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吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院地址井岗山市妇幼保健院打瘦腿针多少钱This week marks the centenary of the Australian landing at Anzac Cove.On that day, some 750 were killed.Nearly 9,000 would lose their lives at Gallipoli before the evacuation eight months later. Over 61,000 would lose their lives during the Great War.Our forebears faced terrible trials, but the worst of times brought out the very best in them.Their perseverance, selflessness, courage and compassion came to define us as a nation.So this week, around Australia and overseas, we will commemorate this anniversary.Tomorrow, I will be in New Zealand for the dedication of the Australian National Memorial in Wellington.This Memorial is a reminder of the deep ties between our two nations.We are more than friends, we are family.On Tuesday, I will travel to Turkey to join our Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli.This Anzac Day, I hope all Australians will participate in the dawn services, marches and commemorations which will occur.On Anzac Day, we remember all who served our country – in all conflicts and in all peace keeping operations.In a century of service, we have lost 102,000 of our nation’s finest.This week, I hope all Australians – young and old – in every town and suburb – will honour them and remember them.Lest we forget.201507/385344吉安保仕柏丽整形抽脂多少钱 They did not succeed,but remember the old Norwegian saying,its not whether you win or lose that counts. 失败了呀。不过大家要记得那句挪威古语云:成败不重要,In fact, nothing counts, and death is coming for us all.其实,什么都不重要,因为人终有生老病死。Exactly. So why does this stand out?此言极是。那么这个节目出在哪里呢?This is so completely different to other TV programming.因为我们的节目跟其他的完全不同。We take the viewer on a journey that happens right now in real time,and the viewer gets the feeling of actually being there,actually being on the train, on the boat,and knitting together with others,and the reason I think why theyre doing that is because we dont edit the timeline. 观众宛如置身现场,仿佛真的在美景中穿梭,好像真的坐在火车上,坐在船上,或者是跟别人一起织毛衣,之所以会这么觉得,是因为我们不改编时间线。Its important that we dont edit the timeline,and its also important that what we make Slow TV about is something that we all can relate to, that the viewer can relate to,and that somehow has a root in our culture. 不改编时间线很重要。还有一点也非常重要,那就是我们在制作慢电视的时候,我们能把大家、把观众连系起来,这种联系是深藏在我们的文化之中的。This is a picture from last summer when we traveled the coast again for seven weeks.这个画面是我们去年夏天花了7个礼拜故地重游了那个海岸线。And of course this is a lot of planning, this is a lot of logistics.当然还需要靠强大的策划和准备工作。So this is the working plan for 150 people last summer,but more important is what you dont plan.这个就是当时150名团队成员的工作策划表。更重要的是,我们不能只跟着计划走,You dont plan whats going to happen.无法预计要发生什么,You have to just take your cameras with you.带着摄像机,说走就走,Its like a sports event.就像体育竞技一样,You rig them and you see whats happening.走一步看一步。So this is actually the whole running order for Hurtigruten, 134 hours, just written on one page.这个是我们当时制作海达路德的全部计划书,134个小时的节目,就一张纸。We didnt know anything more when we left Bergen.在开启卑尔根之旅的时候,我们也就知道这么多。So you have to let the viewers make the stories themselves,and Ill give you an example of that. 你需要让你的观众谱写自己的故事,举个例子,This is from last summer,and as a TV producer,its a nice picture, but now you can cut to the next one. 