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不用课本学商务英语口语第3期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。Doing business across borders requires precise coordination, especially in the era of "just-in-time" delivery where goods need to be shipped to the customer at exact times. When a product is made in one country, assembled in another, and sold in a third, the companies involved need to be in constant communication from start to finish. Making sure that orders are made and delivered on time is an essential part of international business, and a lot of the monitoring will be done by phone. So, in this episode we're going to look at ways to check on the progress of an order over the telephone. 跨国生意往来对协调工作的准确性要求非常严格,尤其是在这个“适时反应”的时代,货物必须准时发送到客户手中。当产品在一国生产、在一国装配、又在另一国销售的时候,整个过程中各公司都要及时沟通联系。在国际商务中,确保订货俺是生产和运送是十分重要的,其中经常要通过电话进行监督。在本集中我们就要看一看怎样通过电话对订货进行跟踪查看。 A while back in BEP 92 amp; 93 we met Bill, a buyer for Bancroft's, a chain of women's clothing stores in the U.S. He's placed a large order with Viva, an Italian fashion company, which is being coordinated by Catherine Traynor, Foxtrot's shipping manager. Foxtrot is Viva's U.S. distributor. 在前面的节目中我们认识了Bancroft的买家Bill。Bancroft 是美国一家女装连锁店。他已经向一家名叫Viva的意大利时装公司下了一大笔订单。Viva 有一家名为Foxtrot的经销商,运输部的经理是Catherine Traynor,眼下他正在跟Viva协作。 It's now several months later and the order is due to be delivered. But Bill has just received a call from Bancroft's warehouse to let him know that only half the order has been delivered so far. Now he's calling Catherine to check on the rest of the delivery. 几个月后,发货期限已到,但是Bill接到了从Bancroft仓库打来的电话通知他一半的订货已被发出,因此他要查一下剩余的发货情况。Listening Questions:1. How does Catherine let Bill know she's looking for information about his order?2. Where is the second part of the shipment?3. What does Catherine offer to do to avoid separate deliveries in future? /201110/156819

44.谈论同事常用应急场景范例一:BootlickerI am really tired of Terry.Oh, but I suppose he has lots of talents.He is a bootlicker. I suppose that is because he is quick on the uptake.范例二:Talk bigFixing computer isn’t my cup of tea. You can leave this job to Jason.Yeah, he has a good commend of computer skills. But….But what?But he is always talking big. /201001/94558bucket of bolts 破车(成语)英文释义 A noisy old car, truck, or machine that barely operates.例句 My car is a twenty-year-old bucket of bolts that needs frequent repairs.我的车是一款20年的旧车,不时需要修理。 /201210/206207Melania Trump used to be quite a prolific tweeter.梅兰妮亚.特朗普曾经是一名活跃的推特用户。However, since her husband got in the Oval Office her account has become quite quiet, shes seemingly transfered most of her activity to @FLOTUS.然而,自从丈夫特朗普成为美国总统后,梅兰妮亚的推特账号就沉寂了,看起来她大部分时间都在使用@第一夫人的账号。That all changed Wednesday night when she appeared to like a tweet that was throwing a parasol of shade at her husband.但是,周三晚上事情却发生了变化。梅兰妮亚似乎点赞了一则抹黑特朗普的推特。The tweet, from writer Andy Ostroy, shows a GIF of Melania losing her smile at the Trump inauguration and s:作家安迪?奥斯特罗伊发布了梅兰妮亚在特朗普的就职典礼上假笑的动图,并配上了以下文字:Seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrumps built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania #trump看来川普所唯一成功建造的城墙,就是他跟老婆之间的那一道了。