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永新县做双眼皮埋线多少钱吉安隆下巴多少钱Private hospitals in Asia亚洲私立医院On call随时候命Hospital companies prepare to meet surging demand for health care in Asia亚洲私立医院正准备迎接医疗需求的激增A HUMID breeze wafts through the wards of Siloam General Hospital in Tangerang, near Jakarta. There is no air-conditioning, one of many ways the hospital contains its costs. Each room has dozens of beds arranged in neat aisles, privacy ostensibly offered by beige curtains. The open plan means that fewer nurses can tend to more patients. Families wait in long hallways, open to the car park.位于雅加达附近文登镇的西罗亚综合医院里,一阵潮湿的微风拂过墙壁。出于医院经营成本的考虑,这里并没有空调设备。在每个房间里都有许多病床被安排在了整洁的过道当中,个人隐私表面上则由一张张米黄色帘子来保护。开放式的设计意味着少量的护士能够负责更多的患者。患者家属们在长长的走廊上等待,队列一直延伸至停车场。The adjoining Lippo Village hospital feels rather different. Families lounge in the lobby, sipping lattes bought at the hospitals Starbucks. Pastries are sold in another shop, trinkets in yet another. Health care is for sale, too. The wealthiest patients are treated in the presidential suite, which has not just a bed but also a sofa, a refrigerator and a flat-screen television.毗邻的力宝村医院的环境则相当不一样。患者家属可以在休息室里等待,享受着医院内星巴克的拿铁。这儿有卖糕点的店铺,还有卖饰品的。同时,医疗保险也可以在这购买。最富有的病人被安排在了总统套房里,而该套房内不仅仅有一张床,还有一张沙发、一个冰箱以及一个超薄液晶平板电视。Both are owned by Siloam Hospitals, an Indonesian firm. The difference is that in the General Hospital, the government pays Siloam a capped price per patient for a given condition; in Lippo Village most patients pay for themselves.两家医院的拥有者都是西罗亚医疗,一家印度尼西亚公司。两家医院的区别是,在综合病院当中政府会为每一个患者在特定条件下付特定的补贴,而在力宝村医院当中,大部分病人是自己负担治疗费用。Siloam is part of a booming private business for hospital care in Asia. A bidding battle is under way for Healthscope, an Australian hospital firm which runs pathology services in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. HCA of America, the worlds biggest hospital firm, is reportedly prepared to pay billion to outdo Fosun, a giant Chinese conglomerate. Last month a consortium agreed to pay 1m for Chindex, which owns a chain of hospitals in China. The group comprises Fosun, TPG Capital and Chindexs chief executive, who is married to a journalist on this newspaper.西罗亚公司是冉冉上升发展的亚洲私人医疗市场的参与者之一。围绕着澳大利亚医疗企业Healthscope的竞价争夺战正在进行当中,而这是一家业务范围涵盖马来西亚、新加坡以及越南的公司。据称,世界最大的医疗企业美国HCA正筹备50亿美元以在该场收购战中胜过复星企业,后者是中国医疗业巨头之一。上个月,某财团已经同意付4亿6100万美元来收购在中国拥有连锁医院的美中互利集团。该集团旗下拥有复星企业和德州太平洋,其CEO还与本报的一名记者结了婚。The companies have every reason to smell an opportunity. Although Asias emerging economies are slowing, the rise of their middle classes is continuing. In Indonesia the number of middle- and upper-income consumers is expected to swell from 74m in 2013 to 141m by 2020, predicts the Boston Consulting Group. Rising incomes mean rising demand for health care. The average Chinese city-dwellers health spending more than doubled between 2002 and 2010, estimates PwC, a firm of consultants.这些企业都有充分的理由去相信眼前的大好机会。虽然亚洲市场的经济增长趋缓,但中产阶级的人口比例在持续上升。