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绵阳首秀美容纹绣韩式半永久纹眉多少钱吐鲁番纹眉价格四川省春天整形美容医院修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉 身体检查应该每年一次- 3:5:38 A:Hi, Mr. Smith. I'm Doctor Hawkins. Why are you here today?史密斯先生,你好我是霍金斯医生你今天来这里干嘛?B:I found it would be a good idea to get a check-up.我觉得来做个身体检查好点A:Yes, well, you haven't had one 5 years. You should have one every year.是的,额,你已经5年没做身体检查了你应该每年检查一次B:I know. I figure as long as there is nothing wrong, why go see the doctor?我知道我就觉得既然没什么毛病,为什么要去看医生A:Well, the best way to avoid serious illnesses is to find out about them early. So try to come at least once a year your own good.额,避免严重的疾病的最好方法是尽早发现它们所以,为了你自己好,争取每年来检查一次B:Ok.好的A:Let me see here. Your eyes and ears look fine. Take a deep breath, please. Do you smoke, Mr. Smith?让我看看这里你的眼睛和耳朵看起来都很好请深呼吸史密斯先生,你抽烟吗?B:Yes.是的A:Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and heart disease, you know. You really should quit.你知道的,抽烟是肺癌和心脏病的主要诱因你真的应该戒了它B:I've tried hundreds of times, but I just can't seem to kick the habbit.我已经试了几百次了,但是我似乎戒不了这个习惯A:Well, we have classes and some medications that might help. I'll give you more inmation bee you leave.额,我们有一些课程和药物可能对此有帮助在你离开之前我会给你更多的资料B:Ok, thanks doctor.好的,谢谢医生《老友记S01E精对白:Big deal -- ::6 来源: 剧情介绍Unexpectedly,Monica's boy friend was liked by all her friends,but on the contray ,she didn't feel the thing together with him.Chandler always couldn't help smoking,Phoebe bought a soda with a thumb in it,so she got 离开时尚杂志你还能活吗- :50: A:Have you seen the new Cosmo magazine that I was ing this morning?你看见我今天早上在看的那期新的大都市杂志了吗?B:I think I may have seen it on the kitchen table.我好像在厨房桌子上看见过.A:You're right, thanks. There's an interesting interview with a top director about his latest film that I want to finish.你说的没错,谢谢.这期上有一个大导演的专访,谈他的新片的,写得很有意思.我想把它看完.B:Who's the director?哪个导演?A:It's Martin Scorsese. You liked his film, The Departed, didn't you?马丁斯科塞斯.你喜欢他拍的无间道风云,对吧?B:Yes, it was fantastic! Can I the when you're finished?是啊,拍的太棒了!你看完后让我看看好吗?A:Sure. You know it has an online edition, too. You should go online to if you want to it now.没问题.网上还有在线阅读的版本呢.如果你现在就想看,可以在网上看.B:That's ok. I'll wait until you're finished. Just out of curiosity, do you have a subscription that maganize?没关系.我等你看完吧.出于好奇闻一闻,你订了这本杂志吗?A:No. I don't buy it regularly enough it to be worthwhile.没有.它不值得我每期都买.B:How much does the maganize cost?这本杂志多少钱?A:It's almost three pounds now, and I think they're going to put the price up to four pounds soon.现在几乎都3英镑了,而且我相信马上会涨到英镑的.B:That's quite expensive. Who is their target audience?太贵了.它的目标读者群是什么人?A:Cosmo mainly has a middle-class ership, but I think circulation will fall dramatically if the price goes up anymore.大都市的读者群主要是中产阶级,不过我觉得它的售价再涨下去的话发行量就会大幅下跌的.B:I bet you'll still buy it, though. You wouldn't be able to live without your fashion magazine!不过我敢打赌你还是会买的.你离开你的那些时尚杂志就活不了! compensation......出人意料的是莫妮卡的男友受到了她所有朋友的喜爱,但是相反,她却对他没有感觉了钱德总是忍不住地抽烟菲比买了瓶带手指的汽水,获得了00美元的赔偿......1.Know what was great?His smile was crooked.知道他什么最棒吗?他的微笑有点邪邪的crook v.弯曲,诈骗 crooked a.歪的,坏坏的.We sure showed those Hasidic jewelers a thing or two about softball.我们让对手见识到了什么叫垒球Hasidic 犹太教jeweler 珠宝3.Buy me a soda and we're even.请我喝瓶汽水就扯平了even a. 偶数的,平等的 v.使平坦,使相等.So i have a flaw!Big deal!我有缺点行吗?有什么大不了!flaw 缺点,瑕疵big deal 大人物;了不起的事(轻蔑语,反语,表示不赞同)no big deal 没有什么打不了的5.The hair comes out and the gloves come off.头发冒出来了,手套滑落了(全发泄出来了) 老友记 S01E 精简阳市做半永久韩式眉多少钱

成都/韩式半永久性眉毛好久没见到你了-1 :5:56 A:Hi! Susan! I haven't seen you ages!嗨!苏珊!好久没见到你了!B:I've been really busy. How is everything?我一直都很忙你都好吗?A:Oh, fine. Hey, why don't we grab a bite to eat and do some catching up?不错嘿, 我们是不是去吃点什么,好好聊聊天?B:Yeah, why not? I've got a little free time on my hands. Where do you want to eat?好啊,为什么不呢?我正好有点时间你想去哪儿吃?四川军大医院纹绣纹眉好吗 ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 True Love 真爱True love lasts.真爱永恒 Think back to those casual relationshipswhere your significant other wiping his nose on your bath towel was enough toend it. Those relationships are immature, and whatever you thought you experienced wasnt love. When youre truly in love, problems like this are just small bumps in the road. No problem seems insurmountable.回想一下你们之间的关系,要是你的另一半用你的浴巾擦鼻涕就可能让你们的关系破裂这样的关系是不成熟的,不管你认为你们经历过了什么,那都不是真爱遇上真爱的时候,这些问题就只是你们爱情之路上的小石块似乎没有问题是不可逾越的 True love is committed.真爱是有奉献It human nature to be attracted toother people, to allow your head to be turned by an attractive passerby. Don’tlet this make you feel guilty. As long as youre committed to your partner,your relationship is fine. When youre truly in love, you dont want to be withanyone else. You cant imagine spending your time without your sweetheart.互相吸引是人类的一大特性,允许自己被人迷恋不要为此而觉得愧疚只要你为你的另一半奉献,你们的关系就会变得良好当你遇上真爱时,就不要再想着另外的人你完全无法想象那种与一个自己不爱的人共度一生的日子【知识点讲解】insurmountable adj.不可逾越的; 不能克的;例句:Lack of money has proved an almost insurmountable obstacle. 资金不足已成为一个几乎无法逾越的障碍.No difficulty is insurmountable if one sets one mind on it. 精诚所至,金石为开.The age barrier appeared insurmountable. 年龄障碍看来是无法逾越的.《年全部节目MP3资料包请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),关注之后后台回复:,即可自动获取![本节目属] 93976阿里地区韩式半永久化妆多少钱

四川艺星整形医院修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉Earning money while sleeping is a dream job many people, but now this dream is becoming a reality.A company in Shanghai is hiring sleep advisors an annual salary of a hundred thousand Yuan. What do they do? Well, one of their most important tasks is to sleep. This has prompted many internet users to comment, saying that they believe this must be the most comtable job in the world. 9835 <牛人_句子>曲靖市做纹唇多少钱成都/美容飘眉




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