Other than one of her own tweets which s ;hello twitter,; its the only tweet shes ever liked.除了梅兰妮亚自己发的“你好,推特”这则推文之外,这是她唯一点赞的一则推特。She, or quite possibly a staffer, has since unliked the tweet - but many users captured screenshots that are being widely shared.这个点赞已经被梅兰妮亚,或一名工作人员取消,但是许多用户的截图被广泛分享。Was she trolling her husband? Is it a cry for help? A finger slip? Was she hacked?这是梅兰妮亚在开丈夫玩笑吗?在求救?手滑?还是账号被黑?Well probably never know, but for now enjoy Twitters reaction.我们可能永远无法得知真相,但是先来围观一下推特上的反应吧。来 /201705/507688

星级典句:第一句: Our company went through a great deal of change in the time.我们的公司那时候进行很大的变动。A: Can you tell me why you lost your first job?能给我讲述一下你为什么丢掉了第一份工作吗?B: OK. Our company went through a great deal of change in the time.我们的公司那时候进行很大的变动。第二句: My new supervisor was in need of skills I did not possess at that time.当时我还不具备新主管要求的技能。A: OK, go ahead, please.好的,请继续。B: My new supervisor was in need of skills I did not possess at that time.当时我还不具备新主管要求的技能。A: So now you have the skills?那么现在你具备了吗?B: yes.是的。其他表达法:Since that time I have continously updated my skills.从那时候起我不断更新技能。I have taken additional computer classes, become involved in the industrys trade association, and feel that this job experience made me a better candidate in the long run.我上业余计算机课,开始参与工业贸易协会,觉得这段经历会让我日后成为更好的竞争者。 /201305/238155The Court of Appeal has rejected claims of “geniusby a former private equity executive, ordering him yesterday to pay his wife 2m as it confirmed one of the biggest divorce awards made by the English courts in recent years.英国上诉法院(Court of Appeal)驳回了一家私募基金前高管所谓“天才”的说法,昨日勒令他向妻子200万英镑,使该案成为近年来英格兰法院作出的数额最高的离婚财产分割判决之一。The three judges upheld a 2015 decision according to which Randy Work, who was the bwinner in the marriage, should give his estranged wife half his assets because the couple had been equal partners in a relationship of more than 20 years.上诉法院3名法官维持了2015年的一项判决,即在婚姻存续期间负责赚钱养家的兰沃克(Randy Work),应将半数资产给予已分居的妻子,因为这对夫妇是一段维持超0年的关系中的平等伴侣。At the Court of Appeal, Mr Work, a former executive at Lone Star, argued he had made an exceptional financial contribution which the courts have defined as a quality of “geniusthrough his wealth-creating skills and that this justified an unequal division of his wealth in the divorce, thus giving him a greater share of the money.孤星(Lone Star)前高管沃克在上诉法院辩称,他通过自己创造财富的技能作出了特殊财务贡献(法院将此界定为“天才”质素),这足以明他有理由在这起离婚案中获得较大份额的财产。However, Mr Justice Holman, the judge who made the 2015 ruling, found that Mr Work did not make a special financial contribution to the marriage. The judge said the word “geniuswas “over-usedand “is properly reserved for Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein and others like them.”然而,2015年对该案作出判决的霍尔曼(Holman)法官认为,沃克并未对这段婚姻作出特殊财务贡献。霍尔曼表示,“天才”一词被“过度使用”,其“只适用于形容莱昂纳达芬Leonardo da Vinci)、莫扎特(Mozart)、爱因斯Einstein)那类人。”He said Mr Work had to show “exceptional and individual quality which deserves special treatmentin order to prove he had made a special financial contribution but had failed to do so.霍尔曼说,沃克必须展示“值得获得特殊对待的卓越的、与众不同的质素”,才能明他作出了特殊财务贡献,但他并未做到。