波士顿咨询公司的预测显示,印尼中产及中产以上收入的消费者将从2013年的7400万人上升至2020年的1亿4100万人。持续上升的收入意味着持续上升的医疗护理务需求。据咨询公司普华永道估计,中国城市居民平均医疗出在2002年至2010年间增长超过了一倍。Governments are trying to meet this demand. Malaysia and Thailand aly have broad public health-care systems. China, which boasts that it has extended basic medical coverage to 97% of its people, continues to make reforms. The Philippines is in the midst of a rapid expansion of insurance. Indonesia is in the first year of a plan to bring health coverage to the entire population by 2019.政府正努力满足国家医疗需求。马来西亚和泰国已经拥有了广泛的公共医疗系统。中国声称自己的基础医疗覆盖范围达到了97%,其政府也在持续地进行医疗改革。菲律宾的医疗保险正处于快速扩张期。而对印尼来说,目前正是医疗改革的第一年,预备在2019年前完成对整个国家人口的医疗覆盖。However, in many countries hospital beds are in short supply. Indonesia has only nine for every 10,000 people and the Philippines ten. America and Britain each have 29. And the quality of public hospitals varies greatly. Governments throughout the region say they will open more hospitals. But private operators think there will be a continuing shortfall for them to fill.然而,许多国家的医院均出现了床位短缺的现象。在印尼,每10000人当中只有9个床位的供应量,而在菲律宾则是10个床位。美国和英国的指标则是29个床位。与此同时,公共医院的务质量参差不齐。整个亚洲地区的政府都对外强调他们会开设更多的医院。但私人医疗机构则认为将来会有持续增长的市场空缺等待他们去填补。Some companies, such as Chindex and Siloam, are concentrating on only one country. In China Phoenix Healthcare Group, which made its stockmarket debut in November, tripled the number of hospital beds it manages between 2010 and June last year. Deutsche Bank expects that Phoenixs revenue will grow by 20% a year between now and 2016. Siloam, which also went public in 2013, has 16 hospitals in Indonesia. By 2017 it intends to have 40.部分公司只把业务集中在一个国家,如美中互利和西罗亚。去年11月上市的凤凰医疗集团,在2010年至2013年6月之间将医院床位的供应量增至三倍。德意志预测该集团的营业额从今年到2016年会实现20%的年均增长。同样在2013年上市,且在印尼拥有16家医院的西罗亚集团,预计到2017年将旗下医院数提升到40家。Others, such as Healthscope and IHH Healthcare, a Malaysian company, have international strategies. In 2010 IHH, then owned by Malaysias sovereign-wealth fund, bought Parkway, a Singaporean chain of high-end hospitals. In 2012 it snapped up 60% of Acibadem, a Turkish hospital firm. It went public the same year. IHH is now the largest hospital company in Asia and the second-largest in the world by market value. Its business stretches from Abu Dhabi to Vietnam. At Parkways newest hospital in Singapore, the muted wall colours evoke a hotel; a special scent is piped in to mask antiseptic odours. “Universal coverage is no-frills coverage,” explains Tan See Leng, IHHs chief executive. “We offer the frills.”另外一部分公司则拥有全球发展战略,如Healthscope和马来西亚的综合保健控股(IHH Healthcare)。在2010年,由马来西亚主权财富基金所拥有IHH收购了新加坡高端连锁医院Parkway,在2012年则买下了土耳其医疗集团Acibadem高达60%的股权。2012年同年IHH正式上市。以市场价值来计算,IHH目前是亚洲最大、世界第二大的医疗集团,其业务范围从阿布达比市延伸至越南。Parkway公司在新加坡最新建立的医院里,柔和的墙面色让人感受到了酒店的氛围;特殊的香味持续地输入室内以缓和消毒药剂的气味。IHH首席执行官Tan See Leng解释道:“全民覆盖的医疗务只是没有任何附加的基础务,而我们会提供更多。”However, at least three obstacles lie in the path of Asias ambitious private hospital companies. The first is simply that doctors and nurses are scarce. Companies in China have trouble attracting doctors from public hospitals, which offer good pay and pensions. Indonesias rules for foreign doctors all but prohibit hospitals from recruiting them.