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情景英语:去餐厅吃饭必备的口语和词汇 -- :9:58 来源:   Have you got a table two, please?  请问您有两个人的桌子吗?  Have you booked a table?  您预定餐桌了吗?  Have you made a reservation?  您预定了吗?  smoking or non-smoking?  吸烟区还是非吸烟区?  Would you like something to drink?  您想喝什么?  Would you like to see the ?  您需要看菜单吗?  点菜就餐的典型次序是:找一张桌子坐下-看菜单-点菜-付钱-离开英语语言的表达基本上也是依照次顺序“订餐”在英文中有两种说法,即to book a table 和 make a reservation在英国以及在其它很多国家,餐厅一般划分为吸烟区和非吸烟区一进餐厅,务员会主动征询客人的意见,然后引领客人前往所选择的区域就餐  Excuse me, could I see the , please?  打搅一下,我能看看菜单吗?  Are you y to order?  您现在可以点餐吗?  first coursestasters  第一道菜/开胃菜  maincourse  主菜  dessert  甜食  Could I have the bill, please?  请拿账单来,好吗?  How would you like to pay?  请问您怎样付款?  在西餐厅就餐,菜单一般由三类不同的菜别组成the first course或者starters是指第一道菜,往往是汤、一小碟色拉或其它小吃第二道菜是主菜,fish and chips是鱼和炸土豆条,它同“roast beef and york shir pudding——牛肉布丁”、 “shepherd spie——牧羊人的馅饼”一样,都是典型的英国传统菜肴最后一道是甜食——或冷或热,但都是甜的西方饮食习惯是先吃咸的,后吃甜的西餐菜单名目繁多,有时不易读懂遇到这种情况,可以请务员解释一下   口语 词汇 必备 吃饭。

英语口语中级训练():他是个好邻居么? -01-7 19::55 来源: Is He a Good Neighbour?Text AYou and your family have been living in the same six-family apartment building eight years. The landlord's family also lives there, and, generally speaking,all the tenants get along fairly well with each other. Recently, however, there was a change in the apartment next to yours. A nice, quiet old couple used to live there. The old lady would sometimes bring over some cookies or small cakes she had made, and your mother in return would give them some food or help the old woman with her shopping. Untunately, the old lady died last month. Her husband couldn't live alone, so his grandson moved in with him.The grandson, who is about twenty, has become a problem to your family. The walls of the building are thin and he is noisy. You are used to peace and quiet, but the grandson likes to listen to his radio late at night. Sometimes friends of his visit, and they make a lot of noise. Everyone in your family is bothered by your new neighbor and as a result is becoming more irritated.Your mother once politely asked the old man if he was able to sleep well at night , but apparently he didn't get the hint. If he did understand your mother's intention and did speak to his grandson about it, the grandson apparently didn't listen, since things haven't changed any. Everyone in your family agrees that something has to be done, but no one wants to hurt the old man's feelings or cause him any problems. What do you think should be done?Text BALBERT: Listen, the heating's broken in my room. When are you going to come and fix it?MANER: I'm sorry to hear that, sir. I'll get someone right away. ALBERT: You'd better. It's freezing up there. And my room's a disgrace. That maid's useless. I want her replaced. MANER: Well, I'll speak to the housekeeper about it, sir, but I'm sure. . . . ALBERT: And that hall porter's another one. Cheeky devil. You should get rid of him, too. Doesn't know how to treat guests with respect. And look at the money I'm paying !MANER: Well, I'm very sorry, sir, but George has been with us twenty years and we've never had any complaints about him until now. ALBERT: And another thing! What are you going to do about those eigners in number 7?Carrying on all night in that funny language! Shouting, they were. It shouldn't be allowed. MANER: If you like , sir , I'll have a word with them and ask them to be a little more considerate. ALBERT: Yes , do that , will you , then maybe I'll get some sleep. MANER: I'm very sorry you've been disturbed, sir. But are you enjoying your stay apart from that?ALBERT: Well , I don't think much of the restaurant. I can't get a decent plate of fish and chips. It's all salad and fancy stuff. And the service is terrible, too. MANER: Well. sir, I'm sure the waiters try to be as helpful as they can, but they are very busy at dinner. ALBERT: Well , you should get some more , shouldn't you?You should be able to afd it. You're charging enough this year, aren't you?MANER: I'm very sorry you feel that way about it, sir. If there's anything else I can do to make your stay here more pleasant, please don't hesitate to ask me. ALBERT: Don't worry , I'll tell you all right !Additional InmationThe time of day is about 7. 