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大理女性阴道炎能怀孕吗大理白族自治州人民医院怎么样好吗China’s premier is pushing for debt-for-equity swaps and more aggressive measures to reduce the burden on struggling local governments as Beijing tries to capitalise on improved indications for economic growth in the first quarter. 中国总理李克强正在推动债转股和更为激进的措施以减轻挣扎中的地方政府的负担。与此同时,北京方面试图利用第一季度经济增长好转的迹象。 Premier Li Keqiang said yesterday that some localities would be allowed to reduce contributions to social security funds while all central budgetary investment would be allocated in the first half. 李克强昨日表示,一些地方将被允许阶段性降低“五险一金”,同时中央预算内投资上半年要全部下拨。 “Policy measures taken so far have paid off. At the same time, a lot remains to be done to ensure steady growth, advance reform and achieve further restructuring of the economy,” Mr Li said at a meeting of provincial leaders. “前期采取的一系列政策措施效应不断显现,同时稳增长促改革调结构还需加码发力,”李克强在部分省(市)政府主要负责人经济形势座谈会上表示。 The remarks were published after data released yesterday showed China’s producer prices remain deep in deflation. Last month’s producer prices index, an important gauge of the woes plaguing China’s industrial and export sectors, dropped 4.3 per cent, easing only slightly from a 4.9 per cent drop in February. Consumer prices rose 2.3 per cent, largely on the back of a sharp jump in pork prices. Non-food inflation remained modest at 1 per cent. 李克强的这些言论发表之前,昨日公布的数据显示,中国的生产者价格仍深陷通缩区间。上月的生产者价格指数(PPI)——衡量中国工业和出口部门困境的重要指标——同比下降4.3%,仅比2月份4.9%的降幅略有缓和。消费价格指数(CPI)同比上涨2.3%,主要原因是猪肉价格大幅上扬。非食品通胀率仍处于1%这一较低水平。 Chinese officials have been scrambling to paint a more optimistic picture of the economy. While recent data suggest there is some stabilisation, international jitters remain over the slowdown and the extent of the government’s efforts to rebalance towards consumption. A fuller picture is set to emerge this week, with the release of trade data tomorrow, followed by first quarter economic growth numbers on Friday. 中国官员近来忙于往乐观的方向描绘经济局面。尽管最近的数据似乎表明形势有一定企稳,但国际间仍对中国经济放缓和政府推动经济再平衡、让消费扮演更大角色的努力感到不安。本周将呈现更加完整的经济图景,贸易数据将在明日发布,第一季度经济增长数据将在周五发布。 Despite the more positive March figure, PPI remains deep in deflation, according to Zhou Hao, economist with Commerzbank. “From the Chinese authorities’ perspective, it is far more important to get rid of [PPI] deflation.” 德国商业(Commerzbank)经济学家周浩表示,尽管3月的数据相对更为积极,但中国的PPI仍深陷通缩区间。“从中国政府的视角看,摆脱(PPI)通缩要重要得多。” China’s PPI has been in negative territory since March 2012, a symptom of heavy industrial spending courtesy of Beijing’s Rmb4tn (8bn) stimulus to counteract the effects of the global financial crisis. The subsequent price deflation in sectors such as steel has rippled around the globe, adding to tensions between Beijing and its two largest trading partners, the EU and the US. 自2012年3月以来,中国的PPI一直处于负值区域,这是北京方面为抵消全球金融危机的影响而出台的4万亿元人民币(合6180亿美元)刺激计划所导致的巨额工业出的一个症状。随后造成的钢铁等行业的价格通缩的冲击波传遍全球,加剧了北京方面与欧盟和美国这两大贸易伙伴之间的紧张。 Blowback from lower commodity prices compounded the trend, since industrial input costs account for three-quarters of the country’s PPI. But as a large importer of oil and iron ore, China also benefited from the end of the commodity boom as large trade surpluses helped bolster flagging economic growth. 大宗商品价格下降进一步加剧了中国PPI下降的趋势,因为工业投入成本占中国PPI的四分之三。但是,作为石油和铁矿石的大规模进口国,中国也受益于大宗商品繁荣的终结,巨额贸易顺差帮助撑疲弱的经济增长。 “Today’s data suggest [China’s central bank] will be less aggressive in monetary easing,” said analysts at ANZ Research, who are now predicting just one more cut this year in the level of reserves banks are required to hold. ANZ had previously expected three additional cuts in the reserve requirement ratio by the end of the year. “今日的数据似乎表明,中国央行将在放松货币政策方面降低一些力度,”澳新经济研究部(ANZ Research)的分析师们表示。