然而,目前至少有三大问题阻碍着雄心勃勃的亚洲医疗企业。首先,简单地说就是医生和护士的短缺。由于薪水和养老金方面的原因,中国的私立医院无法从公立医院里吸引医生过来。印尼对外国医生的管理仅有一条,那就是禁止医院聘请外国医生。Second, regulations can be treacherous. Gershu Paul, a former boss of Siloam, says that the time needed to obtain licences, permits and so on constrains growth. The rules sometimes stop companies investing at all. In 2012 Hong Kongs government requested bids to build two new hospitals. IHH and its local partners, which agreed to stipulations covering everything from the number of obstetric beds to the share of local patients, last year won the right to build one site. For the other site there was only one bid—which was rejected because it did not meet the governments requirements.其次,行业法规或许是不安的因素。西罗亚的前任老板Gershu Paul表示,申请营业执照、营业许可等等的一些条件都限制了医疗市场的增长。有时,一些条款完全让私人公司无法进行投资。2012年,香港政府为建立两所新医院发起了招标项目,而去年IHH和本地合伙人赢得了其中一所的承包权。他们答应了政府要求的从产科病床数到本地病人分享机制的所有条款。对于另外一所医院,在只有一家竞标商的情况下仍因为不满足政府要求而被拒绝。The third obstacle is uncertainty. Selling to the swelling middle class is no doddle: in such a new market, firms are finding it hard to gauge what people will pay for, say, a hip operation, or whether they will pay more for their aged parents care or for their childrens. Siloams private hospitals have six price tiers, an attempt to serve the many segments of Indonesias dynamic market, yet last year only 51% of their beds were filled. So far, the rich are the most dependable moneymakers. When IHH considers entering a market, it notes a countrys Gini coefficient, a measure of inequality: higher inequality implies wealthier patients willing to pay for treatment.最后一个问题是市场的不确定性。要在持续增长的中产阶级市场中取得成绩绝非易事:在这样的新市场里,医疗公司难以估测人们会为哪个项目买单,例如髋部手术,或者人们是否会为他们年迈的双亲和孩子付更高价格的医疗务。西罗亚的私立医院将医疗务分六个层次来定价,以尽可能多地囊括印尼多变的医疗市场。然而,去年该医院的床位仅达到了51%的使用率。到目前为止,富裕阶层是最可靠的盈利来源。当IHH公司考虑进入一个市场时,它会去关注国家的基尼系数:更高的贫富差距,意味着富裕的病人更愿意为高质量高价格的医疗务买单。Eventually some firms may prove adept at offering good, cheap treatment. Narayana Health, an Indian company, has tried to industrialise hospital operations to make care less pricey. But it remains to be seen how many private hospitals will count public-health services among their customers. In China, Phoenix has tested schemes in which the government pays it to run public hospitals. The government has said that public insurance may be used for private care, but implementation has been patchy. Of the 40 hospitals in Siloams plan for 2017, only the General in Tangerang will take fees from the government. Hospital companies will surely be part of Asias emerging health-care systems. How big a part is much less certain.最终部分公司或许能在优质廉价的医疗务领域如鱼得水。一家印度公司Narayana Health已经开始尝试将医院手术工业化,以降低医疗务的价格。然而,会有多少私立医院将公共医疗务作为自己的业务内容仍是个未知数。在中国,凤凰医疗集团已经着手进行了实验:政府付给私人公司去运营公立医院。政府已经表示了公共医疗保险或许也能用于私人医疗务,但该项目的实施困难重重。截至2017年为止的西罗亚公司40家医院里,只有文登镇的综合医院会收取政府的费用。可以肯定的是,医疗企业会参与到亚洲新兴的医疗系统当中来,而其规模有多大则无法确定。 /201405/299874井冈山市人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱 Some diseases are contagious–like colds, flu, and chickenpox. 一些疾病是会传染的,例如一般感冒、流感以及水痘。But what about loneliness? 但是寂寞会不会传染呢?Loneliness may not be adisease, at least not in the same way that chicken pox is.寂寞或许并不是一种疾病,至少跟水痘不一样吧。But loneliness can be contagious.但它是会传染的。How so? The same way that many emotions can be infectious. 为什么会这样呢?同样的道理,人的许多情绪都是可以传染的。Being around someone whos really happy can put you in a good mood.在一个快乐的人旁边可以让你心情愉快;While hanging around someone whos depressed can be, well, depressing.然而在一个失落的人旁边会让你感到沮丧。The same goes for loneliness.寂寞也是这样的。According to one study, the average person feels lonely about forty-eight days per year.一项调查表明,人在一年当中感到孤独的平均时间是48天。Having a lonely friend adds around seventeen extra days of lonelyfeelings.若是有个寂寞的朋友,会增加17天左右。Following more than five-thousand people for ten years, the study observed how lonelinesscan sp through a group.该项目在十年间跟踪调查了5000多人,观察寂寞是如何在一群人中蔓延的。Lonely people, it seems, transmit their sad, lonely feelings to peoplearound them.结果似乎是寂寞的人会把他们悲伤、寂寞的感觉传播给他周围的人。What happens, according to the study, is that interacting with a lonely person canleave you with a negative feeling toward friendship generally.根据这项调查,在一般情况下,与一个寂寞的人相处会会让你对友谊有着消极的情绪。And so youre more likely to havenegative experiences with other friends, weakening social bonds.这样一来,你就很可能与朋友发生不愉快,削弱你的社会联系。If loneliness is allowed to sp unchecked, it can destroy a social network.倘若寂寞可以随意蔓延,它会毁掉你的社交网络。The best way to ward off this sort of lonely contagion is to pay more attention to people onthe edges of a group.避免寂寞传染的最好方式就是将更多的注意力放在处于群里边缘的人身上,Reaching out to those who are shy or dont fit in, and are therefore lonely,can make them feel less alone.向那些害羞或者不适应的人伸出手,这样会让他们感到没那么寂寞。And so theyre less likely to sp lonely feelings throughout thegroup.从而就不太将寂寞感传给群体里的人。 201406/304654Oftentimes when we cry, we feel a lump in the throat.很多时候,当我们哭泣时,我们会感到哽咽。Does alump actually form, or is there some other explanation?难道是真的在喉咙中形成了块状物?或是有其它的解释?The lump-like thing we feel when overcome by emotion has to do with how the nervous systemdeals with stress.我们被情绪占据时所感受到的结块一样的东西与神经系统处理紧张的方式有关。The part of the nervous system that handles stress is called the autonomicnervous system.神经系统中处理紧张的部分叫作自主神经系统。It controls bodily functions that we do not consciously control, such as digestingfood and pumping blood through the heart.它能控制我们无意识地去控制的一些身体功能,比如消化食物和心脏泵血。However, the autonomic nervous system is alsoimportant in dealing with emotional states.但是,自主神经系统却在处理情绪状态时非常重要。When an animal encounters a stressful situation, its autonomic nervous system kicks in to allow itto either fight or run away.当动物面临紧张情境时,自主神经系统开始起作用,使动物选择战斗或是逃跑。It does this by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to thenecessary muscles.这是通过增加输送至必要部位肌肉的血流和氧气来实现的。The same applies to humans.同样的情况也适用于人类。