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抚顺市妇幼保健院龟头炎症抚顺石油三厂职工医院治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好抚顺矿务局总医院治疗不孕不育多少钱 Well, never mind, it looks tasty.没关系,看起来很好吃。Theres enough for everyone if you want some.这够所有人吃的,如果你想来点儿。I think thats a splendid idea, we can have an office picnic! Yes!我认为这是个好主意,我们可以搞一个办公室野餐!是的!Mmm, that sauce looks delicious. Yes, its my favourite.这个酱看起来很好吃。是的,我的最爱。Well, once again everything has worked out well for Anna!安娜的每件事都再次顺利完成了!Before we go, a reminder of the phrases she used.在我们离开之前,再提示一下她用过的措辞。Hello, I dont think weve met.你好,我们好像还没见过面。You must be Tom.你肯定是汤姆。Ive just joined the team.我刚加入这个团队。Nice to meet you.见到你很高兴。Have you worked here long?你在这里工作很久了吗?Just remember - if somebody says ;Would you like to do lunch?; theyre not usually expecting you to cook for them!记住,如果有人说“Would you like to do lunch”,他们的意思通常不是希望你为他们做饭!Goodbye.再见。 /201612/479876McCain Urges Stemming Sp of Nuclear Weapons 麦凯恩敦促制止核武扩散 The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, spoke about the dangers of nuclear proliferation Tuesday in a speech in Denver, Colorado. Meanwhile, there is only one week left in the Democratic primary battle between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 预计能得到共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员星期二在科罗拉多州丹佛市的讲演中谈到了核武器扩散的危险性。与此同时,民主党参议员奥巴马和克林顿之间的初选战只剩最后一个星期了。Senator McCain said as president he would ensure U.S. leadership to stem the sp of nuclear weapons. McCain said his approach would not rely too heavily on either direct talks with adversaries or the threat of military force.  麦凯恩参议员说,他如果当上总统,就会确保美国主导制止核武器扩散的行动。麦凯恩说,他的行动方式将不会过度依赖与敌对方的直接对话,也不会依靠军事威慑力量。"Our highest priority must be to reduce the danger that nuclear weapons will ever be used," he said. "Such weapons, while still important to deter an attack with weapons of mass destruction against us and our allies, represent the most abhorrent and indiscriminate form of warfare known to man." 麦凯恩说:“我们首要的当务之急务必是降低动用核武器的危险性,与此同时同等重要的是:制止对我们和我们的盟友发动大规模杀伤性武器的袭击,这类袭击是人类历史上最令人发指并滥杀无辜的战事。”McCain's speech was interrupted several times by anti-Iraq war protestors, prompting McCain to restate his pledge to remain in Iraq until the U.S. achieves victory there. 麦凯恩的讲话多次被反伊拉克战争的抗议者打断,这促使麦凯恩只得再次申明自己的承诺,即美国将留守伊拉克直到取得胜利为止。"And by the way, I will never surrender in Iraq, my friends, I will never surrender in Iraq," he added. 他在示威者的呼声中说:“朋友们,顺便告诉大家,我绝不在伊拉克投降,决不投降!”McCain hopes to benefit this week from fundraising help from President Bush. Tuesday's fundraiser in Arizona marks their first joint appearance since the president endorsed McCain at the White House nearly three months ago. 麦凯恩希望本周能在布什总统帮助募款的努力下得益。星期二在亚利桑那州的募款活动是自从布什总统近三个月前在白宫表示持麦凯恩以来,两人的第一次共同公开露面。Meanwhile, the Democratic primary race between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is now in its final week. 与此同时,民主党在奥巴马参议员和克林顿参议员之间展开的初选竞争已进入最后一周。Clinton has been campaigning in the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where she is favored in Sunday's primary. 克林顿一直在美国的自治政区波多黎各竞选,她在当地将在星期天举行的初选中处于优势地位。"I pledge to you that I will end the war in Iraq, bring our troops home and take care of our veterans the way they should be cared for!" she said. 克林顿说:“向你们保我将结束伊拉克战争,让我们的部队返回家园,并将使得我们的退役军人得到他们应有的照顾。”Senator Obama is favored in the last two primaries on June 3, in Montana and South Dakota. 奥巴马参议员在6月3号举行的最后两次初选中、即蒙塔那州和南达科他州的初选中,都处于优势。Increasingly, Obama has been ignoring Senator Clinton and focusing instead on Senator McCain. 奥巴马已逐渐不再理会克林顿而把矛头指向麦凯恩。"He deserves admiration for his service to our country, but he is running for a third Bush term," he said. "Look at his foreign policy. He wants to continue a war without end." 奥巴马说:“麦凯恩为国效劳是值得称赞的。但是他其实是在争取布什第三次连任。从他的外交政策可窥一斑。他想要无休止地继续一场战争。”Obama is expected to hold a significant lead over Clinton in the delegate count when the primaries end on June 3. Most experts predict that the Democratic race is likely to end soon thereafter. 