他们现在预测,今年中国央行将只会再下调一次存款准备金率。此前该行预计中国央行在今年底之前将把存准率再下调三次。 China’s benchmark stock index, the CSI 300, rose more than 1 per cent on the inflation data. The renminbi also strengthened against the dollar. It has risen almost 2 per cent against the greenback over the past two months. 通胀数据发布后,中国基准股指沪深300(CSI 300)攀升逾1%。人民币相对于美元走高。过去两个月来,人民币对美元累计上涨近2%。 /201604/437129弥渡县做体检哪家医院最好的 Thirty years from now, China’s elderly population will vastly outnumber its younger citizens. In a country where assisted-living homes are scarce, and dementia is not widely understood, asks Nathan VanderKlippe, will people pay the price before the government does?30年后,中国老年人口将大大超过年轻人口数量。在老年养护中心稀缺以及老年痴呆症不被广泛了解的情况下,大众会早于政府付出代价吗?Dementia in China presents one of Earth’s largest and costliest public-health crises, a slow-moving calamity of human suffering that also portends economic and political danger.中国的老年痴呆问题是世界上规模最大成本最昂贵的公共健康危机之一,这种导致人类痛苦的疾病也预示着经济和政治危机。As the fuel for China’s industrial engines – cheap labour, hungry consumers, a burgeoning cohort of middle-class workers – slowly dwindles, so too does its ability to propel the global economy.作为中国工业引擎的助推剂——廉价劳动力,饥渴的消费者,壮大的中产阶级工人——正缓慢削弱,所以中国推动全球经济发展的能力也在减弱。Meanwhile, the cost to the nation of caring for the most vulnerable among the elderly will be staggering. In little more than a decade, some scholars predict, demographics will help drag China’s economic growth rate below that of the U.S.同时,照顾老年人口中那一最弱群体(即痴呆患者)所需要的成本也将是惊人的。一些学者预计,在10多年后,人口问题将把中国的经济增长率拉低到美国之下。The fast-growing ranks of the elderly are aly creating difficult and growing social problems.而不断增加的老年人口数量正不断的引发严重的社会问题。 /201611/480828Beijing’s new mayor has vowed to gut the city of all functions unrelated to its status as national capital, in an effort to push the growing population into the surrounding provinces.北京新任市长蔡奇承诺疏解北京所有的非首都功能,努力把不断增长的人口疏散到周围省份。The city’s functions would be reduced “like peeling off cabbage leaves”, with the economy and cityscape restructured to make it “leaner and more efficient”, Cai Qi said.蔡奇表示,将减少北京市的功能,就像剥掉“白菜帮子”一样,优化北京市的经济结构和空间结构,“瘦身健体、提质增效”。Asian states have historically moved capitals when they have become too crowded and have depleted local resources. Most recently, Myanmar and Kazakhstan have built new capitals from scratch, moving the government away from historic commercial cities that were the traditional centres of power. But Mr Cai, a rising political star, may be the first to seek to move the city away from the capital.从历史上说,亚洲国家在首都变得过于拥挤并耗尽当地资源时会迁都。不久前,缅甸和哈萨克斯坦都从零开始建起了新首都,把政府迁出了曾是传统权力中心的历史悠久的商业城市。但冉冉升起的政治新星蔡奇可能是第一个试图把城市迁出首都的人。Beijing has been the Chinese capital and a centre of power and culture for most of the past 750 years. It was founded as a walled city in the 11th century on a well-watered plain. After serving for centuries as a military garrison and capital of several independent states it first became the national capital in the 13th century AD during the Yuan dynasty, when Mongols ruled what is now China.在过去750年的多数时间里,北京都是中国的首都和权力与文化中心。它始建于公元前11世纪,最初是一座位于水源充沛的平原上的有围墙的城市。在若干个世纪里,它曾是一个军事重镇,先后作过几个小国的都城。在公元13世纪的元朝,北京首次成为全中国的首都,当时统治中国的是蒙古人。Its population expanded rapidly after the Communist party took power in 1949 and created the headquarters of a Leninist state. The population boomed again in the reform era, as relaxation of China’s strict hukou, or residency, regulations combined with a property bubble near the centre of power.中国共产党1949年夺取政权并在这里建立起一个列宁主义国家的大本营后,北京市人口迅速增加。在改革开放时代,北京市人口再次迅猛增长,当时中国严格的户口制度有所放松,而且在这个权力中心附近出现了房地产泡沫。