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中俄将在南海举行联合演习 --30 18::00 来源: 继“南海仲裁案”这一政治闹剧之后,我军近日表示,“今年九月将在南海举行联合军事演习”一起来了解下吧! The announcement follows a ruling by an international tribunal earlier this month that rejected China’s claims in the region.在国际法庭于月初公布驳回中国对南海的主权要求的仲裁结果之后,中国国防部宣布,中俄将在南海举行联合演习The Chinese government has vowed to ignore the ruling.中国政府已经宣布对仲裁结果不予理睬China’s defence ministry said September’s drills would be "routine" and would not "target any third party".中国国防部表示,九月份的演习为“例行演习”、“不针对任何第三方”Spokesman Yang Yujun said the exercises would be carried out in the "relevant sea and air of the South China Sea", but did not give exact locations.发言人杨宇军称,演习将会在”南海相关海域和领空”举行,但是并未给出具体地点He said the drills aimed to "consolidate and develop" China and Russia’s comprehensive strategic partnership, and "enhance the capabilities of the two navies to jointly deal with maritime security threats".他表示,演习旨在“巩固和发展”中俄全面战略伙伴关系,同时“增强两国海军共同应对海上安全威胁的能力”China and Russia have conducted joint naval exercises several years which analysts say is designed to stem US power in the Asia-Pacific region.中俄两国举行联合海军演习已有数年历史,分析人士认为此举意在阻止美国在亚太地区的影响力China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei all have competing claims to territory in the South China Sea.中国大陆,越南,菲律宾,中国台湾,马来西亚和文莱都竞相宣称对南海拥有主权China has backed its claims with island-building and naval patrols. Although the US says it does not take sides in territorial disputes, it has sent military ships and planes near disputed islands which it says is aimed at ensuring freedom of navigation.中国以岛屿建设和海上巡逻作为其主权要求的依据虽然美国表示在领土纠纷上不会选边站,但是它已经派出军舰和战机靠近争议岛屿,并表示此举旨在保航行自由Earlier this month, the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague dismissed China’s claims to much of the disputed area saying they had "no legal basis".就在月初,海牙国际仲裁法院驳回了中国对大部分争议地区的主权要求,并表示中国“没有法律依据”The Philippines, which brought the case, called on China to respect the ruling.上诉方菲律宾呼吁中国尊重仲裁结果The ruling is binding but the International Court of Arbitration has no powers of encement.仲裁结果是有约束力的,但是国际仲裁法院没有执行权力每月白拿500美元,任性的瑞士人民选择拒绝! -- :3:39 来源: 星期日,绝大多数的瑞士选民否决了一项公投,该提案将每月为每个公民提供约500瑞士法郞(5美元)的收入,不管其就业情况或财富状况 A proposal to dramatically change social welfare policy has been soundly rejected in Switzerland.在瑞士,一项大幅改变社会福利政策的提案被否决了The vast majority of Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a referendum that would have provided every citizen a guaranteed income of $,500 Swiss francs ($,5) after tax, regardless of their employment status or wealth.星期日,绝大多数的瑞士选民否决了一项公投,该提案将每月为每个公民提供约500瑞士法郞(5美元)的收入,不管其就业情况或财富状况All told, about 77% of Swiss voters were against the measure, which lost by at least percentage points in all of the country’s 6 districts.据悉,大约有77%的瑞士选民反对这一举措,在全国6个地区的选票中,损失了至少%The plan would have allowed those earning less than the minimum to have their pay topped up. Those out of work would have been handed the full amount. The income would have been unconditional and untaxed, and it would have replaced various welfare payments.