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Since Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes, the fashion ient both actors has gone up exponentially.   自汤姆·克鲁斯和凯蒂·赫尔姆斯喜结连理之后,这对时尚潮人的时尚指数亦是成倍增长 76

Ten years can wear down a romantic relationship, or it can let love blossom.十年的时间究竟是可以消耗掉一段浪漫的感情,还是可以让爱开花结果呢? Taiwan singer Christine Fan , it’s the latter. Her -year love affair is about to culminate in a wedding.对于台湾女歌手范玮琪来说,无疑是后者她长达十年的爱情长跑终于要在婚礼中走向高潮了As the ceremony, the star has the simplest taste. She wants to wear flat shoes, have some snacks and chat with close friends. 对于婚礼仪式,这位明星有着最为简单的偏好她希望穿着平底鞋,吃着零食,然后和密友们聊聊天“I’ ll let my boyfriend Blackie take care of every thing,” said Fan with typical humor. “I only have to make sure I show up on time.”“我会把所有的事情交给我男朋友黑人来筹办,”她用典型的范范式幽默说道“我只需要时出席就好”Like her burgeoning romance, this superstar’s singing career is also on the rise. Her new best-selling album Love amp; Fanfan is both a witness to their -year love affair and her own philosophy. 就如同她生机勃勃的情感世界一样,这位明星的歌唱事业也蒸蒸日上她的最新畅销专辑《Love amp; Fanfan在见她与黑人十年爱情长跑的同时,也见了她自己独有的人生哲学The lyrics of the album’s title song The Most Important Decision speaks her mind.这张专辑的主打歌《最重要的决定的歌词正好道出了范范的心声“You have a bunch of shortcomings. You become so *stubborn that even the fairy *stomps her feet in anger. 范范唱道:“你还是有一堆毛病改不掉拗起来气得仙女都跳脚” 1958