Almost 22m people now live in Beijing or surrounding satellite cities, up from 4m in 1950 and 9m in 1980. Most of the ancient city’s unique architecture and distinct hutongs, or lanes, have been bulldozed to make way for highways, shopping malls, office buildings and state-owned banks and enterprises.如今有近2200万人居住在北京或周边的卫星城,而1950年为400万人,1980年为900万人。这座古老城市的许多独特建筑和别具一格的胡同被拆除,给高速公路、购物中心、办公楼以及国有和企业腾出地方。The result has been traffic jams, increasing strain on water resources, and rising public dissatisfaction with the city’s choking pollution.结果是交通堵塞、水资源日益紧张、公众对北京令人窒息的污染越来越感到不满。Mr Cai said he would reduce Beijing’s land zoned for construction and cap the city’s population at 23m.蔡奇表示,他将削减北京的建设用地,把常住人口控制在2300万人以下。Administrative action could temporarily reduce the city’s population, says Dai Qing, an environmental activist who has long argued that Beijing’s growth is dangerously depleting its underground aquifers. “But if you don’t restructure the system whereby interests and resources are concentrated in the capital, people will come flooding back in.”环保活动人士戴晴早就指出,北京的发展正在危险地耗尽该市的地下水资源。她表示,行政措施可能会临时降低北京的人口。“但如果你不调整这个利益和资源集中于首都的体制的结构,人们还会如潮水般涌回来。”Mr Cai’s announcement is a twist on central government plans revealed in 2014 to shift some of the national bureaucracy to Baoding, a nearby military and industrial city that was denoted the nation’s most polluted that year.蔡奇的表态是中央政府2014年披露的将部分国家机关迁到保定的计划的一个变化版本。保定是邻近北京的一个军事和工业城市,是当年中国污染最严重的城市。Plans to develop the “Jing-Jin-Ji” area (a shorthand for Beijing, the port city of Tianjin and the surrounding province of Hebei) have resulted in economic stimulus and new property development across the region.发展“京津冀”地区的计划导致这一地区出台了经济刺激措施,进行了新的房地产开发。They have been accompanied by campaigns within Beijing to tear down neighbourhood shops and wholesale markets where migrant workers work, in an attempt to force lower-income residents out of the city. Schools have closed their doors to the children of migrants. The number of new migrants to Beijing halved in 2015.与此同时,北京市采取行动,拆除外来务工人员打工的小区商店和批发市场,以求迫使低收入居民离开这座城市。学校则拒绝招收外来务工人员子女入学。2015年,北京新增外来务工人员数量减少了一半。Areas that have been cleared would not see new construction, and would instead be turned into green and public space, Mr Cai vowed.蔡奇承诺,对于城区腾退后的空间不再建设,而是将其变成绿地,变成公共务设施。Beijing has also encouraged its universities to develop new campuses in satellite cities.北京还鼓励该市高校在卫星城发展新校区。Hollowing out the city may help Mr Cai in his December pledge to prevent property prices in Beijing from rising this year. On Monday he also vowed to cut coal use in the capital by 30 per cent. The city is phasing out its last coal-fired power plant in favour of a gas-fired plant. It aly sources much of its power from the smoke-shrouded city of Zhangjiakou, four hours’ drive to the north-west, which will host the Winter Olympics in 2022.蔡奇去年12月承诺北京房价今年不再上涨,疏解非首都功能可能有助于他兑现承诺。本周一,蔡奇还誓言要将北京煤炭使用量削减30%。北京正淘汰其最后一座燃煤电厂,建设燃气电厂。北京现在所用的许多电力已然由烟雾笼罩下的城市张家口提供。张家口位于北京西北方向,距北京车程4个小时,该市将在2022年承办冬季奥运会。 /201702/491015云南大理治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的

