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Prince George will be in the spotlight as he heads to Australia and New Zealand with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. What can they expect on their first engagements as a family of three?乔治王子随同剑桥公爵夫妇出游澳大利亚和新西兰成为万众瞩目的焦点。这一家三口在其第一次全家旅行期间有何期待呢?Hes not even nine months old yet, but hes aly making a big impact.虽然乔治王子还未满九个月,却已产生了重大的影响。George Alexander Louis is about to embark on his first official foreign tour - with his mother and father too, of course.乔治·亚历山大·路易斯即将开始他第一次官方的国外之旅,当然少不了他的父母。And it can reasonably be said that a good many people in New Zealand and Australia appear to be getting rather excited about the three-week trip, which starts in Wellington on Monday and ends in Canberra on 25 April.我们可以说新西兰和澳大利亚许多民众对王室一家三周的旅行感到非常兴奋,这种说法也是合理的。这次旅行从4日的惠灵顿之游开始到25日堪培拉之游结束。The normally rumbustious, hard-edged Kiwi/Aussie attitude to visiting Poms seems to have been suspended for William, Catherine and George.通常吵吵嚷嚷的新西兰人和澳大利亚人对即将来访的英国佬持有犀利无比的态度,这次似乎因威廉、凯瑟琳和乔治而变得矜持了。Barbs about alleged sporting deficiencies in the ;old country; have been replaced by baby talk - about teething (is he?), crawling (can he?) and walking (might he, on this trip?).关于所谓“老国家”缺乏运动的冷嘲热讽已由牙牙学语代替——牙齿(长了吗?)、爬着走(他会吗?)、走路(这次旅行中,可能吗?)。In part, the Aussie/Kiwi soppiness (words which one wouldnt normally expect to find together) might be explained as being a perfectly normal reaction to a baby, the presence of whom is a pretty universal antidote to cynicism.某种程度上,澳大利亚人及新西兰人的多情(通常人们不会看到这几个词同时使用的情况)也许可以解释为大众对婴儿再正常不过的反应——在世界各地,只要婴儿一出面,冷嘲热讽全失效。But there appears to be evidence of something else here.但似乎还有其他原因来明为何澳大利亚人和新西兰人态度大转变。Are we, perhaps, witnessing the emergence of a renewed enthusiasm for the long-term future of the monarchy in New Zealand and Australia?也许,我们正见人们对新西兰和澳大利亚未来长期的君主政体热情复燃?Not so many years ago, real questions were being raised about whether these former British dominions wanted to retain a system whereby people who lived on the other side of the world and who visited infrequently were nonetheless regarded as ;their; head of state and ;their; royal family.还在几年前,有人提出这样一个现实的问题:曾经是英国自治领地的新西兰和澳大利亚是否想维持君主体制,借此住在另一个半球、不常来访的英国人仍被人当做“新西兰人和澳大利亚人”的元首和“新西兰人和澳大利亚人”的皇室家族。It was said to be an anachronism from the days of Empire that was no longer appropriate.有人说君主体制是大英帝国时期留下来的残余,在现在不再合适了。The doubts were at their height - in Australia at least - nearly 15 years ago in the constitutional referendum of November 1999 when 45% of those who voted expressed a preference for a republic.就在5年前,即19991月澳大利亚举行的宪法公投显示45%的投票人偏爱共和政体,使得这一疑问达到顶峰。But in the years since, Australia and New Zealand seem to have been swept along (and republican feelings largely swept away) by the impact of an increasingly venerated monarch and the emergence of a glamorous young couple with a baby, around whom all kinds of popular dreams (and, it must be said, countless media schemes to boost er and viewing figures) have been constructed.不过最近日渐受人尊敬的女王和年轻迷人的夫妇及其婴儿,似乎吸引了澳大利亚和新西兰(人们共和政体的感情也在很大程度上一扫而空)。