这个计划将使那些已经有工作但薪水低于500法郎的人,最低工资加到500以上而那些失业的人,将享受全额补助该项福利无条件享有,免税,且将取代其他各项福利What if you never had to worry about rent or food?从来都不为房租或者生活担心,是一种什么感觉?The Swiss government opposed the initiative, saying it would have needed to find 5 billion Swiss francs a year to pay it. The resulting new taxes, or spending cuts, would have damaged the economy, it argued.反对此项提议的瑞士政府表示,此举一年得花费50亿法郎,就得增加税收或者节约开,这样势必会对经济发展带来影响The Federal Council and Parliament feared that "fewer people would choose to work" if the measure had been approved.联邦委员会和议会担心如果这一措施被批准,“很多人都会选择不工作,工作的人越来越少了”The Swiss debate started in , when a petition in favor of the initiative gathered more than the 0,000 signatures, and the idea attracted worldwide media attention leading up to the referendum on Sunday.关于此项福利的讨论从年就开始了,当时人们征集了一份超过万个签名的请愿书这个想法吸引了全球媒体的关注,尤其是在6月5日举行的公投表决Switzerland is not the first country to debate the idea of basic income.瑞士并不是第一个引入基本收入发放政策的国家Finland is considering scrapping all welfare benefits and instead paying everyone $,000 a year. A pilot program will launch early next year: Roughly ,000 Finns will receive about 550 euros a month two years.芬兰也在考虑废除所有的福利,取而代之的是每年发给公民1万美元明年初,试点项目就会启动,大约000个芬兰人连续两年里每月都能享受到550欧元的福利邓布利多当选最佳模范教师 -- ::7 来源: 邓布利多当选最佳模范教师From Dumbledore to Yoda, what makes a good teacherThis academic year students will be motivated by inspirational teachers. But which teacher characters from fiction and popular culture inspire real life teachers?新学年开始了,循循善诱的老师将给学生带来鼓舞那么,小说和流行文化塑造的哪些教师角色能给现实中的老师带来启发呢?According to a Times Education Supplement survey of 1,0 educators, two characters from the Harry Potter series grabbed prominent places in education's 50 favourite fictional teachers.《泰晤士报教育增刊调查了00名教育工作者后发现,50个最受教育界欢迎的虚构教师角色中,哈利波特(Harry Potter)系列中的两个人物名列前茅Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, topped the poll. "Albus Dumbledore was never proud or vain; he could find something to value in anyone, however apparently insignificant or wretched. That he was the most inspiring and the best loved of all Hogwarts headmasters cannot be in question," Elphias Doge said of Dumbledore in his obituary.霍格沃茨魔法学校的校长阿不思·邓布利多在投票中名列榜首埃菲亚斯·多吉在邓布利多的讣告中写道:“阿不思·邓布利多从不骄傲自负,他可以从任何一个人那里获益,但是那都是卑劣和毫无意义的他是霍格沃茨有史以来最鼓舞人心和受人爱戴的校长,这一点毋庸质疑”In second place was beloved Miss Jennifer Honey from the Roald Dahl classic Matilda. "She was a mild and quiet person who never raised her voice and was seldom seen to smile, but there is no doubt she possessed that rare gift being adored by every small child under her care," wrote Dahl.位列第二的是罗尔德·达尔的经典之作《玛蒂尔达中深受人们喜爱的詹妮弗·亨尼达尔写道:“她性情温和,平时不大讲话,即使说话也从不提高声音,也不常笑,但毫无疑问的是,任何一个在她的爱护下成长起来的小孩都会非常喜欢她,她就是拥有这样罕见的天赋”And the students" adoration of her transms them into willing learners. On the first day of school, only a few of students could spell "cat". With Miss Honey's exceptional teaching prowess, by Thursday of the first week, even one of the classes' weaker students, Prudence, could spell "difficulty" without any difficulty.