室中发现了她的尸体。犯罪嫌疑人,也就是她的丈夫,目前仍然处于逃亡之中。News of the bride#39;s death, also known as Khanzadi Bux Khokhar upon her marriage came after Khanzadi Lashari#39;s mother notified police when her daughter failed to receive any response from their house the morning after the wedding.新娘的母亲告诉警方,在婚礼第二天早上,家人们发现不管怎么叫堪萨迪都没有反应时,他们才发现她已经死了。Policemen, with the help of the victim#39;s brother Ali Lashari, forced entry into the house, only to discover Khanzadi Lashari#39;s lifeless body on the bed. Her husband was missing.在被害人弟弟阿里·拉沙里的帮助下,警方破门而入,但只在床上发现了堪萨迪冰冷的尸体,她的丈夫卡兰德却不见踪影。Relatives of the deceased woman have since filed a complaint against Qalandar Bux and his four brothers, accusing them of strangulating the newly wedded Jacobadad bride.死者的家属已经对卡兰德和他的四个兄弟提起了刑事诉讼,控告他们残忍地杀死了这名来自雅各布阿巴德的新婚女子。The victim#39;s mother told that the groom and bride were cousins and the marriage took place with their consent.死者的母亲表示,新娘和新郎是一对表亲,而作为家长,他们原本对这场婚礼很赞同。A local report told of the furious groom telling his wife was #39;damaged goods#39; on their wedding night, prompting him to squeeze the life out of her and then sharing photos of her mangled corpse on social media.据当地一家媒体报道,新郎因在新婚夜发现妻子是“破烂货”而大发雷霆,随后暴怒的新郎将新娘掐死,之后还把尸体照片发布到了社交网站上。Next to images of the woman#39;s deceased body, the groom claimed that Khanzadi Lashari, the daughter of Lal Mohammad Lashari, was presented to him as an undefiled bride and had no choice but to kill her for dishonoring him.在死者的照片下面,愤怒的新郎发文说道,默罕默德的女儿堪萨迪原本应该作为一名纯洁的新娘许配给他,由于令他自己感觉很丢脸,所以只能选择杀掉新娘。News of the death has since led to local reports telling that Bilawal Bhutto, the Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party asking Sindh Home Minister to take immediate action against the #39;culprit#39; involved in the brutal murder.这起事件的报道在巴基斯坦引起了极大的影响,巴基斯坦人民党主席比拉瓦尔·布托要求信德省内政部长立即采取措施,严惩凶案犯人。PPP Chairman went on to tell that his Party refused to tolerate the murder of innocent and helpless women in the name of so-called honor killings along with imploring the Sindh government to come hard on honor-killings, with zero tolerance afforded to perpetrators.这位人民党主席还表示,该党绝不会容忍凶手冠“荣耀”之名,而行滥杀无辜妇女之事。他还要求信德省政府采取严厉措施制裁这类“荣誉谋杀”的行为,对犯罪者采取零容忍的态度。 /201604/437317。

Guinness World Records Tuesday confirmed that the Xinhua Dictionary published by China#39;s The Commercial Press is the ;most popular dictionary; and the ;best-selling book; in the world.本周二,吉尼斯世界纪录有关方面实,《新华字典》是世界上;最受欢迎的字典;和;最畅销的书籍;。As of July 28, 2015, Xinhua Dictionary, the first modern Chinese dictionary since the founding of the People#39;s Republic of China, has sold 567m copies globally, announced Marco Frigatti, SVP Records of Guinness World Records, at the presentation ceremony.在吉尼斯世界纪录发布仪式上,该机构全球高级副总裁马克·弗里加迪宣布,截至2015年7月28日,作为中国建国之后第一部现代汉语字典的《新华字典》在全球发行量达5.67亿本。;Over the past year, our teams have completed extensive data investigation, collection and examination for these two records and we are delighted to verify that Xinhua Dictionary is the most popular dictionary and the best-selling regularly updated book,; said Marco Frigatti.马克·弗里加迪说道:;在过去的一年中,我们团队对这两个记录做了大量的数据调查、收集和审查,最终确定《新华字典》是世界最受欢迎的字典和最畅销的常规更新书籍。