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#39;Modern Family#39; Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Gets Hitched Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the ;GMA; Pop News Heat Index.-Hot news. Yes Indeed. Good morning. It was huge that we#39;ve got modern family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He married his long time love Justin Mikita in New York City. Muzzle. You guys. We love you. Over 200 guest caters and starts started the reception, including Ferguson#39;s modern family co-star Julie Bowen, tweeted It#39;s official, @Jesse Tyler and @Justin Mikita are Mr. and Mr, best wedding ever. It#39;s a big step for Ferguson#39;s awe tree, Mike, but fans are still hoping for a modern family wedding between his character Mitchell and Ken played by the Loveable, Eric.-Ken, producers are said to be thinking about that too. -I think so. -So our communicate left, rationale instead of that-Indeed. Congrats, Brits. And get y for the super bat. Two of the most iconic heroes from legal justice will team up at the upcoming movie at a coming movie, according Warner brothers. At comic corner for the weekend, studio announcing Henry Carbul will play the role of superman Siepoul that will feature bad man, no word on casting for that role just yet. -#39;Cuz Christian Bell has said he is...-Too bad, how great we are happy to see these two together-Still will be awesome. -Yes. I know. I love the judge lead. -Just as Saturday morning, that#39;s that we all know. -I want tour power. -Activate. -Indeed. -And finally, that#39;s water keeping way that#39;s swallowed up his girl. That everybody is definitely gonna take a dip over the weekend, except this guy, take a look.-Take him in it by swam . -Show him the lake so good too, to avoid be bathed. -He probably could have held up much longer.Max#39;s owner, not step in! And take manners in two old hands. But he is trying.-Who is trying?-And that#39;s hot news. -I bet that we have a doctor can see. -Is he gonna see that?-He could see that poor... /201307/249691Today in History: Thursday, May 16, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月16日,星期四May 16th, 1868 In Washington, the U.S. Senate fails by one vote to convict President Andrew Johnson on the first article of impeachment against him. Johnson is eventually acquitted on all charges, prompted by his clashes with the post Civil War Congress and serves out the rest of his time in office.1929, And the winner is... The first Academy Awards, the Oscars, are presented during a banquet at Hollywood#39;s Roosevelt Hotel. The movie “Wings” wins for Best Production. Emil Jannings wins for Best Actor. Janet Gaynor wins for Best Actress.1905, “Wherever there#39;s a fight so hungry people can eat, I#39;ll be there.” Actor Henry Fonda is born in Grand Island, Nebraska. Among his movie roles: “The Grapes of Wrath”, “Twelve Angry Men” and “On Golden Pond”.And 1990, The Candy Man can #39;cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste goodSammy Davis, Junior, singer, dancer, actor, and member of the Las Vegas “Rat Pack” , dies of cancer in Los Angeles, at age 64.Also that same year, Someday we#39;ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and mein New York, Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, from Kermit the Frog to Sesame Street, dies of pneumonia at age 54.Today in History, May 16th, 1868, Mike Gracia, the Associated Press. /201305/240151