预计当初选在6月3号结束时,奥巴马将会在代表人数上大幅领先于克林顿。大多数专家都预计这场民主党总统提名的角逐在6月3号后不久结束。John Fortier monitors U.S. politics at the American Enterprise Institute and was a guest on VOA's Encounter program. 在美国企业研究所研究观察美国政治的约翰.福捷参加美国之音的访谈节目时说:"Ultimately, Hillary Clinton is running out of time," he explained. "There is not much left for her. They are both doing well, and Hillary Clinton may end up with a few more delegates in the last few contests, but she is not going to catch him. And we are likely to see, I think, June as the time where ultimately she sees that the handwriting is on the wall, the vote is official, and she probably concedes in a week or so after the last primary." “希拉里.克林顿最后没有时间了。她剩下的时间不多了。他俩都干得不错, 而克林顿可能在最后几次角逐中会多赢得几名代表,但是她不可能赶上奥巴马。而我想,我们很可能会看到在6月份克林顿会认识到命运已定,而选举也正式成为定局,于是她很可能会在最后的初选结束后的一两星期内认输退让。”The Democrats hold their national nominating convention in Denver in late August, while the Republicans meet in Minneapolis-St. Paul the first week in September. 民主党将在8月下旬于丹佛市举行代表大会,而共和党人将在9月的第一周于明尼阿波利斯-圣保罗召开大会。 200805/40325抚顺高湾特区医院白带异常多少钱

抚顺市东洲妇幼保健院耳鼻喉科抚顺市职业病防治医院专家咨询 Hardline Group Protests Dutch Lawmaker's Anti-Islam Film in Jakarta穆斯林在雅加达抗议荷兰议员电影  Several dozen members of a hardline Islamic group held a demonstration outside the Dutch embassy in Jakarta to protest a film made by a right-wing Dutch lawmaker that accuses the Koran of inciting violence.  一个强硬派伊斯兰组织的几十名成员在驻雅加达的荷兰大使馆外示威,抗议一名荷兰议员制作的电影指责古兰经煽动暴力。 Around 40 members of the hardline Islamic Defenders Front demanded the Indonesian government cut diplomatic ties with Amsterdam over a film made by Dutch anti-immigration legislator, Geert Wilders. 采取强硬路线的伊斯兰保卫者阵线的大约40名成员要求印度尼西亚政府就荷兰反移民议员威尔德斯制作的电影与阿姆斯特丹断交。Wilders 15-minute film, which was released over the Internet Thursday, intersperses scenes of recent terrorist attacks with verses from the Koran, Islam's holy book. 威尔德斯这部星期四在互联网上开始播映的15分钟的电影将最近恐怖分子发动的袭击的情景配上伊斯兰教圣书古兰经的经文。Singing "God is great" demonstrators held banners ing "Kill Geert Wilders" and "Wilders is a Christian terrorist." 吟诵着“真主至大”的示威者举着上面写有“杀死威尔德斯”和“威尔德斯是基督徒恐怖分子”的标语牌。An FPI spokesman, Muhammad Matzuri, says the government of Indonesia should recall its ambassador from Holland. 这个组织的发言人马楚里说,印尼政府应该召回驻荷兰大使。"If this does not happen, do not blame Muslims for taking their own action." 马楚里说:“如果不这样做的话,就不要责怪穆斯林自己采取行动。”The film begins and ends with a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad with a bomb under his turban and the sound of ticking. 这部电影以头巾下裹着一颗炸弹的穆斯林先知穆罕默德和配有钟表的滴答声的漫画开始和结束。The cartoon was first published in Danish newspapers in 2005 and sparked violent protests around the world. Most Muslims regard any depiction of the Prophet Mohammad as an insult to Islam. 这张漫画2005年首次在丹麦的报纸上刊登,激起世界各地的暴力抗议,大多数穆斯林认为,对先知穆罕默德的所有描绘都是对伊斯兰教的侮辱。Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kristiarto Legowo says the Indonesian government strongly condemns the film called Fitna. 印尼外交部发言人勒戈沃说,印尼政府强烈谴责这部叫做《战争》的电影。"We strongly condemn the provocative action at insulting Islam and the Muslims as reflected in Fitna," he said. "We consider that the content of this film is very much misleading and full of racism. That is why we consider also the production as an irresponsible action under the blanket of freedom of the speech." 勒戈沃说:“我们强烈谴责《战争》电影里对伊斯兰教和穆斯林进行侮辱的具有挑衅性的行动。我们认为这部电影的内容非常具有误导性,完全是种族主义的。这也是我们认为这部电影是在言论自由的掩盖下进行的一次不负责任的行动的原因。”The protest was the second demonstration against the film during the past two days. Both protests in this democratic nation with the world's largest Muslim population have been small. 这次抗议是两天来针对这部电影举行的第二次示威活动。在这个世界上穆斯林人口最多的民主国家发生的两次抗议活动规模都很小。The protesters dispersed peacefully after throwing a handful of eggs and a couple of bottles of plastic water bottles at the Dutch embassy.  抗议者向荷兰大使馆投掷了一些鸡蛋和几个塑料水瓶之后和平地散去。200804/33030辽宁抚顺治疗宫颈炎多少钱