;;China Publishing Group has many time-honored member publishing houses and comprehensively recognized publications, among which The Commercial Press and Xinhua Dictionary are typical examples. The #39;Most popular dictionary#39; and #39;Best-selling book (regularly updated)#39; record titles themselves are the epitome of Sino-Foreign cultural exchange, showing the increasing international influence of Chinese language from a micro level,; said Tan Yue, President of China Publishing Group.中国出版集团主席檀先生表示:;中国出版集团有很多历史悠久的出版社和大量广为人知的出版物,商务印书馆和《新华字典》就是其中典型的代表。#39;最受欢迎的字典#39;和#39;最畅销的书籍#39;两项记录头衔是中外文化交流的典范,从微观上展现了汉语日渐增长的国际影响力,;Yu Dianli, President of The Commercial Press, said the two Guinness World Records titles would bring more opportunities for cooperation between globally famous cultural institutes and the press.商务印书馆主席于殿利表示,《新华字典》获得这两项世界吉尼斯记录会给全球著名文化机构和出版社之间的交流合作带来许多机会。Dubbed the ;National Dictionary,; Xinhua Dictionary has been a tool for several generations of Chinese people, bearing the culture of the country and impacting the linguistic lives of billions. It is also a good tool for foreigners all over the world who are learning the Chinese language.被誉为;国民字典;的《新华字典》由商务印书馆出版,是新中国成立以来的第一部现代汉语字典。它是我国几代人的工具书,承载着我国的文化,影响着几十亿人的语言生活。它也是全球各地外国汉语学习者的良好工具书。 /201604/437649。

Tanzania#39;s president has sacked his home affairs minister after he turned up to parliament and answered questions while under the influence of alcohol, the presidency said last Friday.坦桑尼亚总统上周五宣布,该国内政部长因喝醉后出席国会,并且带着醉意回答议员的提问之后,已经被解职。President John Magufuli, who took office in November, has promised to tackle corruption and inefficiency in government. He has sacked several senior officials for graft and cut spending he deemed wasteful, such as scrapping official Christmas cards.约翰·马古富力总统于去年11月上任,他承诺在任期内打击贪污和政府懈怠问题。自上任以来,总统已经开除了数名渎职的高级官员,并且削减了一些无用的政府开,例如停止生产官方圣诞卡。Charles Kitwanga is the first minister to be fired since the cabinet#39;s appointment. Analysts said his sacking came as a surprise as he was widely viewed as being close to Magufuli.查尔斯·基图万加是总统上任后开除的首名部长。分析人士表示,此次卸职事件着实令人惊讶,因为基图万加向来与马古富力总统关系很要好。The presidential State House said in a statement Kitwanga was sacked after he ;turned up drunk to parliament and responded to a question directed to the Ministry of Home Affairs while being in a drunken state.; It did not say when the episode took place.总统府在发表的一份声明中指出,基图万加因“喝醉后出席国会,并且带着醉意回答议员的提问而被开除。”不过该声明并未指出事件发生的具体时间。Kitwanga had previously faced calls to quit before the incident by lawmakers who criticized his handling of the ministry. Kitwanga could not immediately be reached for comment.在该事件发生前,基图万加就曾面临过卸职的风险。因为立法机构称他无法正确处理内阁事务,并且经常无法即时联系到他,征求其意见。Government red tape and official corruption have often been blamed by businesses for slowing down or deterring investment in the poor African nation.一些商业投资者经常谴责政府内部的繁文缛节及官员腐败现象,称其阻碍了非洲国家贫困地区的投资进程。Magufuli has said would impose discipline on the civil service and public institutions.马古富力总统对此表示,该国将针对行政事务和公共机构采取法律措施。 /201605/446856。