Line-dry your washed clothes and linens to keep them from wearing out, and save money on your energy bill at the same time.自然晾晒衣物和亚麻制品不仅可以防止损坏,同时还可以节约电费。You Will Need你需要A clothesline晾衣绳Wooden clothespins木质晒衣夹Clothes衣物Good weather晴朗的天气Hangers (optional)衣架Steps步骤Step 1 Snap clothing1.甩衣Snap each piece of washed material before your hang it to help prevent wrinkles.晾晒每一件衣物之前用力甩一下,可以避免褶皱。Step 2 Turn clothing inside out2.反过来Turn your clothing inside out for faster drying and to prevent fading.把衣反过来,这样衣可以干的更快,也可以防止褪色。Step 3 Pin to clothesline3.夹在晾衣绳上Pin your articles to the clothesline with wooden clothespins.用木质晒衣夹把衣夹在晾衣绳上。You can also hang your clothes on hangers and hang them on the line to dry.你也可以用衣架把衣撑起来,然后挂在晾衣绳上晾干。Step 4 Dry according to light4.根据光线凉晒Dry silk, synthetic, and fine fabrics in the shade. Dry linen in the sun for fewer wrinkles.丝绸,合成纤维和比较精细的布料在阴凉处晾干。亚麻布在阳光下晒干,这样可以防止褶皱。Step 5 Hang shirts5.倒挂T恤衫Hang your T-shirts on the line upside down.T恤衫倒挂在晾衣绳上凉晒。Step 6 Throw articles in dryer6.放入烘干机Throw your towels or clothing in the dryer for a minute or two if they’re still damp or stiff from hanging.如果仍然潮湿或因悬挂而僵硬,把毛巾或衣物丢进烘干机一两分钟。Step 7 Enjoy7.享受Enjoy the fresh smell, lower electric bill, and environmental benefits of line-drying your articles.现在可以享受自然晾晒的衣物带给你的新鲜气味,低成本的电费和环境效益了。According to the Energy Information Agency, clothes dryers account for 5.8 percent of home electricity usage.根据能源信息局(Energy Information Agency, 简称EIA)的资料,衣物烘干机的耗电量占家庭用电总量的5.8%。视频听力由。 Article/201310/260891

Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace Star in #39;The Drop#39;The actors talk about working together in the new crime drama based on Dennis Lehane#39;s short story.Well Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace are in “The Drop”. It’s a new crime drama. And I sat down with both of them. First here is a look at the scene from the movie.“What are you gonna name it?”“Well, I was thinking maybe Rocco, you know, I like the name Rocco, but then I thought Mike.”“Mike?”“You don’t like Mike?”“No, Mike is not a great name for a dog.”“Right.”“Rocco is better.”“Okay.”And I’m so happy to have Noomi and Tom with us this morning, and I understand you were both drawn to this film by the characters you got to play. What was it about them?Well, actually I fell in love with the whole script. I the script before Tom was attached to it and before our lovely director Micha#235;l Roskam was gonna do it. And I just loved. You know, Dennis Lehane’s writing is for me magic and all these characters are very strong and complicated, and I love the whole worlds and then Nadia obviously…And we mention Dennis Lehane. He wrote the screenplay on a short story and that’s where the film is based. And as everyone who worked on “The Drop” was committed to making a greedy, down and dirty film, what do you think will appeal most audiences? That’s quite a description.Yeah, it is.Yeah, isn’t it when you think about it? I don’t know, I don’t know. I think it’s like a…I think a really good film will stand up regardless. It’s a thriller, but it’s also a comedy. I thought comedy is kind of…I thought it’s quite gritty and represents Brooklyn. You know, it’s multinational in many ways, but it’s funny too and…It’s like an awkward love story.There#39;s a love going on in there.I love that. And Tom, you often play tough guys or hard men, but I have to say, well, you are making a face, because it was interesting to in Esquire that you say you don’t feel that manly.I think it’s kind of difficult and I can only speak for myself. I found just growing is like distinct lack of father figures and role models and men around you. And you can hang on and go, you know what? This guy is, you know, straight and I’d like to be little bit like that when I grow up. So I have to piece together collage of various men to find out who I am.And you are co-staring with Tom in another film “Child 44”, yes?Yes.That’s fantastic.Yes, we went straight from ;The drop; and we had like four weeks I think between the two movies and went to ;Child 44;.So much look forward from both of you and we should mention “The Drop” opens nationwide tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.Thank you for having us.And thank you, Amy, for bringing that to us. /201409/331873Shutdown: Congress Passes Bill To Stop Default With just hours to spare before the US Treasury lost its borrowing authority, financial disaster appears to have been averted.