He concluded the couple’s wealth should be split equally and said this would result in the wife receiving around 2m, or 2m. Mr Justice Holman’s ruling was upheld by the three Court of Appeal judges, who said Mr Work had failed to prove his case. Mr Work and Ms Gray began living together in 1992, when they had “good but modest jobs and were married in 1995. Their marriage ended in 2013.霍尔曼的结论是,这对夫妇的财产应该平分,因此,妻子一方应得到1.12亿美元(200万英镑)。霍尔曼法官的判决得到了上诉法院3名法官的持,他们称,沃克未能明自己的主张992年,沃克和格Gray)开始同居,那时他们都拥有“不错但算不上优厚的工作”,并于1995年结婚。他们的婚姻013年结束。The Court of Appeal heard that the couple’s wealth was built up over Mr Work’s career with Lone Star in Japan, where his total earnings exceeded 0m, but his wealth was about 5m by the time the court hearings began.上诉法院了解到,这对夫妇的财富积累于沃克在日本为孤星工作期间,他在日本的总收入超过了3亿美元,但到庭审开始时他的财产约为2.25亿美元。Mr Work argued he had applied “groundbreaking methodologies?.?.?.?to the distressed debt sectorin Japan while running the Lone Star office, producing total profits of bn.沃克称,他在日本期间将“开创性的方法”应用于“不良债务部门”,同时负责孤星日本办事处的运营,创造了70亿美元的总利润。The case has been watched because it shows how difficult it is for the courts to depart from the legal principle that wealth should be equally shared upon divorce even when it has been largely built up by the bwinner.这起案件受到关注,因为它显示了要让法院背离法律原则——离婚时夫妻财产应平分,即使这些财产大部分是由赚钱养家的一方积累起来的——是多么困难。来 /201704/503312

It brought down the house.(演讲)赢得了满堂喝。bring down the house直译过来就是:“击垮一座房子”,这个短语的正确意思是:“获得满堂掌声,得满堂喝”。因此,当美国人说;It brought down the house.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;The house was full of applause.;、;All people were cheering for him.;。情景对白:Terry: Have you heard the speech delivered by our president?泰瑞:你听到我们董事长的演讲了吗?Benjamin: Do you mean the one about the new strategy? Oh, marvelous! It brought down the house.本杰明:那个关于新策略的演讲吗?噢,太棒了!得了满堂喝。搭配句积累:①The presentation given by the manager was a totally success.经理做的那个报告真是太成功了。②Whats the response to the wage guarantee system you proposed in the meeting?你提出的那个薪水保障制度,会议上反响如何?③How about your presentation in the meeting?你在会上的发言如何?④Whats the audiences response to your presentation?对于你的发言,大家是什么反应?单词:marvelous adj. 了不起的Your conception for the future of our company is marvelous.你对我们公司未来的设想太精了。People say there is a marvelous view of a poetic yet bustling life at the Bund just at dawn.人们说外滩黎明的景色不同凡响,既富有诗意又活跃热闹。My best congratulations on your marvelous discovery .让我热烈祝贺你的伟大发现。 /201304/234410Patricia和同事Kelly要去出差,准备去试试手气。另一个同事John提到,自己有个朋友嗜赌成性,倾家荡产。Patricia问:P: So what happened to Joe? How is he holding up?J: Joe is in Gamblers Anonymous right now. He sent me an e-mail the other day and he says hes doing better...but recovering from any addiction is a long process.K: Whats Gamblers Anonymous?P: Have you ever heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA?K: Not really.J: Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that tries to help people with alcohol problems overcome their addiction. Gamblers Anonymous does the same thing for gamblers.K: I see, so its sort of like rehab.Patricia问起Joe近况。John说,Joe现在加入了Gamblers Anonymous嗜赌者互诫协会。Gamblers Anonymous跟Alcoholic Anonymous嗜酒者互诫协会差不多,是帮助赌徒戒赌的组织。在英语里,有某件事情上瘾可以用problem这个字,比如,He has a drinking problem. 他酗酒成性。He has a gambling problem. 他成性。因此说,嗜赌者互诫协会差不多就是一种戒赌组织,its like a rehab. Rehab is spelled r-e-h-a-b, rehab 是戒毒,戒赌中心的意思。 