Though not as fast out of the gate as The Hunger Games or Twilight, the action-thriller Divergent enjoyed a strong enough opening weekend that it is likely to become the newest member of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. LGF -7.85% stable of young-adult series.虽然不像《饥饿游戏(The Hunger Games)或《暮光之城(Twilight)那样来势迅猛,动作悬疑片《分歧者(Divergent)上映首周末依然赚足票房,很可能成为狮门影业(Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.)旗下又一部受青年人追捧的系列电影Indeed, Lions Gate is planning to begin production in May on the sequel, based on the second book in the trilogy. The sequel, Insurgent, will be released in theaters next March.事实上,狮门影业已开始计划在5月份以三部曲小说中的第二部为基础开拍这部电影的续集《反叛者(Insurgent),续集将于明年3月份上映Divergent, adapted from the best-selling science-fiction novel and starring Shailene Woodley, opened to million in the U.S. and Canada, according to studio estimates. That less than the original Twilight, which started off with .6 million in , and The Hunger Games, which grossed $.5 million on its opening weekend in .《分歧者改编自热门科幻小说,由谢琳#539;伍德利(Shailene Woodley)主演据片方估计,这部影片在美国和加拿大上映首个周末共获得5,600万美元票房相比之下,年上映的《暮光之城第一部首周末的票房成绩是6,960万美元,年上映的《饥饿游戏第一部首周末票房则高达1.55亿美元 a film made at a budget of million, however, the opening was a clear win, putting it well above recent young-adult flops from other studios such as Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments, and Beautiful Creatures.不过,对于一部制作成本只有8,500万美元的电影来说,这个成绩已足够奠定胜局了相比近期上映的《吸血鬼学院(Vampire Academy)、《圣杯神器(The Mortal Instruments)和《美丽生灵(Beautiful Creatures)等其他瞄准青少年观众的票房失败的电影,《分歧者遥遥领先This is exactly where we wanted to be, said Lions Gate president of distribution Richard Fay. It the beginning of another franchise us.狮门影业主管影片发行的总裁理查德#539;费伊(Richard Fay)说,这正是公司想要的结果,对公司而言,这是又一部系列电影的开始Lions Gate has built its film business over the past few years in large part on adaptations of popular young-adult novels.在过去的几年里,通过把青年人喜爱的小说改编成电影,狮门影业壮大了自己在电影业的实力The Divergent trilogy, by author Veronica Roth, has sold million copies so far. The Hunger Games series had sold million copies bee its first movie was released, while Twilight has sold 5 million.《分歧者三部曲的作者是韦罗妮卡#539;罗斯(Veronica Roth),这部小说目前已卖出1,600万套《饥饿游戏系列小说在第一部电影上映前卖出了,00万套,《暮光之城则卖出了,500万套Despite overwhelmingly negative reviews, the opening weekend audience embraced Divergent, giving it an average grade of A, according to market research firm CinemaScore.市场研究机构CinemaScore的数据显示,尽管此前恶评如潮,《分歧者上映首周末依然赢得观众喜爱,平均得分为AExit polls indicated that the audience included significantly more men than the first Twilight and slightly more than the first Hunger Games, said Mr. Fay.费伊说,出口调查显示,相比第一部《暮光之城,《分歧者的男性观众要多很多,比第一部《饥饿游戏也稍多一些Divergent has yet to open overseas.《分歧者还没有在海外上映The weekend other new nationwide release was The Muppets Most Wanted, from Walt Disney Co. DIS -0.57% , which opened to $.5 million. That is significantly less than big screen revival of the series starring Kermit the Frog and his friends, which took in . million its first weekend.上周末另一部在全国范围上映的电影是华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)出品的《布偶大电影(The Muppets Most Wanted),上映首周末票房达1,650万美元而年上映的《布偶大电影第一部的首周末票房为,9万美元,相比之下续集逊色不少Disney distribution president Dave Hollis said the studio was aiming a better opening the million production. But he said he is hopeful that with spring break starting the next few weeks, Muppets Most Wanted will be able to draw children who are off from school.迪士尼负责发行的执行副总裁霍利斯(Dave Hollis)说,片方本来希望这部制作成本5,00万美元的电影在上映首周末会有更好的成绩但他说,随着未来几周春假开始,他相信《布偶大电影能吸引放假的学生来观看God Not Dead, an independently made movie released in 780 theaters (compared to more than 3,000 Muppets and Divergent), took in a solid .5 million, showing the continued strength of the Christian audience.独立制作的电影《上帝未死(God Not Dead)在780家影院上映(相比之下,放映《布偶大电影和《分歧者的影院超过3,000家),票房收入达到850万美元,相当不错,这说明基督教观众仍然力挺这部电影 1818Two unknown British filmmakers have captured the imagination of Hollywood with a trailer filmed in Derbyshire their action war epic The Lost Emperor.两位名不见经传的英国电影制片人,在德比郡为中国史诗战争动作片《英雄帝国拍了一预告片,希望能够成功吸引来好莱坞的注意It has all the ingredients of a movie blockbuster: sword-wielding warriors in period costume set against an Ancient China landscape, complete with stunning sunsets, rolling fields and snowcapped mountains. Except this isnt China at all... it the Peak District, in Derbyshire.5分钟的预告片中包含了所有巨制大片的元素:身着年代装挥动刀剑的战士,背景是中国古代的山水风景,还有绚丽的落日、起伏的稻田和白雪皑皑的山顶不过这完全不是中国,这是德比郡的山峰区(Peak District)John Watts and Thomas Wood had a shoestring budget of pound;,000 and needed to call on Chinese waiters in their home town of Sheffield to bulk out the cast in battle scenes.约翰·瓦特和托马斯·伍德仅有万英镑不到的预算,为了凑齐战斗场面所需的大批群众演员,甚至需要打电话到他们家乡谢菲尔德,找那里中国餐馆的务员来参演After the trailer drew 80,000 YouTube views in two weeks, however, the pair are in talks about turning their script into an pound;8million production.预告片上传到YouTube两周之内,点击率直窜到8万,于是两人考虑用这个剧本制成一部约800万英镑的电影‘Instead of spending our meagre budget trying to make a cheap film, we boiled the script down to just five minutes and made the best trailer we could,’ said Mr Watts, 3.“与其将我们仅有的预算制成一部廉价电影,我们宁愿将剧本浓缩到5分钟,尽力制成最好的预告片”3岁的瓦特这样说道The ever-changing English climate worked in the pair’s favour on the three-day shoot, with bright sunshine, rain and fog.英格兰天气的变化莫测,但在他们拍摄的三天里却十分配合,出过太阳、下过雨,也起过雾‘It helped give the trailer an epic look, like we’d been filming over several months,’ said Mr Watts.“这使得预告片有了史诗一般的效果,就好像我们已经拍了好几个月” 瓦特说But if the US-backed production goes ahead, its directors will leave the picturesque landscape of the peaks behind to shoot it in China.不过如果好莱坞方面能持拍摄,导演们就会离开这个风景如画的山区,而转到中国拍摄 7

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