孩子们都很喜欢她,自然也有了学习的动力开学第一天,只有几个学生能拼出“猫”这个单词,但亨尼教学水平高超,到了第四天,连普鲁登斯这个班里学得较慢的学生也能毫不费力地拼出“困难”这个单词And in complete contrast, tough-but-fair Professor Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House and deputy headmistress also at Hogwarts, placed third on the list.与上述两位截然相反的是严厉却不偏心的米勒娃·麦格教授,她是格兰芬多学院的院长和霍格沃茨代理校长,在票选中位列第三Fourth was John Keating, played by the late Robin Williams in the film Dead Poets Society, who inspired students through poetry. In direct contrast to the school goal of preparing students college, Keating taught his students that occupations were noble pursuits to sustain life, but passion is the reason to live. He encouraged his students to look at things differently when they thought they knew something. "Even though it may seem silly, or wrong, you must try," he advised.排名第四的是在电影《死亡诗社中的约翰·基廷,由已故罗宾·威廉姆斯扮演,他以诗歌鼓舞学生与校方让学生们备战考试、进入大学的目标截然相反,基廷教育学生们,工作固然是维持生活的崇高追求,但才是生而为人的根本原因他鼓励学生们以另一种眼光看待熟悉的事物他建议道:“尽管这样可能让你看起来很蠢,或者根本就是错的,但你必须得尝试”In the book Keeping Good Teachers, Mark Goldberg offers observations about the key characteristics of great teachers. These fictional teachers who have endeared all exemplified the qualities of "willingness to put in the necessary time", a "love the age group they teach" and an "in-depth content knowledge".马克·高柏格在他的《留住好老师一书中提出了优秀教师的几个重要特质这些深受欢迎的教师角色都展示出了几个特质:“愿意投入必要的时间”、“喜爱自己的学生”,以及“学科知识渊”Now, whom do I consider the most inspirational of all fictional teachers? Without a doubt, Yoda, the Jedi master from Star Wars. Great teachers are unique. They transcend race, nationality and species.那么,在我看来,在所有虚构的教师角色中,哪一个才是最循循善诱的呢?当然非尤达莫属了,他是《星球大战中的绝地大师优秀的教师是独一无二的,他们早就超越了种族、国籍和物种的局限Yoda"s key teachings are lessons a lifetime: "A Jedi uses the ce knowledge and defence, never attack"; "Adventure, excitement - a Jedi craves not these things"; and "Unlearn what you have learned", because old habits preclude new learning.尤达最重要的教义让人终生受益“一个绝地武士要利用原力获取知识、自我防卫,而不是主动进攻”、“冒险、刺激——这些都不是绝地武士所渴望的”、“忘掉以前所学的吧,”因为老习惯总会妨碍你学习新知识However, Yoda's most memorable e is one of the last he gives to the young Luke Skywalker. It is especially invaluable to students as they begin this academic year. If they want to succeed, they need to give their best. "Do. Or do not. There is no try."而尤达流传最广的名言是他留给年轻的卢克·天行者(Luke Skywalker)的最后几句话这对开启新学年的学生们来说尤为珍贵要想成功,就要拼尽全力“要么做,要么不做没有尝试这一说Vocabularyobituary: 讣告prowess: 杰出才能endear: 使……受欢迎英文来源:南华早报译者:Estelle89

