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第一句:The service is too slow.务太慢了A: Can you tell me what wrong, sir?能和我说说有什么不妥吗,先生?B: The service is too slow and the dishes are served cold.务太慢了,菜都凉了A: I see. Ill report to the manager.我知道了,我会把这事告诉经理的第二句:There is too much salt in the soup.汤太咸了A: Is everything to your satisfaction?您对饭菜满意吗?B: Yes, all the food was delicious except that there is too much salt in the soup.是的,除了汤太咸之外,所有事物都不错A: Im so sorry that. Ill take it to the kitchen and get you another one, if you like.真对不起,如果您愿意,我拿到厨房再给您换一下若饭菜质量有问题,可向务员提出意见还可以用“There something wrong with...” 这个句型表示“某事或某人有点儿不对头”The meat is underdone. 是说肉没熟,而overdone则是“过头了”;Im afraid this is too salty me. 我觉得菜太咸了too sweet 太甜;That not what I ordered. 那不是我点的要提意见,应该说:I want to make a complaint. 3001 Telephone 电话务经典对话C Clerk 务员 GGuest 顾客C:Good evening. Inmation Desk . May I help you?晚上好,询问台 能为您效劳吗?G:Yes, I gave something urgent to speak to Mr. William Hoover about, but I got his room number.是的,我有急事要找威廉.胡佛听电话,可我忘了他的房间号码C:I see ,sir. I’ll check it you. How do you spell his name, please?我明白了,先生我为您查一下请问他的姓名怎么拼?G:W, I, double L, I, A, M , William, and H, double O, V, E, R ,Hoover.W, I, 两个 L, I, A, M , 威廉, H, 两个 O, V, E, R ,胡佛.C:Thank you, sir. Just a moment, please. … Thank you waiting , sir. Mr. Hoover is staying in Room . Are you calling m outside, sir?谢谢您,先生 请稍后#8;#8;让您久等了,胡佛先生的 方您这是外线电话吗?G:No, it is a house phone.不,这是内线电话C:I’m afraid we cannot transfer room-to-room calls. Could you make the call directly, please? You may dial 0 first, and then the room number.很抱歉,内线电话我们无法转接请您直接打过去好吗?您可以先拨 0,然后再拨房间号码G:All right , thank you.好的,谢谢C:You are always welcome, sir.很乐意为您效劳,先生常用句型百宝箱1. 应付外来电话1) Could you put me through to Room , please?请帮我接通 房好吗?) Whom would you like to speak with?您想找哪一位?3) I’d like to speak with Mr. Brown.我想请布朗先生听电话) How do you spell his name , please?请问他的名字怎么写?5) Could you repeat that , please?请再说一次好吗?6) Could you speak more slowly, please?请说慢一点好吗?7) Could you speak a little louder, please?请说大声一点好吗?8) Could you hold the line , please?请别挂断好吗?9) Could you put me through to Room Reservationsthe Restaurant Reservation Desk Room Service?你能帮我接通客房预订部餐厅预定处客房送餐务部#8;#8;吗?) Just a moment, please.请稍等) I’ll put you through.我这就为您接过去) Go ahead, you are through.请讲,您的电话已接通) I’m afraid the is busy(engaged).恐怕电话正占线) I’m afraid there is no guestemployeerestaurant… with that name.恐怕没有叫那个名字的客人职员餐厅#8;#8;) Could you page him me?请帮我用广播叫他好吗?) I’m afraid your party was cut off.恐怕对方已挂断了) Did he give his name?他有没有留下姓名?. 酒店内部转接电话1) Could you put me through to Room 7, please?请帮我接通 7 房好吗?) I’m afraid there is no reply from Room 7.恐怕 7 房没人接听3) Could you try again?您能再试一次吗?) I’d like to call my friend in his room. What shall I do?我想打电话到朋友房间 该怎样打?5) From a house phone, please dial the room number directly.打内线,请直拨房号6) I’m afraid there is still no reply.恐怕还是没人接听7) Would you like to leave a message?您给他留言吗?8) I’ll put you through to the Message Desk.我帮您接通留言台9) I’m afraid you dialed the wrong number.恐怕您拨错号码了) We have no room with that number.我们并没有那个号码的房间) Who are you calling, please?请问您找谁?3. 帮助客人拨通电话1) I’d like to make an international call.