新闻背景:美国时间16日晚,美国参议院首先以81票持、18票反对投票通过了里德·麦康奈尔议案。随后该议案被送至众议院,并以285票赞成、144票反对的表决结果得到通过。根据该议案,美国联邦政府将重启至明年1月15日,财政部发行国债的权限也被延长到明年2月7日。随后奥巴马也签署了该议案,使之成为法律并开始生效。奥巴马在稍早的全国讲话中已经明确表示,“一旦法案放到我的桌上,我将立刻签署,然后政府将马上开门。”受累于预算谈判僵局,美国联邦政府自10月1日起停摆。此后参众两院也先后提出数份旨在化解僵局的方案,但双方迟迟未能就细节问题达成妥协。在政府关门两周后,债务上限“大限日”的逼近又让外界重燃对美国债务违约的担忧,迫使两党重启谈判。尽管如此,政府关门已经伤害美国经济和消费者信心。国际评级机构标准普尔(Standard amp; Poor#39;s)表示,到目前为止,联邦政府的关门会使美国经济损失240亿美元。标普将美国2013年GDP年增长率由今年9月预计的3%下调至2%,将第四季度GDP增长率也下调了0.6%。另外标普也指出,目前美国政界的争论预示任何临时拨款议案都是权宜之计,2014年初两党料迎来下一轮弈。中国评级机构大公将美国评级从A下调至A-,并将美国信用评级展望维持在负面。Finally the deal was sealed. (…consider is laid upon the table.)After frenzied weeks of political posturing and brinkmanship, America’s government can now reopen and crucially, it can keep paying its bills. The senate led deal will fund the government until mid-January and raised the debt ceiling until early February. I wanna thank the leadership for coming here and getting this done, hopefully next time, it won’t be in the 11th hour, one of the things that I set throughout this process is we gotta get out of the habit of governing by crisis. So federal workers can head back to their offices, tourists can go back to the museums, what remains is a scarred political system. So things are moving again, at least for a while which is a huge relief for the American people who could only watch as the chaos played out on Capitol Hill, but it’s not impossible that in a couple of months’ time, America could once again find itself at a standstill.I hope that we won’t be doing this again in January, but I wouldn’t be shocked.I’m not happy because it’s gonna come up again. And I think this is no way to a country. On the other side of that country the stain for politicians is similarly rife. In Barstow California there’s concern over what sort of message this sends to the world. They’re kind of laughing at us, you know, look at us, we’re bar on money, go find another war. It’s just runaway spending, and I think people are really getting tired of it. I do hope in the next election, they just put everybody out and start over. Signs of relief that America won’t default on its debt were loudest on Wall Street in New York. Oh, I think it’s fantastic, they struck a deal, I hadn’t heard about it, ok, so great, oh, what does the market do?In the end, they all knew that it was gonna happen at some point, why the foot dragging is inexplicable to me. Across Washington, the deal has been heralded as salvation from the brink of disaster. How it ever reached the point is perhaps the key concern. Amada Walker, Sky News. /201310/261535

Despite what happened and the horror and the loss除了那天的灾难 恐惧以及损失kind of amazing that Americans could rebound我很惊讶美国人能够重新振作and you know, they came back to New York,他们回到了纽约America came back to New York,不少美国人都回到了纽约and helped New York,并帮助纽约spent money in New York and visited New York.在纽约消费 游览We were able to do something so quickly,我们能够快速迅捷地so expeditiously in terms of getting back to order after the travesty of the World Trade Center when it came tumbling down.采取措施 来恢复世贸大厦倒塌后的正常秩序To have done that so quickly, it#39;s amazing.办事效率如此之高 令人惊讶不已You have the worst attack in the history of the country in the small little tip of the island在这个岛上的一小块地方遭受了史上最可怕的袭击and ten years later you go back and it#39;s filled with people.十年后你回到这里 发现依旧人山人海More people have moved there than ever in the history of that neighborhood.更多的人来到了这里 比附近地区历史最高人数还多Certainly it didn#39;t have that many families.很明显 那里原本没有那么多人Now the playground is right around the spot where the planes hit, are filled with kids.现在 一个操场就建在飞机失事的地方 很多孩子在那里玩耍And so there#39;s kind of this sense of like ;Yes, try it,fine, you can fly planes into our buildings,因此还有这种感觉 比如说;好啊 有种来啊 你能让飞机撞我们的大楼but, you know, we#39;re going to go back and build a new life for ourselves there.;但我们还会回来 在这里开始我们的新生活;America rebuilds and looks to the future.