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湖州哪里有专业去痣的地方湖州激光脱毛一般多少钱The starting gun on the glittering calendar of festive galas and parties in Paris is arguably the biggest and most curious of them all: Le Bal des Débutantes.拉开巴黎流光溢的节日庆典及派对活动帷幕的大戏,莫过于影响力最大、也是最不寻常的名门少女成年舞会(Le Bal des débutantes)。An event whose raison d’être eludes logic in 2013, the ball involves 20 girls from all over the world arriving at Place de la Concorde in black cars, each wearing a dress fitted by a different couture house. Following suit, parents and relatives will step on to the red carpet in requisite black tie or long evening gowns.2013年的这届少女成年舞会并没有按常理进行。主办方共邀请了20位来自世界各地的千金佳丽,她们身穿各大品牌的定制时尚女裙、乘坐黑色豪车抵达协和广场(Place de la Concorde),其亲友团也如法炮制,都是衣冠楚楚(男士系黑色领带,女士穿长礼)地来到舞会现场。This year’s ball took place last weekend at the Auto-mobile Club de France, next to the H#244;tel de Crillon, the ball’s traditional home, which is being refurbished.今年的舞会在紧挨克利翁酒店(Hotel de Crillon)的法国汽车俱乐部(Auto-mobile Club de France)总会举行,而克利翁酒店是舞会的传统举办地。Among the guests were a Kennedy, a Windsor, an Essex cabby’s daughter (possessing an IQ of 161), an Italian princess, daughters of Asian industry titans, and Romy David, youngest daughter of American comedian Larry David – all handpicked by organiser Ophélie Renouard, and all resplendent. Men included.受邀的千金中,包括肯尼迪家族、英王室(Windsor)、意大利公主、亚洲某产业巨子的几位千金以及美国喜剧明星拉里#8226;大卫(Larry David)的小女儿罗米#8226;大卫(Romy David)等,所有的千金均由舞会主办者奥菲莉#8226;雷努阿(Ophélie Renouard)精挑细选,她们都那么光照人,男士也属邀请之列。Unmissable was Vanity Fair photographer Jonathan Becker, in a bespoke, wide-lapel, double-breasted suit with monogrammed, velvet slippers, celebratory cigar in hand: his son Sebastian was escorting Juliana Canfield, who was presented in couture by Oscar de la Renta. “This was specially made for me in Hong Kong,” said Becker of his tux, an answer echoed by most of the men at the ball – except for one guest, who was sporting a dinner jacket and flamboyant, floppy, black necktie reminiscent of Oscar Wilde, by Alexander McQueen.不应错过的大腕嘉宾包括《名利场》杂志(Vanity Fair)摄影师乔纳森#8226;贝克尔(Jonathan Becker),他身穿双排扣大翻领定制西,脚穿花押字天鹅绒面的便鞋,手里夹着雪茄,得意之情溢于言表:他的宝贝儿子塞巴斯蒂安(Sebastian)荣幸成为朱丽安娜#8226;坎菲尔德(Juliana Canfield)的男伴。朱丽安娜身穿奥斯卡#8226;德拉伦塔(Oscar de la Renta)高级定制女裙。“这是本人专在香港定做的,”他指的是自己穿的晚礼,当天舞会的绝大多数受邀男宾如出一辙,只有一位嘉宾例外,他身穿亚历山大#8226;麦奎(Alexander McQueen)无尾礼、打着慵懒风格的黑色艳丽领结,酷似奥斯卡#8226;王尔德(Oscar Wilde)。When the watchmaker Edouard d’Hauteville was asked about his perfectly cut tuxedo, he said: “This? This is just by a small French tailor from many years ago.” It worked well, matched with the navy off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood gown worn by his 19-year-old daughter Zita. “At first we wanted Dior but it had gone,” d’Hauteville said. “You have to be quick.”当记者请钟表技师豪特维拉(Edouard d’Hauteville)评价自己所穿的定制晚礼时,他这样说道:“您说的是这件礼吗?它是多年前由一位名不见经传的法国裁缝师制作的。”他的礼十分得体妥帖,与身穿深蓝色薇薇恩#8226;韦斯特伍德(Vivienne Westwood)露肩裙的19岁女儿Zita站在一起,效果天衣无缝。“起初选中的是迪奥(Dior),但不凑巧断货了,”豪特维拉说。“这种事得下手快才行。”The Dior, it turned out, had gone to 18-year-old Kyra Kennedy, who came with her father, Robert Kennedy Jr (in Armani) and actress Cheryl Hines, whose golden, fitted Dolce amp; Gabbana dress would only allow her to shuffle on the edge of the dance-floor, smartphone in hand, poised to capture her television co-star Larry David waltzing with his daughter. Gretel Packer, mother of deb Francesca Packer Barham, looked on in a voluptuous dark dress by Australian designer Jane Hill.迪奥的那款裙子最后穿在了18岁的凯拉#8226;肯尼迪(Kyra Kennedy)身上,凯拉由父亲小罗伯特#8226;肯尼迪(Robert Kennedy Jr)及父亲女友、女明星切瑞#8226;海恩斯(Cheryl Hines)陪同参加舞会。小罗伯特#8226;肯尼迪浑身上下阿玛尼(Armani)行头,海恩斯则身穿金黄色杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp; Gabbana)定制拖地女裙,手拿智能手机,当自己的电视剧搭档主演拉里#8226;大卫与他女儿翩翩起舞时,随时准备为他们摄影留念。初次亮相舞会的弗朗西斯卡(Francesca Packer Barham)的母亲格雷特尔#8226;帕克(Gretel Packer)则身穿澳洲设计师简#8226;希尔(Jane Hill)设计的黑色艳丽女裙,站在一旁驻足观望。Towards the end of the evening, the Dior-clad Kyra Kennedy kicked off her heels and sank gracefully on to the carpeted floor, the crispy folds of her ice-blue gown, designed by Raf Simons, splayed in a voluminous cloud around her. Then, like a flock of social Cinderellas, women all over the room began to discreetly slip off their towering footwear. No one could curb their enthusiasm.