这个是去年夏天拍摄的,通常节目制作人看到这会想,画面不错,但该切到下一画面了。But this is Slow TV,so you have to keep this picture until it really starts hurting your stomach,and then you keep it a little bit longer,and when you keep it that long,Im sure some of you now have noticed the cow. 但在慢电视中,你必须接着拍这个画面,直到你真的拍不下去了。不过你还是得接着拍,就在你坚持拍摄的时候,你们当中一定有人看到那头牛了,Some of you have seen the flag.也有人看到那面旗子了。Some of you start wondering, is the farmer at home?有人一定开始想了,这农场主在家么。Has he left? Is he watching the cow?还是走了?你咋不看着你的牛?And where is that cow going?那只牛要去哪里?So my point is, the longer you keep a picture like this,and we kept it for 10 minutes,you start making the stories in your own head. 所以我要说的是,这样的画面你拍得越久,我们当时拍了10分钟,你就开始自己琢磨出一个故事来了。Thats Slow TV.这就是慢电视的精髓。So we think that Slow TV is one nice way of telling a TV story,and we think that we can continue doing it,not too often, once or twice a year, so we keep the feeling of an event,and we also think that the good Slow TV idea,thats the idea when people say,Oh no, you cant put that on TV. 我们觉得慢电视是一种很赞的节目故事表现方式,我们会继续制作这类节目,不会很多,一年一两个, 这样我们就能保持住对一个事件的感受想法,同时,我们也觉得作为一个优秀的节目点子。它是大家嘴里那种唉呀妈呀,这个不能播。When people smile, it might be a very good slow idea,so after all, life is best when its a bit strange. 只要让大家会心一笑,就有可能是个很棒的点子,因为毕竟,人生因奇葩而精。Thank you.谢谢大家。201506/382614I want to address the issue of compassion.我想探讨慈悲心这个话题Compassion has many faces.慈悲心有很多形态Some of them are fierce; some of them are wrathful;有些是激烈的;有些是忿怒的some of them are tender; some of them are wise.有些是温和的, 有些是智慧的A line that the Dalai Lama once said,达赖喇嘛曾说过he said, ;Love and compassion are necessities.他说:“爱与慈悲是必需品They are not luxuries.它们不是奢侈品Without them,没有它们humanity cannot survive.; 人性无法留存。”And I would suggest,我想说的是it is not only humanity that wont survive,不仅人性难以保全but it is all species on the planet,我们今天所知道的as weve heard today.地球上所有的物种都是It is the big cats,不论是大型猫科动物and its the plankton.还是浮游生物Two weeks ago, I was in Bangalore in India.两周前,我在印度的班加罗尔I was so privileged我很荣幸的to be able to teach in a hospice在班加罗尔的郊区on the outskirts of Bangalore.一个安养院教授临终关怀And early in the morning,每天很早I went into the ward.我就去病房In that hospice,在那家安养院there were 31 men and women有31个人who were actively dying.处在濒死状态And I walked up to the bedside我走到of an old woman一个老年妇女的床前who was breathing very rapidly, fragile,她的呼吸非常急促而微弱obviously in the latter phase很明显of active dying.她处于濒死的末期I looked into her face.我看着她的脸I looked into the face看着坐在她旁边of her son sitting next to her,她儿子的脸and his face was just riven他的脸with grief and confusion.溢满了悲伤和困惑And I remembered我记得a line from the Mahabharata,诃婆罗多the great Indian epic:伟大的印度史诗里有这么一段话:;What is the most wondrous thing in the world, Yudhisthira?;“尤帝士提尔,什么是这世上最美妙的事情?”And Yudhisthira replied,尤帝士提尔答道;The most wondrous thing in the world“世上最美妙的事情is that all around us就是我们所有人people can be dying都将死去and we dont realize而我们对此it can happen to us.;却一无所知。”I looked up.我仰起头Tending those 31 dying people照顾这31个濒死者的were young women是来自from villages around Bangalore.班加罗尔周边村子的年轻女性I looked into the face of one of these women,我看着她们的脸and I saw in her face在她们的脸上the strength that arises我看到when natural compassion is really present.慈悲显现时升起的力量I watched her hands我看着她的手as she bathed an old man.她在给一个老年男人沐浴My gaze went to another young woman我转头望向另一个年轻女子as she wiped the face她在擦拭of another dying person.另一位临死的人的脸And it reminded me这让我想起of something that I had just been present for.我刚刚演讲提到的那些内容Every year or so,差不多每一年I have the privilege of taking clinicians我由此荣幸身负使命into the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau.进入喜马拉雅地区和西藏高原And we run clinics我们在每一个遥远的区域in these very remote regions开设诊所where theres no medical care whatsoever.那里没有此类医疗护理201409/331347吉安哪家祛疤