围绕着这个皇室一家三口,生出了各种各样的大众梦(必须说出来的话,是无数媒体想要增加读者数量和阅览数据的阴谋)。When William, Catherine and baby George disembark, first in Wellington and later in Sydney, they will be welcomed not merely as the ;super-celebrities; they undoubtedly are, but as prospective kings and as a future queen consort of New Zealand and Australia.威廉、凯瑟琳和婴儿乔治启程,先到惠灵顿,再去悉尼,他们不仅会作为“超级名流”受到热烈的欢迎,毫无疑问他们就是“超级名流”,还会作为新西兰和澳大利亚未来的国王和王后受到人们的喜爱。Large crowds are expected to greet them at each of their public engagements. The authorities have aly been producing maps to indicate where spectators can find the best vantage points.预计会有一大群人在他们出入公共场合时迎接他们。官方已经绘制了观众能找到最佳观看位置的地图。In the lead-up to the visit those spectators are likely to have been reminded of Williams first visit to Australia, when he was brought by his proud parents back in 1983 at roughly the same age as George is now.这次出游的前奏是观众可能会想起威廉第一次到访澳大利亚的情形983年他那自豪的父母带着他来到澳大利亚,当时他和乔治差不多大。They will have seen stories about how George has grown as well as speculation about how hell behave at the two engagements to which hes expected to be taken by his parents (one in each country) and how the whole trip has been designed with him very much in mind.大家会看到乔治长多大了,会猜测乔治在两次公众露面中会不会听话。他将由父母带着在新西兰和澳大利亚分别露一次面。大家都很关心有乔治王子随行,这次旅行的整个安排会是怎样。Unlike the programme for their visit to Canada in the summer of 2011, when the newly married William and Catherine were prepared to attend functions from morning until night, this time the programme stops on most days in the late afternoon so that the couple can get back to George, presumably to him a story and put him to bed.不像他们2011年夏季出访加拿大一样,当时新婚的威廉和凯瑟琳准备好从早到晚参加各种活动,这次大多数时候的行程安排在下午晚些时候就结束了,这样剑桥公爵夫妇能回到乔治身边,人们猜测他们会给他读睡前故事,哄他入睡。Consequently evening engagements for the couple are being kept to a minimum.结果剑桥公爵夫妇晚上的活动少之又少。Does any of it have any significance? Well, yes I suggest it does, for the monarchy that is.会不会有何重大意义呢?那个,会,我猜想会,对君主体制有着重大意义。Visits by the royals to New Zealand and Australia are important for the simple reason that these countries - for all their 21st Century vigour and independence - still come within the ambit of the monarchy which is headquartered at Buckingham Palace in London.皇室家庭出访新西兰和澳大利亚意义重大,原因很简单,那就是这些国家——尽管充满了21世纪的活力和独立——仍属于君主体制的范围内,这一体制的总部位于伦敦的白金汉宫。The reception that William, his wife and son receive over the next three weeks will say something about the vitality of the British crown and its relevance in 2014.接下来三周威廉和他的妻儿受到的接待将说明英国王冠的活力及其与2014的关联。Clearly not everyone who turns out to cheer William, Catherine and George will necessarily subscribe to the view that, 50 years or so from now, when George might be expected to succeed to the throne of the ed Kingdom, that he should also become king of Australia and king of New Zealand.显然那些为威廉、凯瑟琳和乔治欢呼的人群中,并非每个人都赞同这样一种图景,即距今约50年后,乔治也许要继承英国王位时,他还应该是澳大利亚和新西兰的国王。But as ambassadors for the system of hereditary, constitutional monarchy, this trio exert a powerful force.不过作为这一世袭君主立宪制度的形象大使,这一家三口会产生重大的影响。A great-grandmother in London can be expected to be watching events carefully and - one might assume - to be pleased at what she sees.