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武汉大学人民医院看泌尿科怎么样武汉华夏医院泌尿科医生湖北省中山医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 在澳大利亚新南威尔士州,由于新砍伐项目的实施,大批动物面临丧失家园的危险,目前,当地社会和社团组织正在努力制止砍伐活动。 Deforestation threatens Koalas habitatIn Australia's New South Wales, a group of animals is at risk of losing their home with a new logging program soon to start. Local community and campaign groups are calling for the logging to be stopped. The Mumbulla State Forest in the Bega Valley, 340 kilometers south of Sydney, is considered sacred land to the local Aboriginal people. It's also home to the last recovering population of koalas on the New South Wales southern coast. But the state government is planning to implement a new logging program in the area. Some members of the community say this could mean the end for the forest's koala colony. Prue Acton, Resident, BEGA Valley shire, said, "Well if you just log very close to where the koala are, obviously they have no chance of recovery. There are no corridors, there's no protection against fire, there's nowhere for them to go. There's nowhere for the population to actually expand." Forests New South Wales, which manages the program on behalf of the state government, says they will try to reduce the likelihood of having an impact on the animals. Ian Barnes, Forests New South Wales, said, "We're hoping that by starting in the west, we'll minimize any chance at all that we'll encounter koala there." But with campaigners having failed to halt the plans by lobbying Environment and Forestry Ministers, 40 environmental groups have now written to the Premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally calling for the logging to be stopped. With logging set to start within weeks, people have vowed to continue the fight to safeguard the koalas' habitat. Article/201003/100150孝感市大悟县男科最好的医院

武汉那家医院皮肤科比较好黄冈医院预约 【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】The process of moving is rarely cheap, but if you do it right, it doesn’t have to break the bank.You Will NeedA budget A yard sale A computer with internet access Packing materials Helpers Discounts Grocery stores (optional) Food for helpers (optional) Step 1: Make a budget(做好预算)Figure out what will be involved in your move and how much you can afford to spend. As you make plans and hire services, balance affordability with convenience to stay on budget.Step 2: Trim your stuff(精简自己的物品)Scale back your belongings by discarding, recycling, or donating items that you rarely or never use.Step 3: Hold a yard sale(不需要的物品拍卖掉)Hold a yard sale or post your unnecessary possessions on an online classified site. This lessens the amount of stuff you have to pack and ship, and earns you extra cash to help with the move.Step 4: Do it yourself(亲历亲为)Do as much as possible by yourself, including packing, loading, cleaning, and shipping. The more you do, the less you have to pay someone to do.Most grocery stores will save boxes for you if you ask. Don’t pay for packing supplies if you don’t have to.Step 5: Ask for help(寻求帮助)Ask friends for help with packing, loading, and cleaning. If you’re moving locally, you can load up friends’ cars instead of renting a moving van.Cook dinner for your helpers, or take them out. You can even or host a party in your new digs to thank them.Step 6: Shop for discounts(买打折的商品)Shop for discounts if you use a packing or shipping service. Ask about off-season or mid-week rates, which are usually cheaper than summer or weekend rates.Step 7: Consider the cost(想好预算)Consider the cost of shipping large or fragile items versus selling them and then replacing them when you arrive at your new home. It may be more cost effective to replace them after you’ve settled.Step 8: Deduct it(尽量减少搬家税)Check state and federal laws to learn how much of your moving costs may be deducted from your taxes at the end of the year. Take the cash you save and do something nice for yourself.Nineteenth-century pioneers moving their families westward spent four to seven months traveling the Oregon Trail on foot, a journey of 2,000 miles. Article/201003/100008武汉华夏医院治疱疹

武汉华夏男子男科医院有网上预约是真的吗How to Stick to a Healthy Diet on HowcastIf sweet temptation has you struggling to stick a new diet, this guide will fend off those hunger pangs and get you back on track.如果甜食使你不得不坚持新的节食,下面的指导会让你避开饥饿的煎熬,而让你重新步入正轨。Step 1: Pinpoint triggers for indulgencePinpoint the triggers that lead you to eat too much or to eat unhealthy foods. Triggers may include boredom, depression, stress, or even loneliness. Just being aware of your triggers can help you learn how to deal with them.第一步:准确地确定让你放纵饮食的刺激物准确地确定那些导致你吃太多或是吃不健康食物的刺激物。可能包括无聊,精神压抑,压力,甚至是孤独。要意识到这些刺激因素来帮助自己如何应对。Tip:Don’t use food as a reward or as a distraction from life’s problems小贴士:不要将食物作为对自己的犒劳或是应对生活问题的消遣。Step 2: Keep a food journalKeep a food journal and track everything you eat throughout the day. Compare it to your schedule to see where you can make changes and start healthier habits.第二步:写所吃食物的日志写所吃食物的日志并追踪全天所吃的各种食物。将日志和你所计划吃的食物进行对比来看什么地方能进行改善,并开始更健康的饮食习惯。Step 3: Ditch the junk foodDon’t keep junk food at home or in the car; replace chips and cookies with healthy alternatives like fruits, vegetables, and nuts.第三步:远离垃圾食品不要在家里或车里放垃圾食品。将薯条和饼干用更健康的食物比如水果,蔬菜和坚果替换掉。Step 4: Plan aheadPlan your meals in advance and prepare healthier choices at home ahead of time to store in the refrigerator and freezer and reheat when you’re pressed for time.第四步:要提前计划提前计划你要吃的餐饭,在家可以提前准备些健康的食物,将它放到电冰箱里冷冻,当你需要吃的时候再加热。Tip:Meals and snacks prepared at home are not only healthier but can also be less expensive.小贴士:在家里准备的饭菜和小吃不仅更健康而且更划算。Step 5: Read food labelsRead the nutritional information labels on everything you buy at the grocery store and take the time to learn what they are telling you.第五步:读食物标签读在杂货店购买的食物上的标签来看营养信息,花些时间来学习下标签上所述信息。Step 6: Eat slowlyEat slowly at each meal. Take the time to chew your food and enjoy the tastes and textures. Use smaller plates and bowls to control your portion sizes.第六步:要慢慢吃吃饭时要慢慢吃。花些时间来咀嚼食物,享受味道。用小点的盘子和碗来控制每份食物的量。Step 7: Pick up a cookbookPick up a healthy eating cookbook to keep your excitement level high with new recipes and to prevent your palate from getting bored.第七步:买本食谱买本健康饮食食谱,通过新的烹饪法来保持你的兴奋度 Article/201101/122785 武汉总院人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱湖北省肿瘤医院治疗早泄多少钱




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