云龙县剖腹产哪家医院最好的大理市玛利亚妇科医院 For a tiny territory on the edge of a vast country, Hong Kong has played a disproportionately large role in China’s development. Over more than 150 years, most of which was spent as a British imperial entrepot, the mercantile port has acted as a conduit for the west into the Middle Kingdom — and a harbour for the exchange of goods, services and ideas.作为地处大国边缘的弹丸之地,香港在中国的发展过程中发挥了与其规模并不相称的极大作用。150多年来——其中多数时间里香港是隶属大英帝国的一个转口港——这座商港充当着西方进入中国的通道,同时也是一座商品与务交换、思想交流的港口。But that status as the bridge into China is threatened. Local businesses can now raise funds in China itself, and foreign investors find it easier than before to invest directly in the mainland, albeit in a slower, riskier and more restrictive fashion than in much of the west. China’s free trade zones in Shanghai and Shenzhen present opportunities for foreign investment; the use of the renminbi as a trading currency is growing; and the recently implemented Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect are all bolstering ties between China and the rest of the world, both directly and through Hong Kong.然而,香港作为“进入中国的桥梁”的地位开始受到了威胁。如今中国内地企业可以在境内融资,而外国投资者要在中国内地直接投资也比以前容易多了,尽管与投资西方大部分地区相比,在中国投资进度更慢、风险更大,限制也更多。中国在上海和深圳设立的自贸区为外国投资提供了机会;人民币越来越多地被用作贸易结算货币;再加上近年来启动的“沪港通”(Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect),这些都促进了中国与世界其他地区的联系,包括直接联系以及通过香港的间接联系。These shifts raise questions about Hong Kong’s future role as a financial intermediary between China and the rest of the world, while rival cities in the region such as Singapore also pose a challenge.看到这些变化,人们不由得产生疑问:未来香港还能继续扮演中国与世界其他地区的金融中介角色吗?与此同时,亚太地区的新加坡等其他城市也对香港构成了挑战。But David Webb, a Hong Kong-based investor and governance activist, insists the territory still enjoys key advantages. “Part of what distinguishes Hong Kong from its competitors is that it is part of China,” he says. “It has a large contingent of lawyers fluent in Mandarin and who are familiar with mainland business practices.”但香港投资人、企业治理维权人士戴维#8226;韦布(David Webb)坚称,香港仍拥有极大优势。“香港区别于竞争对手的一个地方是,它是中国的一部分,”他说,“香港有大批律师能讲流利的普通话,他们熟知中国内地的商业惯例。”Any lessening of Hong Kong’s dominance would require China to improve its legal disclosure rules and accounting practices and expand its professional legal industry, experts say. “Hong Kong is a hub of experience — a critical mass of deal and product expertise, and diverse viewpoints and vital insight. You don’t get that unique mix in many other places,” says Hwang Hwa Sim, a capital markets partner in Hong Kong for law firm Linklaters. “Almost all of the knowledge sits with people. They understand what is possible. The legal profession needs to be aware of what makes Hong Kong unique.”专家们表示,除非中国内地改善法律披露规则和会计实务,并大力发展专业法律务行业,香港的主导地位才可能被削弱。“香港是一个经验的中心,拥有与交易和产品相关的丰富专业知识,人们观念多元,具备真知灼见。你在许多其他地方都看不到这种独特的组合,”年利达律师事务所(Linklaters)驻香港的资本市场合伙人Hwang Hwa Sim说,“人们几乎拥有所有知识,他们知道什么事是有可能做到的。法律专业人士要明白是什么使得香港独一无二。”However, a sign that China is starting to rely less on Hong Kong as an intermediary was the South Korean government’s issuance last December of Rmb3bn (0m) in “panda bonds” — renminbi-denominated debt sold by foreigners into China’s bond markets.然而有一件事却表明,中国正开始减少依赖香港作为中间媒介,那就是韩国政府于去年12月发行了30亿元人民币(合4.6亿美元)的“熊猫债券”,熊猫债券是一种由境外机构在中国发行的人民币债券。The deal created the first non-Chinese sovereign bonds issued in the renminbi in China’s onshore market — sneaking in ahead of a similarly sized issuance by the Canadian province of British Columbia.这是首只在中国在岸市场发行的以人民币计价的非中国主权债券——悄悄抢在了加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省(省)前面,后者也紧跟着发行了规模相近的熊猫债券。Several law firms were involved. Bae, Kim amp; Lee, based in South Korea, advised the national government, as did King amp; Wood Mallesons; Allen amp; Overy worked on behalf of the issuers, HS and Bank of China (Hong Kong). Aamp;O diplomatically refers to the “considerable differences in practice and procedure for bond offerings in the international and China interbank bond market”.多家律所参与了发行事务。韩国太平洋律师事务所(Bae, Kim amp; Lee)为韩国政府提供了建议,还有金杜律师事务所(King amp; Wood Mallesons)也是。安理律师事务所(Allen amp; Overy)为发行方汇丰(HS)和中银香港提供了务。安理委婉地指出,“国际间债券市场和中国间债券市场在债券发行的实践和程序方面存在相当大的差异”。