在伦敦,一位曾祖母(英国女王)预计会审慎地看着这次出访——大家可以假定——看到这一切,她会很开心。来 /201404/285968According to reporters who were present, the president ducked out of the White House with his Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, after making remarks at an event on student loan debt earlier this afternoon.综合外国媒体报道,当地时日下午,美国总统奥巴马和白宫办公厅主任丹尼斯?麦克多诺决定离开白宫、进行短暂“茶歇”。在进行完有关学生贷款相关事件的谈话后,他们甩掉记者、偷偷溜出白宫,走到附近的星巴克买了一杯饮料The bear is loose, president Obama told reporters as he walked out of the building.白宫官员对媒体说,出门前,奥巴马拍了拍她的后背,笑着说了一句“熊跑了”。Obama walked from the White House to a Starbucks one block over, where he ordered a Venti tea and spent eight minutes or signing autographs for Starbucks customers.“逃跑”成功显然令奥巴马心情大奀?他在星巴克逗留了大分钟,除买了一杯超大杯茶饮外,他主动同店员问好、握手,给店里的其他顾客签名留念。On his way back, the president stopped to talk to a hotdog vendor and a group of construction workers.在返回白宫的路上,他停下来与热摊老板和建筑工人攀谈。The president also instructed staff to keep press at bay. Lets test your wrangling skills, he said, according to the White House pool report.看到身边的特勤局特工阻止路人靠近,他还开玩笑说:“让我们来测一测你们的放牧技巧。”Todays outing was the third time in the last month that the president has stepped out of the White House to take an unannounced stroll to a nearby destination, leading observers to believe that after spending the better part of the last five and a half years cooped up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the president is going stir crazy.这是过去一个月里奥巴马第三次离开白宫后临时改变行程安排。有观察人士笑言,最近奥巴马多番“出逃”,这表明总统先生“被关入”白年半之后,已经开始“发疯”。Two and a half weeks ago the president decided to take an impromptu walk down the National Mall to and from the Department of Interior. A week before that, he and Vice President Joe Biden stopped by Shake Shack to have lunch with four construction workers.半个多月前,奥巴马本应乘车前往美国内政部出席活动,结果他改变主意步行前往,让不少偶遇总统的行人直呼惊喜。在此之前,奥巴马和副总统拜登突然现身一家快餐店吃汉堡。The president did not say why he visited Starbucks today, but it could be because the companys CEO has publicly backed Obamas efforts to raise the minimum wage to .10 an hour.而媒体则认为,奥巴马此次光顾星巴克很有深意,“可能是因为星巴克的执行总裁曾公开宣布持奥巴马将最低时薪提高至10.1美元”。来 /201406/305617There is no future for Jews in France as long as Europeans refuse to confront the tacit acceptance of violence by many of the continents Muslims.只要欧洲人一天拒绝面对他们对其大陆上众多穆斯林的暴力行径听之任之的态度,在法国的犹太人就没有未来。That an assault on Jews would follow an assault on cartoonists came as no surprise. Indeed, there was a grim, if not explicitly expressed, foreboding in the aftermath of Thursdays attacks on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo that the Jews would come next. For satirists and Jews are markers of modernity, and it is modernity that the Islamists who committed these heinous atrocities detest most. It was tragically fitting, then, that one of their first victims would have been Ahmed Merabet, a French Muslim police officer posted to guard the offices of Charlie Hebdo. Here, in one horrible act, was the beauty of Western coexistence and secularism over the 7th century hell these monsters want to drag us back: a Muslim police officer giving his life to protect cartoonists who had come under threat for mocking Islam.