舞会临近结束时,身穿迪奥女裙的凯拉#8226;肯尼迪脱去自己的高跟鞋,然后缓缓地躺到红地毯上,动作优雅之极。拉夫#8226;西蒙斯(Raf Simons)冰蓝色长裙的卷曲褶皱如朵朵浮云散落在她身旁四周。然后,全屋的女士就如一群热衷交际的灰姑娘(Cinderella),开始小心翼翼地脱去自己的高跟鞋,奔放热情一发而不可收。 /201312/269607湖州治疗胎记费用 Is playing football like falling in love? That question, which would perhaps not occur to most of us watching hours of the bruising game this holiday season, is the focus of a provocative and growing body of new science examining the role of oxytocin in competitive sports.Oxytocin is, famously, the ;love hormone,; a brain peptide known to promote positive intersocial relations. It makes people like one another, especially in intimate relationships. New mothers are awash in oxytocin (which is involved in the labor process), and it is believed that the hormone promotes bonding between mother and infant.New-formed romantic couples also have augmented bloodstream levels of the peptide, many studies show. The original attraction between the lovers seems to prompt the release of oxytocin, and, in turn, its actions in the brain intensify and solidify the allure.踢球好似谈恋爱?当我们在假期日夜追看精比赛时,恐怕很少有人想到这一问题,然而在研究后叶催产素对竞技运动的影响时,它已经成为众多研究者的关注焦点。后叶催产素,即著名的“爱情荷尔蒙”,是一种由脑下垂体分泌、能促进人际关系的荷尔蒙。它能增加人类彼此的好感,特别在亲密关系中作用尤为明显。女性在生产和哺乳过程中也会大量分泌后叶催产素——它能增进母亲和婴儿之间的感情。大量研究明,情侣在刚刚确定关系时,体内的后叶催产素含量会大幅上升。情侣间的原始吸引力促成后叶催产素的释放,后叶催产素又反过来加强和稳固彼此间的吸引力。Until recently, though, scientists had not considered whether a substance that promotes cuddliness and warm, intimate bonding might also play a role in competitive sports.But the idea makes sense, says Gert-Jan Pepping, a researcher at the Center for Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, and the author of a new review of oxytocin and competition. ;Being part of a team involves emotions, as for instance when a team scores, and these emotions are associated with brain chemicals.;In the shootouts, he says, each player almost certainly had experienced a shared burst of oxytocin, and in the rush of positive feeling, had shot better.尽管如此,科学家直到最近才开始思考:这种物质既然能拉近人与人的距离,提升彼此之间的亲密关系,那么它是否也会对竞技运动产生影响?这一想法不无道理,戈特-让·佩平(Gert-Jan Pepping)如此认为。佩平士是荷兰格罗宁根大学(University of Groningen)人类运动学研究中心的研究员,他发表了一篇新的论文, 探讨后叶催产素与竞争的关系。“参与球队与情绪有关,比如当球队得分时;这些情绪又离不开大脑分泌的化学物质。”佩平解释说,在点球大战中每一位球员几乎都会出现后叶催产素的释放,心中进而涌起积极乐观的情绪,因此射得更准。More telling, in a study presented last month at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans, male prairie voles that exercised by running on wheels over six weeks displayed changes in their nervous systems related to increased oxytocin production and bonded rapidly and sturdily with new female cage cohabitants, while unexercised males showed little interest in any particular mate.;Lots of stresses can trigger oxytocin release, among them exercise,; says William Kenkel, a doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who led the study. He continued that ;it stands to reason, then,; that such exercise-related oxytocin release ;could facilitate social bonding.;Athletes, by the way, aren#39;t the only group affected by oxytocin in a sports setting, ;Sports fans, too, experience spurts of oxytocin release,; Dr. Pepping says, including the half-hearted. ;Even when you don#39;t much like sports,; he says, watching others high-five and leap about the living room after their favored team scores will lead ;your body to release oxytocin.; At that moment, we are all a fervent Bears or Giants or Oklahoma City Thunder fan, whatever we might think, in our more sober moments, about that James Harden trade.更有说力的是,上个月在新奥尔良召开的神经科学学会年会中,一项研究指出大草原雄性田鼠经过六周的跑轮锻炼之后,体内影响后叶催产素分泌的神经系统出现明显变化,它们与同笼的雌性田鼠关系迅速变得亲密;相反那些未经锻练的雄性田鼠对异性田鼠基本没有兴趣。“重压能激发后叶催产素的释放,锻炼也是压力的一种”研究主导者、伊利诺伊大学(University of Illinois)的士候选人威廉·肯克尔(William Kenkel)说:“与锻炼相关的后叶催产素分泌有助社交,这一想法经得起推理。”值得一提的是,运动场上受后叶催产素影响的并非只有运动员。“球迷身上也会出现后叶催产素激增的现象,”佩平士表示,这同时包括那些心不在焉的看客。看到身边的人在喜欢的球队得分后击掌相庆,或者在客厅里欢呼跳跃,“就算你不那么喜欢体育,你的身体也会释放后叶催产素。”那一刻,我们都是芝加哥熊队、纽约巨人队,或是俄克拉荷马雷霆的狂热球迷——就算更多的时候,我们会悲伤地想起詹姆斯·哈登(James Harden)的交易。 /201302/226839湖州割双眼皮哪好

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