“There was no established precedent in this matter. This was a very adventurous task,” says Eui Jong Chung, BKL’s lead partner on the deal. “There were also troubles relating to timing issues. There were three languages involved — Chinese, Korean and communications in English — so getting the translations approved in time was challenging.” Mr Chung thinks the deal sets a precedent for South Korean banks.“以前在这方面还没有先例。这是一项非常冒险的任务,”韩国太平洋律师事务所负责这项交易的首席合伙人Eui Jong Chung说。“此外还存在时间问题。交易涉及到三种语言——中文、韩语以及沟通中使用的英语——所以,及时使翻译文本获批是有挑战的。”Eui Jong Chung认为,这次发行给韩国业树立了一个先例。Another sign of China’s lessening dependence on Hong Kong came with the formation of the China Europe International Exchange (Ceinex) — a Frankfurt-based exchange that trades several renminbi-denominated financial instruments. The exchange was set up by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, advised by King amp; Wood Mallesons; German exchange operator Deutsche B#246;rse; and China Financial Futures Exchange, advised by Dacheng Law Offices.中欧国际交易所(Ceinex)的设立是中国减少依赖香港的另一个迹象。该所设在德国的法兰克福,交易多种以人民币计价的金融工具。该所由多家交易所共同出资设立,包括上海券交易所——金杜律师事务所为其提供建议;德意志交易所集团(Deutsche B#246;rse);以及中国金融期货交易所——大成律师事务所(Dacheng Law Offices)为其提供建议。The exchange’s opening last October — attended by Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel and China’s premier Li Keqiang — was the latest move by Europe to court Beijing for its significant business. Dacheng calls Ceinex “a crucial overseas extension and supplement for China’s capital market” and says it will have “a significant influence” on China’s economy, capital markets and currency.去年10月举行的中欧国际交易所签约仪式——德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)和中国总理李克强出席——代表着欧洲为了中国的巨大商机而讨好北京的最新举动。大成律师事务所表示中欧国际交易所是“中国资本市场在海外重要的延伸和补充”,将对中国的经济、资本市场和货币产生“重要影响”。Christian Cornett, a partner at KWM, says the ambition behind Ceinex is that a range of financial products relating to Chinese markets should be tradable in the west. “The main challenge was it had not been done before [so we had] to find a common denominator where the converging interests could agree, where both interests are equally well promoted,” he says.金杜律师事务所的合伙人克里斯蒂安#8226;科尼特(Christian Cornett)说,中欧国际交易所背后的雄心是,应该让一系列与中国市场相关的金融产品可以在西方进行交易。“主要挑战是以前没这样做过,(所以我们不得不)寻找一个共同要素,让双方相近的利益趋于一致,并且都同样大为获益,”他说。Norton Rose Fulbright in November 2014 advised Hong Kong-listed Renhe Commercial Holdings — the Chinese developer known for turning China’s disused underground bomb shelters into shopping malls — on its 6m rights issue. The deal was the first by an eligible Hong Kong Stock Exchange issuer since the launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. The Stock Connect is a cross-border trading programme that has given overseas funds free access to mainland-listed companies for the first time.2014年11月,诺顿罗氏富布莱特律师事务所(Norton Rose Fulbright)为人和商业控股有限公司(Renhe Commercial Holdings)4.36亿美元配股事宜提供建议。人和商业是一家在香港上市的中国开发商,以把废弃地下防空洞改造为购物中心而闻名。这笔交易是“沪港通”启动以来,第一笔由港交所合格发行企业完成的交易。沪港通是一个跨境交易项目,第一次允许海外资金直接买入中国内地上市公司股票。Previously, global investors needed approval to invest if they wanted to hold domestic shares. Stock Connect also gave many Chinese investors access to Hong Kong stocks for the first time. The local exchange of the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen was last year due to launch a trading link with Hong Kong, although this has been delayed.此前,国际投资者如果想持有中国内地上市公司股票,需要首先获得审批。沪港通也让许多中国投资者第一次能够直接买入港交所上市股票。深圳交易所原本计划在去年开通“深港通”,只是推迟了。