30 in the evening. You are on your way home and are presently on a subway train which is about full. At one of the stops , a young man in his eaily twenties gets on the train and sits down next to a middle-aged woman ing a book.The man looks like he might have been drinking a little. After a few minutes, he reaches,into his pocket a cigarette and lights up. There are signs on the subway which prohibit smoking.People usually obey the signs , since it is both dangerous and inconsiderate not to. The woman turri~ to the man and very politely says, “Excusc me, sir, but you aren't supposed to smoke on the subway. ”The man ignores her, so she once again says. “Excuse me, sir, but people don't usually smoke on the subway. ” The man looks at the woman and says, “Why don't you mind your own business,lady?” The woman closes her book, very calmly stands up, looks straight at the man and says, “I think the safety of all the passengers is everyone's business, young man. ” She then turns tc walk away, when suddenly the young man jumps up and grabs her by the arm and turns her around. The woman yells. 邻居 训练 中级 英语口语。

品牌口语00句(7):啃老族 --5 :31: 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. He looked at me lasciviously.他色迷迷地打量我. Keep your ear to the ground.警觉一点3. A mole leaked the secret.有内奸走漏了风声. Lay back and enjoy your autumn years.你可以安享晚年了#9658;autumn years (尤指退休后的)迟暮,暮年5. Are you gonna mooch off your family all the time?你准备当一辈子啃老族?#9658;mooch off 向...敲竹杠,揩...的油,跟...要钱6. In the heat of the moment I slapped her.我一气之下给了她一巴掌#9658;in the heat of the moment 一时激动之下,一时性起,在盛怒之下7. He getting wooly-minded.他脑子有点乱了#9658;wooly-minded 混乱的8. See over the answer.在#9658;see over 巡视,视察,察看它也有“见下文”的意思,而与之对应的是see above“见上文”9. Their marriage was dissolved.他们的婚姻解体了. It’s a living death.生不如死#9658;living death 活地狱,人间地狱;活受罪,毫无乐趣的生活,生不如死的生活 品牌口语。

地道美语:“热烈欢迎”的说法你知道几种? -01-7 18:6:19 来源: 来英国之前,李晨对于“鼓掌”一词的英译掌握仅限于和"applause"相关的一些表达法,不过前几日在观了美国的舞蹈真人秀"So You Think You Can Dance"之后,主持人 Cat Deeley 营造现场气氛、引导观众鼓掌的词汇和短语着实让李晨收益颇丰针对“鼓掌”一词,在不同的情境下可以有不同的表达方法,现总结如下,与广大英语学习者共享1. Let's give Katee a big hand!让我们给Katee热烈的掌声!. (Let's have) A nice round of applause the Emmy-winning choreographer Mia Michaels!(观众朋友们,让我们把) 热烈的掌声送给荣获艾美奖的的编舞指导Mia Michaels!3. Let's hear it our special guest!让我们用掌声欢迎我们的特别来宾!. Put your hands together America's Top !掌声欢迎美国最优秀的前二十名(舞者)!5. Let's give it up Courtney!让我们把热烈的掌声送给Courtney!6. Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome our judges!各位,请欢迎本次大赛的评委们!7. Let's show our warmest welcome to the dance crew from Debbie Allen's Dance Academy.让我们向来自Debbie Allen 舞蹈学院的舞者们表示最热忱的欢迎 说法 知道 欢迎 热烈。

See the world as if the first time; see it through the eyes of a child, and you will suddenly find that you are free.看着这个世界,就像是第一次看它一样;用孩子的眼睛看世界,你会突然发现,自己是自由自在的。

如今,沐浴在正午和煦的阳光里,我常回忆起我们一起度过的那些午餐时间它们就像是我童年岁月里的小逗点儿这些停顿告诉我,生命不是在预先量好的增额中来体味的,而是要在每天的生活琐事以及不经意中和所爱的人共享的许多小乐趣中去细细体味的吃着花生酱三明治和巧克力曲奇条,我认识到:爱,首先并且最重要地,意味着关注那些微不足道的小事I grew up in a small town where the elementary school was a ten-minute walk from my house and in an age, not so long ago, when children could go home lunch and find their mothers waiting.At the time, I did not consider this a luxury , although today it certainly would be. I took it granted that mothers were the sandwich-makers, the finger-painting appreciators and the homework monitors. I never questioned that this ambitious, intelligent woman, who had had a career bee I was born and would eventually return to a career, would spend almost every lunch hour throughout my elementary school years just with me.I only knew that when the noon bell rang, I would race breathlessly home. My mother would be standing at the top of the stairs, smiling down at me with a look that suggested I