在对讽刺漫画家的袭击之后,对犹太人的袭击接踵而至毫不意外。事实上,即便没有明确的表明,在周四对法国讽刺新闻杂志查理周刊的袭击余波中就已经隐含着某种残酷的预示,犹太人将成为恐怖分子的下一个目标。因为讽刺作家和犹太人同为现代化的标识,而现代化恰恰是那些犯下这些可恶暴行的穆斯林们所最最厌恶的。而接下来,悲剧性的巧合是,在他们杀死的第一批受害者中,有一位正是被派去保护查理周刊的法国穆斯林警官默罕默德马拉比特。在这样一场一个穆斯林警察为了保护因讽刺伊斯兰教而受到威胁的漫画家们而献出生命的恐怖行动中,我们看到了西方共存主义和世俗主义之美,而这些恐怖主义禽兽想将我们拉回到7世纪时期的地狱中去。The Paris neighborhood of the Marais has long been home to both the citys vibrant gay and Orthodox Jewish communities. A resident of the Marais once playfully told me that, looking out his door every morning, he unfailingly sees “a heavily bearded man dressed in blackon one side and “a heavily bearded man dressed in tighter blackon another - the leather crowd at times indistinguishable from the ultra-religious one. Whatever their many differences, the two groups have co-existed peacefully for decades, lending the Marais a distinct charm and color. 巴黎玛莱附近的街区一直以来都是这座城市中充满活力的同性恋者和极端正统的犹太社团的聚集地。一位住在玛莱区的居民曾开玩笑的告诉我说,每天早上从他的门口向外看去,总能看见一个身着黑衣的大胡子男人在街的一边,而另一边则会看到一个同样身着黑衣的大胡子男人,只是他的黑衣是紧身- 在这里那些身着皮衣的同性恋们常常难以同那些极端虔诚的犹太教徒们区分开来。不管这两个团体之间存在着多少差异,他们在这一地区几十年来都一直和平相处,这也形成了玛莱区独特的魅力和色。Upon hearing about yesterdays events in Paris—the murder of four hostages at a kosher grocery and the subsequent shuttering of Jewish institutions across the city, the gory sequel to Thursdays slaughter of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo offices—my thoughts turned immediately to an evening last September when I was strolling through the Marais windy and narrow streets. I came across the Notre Dame de Nazareth synagogue, a grand, 19th century building constructed in the Moorish revival style that serves the citys Sephardic Jews, those who come from North Africa.听说了昨天发生在巴黎的事--一家犹太食品店名人质被害,随后城内的犹太机构关闭,周四查理周刊办公2名人员被害的血淋漓续集,我的思绪立即回到了去月份发生的一件事,当时我正漫步走过玛黑区狭窄而多风的街道,正好经过拿撒勒的圣母院教堂,这是一座建9世纪的尔式复古风格的大教堂,专为那些来自北非的西班牙系犹太人务。The rabbi happened to be walking out of the synagogue with his wife. After dispensing with the facts of my Jewish background and American citizenship, I promptly asked, ;Whats the situation?Our shared patrimony obviated any need for further elaboration; as a European Jew addressing an American one, he knew exactly at what I was aiming. ;There is no future for Jews in France,; he said.拉比正巧和他的妻子走出教堂。对我的犹太背景和美国国籍暂且不提,我脱口而问:“情况怎么样?”我们骨子里共同的东西不需要更多的言语解释,一名欧洲犹太人和一名美国人的对话心有灵犀,他对我的目的心知肚明:“在法国的犹太人没有未来,”他说。If the Rabbi is right, and I fear he is, than it means that there is no future for Jews in Europe. For France is home to the continents largest Jewish community, numbered at over half a million. But it is declining rapidly. Emigration to Israel from France doubled in 2014 from 3,400 to 7,000 people. According to Israels Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, the number of Jews leaving Western Europe for the Jewish State increased 88 percent last year. These numbers do not fully account for the Jewish flight from Europe, as significant numbers are leaving for America and other lands. This weeks events will surely lead to even higher rates of emigration.