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重庆星宸整形美容医院减肥手术多少钱重庆韩式双眼皮重庆市治疗青春痘多少钱 So they rigged up an extension cord that ran 200 feet人们只能临时拉了一根200英尺长的延长线from the center to the diesel generator outside.让社区中心能够接上外面的柴油发电机Looking at this setup, I knew the minute the reporters left,看到这种情形 我知道一旦记者离开the generator would get to a more urgent task.发电机就会被用到更紧急的任务And the people at the community center would go back to worry about challenges而社区中心的人们也需要重新去面对that couldnt be solved by a personal computer.那些不是个人计算机就能解决的问题When I gave my prepared remarks to the press, I said Soweto is a milestone.我按照事先准备的讲稿 对媒体说索韦托是一个里程碑Theres major decisions ahead about whether technology在未来 为了不让发展中国家在技术上落后will leave the developing world behind.显然还有很多重大决定要做This is to close the gap.我们将像这样 努力缩小技术上的鸿沟But as I those words, I knew they werent super relevant.但在我阅读这份讲稿时 我深知情况远远没有这么简单What I didnt say was, by the way,讲稿上有一段我没有读 也就是were not focused on the fact that half a million people on this continent are我们还没开始关注这块大陆上 每年有大约dying every year from malaria.五十万人死于疟疾这一事实But we are sure as hell going to bring you computers.但我们至少能够给大家带来计算机Before I went to Soweto, I thought I understood the worlds problems在我去索韦托之前 我以为我了解世界的问题but I was blind to many of the most important ones.事实上 我对很多重要问题都一无所知201411/342710黄氏星宸祛除腋臭多少钱

重庆星辰整形美容脱毛手术多少钱Ive always wanted to be a cyborg.我一直想成为一个半机械人。One of my favorite shows as a kid was ;The Six Million Dollar Man,;我小时候最喜欢的电视剧之一是“无敌金刚”,它的造价是六百万美元。and this is a little bit closer to the 240 dollar man or so, but --而这玩意儿的价值挺相近的,大约是240万美元,但是——At at any rate. I would normally feel very self-conscious and geeky wearing this around,不管怎样。而且我经常会感到拘谨,感觉有点儿怪异,穿着这个走来走去,but a few days ago I saw one world-renowned statistician swallowing swords on stage here,嗯,但是呢,今天前我看见一位举世闻名的数据专家在这个舞台上吞剑,so I figure its OK amongst this group.于是我就觉得在这群人里面我还算正常。But thats not what I want to talk about today.但是这不是我今天要谈论的话题。I want to talk about toys, and the power that I see inherent in them.我想要谈玩具,以及我从玩具中发现的天然的威力。When I was a kid, I attended Montessori school up to sixth grade in Atlanta, Georgia.当我还是个小孩的时候,我在大名鼎鼎的蒙特梭利学校读到了六年级。那是在佐治亚州亚特兰大。And at the time I didnt think much about it,那时,我并没有觉得有啥了不起。but then later, I realized that that was the high point of my education.但是后来,我发现那是我教育生涯中的制高点。From that point on, everything else was pretty much downhill.从那以后,一切都江河日下了。And it wasnt until later, as I started making games, that --等到后来,当我开始制作电脑游戏,那时我真的——I really actually think of them more as toys.我把它们当做是玩具。People call me a game designer, but I really think of these things more as toys.人们称我为游戏设计师,但是我却将(我设计的)那些东西当做玩具。But I started getting very interested in Maria Montessori and her methods,我开始对玛利亚·蒙特梭利和她的教育方法and the way she went about things,以及她的处事方式感兴趣。and the way she thought it very valuable for kids to kind of discover things on their own她很重视让孩子们自己去发现,rather than being taught these things overtly.而不是直接明白地向他们灌输这些知识。And she would design these toys, where kids in playing with the toys她会设计一些寓教于乐的玩具,would actually come to understand these deep principles of life and nature through play.使孩子们可以一边玩一边懂得一些有关人生和自然的深刻道理。And since they discovered those things, it really stuck with them so much more,因为这些道理是他们自己发现的,所以他们就会牢牢记住它们,and also they would experience their own failures;而且他们还会经历失败,there was a failure-based aspect to learning there. It was very important.这样他们就会经历挫折教育。这是很重要的。And so, the games that I do, I think of really more as modern Montessori toys.因此,我觉得我所创作的游戏就是蒙特梭利式的玩具的现代翻版。And I really kind of want them to be presented in a way并且我真心希望它们能够帮助小孩们to where kids can kind of explore and discover their own principles.通过自己去探索和发现这个世界的道理。So a few years ago, I actually started getting very interested in the SETI program.于是,几年前,我开始对地外文明探索工程产生了浓厚的兴趣。And thats the way I work.这是我的一种工作方式,I get interested in different kinds of subjects, I dive in,我对各种领域都有兴趣,我潜入其中,I research them, and then I try to figure out how to craft a toy around that,探索研究它,然后想办法做出一种与之相关的游戏,so that other people can kind of experience the same sense of discovery这样其他人就能体验到和我在学习这个课题时as I did as I was learning that subject.所体验过的发现的感觉。And it kind of led me to astrobiology, which is the study of possible life in the universe.于是我遇到了研究宇宙中可能存在的生命的天体生物学。And then Drakes Equation, which is looking at the probability of life arising on planets,然后是德瑞克方程式,大家知道,它关注的是行星上可能产生生命的概率,how long it might last, how many planets are out there, stuff like that.可以维持的时间,以及可能有多少行星,诸如此类And I started looking at how interesting Drakes Equation was,我开始关注这个极其有趣的方程,because it spanned all these different subjects --因为它涉及了各种不同的学科——physics, chemistry, sociology, economics, astronomy.物理、化学、社会学、经济学、天文学。And another thing that really impressed me a long time ago was ;Powers of Ten,; Charles and Ray Eames film.另一个很久以来让我印象深刻的是查尔斯·伊默斯和蕾·伊默斯夫妇的影片《十的次方》And I started putting those two together and wondering,当我把这两者合起来看时,我想到could I build a toy where kids would kind of trip across all these interesting principles of life,我能不能建造一个玩具,使得小孩们可以在生命所有的这些有趣的、as it exists and as it might go in the future.经久不变的规则中穿梭?Things where you might trip across things like the Copernican Principle, the Fermi Paradox,你可能会遇到哥白尼定律、费米佯谬the Anthropic Principle, the origin of life.人择原理、生命起源。And so Im going to show you a toy today that Ive been working on,而我今天要向大家展示的是我正在创作中的一个玩具,that I think of more than anything else as kind of a philosophy toy.我觉得它绝对是一个哲学玩具。In playing this toy, you kind of -- this will bring up philosophical questions in you.当你玩着这个玩具的时候,你就会想到一些哲学的命题。This games called ;Spore.; Ive been working on it for several years.这个游戏的名字叫做“孢子”。我为这个游戏努力了好几年了。Its getting pretty close to finished now.创作已经接近尾声。It occurs at all these different scales, first of all, from very, very small to very, very large.它有不同的场景规模。从极其微小到非常宏大。Im just going to pop in at the start of the game.我将要从最开端来进入这个游戏。201512/418290重庆治痘价格 重庆大坪医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