抚顺市望花人民医院肛肠医院好不好 UN Announces Food Crisis Task Force潘基文挂帅解决全球粮食危机   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he will head a new task force to tackle the global food crisis that is plunging tens of millions of people into poverty and hunger. He is calling for international donors to urgently fund a three-quarter-billion-dollar shortfall by the World Food Program. The appeal follows a two-day U.N.-sponsored meeting in the Swiss capital, Bern, aimed at finding measures to deal with soaring food prices. 联合国秘书长潘基文星期二表示,他将领导一个新的特别工作组来处理全球粮食危机。这场全球性的粮食危机正在使数千万人陷入贫困和饥饿。潘基文还呼吁国际社会增加捐款,以满足世界粮食计划署迫切需要的援助资金。潘基文是在瑞士首都伯尔尼主持召开两天的紧急会议之后发表这番讲话的。联合国举行这次紧急会议就是为了解决粮食价格飙升引起的严重问题。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says participants at the emergency meeting discussed concrete measures to feed the hungry. He says the dramatic escalation in food prices worldwide has evolved into an unprecedented challenge of global proportions. He says it has become a crisis for the world's most vulnerable, including the urban poor.  联合国秘书长潘基文说,这次紧急会议的与会者讨论了防止饥饿的具体办法。他指出,世界范围内的粮食价格扶摇直上给全球带来了一场前所未有的挑战。对于世界上最弱势的群体来说,尤其是城市贫民,粮价上涨已经变成了一场致命的危机。Mr. Ban says governments must urgently contribute 5 million to the World Food Program. 潘基文表示,各国政府必须立即行动起来,为世界粮食计划署筹措7.55亿美元的紧急资金。"Without full funding of these emergency requirements, we risk again the specter of widesp hunger, malnutrition and social unrest on an unprecedented scale," he said. "We anticipate that additional funding will be required."  他说:“如果这些紧急需求不能完全满足,我们面临的风险将是:饥饿、营养不良和社会动乱将以前所未有的规模再次蔓延。我们预期,更多的救援资金将是必不可少的。”U.N. officials believe 100 million people have been driven into poverty and hunger because of skyrocketing food prices. The World Food Program says it cannot afford to buy food with the money it has. For example, it notes the price of a metric ton of rice has more than doubled since March. 联合国官员相信,由于粮食价格暴涨,目前已经有一亿人陷入贫困和饥饿。世界粮食计划署说,现有的资金根本不够给这些急需救济的人们购买粮食,因为从3月份到现在,每公吨大米的价格已经上涨了两倍多。WFP director Josette Sheeran says the agency has received 1 million in pledges. 世界粮食计划署执行主任约瑟特.施林说,该机构已经得到4.71亿美元的捐款承诺,相当于所需资金的62%。"We only have 18 million of that cash in hand," said Sheeran. "And, so this becomes urgent because we cannot procure the food until we have the cash in hand and so we are bumping into a real urgent time frame of needing to get these commitments in as soon as possible so that we can keep these programs whole and we are getting stretched across the globe where we cannot do so." 施林说:“我们手里现在只有1千8百万美元的现金。所以,情况变得非常紧急,因为拿不到现金就买不到粮食。我们正处于一个危急时刻,迫切需要得到捐款,以使我们的援助计划全面展开。可是我们目前在全球范围完全是心有余而力不足。”World Bank President Robert Zoellick says this crisis will not be over once the emergency needs are addressed. 世界行长佐利克说,即使目前的紧急需求得到满足,这场危机的深远影响也难以消失。"The International Community needs to come in to working together to respond with policy initiatives so that this year's crisis does not become a generation's fact of life," he said. "Aly, hunger and malnutrition are the underlying causes of death of over 3.5 million children every year, robbing the future potential of many millions more." 他说:“国际社会需要齐心协力,通过政策规划来做出回应,防止今年的危机演变成为一代人的命运。我们已经看到,饥饿和营养不良每年都使350多万儿童死亡,并且使另外数以百万计的人丧失了创造未来的潜力。”Increasing food prices are not the only problem afflicting the poor. The ed Nations says farmers in developing countries are planting less and producing less because of the escalating cost of fertilizer and energy. It says efforts must be made to support these farmers. 粮食价格暴涨并不是折磨穷人的唯一问题。联合国说,由于化肥和能源成本飙升,发展中国家的农民不得不减少种植和生产。联合国提出,必须做出努力来持这些农民。The task force chaired by Secretary-General Ban will be made up of various heads of U.N. and international agencies, including the Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF and the World Bank. The group will explore ways to bring down the cost of food and increase agricultural production in poor countries.  由联合国秘书长潘基文挂帅的特别工作组将由联合国和其他国际机构的领导人组成,其中包括联合国粮农组织、联合国儿童基金会和世界。这个特别工作组将探讨各种途经来降低贫穷国家的粮食成本,增加农业生产。 200804/37044辽宁抚顺市妇科检查多少钱抚顺市胜利矿职工医院阳痿早泄价格



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