如果拉比说得没错的话,我恐怕他的意思应该是欧洲的犹太人没有未来。因为法国是欧洲大陆的最大犹太社区所在地,犹太人数超过了50万。但这个数字正在急剧下降。从法国移民到以色列的人014年比2013年数量增加了1倍,400人增加到000人。根据以色列移民吸收部的数据,去年离开西欧前往犹太国家的人口数量增加了88%。这些数字还不包括飞离欧洲的犹太人,因为大量犹太人去了美国和其它国家。本周的事件将导致移民比率的大幅增加It is hard to deal with a problem, however, when you studiously avoid naming it. This is a curious characteristic of Europes anti-Semitism predicament, in which too many are hesitant to identify victims and perpetrators, that is, when they even concede that such categories exist. Writing live from the hostage scene for the Jewish website Tablet yesterday, French journalist Marc Weitzmann noted that, ;On TV and on the radio up to this moment, no one—no one—is mentioning or discussing that the hostages are Jews. No one. Its strange.;当你故意避免提到某个问题时,问题更加难以解决。这是欧洲反犹太主义困境的一个令人好奇的特点,在这里太多人不愿意指出受害者和肇事者,即使他们承认这类人的存在。昨天为犹太网站Tablet现场报道人质现场的法国记者马克·威兹曼注意到:“至今电视和广播媒体没人,一个人也没有,提到或者议论说人质是犹太人。一个人也没有,这太奇怪了。Weitzmann then shared this chilling anecdote regarding the attack on Charlie Hebdo. ;I spoke to a person who teaches history in a high school in one of the suburban Cités,; Weitzmann wrote. ;He told me that this is a complete disaster. Teachers are afraid to mention the events. He told me that in his school, students are asking to debate the massacre—and they are justifying it. Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, You shouldnt insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.;威兹曼把关于这次袭击事件的令人心寒的故事分享到了《查理周刊》。“我与一名巴黎市郊的高中历史教师交谈过,”, 威兹曼写道:“他说这完全是一个灾难。教师们不敢提及这些事件。他告诉我在他所在的学校,学生们要求讨论屠杀事件,他们认为这是正当的3,4岁的孩子们都说,你们不能侮辱先知。屠杀是伸张正。”Rather than focus on alarming views that appear to be prevalent among young French Muslims, many in the media would rather talk about the inevitable “backlashthat Muslims will endure. Concomitant with nearly every story about jihadism in Europe is a warning about the far right taking political advantage of the situation.很多媒体人不是把焦点集中在年轻的法国穆斯林当中流行的一些令人堪忧的想法上,他们宁肯讨论穆斯林所要忍受的不可避免的“反击”在欧洲跟随每一次圣战后而来的都是对极右翼利用政治形势的警告。As if by rote, The New York Times could not help but insert early into its story about yesterdays terror that the events ;set off soul-searching about the integration of Muslims in Frances impoverished immigrant suburbs.; But it is not French assimilation policies (or the lack thereof) that are to blame for this weeks deadly acts. There are plenty of ;impoverished immigrants; all over the world who do not condone, never mind perpetrate, acts of violence over cartoons. And 72 peecent of French people, according to Pew Research, have a ;favorable; impression of Muslims, putting the lie to the claim that France is ;Islamophobic.;纽约时报在对昨天恐怖袭击的报道前面按部就班的插入道,这次事件引发了人们对于穆斯林在法国郊外贫困移民区的融合性问题的深思。但本周的致命事件并不应该归咎于法国的民族融合政策(或其缺乏)。世界各地有许多贫困移民,他们不会宽恕因漫画而引发的暴力行为,更别提他们自己会去做这样的事情了。根据Pew研究机构的调查,法国72%的民众表示对穆斯林仍;积极正面;的态度,这表明法国有“伊斯兰恐惧症”的说法是一个谎言。