我想打个国际电话) I’d like to make a collect call to Japan.我想打对方付费的电话到日本3) What time do the special rates apply?什么时候可以优惠价?) A person-to –person or a station call, sir?先生,您打叫人电话还是叫号电话?5) You may call direct from your room, sir.先生,您可以直接由客房打出去6) We offer IDD and DDD service, sir.我们提供国际直拨和国内直拨的业务7) You can call direct if you like.如果您喜欢的话,可以直拨8) The charges vary according to the types of call you make.费用根据您打电话的种类不同而有差别9) The cheapest is a station-to-station call, then a person-to-person call.最便宜的是叫号电话,然后是叫人电话) The mini charge will apply the first three minutes, then each additional minute will be charged.最低费用适用于前三分钟,其后每多一分钟再追加一分钟的费用) The country codes are listed in the Service Directory in your room.国家代号列表在您的房间里的务指南上) Would you like me to place the call you?要我帮您打通这个电话吗?) Which country are you calling?请问您要打到哪个国家?) You’re through.电话接通了) Please dial extension 35.请拨分机 35.. 预订叫醒电话1) I’d like to be woken up tomorrow morning.明天早上请你叫我起床) At what time?几点呢?3) At what time shall we call you?我们该什么时候叫您起床?5. 由接听人付费的电话1) This is Tokyo calling. I have a call Mr. Suzuki.这里是东京,有一个电话打给铃木先生) Is this a paid call?这是已付费电话吗?3) It’s collect.是由接听人付费的电话) May I know who is calling, please?请问是谁打的电话?5) Who is paying the call?由谁付这个电话费用?6) This is the Hotel Operator. I have a collect call m Mr. xx in Tokyo. Will you accept the charge?这里是旅馆总机,xx 先生从东京打来的电话,是由接听人付费的您愿意付款吗?7) Could you give me the time and the charge after the call , please?通完话后,请告诉我通话时间和费用好吗?8) Your call to Los Angeles lasted xx minutes. It will cost xx U.S. dollars.您打到洛杉矶的电话持续了 xx 分钟,费用是 xx 美元9) We will add it to your final room bill.我们将一并加算在您最终的房费账单上6. 处理投诉#6579;1) I’m not going to pay the call.我不付这次电话费) The line was bad noisy.线路有故障杂音3) There is a lot of interference on the line.线路受到很多干扰) There is a lot of static on the line.线路曾多次中断5) The voice is too faint to hear.声音太微弱,听不清楚6) I was cut off in the middle of the call.我的电话中途被切断7) I had a crossed line.我的电话被岔线8) Shall I connect you with the International operator?要我为您和国际电信局联系吗?9) I’m very sorry to hear that, sir.很抱歉听您这么说,先生) I’m afraid it is often the case during peak hours.恐怕在通话的高峰期时段,经常会有这种情况 6

The renminbi has suffered its steepest weekly fall against the US dollar since China reformed its exchange rate system in 2005 in a move that some economists have interpreted as a warning from the country’s central bank to currency speculators.人民币兑美元汇率出现005年中国实施汇改以来的最大单周跌幅。一些经济学家将这解读为中国央行对外汇投机者发出的一次警告。The renminbi posted its seventh straight daily decline yesterday, sliding 0.02 per cent against the dollar to close at 6.1244 having hit its lowest level since early August in intraday trading.昨日,人民币汇率连续天下跌,人民币兑美元汇率收跌0.02%,至1美元.1244元人民币,盘中一度创下去月初以来的低点。One popular theory among economists and investors is that the People’s Bank of China engineered the depreciation because it was concerned about huge inflows of capital in recent months and wanted to show markets that trading the currency was not a one-way bet. Analysts had been forecasting a continuation of the appreciation seen since late 2012.经济学家和投资者较认可的一个解读是,中国央行策划了这波人民币贬值,因为其对近几月的巨额资金流入感到担心,想向市场表明单向押注人民币汇率走势是行不通的012年末以来,分析师一直预测人民币会持续升值。