was the only important thing she had on her mind. this, I am ever grateful.Some sounds bring it all back the high-pitched squeal of my mother’s teakettle, the rumble of the washing machine in the basement, the jangle of my dog’s license tags as she bounded down the stairs to greet me. Our time together seemed devoid of the gerrymandered schedules that now pervade my life.One lunchtime when I was in the third grade will stay with me always. I had been picked to be the princess in the school play, and weeks my mother had painstakingly rehearsed my lines with me. But no matter how easily I delivered them at home, as soon as I stepped onstage, every word disappeared from my head.Finally, my teacher took me aside. She explained that she had written a narrator’s part to the play, and asked me to switch roles. Her words, kindly delivered, still stung, especially when I saw my part go to another girl.I didn’t tell my mother what had happened when I went home lunch that day. But she sensed my unease, and instead of suggesting we practice my lines, she asked if I wanted to walk in the yard.It was a lovely spring day and the rose vine on the trellis was turning green. Under the huge elm trees, we could see yellow dandelions popping through the grass in bunches, as if a painter had touched our landscape with dabs of gold.I watched my mother casually bend down by one of the clumps, I think I’m going to dig up all these weeds, she said, yanking a blossom up by its roots. From now on, we’ll have only roses in this garden.But I like dandelions, I protested. All flowers are beautiful even dandelions.My mother looked at me seriously. Yes, every flower gives pleasure in its own way, doesn’t it? She asked thoughtfully. I nodded, pleased that I had won her over . And that is true of people too, she added. Not everyone can be a princess, but there is no shame in that.Relieved that she had guessed my pain, I started to cry as I told her what had happened. She listened and smiled reassuringly.But you will be a beautiful narrator, she said, reminding me of how much I loved to stories aloud to her, The narrator’s part is every bit as important as the part of the princess.Over the next few weeks, with her constant encouragement, I learned to take pride in the role. Lunchtimes were spent ing over my lines and talking about what I would wear.Backstage the night of the permance, I felt nervous. A few minutes bee the play, my teacher came over to me. Your mother asked me to give this to you, she said, handing me a dandelion. Its edges were aly beginning to curl and it flopped lazily from its stem. But just looking at it, knowing my mother was out there and thinking of our lunchtime talk, made me proud.After the play, I took home the flower I had stuffed in the apron of my costume. My mother pressed it between two sheets of paper toweling in a dictionary, laughing as she did it that we were perhaps the only people who would press such a sorry-looking weed.I often look back on our lunchtimes together, bathed in the soft midday light. They were the commas in my childhood, the pauses that told me life is not savored in pre-measured increments , but in the sum of daily rituals and small pleasures we casually share with loved ones. Over peanut-butter sandwiches and chocolate-chip cookies, I learned that love, first and emost, means being there the little things.A few months ago, my mother came to visit. I took off a day from work and treated her to lunch. The restaurant bustled with noontime activity as businesspeople made deals and glanced at their watches. In the middle of all this sat my mother, now retired, and I. From her face I could see that she relished the pace of the work world.Mom, you must have been terribly bored staying at home when I was a child, I said.Bored? Housework is boring. But you were never boring.I didn’t believe her so I pressed. Surely children are not as stimulating as a career.A career is stimulating, she said. I’m glad I had one. But a career is like an open balloon. It remains inflated only as long as you keep pumping. A child is a seed. You water it. You care it the best you can. And then it grows all by itself into a beautiful flower. 13。