5.Eating Too Much Fruit Makes You Fat5.别吃太多水果,不然你还是会胖We all grew up hearing that fruit is good for you, so it#39;s perplexing to find that apples, strawberries and the like are now at the center of a diet-fad controversy. On the one hand, people point out that fruits are full of important nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber, which are not only important to digestive health but also help you to feel fuller and less inclined to pig out on snack food.从小到大,我们都听说水果对人有益,所以当得知苹果,草莓等水果成为饮食风尚讨论的焦点时,令我们大是费解。一方面,人们指出水果中富含抗氧化剂和纤维素等各种重要的营养成分,这不仅对我们消化系统的运作极为有利,还有助于产生饱腹感,使我们减少食用垃圾食品的欲望。But fruit also seems to have a growing list of detractors, who are publishing articles and posting comments all over the Internet claiming that fructose, or fruit sugar, is just as bad for you as the processed kind, and will cause you to pack on the pounds. Both sides are wrong, according to a 2014 study by University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers. After analyzing data on seven scientific trials involving 1,200 subjects, they concluded that increasing consumption of fruit has a ;near-zero effect; on weight loss. But here#39;s the good news: It doesn#39;t increase your weight either – unless you misunderstand the U.S.Department of Agriculture recommendation to eat more fruit. If you add it on top of your normal diet (rather than substituting a fruit for a cookie) you just might gain more weight.但是越来越多的人对水果产生不满,他们在网上发布文章或,称果糖或水果糖这样加工过的食物同样对人体不利,会导致体重反弹。根据2014年伯明翰·阿拉巴马大学研究者的研究,这两种观点都不对。在分析了7个包含近1200个项目的科学实验数据之后,他们得出的结论是:水果的过量摄入会对减肥产生“近零效应”。还有个好消息——它也不会增加你的体重。除非你疯狂的吃水果,误解了美国农业部门的好心。如果你在日常的饮食上还吃进去了大量的水果(尽管不是用饼干代替水果),只能不幸的告诉你,你还是会变胖。4.Eating Full-fat Makes You Fat4.再继续吃全脂食品,你可就会越来越胖了If you#39;re a fan of indie cinema, you probably remember that scene from the 2004 coming-of-age hit ;Napoleon Dynamite,; in which the awkward protagonist tries to make conversation with a girl he likes: ;I see you#39;re drinking 1 percent. Is that #39;cause you think you#39;re fat? #39;Cause you#39;re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to;.如果你是独立电影爱好者,恐怕你不会忘了2004年出品的那部电影——《大人物拿破仑》吧,其中有一幕是:笨拙的男主角试图搭讪他喜欢的女孩,他说到,“我看见你只喝一点点汽水,是因为你觉得自己很胖吗?如果你想喝的话,就喝掉整瓶汽水吧,因为你根本就不胖。”That movie scene is funny, in part, because it reminds us of the popular belief that when you eat or drink foods rich in fats, your waistline and butt will expand as a consequence. But as an article on the Harvard School of Public Health#39;s website explains, studies show that the proportion of fat in a person#39;s diet doesn#39;t really have much effect upon weight. In fact, over the past 30 years, while the percentage of calories from fat in the typical American diet has gone down, obesity rates have skyrocketed. Again, it mostly comes down to calories. Many low-fat diets are full of carbohydrates (like white rice and b) which can cause weight gain. That said, the type of fat does matter #8722; try to consume more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and less saturated fats. Saturated fats are found in products like butter, cheese and red meat.电影的这一幕真是有趣,它让我们想起那条深入人心的建议——吃进肚里脂肪满满的食物,或是喝下肚高比重脂肪的饮品,不堪入目的后果便是,你的腰围跟臀围会变得臃肿不已。