However, the Chinese central bank used its first official statement on the sudden weakening of the country’s currency to say the sell-off was a reflection of market forces and should not be over-interpreted.然而,中国央行在其就人民币突然贬值发表的首份官方声明中表示,这是市场力量的反映,不应过分解读。The State Administration of Foreign Exchange, an agency under the central bank, did not acknowledge any role in guiding the currency. “The recent movement of the renminbi exchange rate is the result of market players adjusting their near-term trading strategies,it said.中国央行下属的中国国家外汇不承认在引导汇率走势方面发挥了什么作用。该局表示:“近期人民币汇率走势是市场主体调整前期人民币交易策略的结果。“The degree of exchange rate volatility is normal by the standards of developed and emerging markets.”“这次汇率波动幅度与发达和新兴市场货币的波动相比属于正常波动。After huge investment and trade inflows at the start of the year, there was a clear reversal of the trend in February, according to China Financial News, a central bank newspaper.中国央行主管的报纸《金融时报Chinese Financial News)报道称,在今年初出现巨大的投资与贸易流入之后月份趋势发生了明显的逆转。“Risk appetite has weakened somewhat because of lower-than-expected growth data. Also, concerns about the property market have increased,said Peng Wensheng, an economist with China International Capital Corp, the research group.中国国际金融公司(CICC)经济学家彭文生说:“风险偏好下降的原因多少在于逊于预期的增长数据。另外,房地产市场引起的担忧也有所加剧。”However, the hand of the #173;Chinese central bank, which keeps a tight grip on the exchange rate, has been evident. When the currency started falling last week it was the central bank that steadily lowered its daily reference rate, while banks and companies continued to trade it at a stronger level.然而,一直严格管控汇率的中国央行在这波人民币贬值中的作用是显而易见的。上周人民币汇率开始下跌时,是中国央行在稳步下调人民币汇率中间价,而和企业则在不断将人民币汇率水平推高至中间价上方。It was only over the past two days that the market-traded exchange rate fell below the daily rate set by the central bank a sign that Beijing has, for now, succeeded in breaking at least some of the one-way bets on appreciation.只是在过去两天里,市场交易给出的人民币汇率才降至中国央行设定的中间价下方。这一迹象表明,北京方面目前至少在一定程度上打破了人民币单边升值预期。China faced immense capital inflows at the start of this year, according to data published on Tuesday by the central bank.中国央行周二发布的数据显示,今年初流入中国的资金规模十分庞大。Banks bought a net bn of foreign currency in the onshore market from their clients who wanted renminbi in January, the biggest monthly amount on record. Inflows have been accelerating since the middle of last year when China’s mountain of foreign exchange reserves grew by 0bn to .8tn.今年1月,在在岸市场从想持有人民币的客户手中净买入30亿美元的外汇,创下了最大的单月买入量。去年年中,中国的巨额外汇储备增加了5000亿美元,达到3.8万亿美元。自那以来,资金一直在加速流入中囀?来 /201402/277630

Something Light吃点清淡的东西 May l take your order,sir?现在点菜吗,先生?Yes. please bring me chicken curry.是的,给我一份咖喱鸡OK.sir.Excuse me.madam. what do you want to have?好的,先生夫人,您想吃点什么呢?Could you fix me something light?能给我来点清淡点的东西吗?What about steamed crabs? It not that greasy.清蒸螃蟹怎么样呢?不是很油腻That sounds fine.听起来不错 3886BILL Gates is once again the worlds richest person.比尔盖茨再次成为世界首富。The 57-year-old co-founder of Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp recaptured the title from Mexican investor Carlos Slim on Thursday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as the software maker hit a five-year high. It is the first time Gates has held the mantle since 2007. His fortune is valued at US.7 billion, up 16 percent year-to-date.