英语口语每天说上半小时0(90) -- ::00 来源: 90. Smoking高速下载 1. This is a non-smoker section, isn’t it?. Do you feel like a smoke?3. Do you mind my smoking here?. What in your opinion can be done to stop smoking?5. Are you smoking a lot?6. Are you smoking less?7. Did you have to stop smoking?8. Do you smoke much?9. Do you smoke this kind of cigarettes?. I guess you don’t smoke, right?Dialogue 1W: Excuse me. Is anyone sitting here?M: No, nobody.W: You don’t mind if I smoke, do you?M: Well, to be frank, yes, I do.W: Oh, I’m sorry. But this isn’t a no-smoker, isn’t it? I mean would you mind if I smoke here?M: Actually it is. Perhaps you haven’t noticed the sign.W: Sign? What’s sign?M: There, on the window.W: Oh, sorry. I didn’t notice it. Sorry.M: That’s all right.Dialogue M: What do you think of smoking?W: It’s harmful not only yourself but others.M: What in your opinion can be done to stop smoking?W: Stop producing cigarettes.M: But that’ll affect the national economy.W: That’s right. But I don’t think there are better ways.M: How about painting a warning on each cigarette packet?W: Maybe it can take effect.Dialogue 3M: Are you a smoker?W: Yes, I’m afraid I am. My husband is a smoker too.M: Would you describe yourself as being a heavy smoker?W: No. But my husband smokes or more a day.M: When did you begin to smoke?W: I had my first cigarette when I was .M: Might I ask if you have tried to give up smoking?W: Yes. Twice.Everyone knows that smoking is harmful health. A lot of rules have been laid down to prohibit smoking. We can see the no-smoking sign in a lot of public places. In addition, we can see ‘smoking is harmful your health’ on most packets of cigarettes. Some people even claim that we should stop producing cigarettes. But it will affect national economy. How can we prevent people from smoking? I think the answer to the problem is to make people realize the harm that cigarettes can do us. Only depending on our all efts can we realize the true No smoking.1. Smoking is bidden here.. No smoking.3. Smoking will do you no good. . Smoking is not allowed here.5. I am a chain smoker.6. This cigar makes a terrible smell.7. You smoke just like a chimney.8. You smoke yourself sick.Dialogue 1W: Are you feeling better today, Bill?M: Well, it’s hard to say. I coughed a lot in the evening.W: You’d better give up smoking. It’s bad your health.M: You’re right. But you know it’s so hard to give up the old habit like smoking. W: But you should make up your mind first. M: You know I often have to work far into the night. I need smoking to keep me awake. W: Why don’t you go to bed early and get up early?You’ll have the same time work.M: Thank you your advice. I’ll try it.Dialogue M: Sorry to have smoked in your room.W: Don’t worry. I’ll open the window. M: It’s very kind of you.W: Smoking is harmful your health. M: I know. I’ll try to give it up.Dialogue 3W: Did you the letter in the paper about smoking? The person who wrote that must be crazy.M: I don’t think so. I think the government should do everything it can to discourage people from smoking. W: Maybe so. But a law banning cigarettes will do no good. M: No, you can’t suddenly make smoking illegal, but government could prohibit smoking in public places like movies and theatres. Every year millions of dollars are wasted on cigarettes and every year thousands of people die of lung cancer. At the same time the government spends a huge amount of money trying to make people give up smoking. There is a very simple solution to this problem. Cigarettes should be bidden by law. The only people who would suffer from such a law would be the tobacco companies’. But we all know that they contribute nothing to society. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语。