谜团:不知手为何杀害歌手 -- 1:: 来源: 岁的美国女歌手Christina Grimmie,在结束周五晚的演出为乐迷签名时,遭到击并死于医院 Police in the US say they do not know what motivated a gunman to kill the singer Christina Grimmie.美国警方说他们尚不清楚手杀害Christina Grimmie的动机The -year-old was shot while signing autographs after a concert in the city on Friday night, and died in hospital.岁的她,在结束周五晚的演出为乐迷签名时,遭到击并死于医院Orland police chief John Mina said the gunman, 6-year-old Kevin James Loibl, came from the city of St Petersburg in Florida to confront her.奥兰多警长John Mina说手是6岁的Kevin James Loibl,从佛罗里达州的圣彼得堡特意前来见她Mr Mina said Loibl did not seem to know her personally but speculated that he may have been a deranged fan.Mina先生说Loibl似乎与她私下并不相识,推测他应该是位疯狂的粉丝After a struggle with the singer’s brother, Loibl shot himself dead.在歌手的哥哥与他搏斗后,Loibl开自杀Ms Grimmie first came to prominence as a teenager her renditions of hit songs, amassing a huge following on YouTube.Grimmie作为翻唱流行歌曲的少年而进入公众视线,在YouTube积累了大量粉丝In , she was a contestant on the US version of The Voice.年,她参加了美国之声Stars pay tribute to Voice star Grimmie明星们向歌星Grimmie表示敬意Police say she was shot about :5 local time on Friday (:5 GMT Saturday) at The Plaza Live in Orlando.警方说她是当地时间周五:5(:5 GMT 周六)在奥兰多的Plaza广场被击Mr Mina said: "She was doing a meet-and-greet, just signing autographs and selling merchandise.Mina先生说“她当时在见面会签名和卖唱片”"This white male approached her and opened fire, striking her."“这个白人男子接近她、开并打她”The police chief praised Christina’s brother Marcus his "very heroic" actions in tackling Loibl, who he said was carrying two handguns and a hunting knife.警长赞扬了Christina哥哥Marcus对付Loibl的英勇之举,Loibl当时拿着两手和一把猎刀"It definitely could have prevented further loss of life," Mr Mina said.“那的确减少了更多的人身伤亡”Mina先生说Other people have been issuing messages of support Marcus Grimmie, including a survivor of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut.其他人也发布消息对Marcus Grimmie表示持,包括年康涅狄格州桑迪胡克小学击案的幸存者Ashley Cech, who campaigns against gun violence, wrote an open letter to Marcus.Ashley Cech,一直开展反对暴力运动的她,写了一封公开信给MarcusShe wrote: "Today the world was reminded that there is no love quite like that between an older brother and his little sister."她写道:“今天人们又想起世间没有其他爱可以比拟哥哥和之间的这种情感”The singer had been perming with the band Bee You Exit.歌手此前正和乐队Bee You Exit一起演出Up to 0 people were at the concert, but only a handful remained at the venue when the shooting happened, officials said.近0人在演出现场,但击发生时只有数人留在会场,官员称Mr Mina said unarmed security guards had checked bags as people entered the venue, but no metal detectors were used and no body searches were made.Mina先生说入场有非武装的保安开包检查,但没有使用金属探测器,也没有搜身News of the attack sp quickly on social media, with many fans voicing their shock and anger.有关这次袭击的消息迅速在社交媒体上传播,许多粉丝都表示出了他们的震惊和愤怒

俄罗斯女子蓄发年,变身真人版长发公主(组图) --31 :18:55 来源:chinadaily A regular trim or treatment at the hairdresser is part of the beauty regime of women the world over. But the past years, one woman has decided to ego the salon and instead see just how long she can grow her hair.相信这个世界上绝大多数的女孩都会定期去理发店修剪头发或做造型但这位女士却在过去的年里放弃逛理发店,因为她决定要看看自己的头发到底能长多长Dubbed the real life Rapunzel, Russian woman Dashik Gubanova Freckle has earned more than 1,000 followers on Instagram her exceptionally long cascading hair.