这位57岁的总部设在华盛顿州雷蒙德的微软公司联合创始人周四从墨西哥投资者卡洛斯#8226;斯利姆那夺回了这一宝座,据彭亿万富翁指数显示,随着软件制造商飙上五年来高点。这是自2007年以来盖茨第一次重回这一排名。他的财富价27亿美元,比去年同期上涨了16%。Slims America Movil SAB, the largest mobile-phone operator in the Americas, has dropped 14 percent this year after Mexicos Congress passed a bill that could quash the billionaires market dominance.斯利姆的墨西哥美洲电信公司,美洲最大的移动电话运营商,在今年墨西哥国会通过一项法案以打击这位亿万富翁的市场垄断地位后,股价已下跌14%。Microsoft shares have surged 28 percent this year, buoyed by cost controls and sales of business and server software amid weak demand for personal computers running the new Windows 8 operating system.在对运行新的Windows 8操作系统的个人电脑需求疲软之中,凭借成本控制和商业、务器软件的销售,微软股价今年上涨8%。Berkshire Hathaway Inc Chairman Warren Buffett is the worlds third-richest person with US.7 billion, according to the Bloomberg ranking. He is US.7 billion ahead of Spaniard Amancio Ortega, Europes wealthiest person.伯克希尔#8226;哈撒韦公司董事长沃伦#8226;巴菲特以597亿美元的财富排名全球第三大富豪,据彭排名。他比欧洲最富有的人Spaniard Amancio Ortega7亿美元财富Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, ranks fifth with a US.6 billion fortune.宜家的创始人英瓦坎普拉德56亿美元财富排名第五。来 /201305/240402

The U.S. Defense Department is investigating General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, for alleged ;inappropriate communications; with a woman involved in the scandal that led to the resignation of Central Intelligence Agency chief David Petraeus.美国国防部正在调查美国驻阿富汗军队最高指挥官约翰·艾伦将军据称与一名女子的“不当联络”,这名女子涉及一桩导致美国中央情报局长彼得雷乌斯辞职的丑闻。A senior defense official said Tuesday that the Pentagon is reviewing more than 20,000 pages of emails and other communications between General Allen and Jill Kelley. The official did not specify the nature of the documents.美国国防部一名高层官员星期二说,五角大楼正在审查艾伦将军与吉尔·凯利之间两万多页的电子邮件以及其他形式的联络。这名官员没有具体说明这些文件的性质。Kelley is a friend of Petraeus, and it was her complaint to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about threatening emails from the woman with whom Petraeus had an affair that ultimately led to his resignation last Friday.凯利是彼得雷乌斯的朋友,她曾向联邦调查局报告一名女子向她发送带有威胁性的电子邮件,而这名女子与彼得雷乌斯有婚外情,于是最终导致彼得雷乌斯于上星期五辞职。Pentagon spokesman George Little said the FBI brought the matter involving General Allen to the Defense Department Sunday, and that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has directed the departments inspector-general to investigate.五角大楼发言人利特尔说,联邦调查局星期天把有关艾伦将军的问题告知国防部,随后国防部长帕内塔责成国防部总检察长展开调查。General Allen has denied any wrongdoing, and will retain his command position in Afghanistan while the probe continues.艾伦将军否认自己有任何不当行为,在调查进行期间,他将继续担任驻阿美军司令。来 /201211/209095The US and China traded tough words over Beijing’s increasingly assertive stance on maritime claims during a visit to Beijing by US defence secretary Chuck Hagel.美国国防部长查克#8226;哈格Chuck Hagel,见上图)访问北京期间,美国和中国围绕中国在海洋权益主张上日趋强硬的姿态针锋相对。Speaking to the top brass of China’s Peoples Liberation Arm on Tuesday, Mr Hagel reiterated US objections to China’s self-declared air defence identification zone over disputed islands in the East China Sea which Beijing put in place in November last year.哈格尔周二在对中国人民解放军高官发表演讲时重申,美国反对中国在去1月单方面宣布划设覆盖东中国海争议岛屿的防空识别区。