但是,一篇发布在哈佛大学公共卫生学院网站上的文章写到,研究指出,人们日常饮食的脂肪比例对体重并没有太大的影响。事实上,在过去的30年里,美国传统饮食中脂肪的热量比例已经有所下降,可肥胖率还是高升不降。在此再重申一次,导致肥胖的根本原因是热量。很多低脂肪饮食富含碳水化物(如白米和面包),会使人体增重。也就是说,不是所有的脂肪都会使我们变胖,选择摄入脂肪的种类很重要。因此,要尽量摄取单一不饱和脂肪、多元不饱和脂肪,同时要少量摄入饱和脂肪。黄油、芝士、和红肉等都是富含饱和脂肪的食品。3.Kids Are Chunkier Now Due to Fewer P.E. Classes3.越来越少的体育课导致现在的小孩子都变得“虎背熊腰”According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of children between the ages of 6 and 11 who are dangerously overweight has more than doubled between 1980 and 2012, and the obesity rate has quadrupled among adolescents. Those extra pounds, the CDC says, are putting kids at risk for an array of adult health problems, ranging from heart disease and diabetes to cancer.根据疾病控制和预防中心的报告, 6岁至12岁年龄段间的超重儿童在1980年到2012年期间翻了一番,青少年的肥胖率也翻了两番。疾病防治中心说,儿童肥胖,是成年疾病的温床,会埋下心脏病、糖尿病和癌症的祸根。That alarming trend has led a lot of adults to complain that kids these days would be slim and fit if they just had physical education (P.E.) in school. The problem, they think, is that many schools have been de-emphasizing it because of budget cuts and the need to spend more time on academics. But studies have found that increasing the number of days in which kids have gym doesn#39;t seem to have any consistent effect upon body-mass index or the prevalence of obesity. It#39;s difficult in a school class to achieve the amount of activity and calorie expenditure needed to make a difference.面对着这令人震惊的趋势,很多家长抱怨说,如果孩子们在学校多参与体育锻炼,身材将会苗条健康许多。他们认为缺少体育锻炼的原因是:很多学校为了消减预算,希望学生们集中精力学习,因而忽视了学生们的体育锻炼。 如今越来越多的孩子参与体育锻炼,但研究发现,这对体重或肥胖症并没有什么明显的作用。要让校方做出一定改变的举措,确保孩子们在学校有适度的运动量以消耗脂肪,是一件很困难的事。2.Realistic Weight Loss Goals Are Better2.实际些的减肥目标可能会效果更好We#39;ve heard diet doctors and fitness gurus preach this to us over and over. And it makes sense on the surface. Isn#39;t it better to be realistic, and set goals that we can be reasonably sure of accomplishing, such as being able to fit into those mom jeans that we bought recently, rather than vowing to lose 50 pounds (23 kilograms) in a few months?关于“合理制定减肥计划”这一说法,我们从饮食医师和塑形专家们那里听过太多遍了,听上去貌似确实很有道理。制定一个实际些的目标难道不是更好吗?制定一个我们能确保完成的目标,比如说穿上近期买的牛仔裤能够刚好合身,会比立誓在短短几个月减去五十磅(即二十三公斤)好很多吧。The problem, though, is that according a summary of research findings in the New England Journal of Medicine, ambitious goals for weight loss actually are more likely to result in a greater number of lost pounds. And while intervening and convincing people to have supposedly more realistic goals does result in more moderate weight-loss expectations, it doesn#39;t necessarily improve the chances of accomplishing them. In two studies where the weight loss goals were changed to make them more realistic, no greater weight loss outcome was recorded. So go ahead, imagine that Jillian Michaels is screaming in your ear to do more burpees and aim for dropping major pounds.话虽如此,但据《新英格兰医学杂志》研究发现,事实上,有更高的减肥目标的人更有可能减掉更多体重。虽然那些有说力的人会干涉你,希望你制定一个更现实的目标,尽管这确实会形成更温和适度的减肥期望,可并不见得你能更成功的减肥。有两项研究都表明,把减肥目标改得更现实之后,所记录的减肥结果并没有多么令人欣喜若狂。放手去吧!想象吉利安·迈克尔斯在你耳边尖叫着,再多做几次举重!我们的目标是甩掉赘肉!1.Birth Control Pills Make You Fatter1.