Even when we experience emotions such asgrief or sorrow, the autonomic nervous system responds as it would to anger or fear by increasingthe flow of oxygen through the body.即使我们怀揣着悲伤或伤感这类情绪时,自主神经系统也能作出响应,一如它在处理愤怒和恐惧那样增加全身的氧气输送量。To increase oxygen intake, the autonomic nervous system makes us breath faster, and expandsthe glottis, the opening in the throat that allows air to flow from the larynx to the lungs.为了增加氧气的吸入量,自主神经系统促使我们呼吸加快,同时使声门扩张。Theexpansion of the glottis in and of itself does not create a lumpy feeling, until we try to swallow.除非我们进行吞咽动作,不然声门的扩张本身不会让我们产生哽咽的感觉。Since swallowing involves closing the glottis, this works against the muscles that open the glottis inresponse to crying.因为吞咽涉及到声门的关闭,这与哭泣时开启声门的肌肉响应动作相反。We experience the resulting muscle tension as a lump in the throat.这时我们感觉到肌肉紧张,也就是喉中哽咽的感觉。 /201402/276301泰和县激光脱毛多少钱

吉安市专业祛疤Its really awful.真是太糟糕了。You started seeing Michael coming in every day, looking like death.你开始看到迈克尔每天进来,像死了一般。It was opposite.这是背道而驰的。The testimony was just destroying him.词是在毁了他的一生。To sit there in court and watch the legal system hurl absurd and vindictive and nasty, mean-spirited allegations at him like this, absolutely traumatized him.坐在法庭亲眼目睹我们的法制系统对他进行这样荒谬,肮脏的报复,卑鄙的指控,绝对是在伤害他。For me, and for other people who actually knew Michael,对我和其他那些实际上真正了解迈克尔的人而言,this was a real human being, whose life was being destroyed, and every day it just seemed to get worse.这是一个真正的人,他的生活被摧毁,每天只是似乎变得更糟。One of the sheriffs came to me and said, you know ,Youve got the best seat in the house.其中一位地方长官来到我身边对我说,你知道,你获得了法庭中最好的位置。And I said,Why?我说:为什么?And he said,Because youre sitting right behind Michael.他说因为你坐在迈克尔身后。And when we find him guilty.而我们发现他有罪。201309/258189吉安吸脂多少钱 The portraits of Edouard Manet爱德华·马内的肖像画Bold and strange勇辟蹊径,立异标新He worked to imbue his paintings with life as no photograph could马内画笔下的人物生动形象,照片难以匹敌THREE portraits share a wall. In one a dark-eyed, forthright beauty stares at the viewer; another features a scarlet-lipped, tormented woman ringed by an inky sea of grief. The final image is of a wary creature with a pert nose who shivers in her furs. Each is so different in mood and technique that it is remarkable that they were all painted by Edouard Manet between 1868 and 1874. More remarkable still, the sitters are the same woman: Berthe Morisot, a fellow painter. These paintings and others make a show of Manets portraits at the Royal Academy in London one not to be missed.面墙,三幅肖像画。第一幅,一位黑眼睛美人凝视前方,神情真挚,仿佛盯着观众;另一幅中,一位女子唇如烈焰,神情痛苦,四周弥漫着浓浓的悲伤。最后一幅,画中人鼻子小巧笔挺,一副小心谨慎的样子,在皮草里瑟瑟发抖。这三幅作品的基调与技巧迥然相异,却都是爱德华·马内在1868年至1874年间所创作的,实在了不起。更厉害的是,画中的模特儿是同一位女子:马内的同行—画家贝尔特·莫里索。这三幅画还有其他一些作品正在伦敦皇家艺术院的一个马内肖像画展览中展出,实在不容错过。On view are some 50 paintings and works on paper. Inspired by the dramatic masterpieces of Francisco Goya and Diego Velázquez (all those luscious blacks), and Frans Halss genius for portraying people with a gusto for life, these works trace Manets influences and his efforts to master a vision of his own. Grouped by theme, the portraits are spotlit against dark walls as if each was a jewel. Many are, though the curators could have exercised more discretion. A stronger show would have been a smaller one; arranged chronologically, it could have revealed more about the artist.