The zone, which requires foreign aircraft flying over it to declare themselves, is not a territorial claim per se, but clearly intended to buttress China’s claim to the Senkaku islands, known as Diaoyu in Chinese.中方要求飞越防空识别区的外国飞机自报身份。这个防空识别区本身不是一个领土要求,但它显然意在强化中国对尖阁诸Senkaku islands)——中国称钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿——的主权主张。An ADIZ has no basis in international law but many countries, including the US and UK, have established them for security reasons.防空识别区在国际法中并无依据,但许多国家,包括美国和英国,都出于安全原因建立了防空识别区。“Every nation has a right to establish an air defence zone, but not a right to do it unilaterally with no collaboration, no consultation,Mr Hagel said. “That adds to tensions, misunderstandings and could eventually add to, and eventually get to, dangerous conflict.”“每个国家都有建立防空识别区的权利,但没有未经协调、协商就单方面这么做的权利,”哈格尔表示,“这种做法加剧了紧张、误解,最终可能加剧和引向危险的冲突。”While the position did not deviate from previously stated US objections, China nonetheless bristled at these and other comments made by Mr Hagel before his arrival.虽然这一立场并未偏离美方此前表明的反对意见,但中国仍对哈格尔此言以及他在抵达北京之前发表的言论感到愤怒。‘’The Chinese people, including myself, are dissatisfied with such remarks,’Fan Changlong, vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, told Mr Hagel during their meeting in Beijing, the state-run news agency Xinhua said, referring to statements the US defence secretary had made in Tokyo on Sunday.据官方的新华社报道,中央军委副主席范长龙在北京会晤哈格尔期间表示,包括他自己在内的“中国人民”不满意这样的言论。他指的是美国国防部长上周日在东京发表的言论。While in Japan, Mr Hagel had called on China to be more transparent, to use its ‘’great power’responsibly and to pay heed to neighbouring countriesconcerns about its increasingly assertive territorial claims.哈格尔在访日期间呼吁中国提高透明度,以负责任的方式运用其“大国”地位,并留意邻国对其日益强硬的领土要求的关切。‘’Coercion, intimidation is a very deadly thing that leads only to conflict,’Mr Hagel said at a press conference with his Japanese counterpart.“胁迫、恐吓是非常致命的态度,只会引向冲突,”哈格尔在与日本防卫相联合举行的新闻发布会上表示。‘’All nations, all people, deserve respect no matter how large or how small,’Mr Hagel said. ‘’I think we’re seeing clear evidence of a lack of respect, along with intimidation and coercion in Europe today in what the Russians have done in Ukraine.’’“所有国家、所有人民都值得尊重,无论多大,也无论多小。”哈格尔表示,“我认为,我们在当今欧洲,从俄罗斯对乌克兰的所作所为上,看到缺乏尊重、采取恐吓和胁迫态度的清楚据。”The US has asked China to clarify the so-called “nine dash line a demarcation on Chinese maps that Beijing uses to justify its claim to most of the South China Sea. As in the East China Sea, China’s territorial claims overlap with those of other countries, including Vietnam and the Philippines.美国已要求中国澄清所谓的“九段线”,即中国在地图上标出、用以明其拥有几乎整个南中国海主权的分界线。与东中国海的情况一样,中国在南中国海的领土主张与越南和菲律宾等其他国家存在重叠。The state visit by Mr Hagel had a distinctly maritime theme, and featured the first visit by a US official to China’s new aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, which lasted two hours, and was described by Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon’s spokesman, as “a harbinger of other opportunities to improve our military-to-military dialogue and transparency哈格尔的正式访问有一个明显的海洋主题,其中包括美国官员首次得以参观中国新航母“辽宁号”。这次参观历时两小时,美国五角大楼发言人、海军少将约#8226;柯比(John Kirby)称,这是“改善两军对话、提高透明度的其他机遇的先兆”。来 /201404/285484

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