As well as the rights issue, Norton Rose Fulbright advised Renhe on bank financing and tender offers that were combined into a triple-layered financing arrangement, which had not been done before, says Rachel Chan, senior counsel at the law firm. “Normally these parts could have been separate, but because of the innovative structure we were able to make it one,” she says.诺顿罗氏律师事务所的资深顾问Rachel Chan表示,除这次配股之外,诺顿罗氏也为人和商业的融资和要约收购提供建议,这些被整合成一项前所未有的三层融资安排。“通常情况下,这种安排的各个部分都是独立的,但由于采取了创新性的结构,我们得以把各部分融合为一个整体,”她说。Even though international investors gained direct access to China, Hong Kong’s capital markets remain an important financial conduit. Last December, Linklaters advised the underwriters for Baosteel Group’s 0m issuance of a China Construction Bank Corporation bond that was exchangeable into so-called H shares, which are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. There are more than 200 Chinese companies with such H shares, and the agreement has paved the way for future equity-linked deals.尽管国际投资者获得了直接投资中国内地上市股票的机会,但香港资本市场仍将是一条重要的金融管道。去年12月,宝钢集团(Baosteel Group)发行5亿美元可交换债券,标的股票为中国建设股份有限公司(China Construction Bank Corporation)的H股股票,年利达律师事务所为各承销商提供了务。200多家中国内地公司发行了H股,该协议为未来挂钩股票的交易铺平了道路。The transaction achieved several firsts, including creating the first international bond changeable into H shares and the first equity-linked deal with underlying shares in a Chinese bank. “The deal itself was only possible because of a combination of technologies. It was basically introducing a new product to a new class of investors. It opened up a whole new market,” says Mr Sim.这项交易开创了多个第一,包括创建了第一种可交换为H股的国际债券,以及第一宗标的股票是中资股票的挂钩股票交易。“正因为综合运用了多种技术,该交易才有可能完成。这基本上是针对一个全新类别的投资者推出了一种全新的产品。这打开了一个崭新的市场,”Hwang Hwa Sim说。Slaughter and May’s work with China Re’s insurance IPO was also notable for its inventiveness. “This was a groundbreaking transaction for us. It was also the first reinsurance group listed in Hong Kong, the first Chinese reinsurance company listed anywhere,” says John Moore, partner at Slaughter and May.在中国再保险(China Re)的IPO中,司利达(Slaughter and May)所提供的务也因其创造性而引人注意。“这对我们而言是开创性的交易。这也是在香港上市的第一家再保险集团,是第一家上市的中国再保险公司,”司利达的合伙人约翰#8226;尔(John Moore)说。Despite the competitive threats from the mainland, Singapore and other emerging cities, Hong Kong still holds substantial legal advantages over its rivals. “Hong Kong seems to have developed a dynamic of its own in so many areas,” says Mr Moore.尽管面对来自中国内地、新加坡和其他新兴城市的竞争威胁,香港相对这些对手仍拥有很大的法律优势。“香港似乎在众多领域形成了一种自己特有的活力,”尔说。“Hong Kong has an incredible amount of talent that is bilingual, and they have been brought up within the system. I have no doubt that Hong Kong will continue to play an important role in the future.”“香港拥有多得不可思议的双语人才,他们是在这个体系内成长的。我毫不怀疑,香港在未来将继续扮演一个重要角色。”Mr Webb, the governance activist, says: “Hong Kong does have appeal as a trustworthy legal jurisdiction, but do keep in mind that we have only 31 years until the promises of the Basic Law [the territory’s mini constitution], expire. By 2047, we may have a new highest court in the land — potentially in mainland China. That could undermine the confidence of long-term investors.”企业治理维权人士韦布说:“作为一个可信赖的司法管辖区,香港确实具有吸引力,但要记住《基本法》的承诺还有31年就要到期。到2047年,香港可能会有一家新的最高法院,可能就在内地。这一点可能会削弱长期投资者的信心。”Mr Sim of Linklaters adds: “[The Baosteel transaction] couldn’t have been done by a group outside of a vibrant hub such as Hong Kong. We knew what our investors were willing to accept, and also what was possible. Unless Hong Kong loses its ability to remain as a catalyst for ideas, it will stay a hub for deals.”年利达的Hwang Hwa Sim说:“一个团队若不是在香港这样一个充满活力的中心可能就完不成(宝钢交易)。我们知道我们的投资者愿意接受什么,也知道什么是有可能办到的。除非香港失去催生思想创意火花的能力,否则香港仍将保持交易中心的地位。” /201608/457892大理市产妇建卡哪家便宜

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