展览有大约50幅油画及素描。这些作品是马内被弗朗西斯科·戈雅、迭戈·委拉兹开斯出色的大作所感染,又受佛兰斯·哈尔斯画人物栩栩如生的本领所启发而创作的,从中可以看出马内受到哪些前辈的影响以及他为追求个人风格所做的努力。这些肖像画按主题展出,挂在黑暗的墙上用聚光灯照亮,仿佛每幅画都是一件珠宝。其中很多确实被视为珠宝,不过馆长考虑得还不够周到。如果规模小些,展览会更有感染力,如果作品按时间顺序展出,人们就可以更加了解马内。Seductive, witty and intelligent, Manet was also financially independent. Few of these portraits were commissions. His pianist wife can be seen in several glowing, affectionate works, and Manet painted some arresting portraits of his friends. The canvasses of Victorine Meurent, a professional model, radiate a sexual charge. This is as true when she is wearing a simple shirt as when she is seen naked at a picnic in the company of fashionably dressed men in his famous painting “Le dejeuner sur lherbe”. Meurent inspired haunting and unforgettable works, including Manets greatest one, “Olympia”, which is unfortunately not in this show.马内本人迷人、诙谐、睿智,经济也比较宽裕。这些肖像画往往不是受人委托而画的。好几幅色鲜艳、充满深情的作品里,都可以看见马内那位钢琴家妻子的身影,马内还为朋友们画了一些出的肖像画。有些油画画的是职业模特维多利安·莫涵,在画中她散发着一种性感的魅力。这种魅力不论莫涵只穿一件简单的衬衣,还是像马内另一幅著作《草地上的野餐》那样一丝不挂地与衣着入时的男子们野餐,你都能感受得到。莫涵激发了马内的灵感,使他画出了许多深入人心的作品,其中包括最著名的《奥林匹亚》,可惜这幅画不在本次展览中。Manet hated the thought that his paintings would be seen jammed together. Here the hanging could not be more generous; a cynic might say stretched out. One gallery is devoted to a map of Paris. “Music in the Tuileries Gardens”, a freely painted park scene from 1862, has a room to itself. This crowded vision of men in top hats and women in fashionable bonnets is not actually a portrait, but viewers can make out the figures of Manet and Charles Baudelaire, a poet. Unstaged and exuberant, his evocation of the bourgeoisie at play has been called “the first truly modern picture”. It was brutally attacked at the time.马内不喜欢自己的作品被挂得密密麻麻地展出。而这次,展览场地可谓宽敞至极,有人可能会挖苦说简直是空旷。有个展厅专门用来展览一幅巴黎地图。《杜乐丽花园中的音乐》也有一个专门的展厅,画中人山人海,男士们戴着大礼帽,女士们戴着时尚软帽。其实这幅不算肖像画,不过观众可以从中认出马内和诗人查尔斯·波德莱尔。这幅活泼随性的资产阶级玩乐图如今被尊为“第一幅真正的现代画”,但在当时却遭到猛烈抨击。The critics shredded Manet. They mocked his inconsistent style; his refusal to respect conventions. Their vicious words were like “lashes of a whip”, Manet once wrote. Yet he had contemporary champions, including Baudelaire, Stephane Mallarme, a symbolist poet, and Emile Zola, a novelist. Younger artists, such as the nascent Impressionists, also admired him. Pierre-Auguste Renoir observed that Manet was as important to them “as Cimabue or Giotto were to the Italians of the Quattrocento.” His influence continues. Rineke Dijkstra, a photographer, credits Manet with helping inspire contemporary large-format portraits.那时,人士将马内批得体无完肤。他们讥讽马内的画风前后矛盾,笑话他不尊重传统。他们的毒舌就像“鞭子的抽打”,马内曾写道。但也有一些同时代的人拥护马内,包括波德莱尔、象征主义诗人斯忒法·马拉美及小说家埃米尔·左拉。年轻一代的画家也很崇拜他,如早期的印象派画家。皮埃尔-奥古斯特·雷阿诺说,马内之于其拥护者,就如契马布埃或乔托之于十五世纪的意大利那样重要。