口避药会使人变胖This is one that many women undoubtedly fear. ;The pill,; after all, does cause users to retain more fluid, which can make them feel that their breasts, thighs and hips are expanding. But as the scientific journal Nature reported in 2006, researchers who surveyed data from 44 studies on the subject concluded that there#39;s no evidence that using contraceptives causes an increase in weight.无庸置疑,很多女性对这一点都甚是担忧。毕竟用避药会导致体液潴留,在用者体内存留多余水分,会使女性感觉她们的胸部、大腿和臀部都在发胀变肥。但据科学杂志《自然》在2006年发表报告称,科研人员通过在此项目上44份研究报告显示的调研数据得出结论:没有据明用避药会导致体重增加。The studies also found that contraceptives had little effect on boosting appetite #8722; a common explanation for the extra pounds. When the pill was introduced in the 1960s, it had very high levels of estrogen, which does increase appetite and fluid retention. The current version of the oral contraceptive has much lower levels. That doesn#39;t mean that women don#39;t sometimes gain weight after starting on the pill. But as David Grimes, one of the researchers, explained to Nature, the reason is most people of both sexes gain weight as they age #8722; about 1 pound (2 kilograms) per year. But that#39;s not a reality that any of us like to face, so we tend to look for other explanations.但该研究也发现,用避药的确会对增加食欲起到少许作用——这是对体重增加最普遍的一个解释。当避药于二十世纪六十年代被引进时,它就含有高浓度的雌性激素,这会造成用者食欲增加和体液潴留。可这并不意味着女性用完避药后体重不会增加。从事该项研究的科研人员之一,戴维格里姆斯向《自然》杂志解释到:大多数男女体重会随着年龄的增加而增加——每年约一磅(即两公斤),但不是所有人都能接受这一事实,所以我们都希望找到其他能解释体重增加的理由。审校:省略珺 编辑:烟囱 来源:前十网 /201603/434495。

Robots that slice, grill, assemble and bag 400 burgers in one hour are set to invade California.一款可以在1个小时内自动切、烤、组合、包装400个汉堡的机器人将要引入到加利福尼亚州。Momentum Machines unveiled its autonomous grill master in 2012 and recently announced it will be opening a robot-powered burger bar in San Francisco#39;s South of Market.美国动力机器公司早在2012年就推出了能做汉堡的机器,近日又宣布其机器汉堡店即将登陆旧金山南部市场。Although this machine can do the work of three humans, the startup is still hiring people to perform other tasks such as payroll and taking out the garbage.尽管这台机器人可以做三个人的工作任务,但在初期仍然需要员工来帮忙处理客户订单或者清理垃圾等。With the minimum wage increasing in parts of the US, the idea of hiring a staff of robots may be a way to combat costs.美国部分地区的最低工资标准已开始上涨,那么用机器人替代员工将能降低成本。Former McDonald#39;s USA CEO Ed Rensi has said it would be cheaper to hire robots to replace the company#39;s staff than to pay them the minimum wage.美国麦当劳前任CEO爱德华·伦西表示,雇佣机器人来代替需要付15美元的员工,这要划算的多。It#39;s cheaper to buy a ,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who#39;s inefficient making an hour bagging french fries,#39; Rensi told Fox Business. He added that the demand to raise wages is #39;going to cause a job loss across this country.#39;伦西在接受《福布斯商业》的采访时说道:“购买价值35000美元的机器人比付给效率低的员工每小时15美元去炸薯条要实惠得多。”此外他补充说道,提高工资的要求“将会导致美国更多人失业。”And Momentum Machines just might be the spark that ignites the rise of the machines in the US fast food industry. News of the robot-run restaurant sp after a job posting on Craigslist surfaced last month, which gives the public a glimpse into how the startup#39;s futuristic eatery might operate once it is open to the public.动力机器公司将引领机器人在美国快餐行业大规模使用的新潮流。自从上个月Craigslist网站上发布招聘信息之后,机器人汉堡店这一新闻就传开。一旦其正式开业,公众就有机会一睹这家公司的未来主义餐厅如何运作的了。 /201607/454720。