Whats responsible for this weeks murders in France is the same thing thats responsible for the murder of some 2,000 innocent people in Nigeria, and over 100 students in Peshawar: violent Islamism. It is an ideology that is to blame, an ideology that is embraced by millions of people, many of whom have no intention of committing violence against infidels, heretics and other enemies of the faith but nonetheless tacitly condone it. And it is this ideology—not a phantom neo-Nazism—that is driving todays Jews out of Europe.本周法国谋杀案的元凶与谋害尼日利亚近2000名无辜民众和白沙00多名学生的元凶相同:即暴力伊斯兰主义。因此我们要谴责的是一种意识形态,一种为千万民众所接受的意识形态,而接受的这些人中,大多数并无意对不信教者或异教徒或任何其信仰上得敌人施加暴力,相反他们选择默默地宽恕。将当今的犹太人一步步赶出欧洲的正是这样一种意识形态,而不是所谓的新纳粹主义幽灵;The Jewish community feels itself on the edge of a seething volcano,; says Shimon Samuels, the Paris-based Director of International Relations for the Simon Wiesenthal Center. ;A culture of excuse exonerates the perpetrators as disaffected, alienated, frustrated, unemployed. No other group of frustrated unemployed has resorted to such behavior. Until politicians and media define the problem as jidahism remote-controlled from mosques in France and not only the Middle-East the cancer will not be isolated and destroyed.;“犹太人社区感觉自己正坐在即将喷发的火山上,“西蒙·维森塔尔中心在巴黎的国际关系主任Shimon Samuels说。”宽恕的文化认为这些人是“愤愤不平的,被疏远的,失意的和失业的,所以才犯下了这些罪行。”但是其他失业的和失意的人群并没有诉诸这种暴力行为。除非政治家和媒体将这些问题定义为从法国清镇市里远程控制的圣战行为,不仅仅从中东进行远程控制,否则我们将无法隔绝和摧毁这个癌症。The longer this unwillingness to name and confront the problem goes on, the more succor well meaning elites inadvertently lend to those who would paint the worlds Muslims with one single, simple, bigoted, broad brush. Yes, extreme right parties like Frances National Front will likely benefit from the events of this week. But their rise has been fostered as much by the unwillingness of many mainstream politicians, on both left and right, to speak clearly about the challenges facing France on this front. This failure on the part of responsible political leaders has allowed irresponsible voices—like the National Fronts Marinne Le Pen—to fill the void.越是长时间的不去面对这些问题,那么善意的精英们就会在不经意间向那些抹黑全世界穆斯林的人提供更多的帮助。是的,像法国国民阵线这样的极端右翼团体可能会从本周的事件中获得好处。但是该团体的崛起在很大程度上还受到了很多主流政治家的持,因为这些主流政治家(不管是左翼还是右翼)不愿意就法国在这方面所遇到的问题发出清晰的声音。正是因为这些政治家没有发出自己的声音,所以才让不负责任的声音有了可乘之机,比如国民阵线的Marinne Le Pen。Things will get worse, before, or even if, they get better. ;Unfortunately, it looks like the calm before the storm,; the Wiesenthal Centers Samuels writes. As I the grim headlines from Paris, I was reminded of another encounter in another European city, Berlin, specifically at the Opernplatz where the Nazis staged one of their most infamous book burnings in 1933. One of the authors whose works they incinerated was the great German poet, Heinrich Heine, whose epigraph now lines a memorial marking this historically ominous event: ;That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well.; And where they drive out and kill Jews, they will ultimately drive out and kill you, too.在事情好转之前局势可能会变得更糟.”不幸的这好像是暴风雨前的平静维森塔尔中心(一个为了纪念在第二次世界大战中被纳粹杀害的犹太人而成立的国际人权组织)的塞缪尔写道,当我看到巴黎的可怕的消息我想到发生在欧洲的另一个城市柏林的与此相似的的事情,1933就在柏林的倍倍尔广场纳粹上演了他最臭名昭著的焚书事海因里希.海涅是德国的一位伟大的诗人,也是作品被烧者中的一他的碑文现在是这件不幸的历史事件的纪念性标”这只是一个前哪里烧书的地最后也会烧人”并且在驱逐并杀害犹太人的地他们也会杀死你们。来 /201502/360420

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