重庆激光治疗痤疮价格Right there, in that library就在那个图书馆里I realized我意识到there is nothing greater than a mothers love and desire to protect her child没有什么比母亲的爱和想保护孩子的心更伟大nothing没有什么比得了I also decided that I will live my life in a way to make her proud我还决定以让她自豪的方式过好我这一生I decided to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of my father我决定继承父亲的进取精神but an honest way但要以诚实的方式God bless you Melvin Combs. I fulfilled you right next to me上帝保佑梅尔文·库姆斯 我完成了你的夙愿but in a honest way, in a legal way不过是以一种诚实合法的方式by earning, scraping, working harder通过赚取 积攒 勤奋工作believing in myself相信自己and most importantly, making the most of the blessings that God blessed me with还有最重要的 接受上帝赐予我的祝福See Ive got that work ethic from my mother我的工作信念来自母亲My mother worked 4 jobs我母亲打四份工to take care of me and my sister Keisha来照顾我和凯莎My mother worked 4 jobs to send me to Howard University我母亲打四份工 将我送到霍华德大学读书So I want to take the time, I want to say这里我想说Mama, I love you so much妈妈 我很爱你I wouldnt be standing up here without you没有你 就没有今天的我Thank you so much for all your sacrifices非常感谢你为我作出的牺牲And thank you to all other mothers out there. I love you mom也感谢天下所有的母亲 我爱你 妈妈201501/351785 So for example at Tesla我想说 在特斯拉weve never spent any money on advertising我们从来不花钱做广告We put all of the money into Ramp;D and manufacturing and design我们把所有的钱都用于研发 制造和设计to try to make the car as good as possible尽力让汽车变得更好And I think thats the way to go我认为 公司就该这样For any given company, just keep thinking about任何公司 在任何时候都需要思考are these efforts that people are spending人们花这么多精力做的事are they resulting in a better product or service是否能够让产品或务变得更好if theyre not, stop those efforts如果不能 停止这些尝试And then the final thing is最后我要讲的是dont just follow the trends不要随大流You may have heard me say我经常说its good to think in terms of the physics approach from first principles这里可以类比从基本原理出发的物理方法which is也就是说rather than reasoning by analogy不要人云亦云you boil things down to the most fundamental truths you can imagine你应当将事物归结到最根本的真理上and you reason up from there从根本出发进行推理This is a good way to figure out if something really make sense这能让你很好地判断 某个想法是否真的行得通or its just whatever somebody else is doing而不只是别人说可行 那就可行It is hard to think that way. You cant think that way about everything当然 这很难 你不能什么事情都这样考虑It takes a lot of effort, but这需要很多精力 不过if youre trying to do something new, its the best way to think在创新的时候 这无疑是最好的思维方式And that framework was developed by physicists物理学界也正是通过这种方式to figure out counterintuitive things推导出了各种不可思议的理论like quantum mechanics例如量子力学Its really a powerful method这无疑是一个很强有力的方法And so thats, and then I think theres a final thing I will encourage you to do我想 我还有一点建议要讲给你们 也就是Now is the time to take risk趁着年轻 勇于冒险You dont have kids你们没有小孩Your obligation... oh, sorry你们的责任… 哦 抱歉Probably not, of course也许有人有孩子but as you get older, your obligations increase不过随着年龄的增长 责任也会随之增长And once you have a family有了家庭之后再去冒险you start taking not just for yourself but for your family as well承担风险的就不是你一个人 而是你全家It gets much harder to do things that might not work out要去冒险做一些可能成不了的事 难度可能会更大So now its the time to do that before you have those obligations在没有这些责任之前 做这样的事负担会比较小So I want to encourage you to take risks and to do something bold我鼓励大家勇于冒险 胆子放大一些You wont regret it. Thank you你不会后悔的 谢谢201412/349892重庆星辰整形美容医院做祛疤手术多少钱重庆星辰医院治疗狐臭多少钱



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