来自俄罗斯的达什克?古巴诺娃?弗雷克尔被人们称作真人版的长发公主,有一头超长的瀑布般的秀发,而她的Instagram账号目前有超过00名粉丝Ms Freckle started growing her hair in and appears to be very proud of her luscious brown locks.弗雷克尔从年就开始蓄发,她看上去对自己那一头柔软的棕色头发感到非常自豪The Instagram star says she loves 'creativity in all its ms', and says her goal is to have her hair reach her toes.这位Instagram红人表示自己喜欢“各种形式的创意”,自己的目标是将头发蓄到齐脚趾那么长She has also responded to those who have suggested she donate her hair to make wigs. 'This post is those who say that I should donate their hair wigs ... In years, I cut a scythe and donate hair wigs,' she wrote on Instagram. 'Today, I grow hair. My goal is to grow them to toe.'有人建议她可以把自己的头发捐出来制作假发,而对此她在Instagram上的回复是:“对于那些叫我捐出头发的人,我想说再过年我会把头发剪下来捐出去做假发,但现在我还不行,因为我的目标是把它留到脚趾”Ms Freckle recently shared a of herself in a rainbow jumpsuit, running her hands through her hair to show just how long it is.弗雷克尔最近还上传了一个视频,视频里她穿着虹连体裤,用手指穿过头发来展示自己头发的长度She has also said close to 0 snaps of herself throughout the process and recently posed a series of snaps that showed the full length of her tresses - the tips of her hair reaching the lower part of her shins.另外,弗雷克尔还有近0张的照片记录着她蓄发的过程,而最近她发了一组照片展示她到目前为止的蓄发成果——结果显示她的发梢已经可以到她的小腿了And despite many questioning how she manages to blow dry her hair, keep it clean and whether she trips over it, the majority of comments left Ms Freckle have been overwhelmingly positive.尽管有很多人在询问她怎样能把那么长的头发吹干,如何保持头发清洁,是否会被自己的头发绊倒,但绝大多数人对她的评价都很正面'You remind me of a Barbie doll. I love everything about you. Keep it up,' one woman wrote on Instagram.“你让我想起了芭比娃娃我喜欢你的一切继续留头发吧”一位女网友在Instagram留言道'My friend showed me your s on FaceBook and I just wanted to tell you I am fascinated by your hair. It's so beautiful,' said another.“我朋友给我看你的视频还有脸书主页,我只想告诉你我被你的头发迷住了它太美了”另一位网友留言道英文来源:每日邮报中文来源:煎蛋网审校#38;编辑:丹妮

美到窒息:《太后拍摄地—扎金索斯 -- :31:58 来源:chinadaily 刘时镇对姜暮烟说,如果捡了这里的石头,就会再回来可是事实是,不需要石头,这里都会让你流连忘返 扎金索斯(Zakynthos)是希腊爱奥尼亚群岛大区南部的一个州,并不属于大家所熟知的爱琴海(Aegean Sea),而是位于爱奥尼亚海,由扎金索斯岛及附近的小岛组成,距离意大利比较近,被古时的人称为“东方之花” “扎金索斯”的名称来源于希腊神话,达耳达诺斯是天神宙斯(Zeus)和埃勒克特拉(Electra)的儿子,而扎金索斯则是达耳达诺斯(Dardanus)的儿子著名诗人狄奥尼修斯?索罗莫斯曾这样描述扎金索斯——“这是一个让人忘记天堂的地方”扎金索斯不仅是黑科林斯葡萄干的原产地,同时也是蠵(xī )龟的天堂虽然蠵龟并不算濒危的珍稀物种,但它却是现存最古老的爬行动物蠵龟在我国东南沿海地区广为分布,甚至在上海长江口外海域和黄浦江里也能见到它的身影不过,如果你想在湛蓝的海水里和古老的蠵龟来一次潜水之旅的话,还是在扎金索斯比较合适虽然提到希腊,很多人都会联想到著名的蜜月胜地圣托里尼不过,在《太阳的后裔(Descendants of the Sun)播出之后,恐怕扎金索斯也会很快成为年轻情侣到国外度蜜月的热门选择 因为扎金索斯不仅有无敌的海景沙滩,而且有设施齐全的度假酒店遍布周围,一定会让你的旅途倍感舒心 不过说道扎金索斯,就一定要说一下沉船湾,因为如果没有沉船湾,或许扎金索斯也不会如此出名 在《太阳的后裔中,一定有很多人对柳时镇带姜暮烟去的那个无人沙滩印象深刻沉船湾是一个裸露的小海湾,也被称为“海盗湾”,位于扎金索斯岛的西北海岸,与扎金索斯岛遥相对望沉船湾当然得有一艘沉船才能看上去更加名正言顺,不过这艘船并不是沉船 1981年的某天,希腊当局接到线报,有一条走私违禁品的船只闯入了扎金索斯海域希腊当局立刻派警察出动,于是警匪之间开始了一场惊心动魄的追逐战因为暴风雨天气造成的能见度太低,使得那艘走私船最终被冲上海滩而搁浅事情结束后,希腊当局放弃了那艘船,没有对它进行任何处理,任凭它接受了几十年的雨打风吹,最终变得锈迹斑驳以至于现在不知情的人们还以为这是一艘承载着什么样传奇故事的海盗沉船 虽然电视剧把沉船湾呈现为一片知者甚少的无人海湾,上演了一幕幕唯美的恋曲但实际上,这里是旅行者的乐园,每年都会吸引成千上万的游客,因为这片海滩对于游客来说是不收费的

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