吉安哪里做双眼皮好井冈山市激光治疗鸡眼多少钱 My names Seth Priebatsch. Im the chief ninja of SCVNGR.我叫Seth Priebatsch。我是SCVNGR公司的首席忍者。I am a proud Princeton dropout.我也因普里斯顿大学辍学而感到自豪。Also proud to have relocated here to Boston, where I actually grew up.同时也很自豪能够回到波士顿创业,这是我长大的地方。Yeah, Boston.是的,波士顿。Easy wins. I should just go and name the counties that weve got around here.我去过很多不同地方,阐述这种概念。So, Im also fairly determined to try and build a game layer on top of the world.我决定要去尝试,建立一个超级棒的游戏社交圈。And this is sort of a new concept, and its really important.这是一种新的概念,很重要的概念。Because while the last decade was the decade of social因为过去十年是网络社交的黄金十年,and the decade of where the framework in which we connect with other people was built,这十年里,人们在网上联系彼此的平台开始出现,this next decade will be the decade where the game framework is built,下一个十年,将是游戏社交平台建立的时候,where the motivations that we use to actually influence behavior,影响人们行为的动机,and the framework in which that is constructed, is decided upon, and thats really important.以及游戏社交平台,都会逐渐建立起来,这很重要。And so I say that I want to build a game layer on top of the world,所以,我说我想建设一个超级棒的游戏社交圈,but thats not quite true这并不十分准确,because its aly under construction; its aly happening.因为这个社交圈已经开始建立了:这已经在发生了。And it looks like this right now.现在的情况就像这样。It looks like the Web did back in 1997, right?这很像1997年的电脑页面对不对?Its not very good. Its cluttered.不太好。很拥挤的页面。Its filled with lots of different things that, in short, arent that fun.它充斥着很多信息。一句话,不怎么好。There are credit card schemes and airline mile programs这有信用卡刷卡方案、飞行里程计划、and coupon cards and all these loyalty schemes优惠券和其它很多提升客户忠诚度的计划。that actually do use game dynamics它们都利用人们玩游戏的动机and actually are building the game layer: they just suck.来建立游戏社交圈,但这些游戏动机很糟糕。Theyre not very well designed, right?这种消费游戏设计的不好,对吧?So, thats unfortunate.这太糟糕了。But luckily, as my favorite action hero,幸运的是,正如我最喜欢的动作巨星,Bob the Builder, says,建筑师巴布(Bob the Builder欧美卡通影片)说的,;We can do better. We can build this better.;“我们可以做的更好。我们可以盖出更好的建筑。”And the tools, the resources其实,我们用来建设游戏圈的that we use to build a game layer are game dynamics themselves.工具、资源就是玩游戏的动机。And so, sort of, the crux of this presentation is going to go through所以我今天演讲的关键就是four really important game dynamics, really interesting things,四种重要的玩游戏的动机,非常有趣,that, if you use consciously,如果你意识到,you can use to influence behavior, both for good, for bad, for in-between.你就可以用这些动机来影响人们的行为,既可以朝着好的方面施加影响,也可以带来坏的影响,或者让它们同时发生。Hopefully for good.当然我们希望是好的影响。201601/422433永丰县botox除皱多少钱一支