John 接着说:J: Thats right. Gamblers Anonymous offers a support system to gamblers who have a problem.K: Well, I hope your friend gets better soon. So....what casino games do you usually play?P: Ive always liked card games....poker, especially. I dont like slot machines because I dont think there are any skills involved.J: I like poker and all kinds of table games, but my favorite is Blackjack. Blackjack is a nice mix of skill and luck.嗜赌互诫协会为上瘾的人提供了一个 support system 相互持的系统。话说到这,Kelly问Patricia和John去一般都玩些什么。Patricia说自己一般都是玩card games玩牌,不喜欢拉slot machines, 因为他觉得完全凭运气,一点技术含量也没有。John说,凡是table games他都喜欢玩。在里,table games除了扑克牌以外,还包括 craps轮盘骰子和罗莱特 Roulette等。John还说,但是他最爱玩的还是Blackjack, 21点。K: I think I might be able to enjoy a game or two of Poker or Blackjack. Do you think Ill get addicted?P: Kelly, Ive known you for a few years and you have excellent self-control. I dont think youll have a problem controlling yourself.J: Besides, you only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. What I suggest is you set yourself a reasonable budget of money that you can afford to lose. Dont go beyond that limit.P: A little bit of legal gambling can be a lot of fun...but we have to know when to call it a night.K: All right. Youre on! Lets hit the casinos on Friday night.Kelly 担心自己赌钱上瘾 get addicted. John建议她给自己设定一个合理的限度,set yourself a reasonable budget that you can afford to lose. 给自己定个输得起的预算,不要超过那个限度。John还说,况且,You only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. 去的机会少之又少,once in a blue moon 是非常罕见的意思。Patricia 也说,we know when to call it a night. 我们知道什么时候该打住。Kelly 在两人说下,最后说,Youre on. Lets hit the casinos on Friday night. 星期五去,我们就这么说定了。 /201302/224719Have you ever used OLAY products before?您以前用过玉兰油这个牌子的产品吗?Is your skin sensitive?您的皮肤敏感吗?This eye cream can release the puffy problems of your eyes.这个眼霜可以缓解您眼圈浮肿的问题。This lotion provides 24-hour moisture.这款乳液提供24小时保湿效果。This foaming cleanser could minimize the pores and control shine without feeling tight.这款泡沫洁面剂可以缩小毛孔、减少油光,且没有紧绷感。Ill recommend this mini-brush mascara to you.我向您推荐这种迷你刷头的睫毛膏。This line eraser can increase skins firmness and reduce signs of aging.这款去皱霜可以使皮肤更紧致,减少衰老的痕迹。This is waterproof lipstick.这款是防水口红。You may have a try.您可以试一下。It suits your complexion.它适合您的肤色。What color do you need?您要什么颜色的?Selling Cosmetics化妆品销售I need to buy a lipstick and eye-shadow.我要买一口红和一些眼影。What color do you need?您要什么颜色的?I want light nearly neutral colors.我要淡一点儿,接近中性的颜色。This one would look very nice on you. It suits your complexion. The color will make your face glow.这一个您擦起来会很好看。它适合您的肤色。这个颜色会让您的皮肤容光焕发。Do you have special promotions this month?这个月你们有特别促销吗?Yes, if you purchase at least 50 yuan of any AVON product,有啊。如果您购买雅芳产品超过50元,you will receive this black bag with a sample of lipstick, mascara and lotion. And the bag is waterproof, so you can take it with you wherever you go.您就可以得到这个黑色的袋子作为赠品,里面有试用装口红、睫毛膏和乳液。这个包是防水的,您拿到哪儿用都可以。Wow, that sounds like a bargain Im running low on facial moisturizer and toner. Could you ring those up for me?哇,听起来挺划算的。我的保湿面霜和化妆水都快用完了。你可以把那两样也算在一起吗?Id be glad to. Do you need anything else?好的。您还需要剔的吗? /201406/303391

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