美国修复了伤口 继续展望未来400 years ago, adventurers crossed an ocean400年前 冒险家们远渡重洋and began an experiment that would become the ed States.并启动了一项后来成就了美国的伟大尝试They saved up every penny they had,他们省吃俭用so they could take treacherous ship ride to the ed States就为了能搭上危险的海船来到美国and then come to a country where there was nothing here.然后来到了一个一片荒芜的国家They had to make everything themselves,他们不得不白手起家build everything themselves.自食其力America was born out of adversity.美国诞生于逆境It#39;s like in our DNA.这一点好像就写在我们的基因里At the start of new millennium,在新千年伊始the American experiment is still under way.美国的尝试仍在进行中This is an unfinished country.这是一个尚未成熟的国家We#39;re not fully completed and settled and settled down.我们还没有完全完成使命并安定下来There#39;re still opening new space, new territory and we#39;re still incorporating new people仍有开放的新空间 新领域 我们仍然在不断吸纳新人who continually transform the very DNA of our society.他们会持续改变我们这个社会的基因The last decade of the 20th century20世纪的最后10年saw nearly 10 million new Americans welcomed into the country.近一千万的新美国人来到这个国家More than in any other decade of the country#39;s history.这个数字超过了美国历史上任何一个十年I think the unsung heroes, began with the first people with the courage to get on those very small wooden ships in 1607无名英雄不断涌现从1607年乘坐小木船来到这里的第一批勇敢的先辈们开始and have continued up to today.直到今天 仍是英雄辈出I always tell people, you just walk down the cab rank at National Airport我总是跟别人说 只要走到国家机场的出租车停靠站and list where people come from,记下人们都是来自哪里you realize that the spirit of immigration and the spirit of better future hasn#39;t disappeared at all.就会意识到移民精神和追求美好未来的精神根本没有消失 /201305/238068What you eat and drink before running a 5K race can affect the health benefits of running -- as well as determine how you feel during your run. Get the most out of your race with the right diet.五千米长跑比赛前的餐饮状况会影响健康状况,同时也会决定跑步过程中的感觉。选择正确的饮食,从长跑中获得尽可能多的益处。You Will Need你需要Fluid replacement drinks液体替代饮料Simple carbohydrates and proteins简单的碳水化合物和蛋白质Low-fat and low-fiber breakfast低脂肪低纤维早餐Watered down sports drinks稀释运动饮料High-protein高蛋白食品high-carbohydrate meal高碳水化合物餐饮Steps步骤Step 1 Keep hydrated1.补水Keep yourself hydrated for 24 hours before the race. Fluid replacement drinks are better than water because they aid in electrolyte balance.长跑比赛前24小时内及时补水。液体替代型饮料比水更好,因为可以帮助电解质平衡。Monitor your fluid intake. Excessive fluid consumption can throw off your electrolyte balance.监督液体摄入情况。过多的液体消耗会破坏电解质平衡。Step 2 Avoid fat and fiber2.避免脂肪和纤维Avoid high fat and high fiber meals that are slow to empty from your stomach in the 24 hours before the race. Simple carbohydrates and proteins, such as pasta and fish, are popular with endurance athletes.比赛前24小时内避免食用高脂肪和高纤维食品,这些食品饱腹的速度比较慢。简单的碳水化合物和蛋白质,例如意大利面和鱼比较受耐力运动员欢迎。Finish your last big meal at least 12 hours before you run the race so you has time to digest.比赛前至少12小时内结束最后一次大餐,这样你就有足够的时间来消化。Step 3 Decide on breakfast3.早餐Determine whether your body will perform better with a solid or a liquid breakfast. Many runners prefer a liquid breakfast on race day because the calories are more easily digested, and the liquid helps with hydration. If you eat solid food, make it low calorie and low fiber, and be sure to finish eating at least two hours before start time.确定早餐食用固体还是液体食物可以让你表现更好。许多运动员比赛当天偏好液体早餐,因为热量更容易消化,而且液体可以补水。如果食用固体食物,选择热量和脂肪含量比较低的食品,而且保在比赛开始前至少两小时内结束早餐。Step 4 Stay hydrated4.持续补水Drink watered-down sports drinks right up to race time to stay hydrated. Dehydration may be the most important issue that could negatively impact your time.比赛即将开始时饮用稀释运动饮料。脱水是对你的时间造成负面影响的最重要的因素。Running burns more calories per minute than any form of cardio-respiratory activity except for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.长跑比其他任何一种有氧运动每分钟消耗的热量都多,越野滑雪和雪鞋健行除外。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/275282

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