江西省吉安保仕柏丽整形医院切眼袋手术多少钱无论老天赋予你什么样的天赋,或者给让你经历什么样的苦难,都不要放弃做自己的机会,每一个人都是不一样的,相信自己。My name is Olive.我的名字是奥利弗Due to a rare congenital condition,I have very small hands.由于一种罕见的先天因素,我的两只手非常的小As a youngster, I used anything to hide my hands from you.青少年时期,在人前我总是把双手藏起来Tenpin bowling was impossible.打保龄球是不可能的Piano lessons were utterly humiliating.上钢琴课也非常的丢人After a dance, a girl once like the experience to holding the paw of a weasel.舞会后,女孩感觉是握着黄鼠狼的爪子When I had decided to put an end to myself,my finger didnt reach the trigger.就连当我决定结束自己生命的时候,我的手指都够不到扳机So I prayed for a purposive life.所以我祈祷能得到一个有意义的人生Suddenly,I was overcome with an urge to sew.突然之间,我禁不住想要缝东西My stitches were so small and undetected.我的针脚如此的小以至于察觉不到They will go unnoticed to the untrained.以至于人们都看不到瑕疵Soon ,my new-found became famous across the land.不久我的这项新技能就让我家喻户晓了Girls liked me.女孩们开始喜欢我了And it wasnt long before the makers of the worlds finest clothes offered me a position in their workshop.不久之后世界上最顶级的裁缝们也在他们的工作室里为我留了一个位子I’ve been hired here for ten years this August.到今年八月份,我已经被这个工作室雇佣十年了Here Im not treated as a freak,but as a hero.在这里,我不是被当成一个怪物,而是一个英雄And no longer do I feel cursed,I feel blessed.我也不再觉得自己是被诅咒的,相反,我觉得我是被神祝福的201305/241697 But I mean, if you launch a feature, obviously retention is going to go up. All right, so I mean, retention has been up recently because of the photos. But focusing on things that are sustainable and scalable, so that when we launch more schools or go into the next market or whatever we do, were going to set ourselves up to have the same success that weve had without hurting ourself in current position.不过,如果你推广一个新的功能,回访率就会明显上升。所以,自从相册上线之后,回访率就升高了。要关注那些可持续发展的、规模容易扩大的事物,所以当我们向更多的学校扩展,就是进入新的市场时,我们的目标是获得跟以前一样的成功,而且不破坏现有的水平。Jim Breyer: Mark is incredibly good at keeping the bar very high on new hires. When youre quadrupling in size in terms of people, theres always a tendency.吉姆·布莱耶:马克在招聘新员工时,从来不会降低标准,当你需要将员工规模翻四番时,大多数人总会降低标准。You see it again and again and I know Tom Byers and many of you in the audience always talk about quality of people and maintaining the bar. But in practice, its really easy to say ;this person doesnt match up in there, but does match up along so many dimensions. It would take six months to find the right person.; And Mark has been extraordinary, as a leader in maintaining a very high bar and at time walking away from people who are receiving, outstanding recommendations, but either dont fit from a standpoint, or theyre not going to scale and theyd be the wrong person a year or two from now.我知道Tom Byers (译者注:他是斯坦福大学的教授)和在座的很多听众,经常讨论人员素质以及保持很高的门槛。可在实践中,人们很容易找到这样的借口说“这个人在某一方面不合适,可在其他那么多方面都合适,要找到一个适合的人得花上6个月啊。”马克作为一个领导者,在坚持标准不放松这点上做得非常出色。他经常会放弃一些得到强有力推荐的应聘者,要么因为他们在文化方面不契合,或者是因为公司没打算扩张,那他们就会在一到两年内成为一个错误选择。And that is certainly, as an investor and board member an ongoing challenge. How do you deal with that trade-off where you absolutely need an ad sales force, but at the same time, its one person at a time. You just cant say lets go out and hire five good engineers or five good ad sales people and not have them be great. Because the B+ or A- people, you know it,theyll hire Bs md B minuses. And this is a time in the company where you just have to aspire with each hire to get an A or A+ person. And its easier said than done. I think that is one of the fundamental ongoing challenges.对一个投资者兼董事会成员来说,这当然是个持续性的挑战。你要怎么样取舍,当你急需一批销售人员,可是同时你只能要一个合适的,你不能在找不到出色的人选时,就去聘上5个差不多的工程师或者 5个差不多的广告销售人员,本来想要B+或是A-的人,可结果招来的却是B或B-的人。在这个时代,公司招进来的每一个人应该都是一个A或者A+的人才,不过,说来容易做来难。这也是一个根本有持久的挑战。201407/315450吉安保仕柏丽整形医院激光去斑多少钱井冈山大学临床医学院减肥手术多少钱



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