时至今日,马内的影响力依然未减。摄影师日尼科·迪克斯特拉认为,马内是现代大幅肖像画发展的功臣。As it happens, Manets own style was in part a response to the rise of portrait photography. By the time he was in his 30s it seemed “everybody” wanted such a photograph, himself included. He understood this presented a challenge for painters, and so he set out to make his portraits “boldly strange”, argues Carol Armstrong, an art historian. This show may not be without disappointments, but it offers ample evidence of why Manet is revered.当时恰逢人物摄影兴起,马内自己的画风多少受此影响。在马内三十多岁那个年代,似乎“每个人”都想要一张自己的照片,马内也不例外。美术史家卡罗·阿姆斯特朗认为,马内深知摄影给画家带来了挑战,于是他打算创作出“大胆而新奇”的肖像画。这次展览可能会有不尽人意之处,但也能充分说明为什么马内如此备受推崇。 /201406/302916吉安保仕柏丽医院可不可以植发

吉安市立医院去痘多少钱Hydroplaning happens when a vehicle moves too quickly along a wet road. A layer of water accumulates under the tires; they lift up and lose traction; the driver loses control.当车辆在潮湿的路面上开得太快时会出现打滑现象。轮胎下聚积的一层水会抬高轮胎,失去牵引力,驾驶员会失去对车辆的控制。Now, what does NASA have to do with hydroplaning?美国国家航空航天局与打滑现象有什么关系呢?Heres an historical look at the science story.我们来看下科学的历史。Hydroplaning is a relatively new phenomenon for humans, given that the combination of high speed and smooth pavement thats necessary has only fairly recently become possible.打滑现象对人们来说是相对较新的现象,因为高速和光滑的人行道也是最近相对才有的。In fact, it wasnt until 1957 that a tire tmill study first experimentally demonstrated hydroplaning “in action.”事实上,直到1957年一台带轮胎的踏车最先通过试验演示了打滑现象的存在。That study was motivated by airplanes.那项研究是由飞机引发的灵感。Hydroplaning had been causing a lot of problems for pilots landing on wet runways.飞行员降落在潮湿跑道上,打滑现象已经给他们造成了大量的问题。Heres where NASA comes in. NASA scientists wanted to figure out what hydroplaning was all about.这也是NASA介入的原因。NASA科学家试图弄明白打滑现象究竟是怎么回事。So, they collected a lot of data, and produced a mathematical formula to illustrate how quickly a vehicle could travel on a wet surface before entering hydroplane mode.因此,他们收集了很多数据,并且得出一个数学公式来说明车辆在潮湿的路面以多快的速度行驶就会打滑。They published the equation in 1963, along with information about the effects of water depth, paving technique, tire t, and vehicle weight on hydroplaning risk.1963年,科学家们公布了这个数学公式,同时告诉大家水的深度、人行道的铺设技术,轮胎面以及车的重量对打滑的影响。This publication offered several important safety tips.这次信息的公开提供了几个重要的安全提示。For example, use well-ted, fully inflated tires; and, dont slam on the brakes if you skid on wet pavement.例如,使用较好的轮胎面,完全充气的轮胎,如果你在潮湿的地面上刹车时,不要用力踩刹车。These suggestions may sound commonplace, and we now also know that vehicles with anti lock brakes require slightly different hydroplane handling than those without.这些建议似乎是老生常谈,我们现在也知道带防锁死刹车装置的车辆处理打滑现象时与没有该刹车的车辆稍有不同。However, we can thank those NASA scientists from fifty years ago for getting the word out, and helping to keep all drivers-on runways and roads-safer on rainy days.但无论如何,我们都要感激50年前NASA科学家们告诉我们打滑现象,使所有跑道和道路上的驾驶员在雨天能更安全行驶。201401/272534 泰和县人民中医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱吉安中心医院做隆胸手术多少钱



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