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惠安开双眼皮手术多少钱泉州做鼻手术We have all had one time or another where we have had a crush on a friend or even a best friend. If you are caught up in the crush and are enjoying the flirting and your friend doesn’t seem to mind, then that is fine. If it is the feel of the chase you love then you might need to mature a bit more in the relationship and love department before you attempt to make a move on your closest friend. This type of situation may lead to massive disappointment for both of you and injure what you have. If you are thinking of disclosing your hearts desire to your best friend and they have never shown you any love signs then you might want to think again. If you are lucky and you know that your best friend feels the same way then this might be an option for you to try, but if there is no reciprocation, flirtation or feelings, then your heart might be in for a let down. Love is such a precious feeling and has to be treasured and respected. It is good to truly sit down and think about why you want to take things further. Ask yourself these questions. Would they be a suitable match for me? Is there a future for us? Am I attracted to my best friend sexually? What are my real reasons? Am I afraid to be alone?我们都曾经会有那么一段时间忽然对一位朋友或是过去的好友产生情愫。假如你深陷其中,习惯了和你的这位朋友打情骂俏,假如他(她)不怎么介意,那还好说。如果你觉得这就是追逐真爱,那或许在试图采取下一步行动前,你得试着让自己在对待友情和爱情关系方面更成熟一点。这种情况发展下去往往导致双方失望透顶并伤害到之前已经建立的关系。如果你打算现在就向你的朋友说出心里话,但他(她)却从来没传达过任何爱的讯号,那你最好三思而后行。假如你足够幸运,而你的朋友和你心思一样,或许这对你们还是一种可行的选择。但是如果根本得不到什么答复,暧昧或感动,你或许马上就会心碎如焚。爱情如此宝贵,每个人都应倍加珍视和爱惜。你最好还是坐下来好好问问自己为什么要发展到下一步。你需要回答这么急个问题:他(她)是我的天命真女(子)吗?我们有未来吗?我在我的好友眼里有足够性吸引力吗?我到底想什么呢?哥我是不是太寂寞了?Sometimes it is better to keep a best friend a friend and stay that way. When you cross the line with your best friend, your friendship will be changed forever. Even if you can put what happened or what was said behind you, one of you may end up broken hearted because these feelings brought up were not acknowledged in the end. This can lead to resentment and jealousy in the future and destroy a friendship. Because two friends hang out so much together, the one that is in love or has an attraction begins to see themselves as a couple. This can end up becoming a distorted view and can result in so many painful feelings when the feelings are not returned. Unrequited love is a hard situation to go through and can take a long time to heal from. This is why in some friendships it is best to reconsider before taking the friendship to a new level.有时还是保持朋友关系维持原状的好。当你捅破朋友之间的那层窗户纸,你们的友谊就一去不归了。即使你能把做出的事说出的话揽在自己身上,你们中间的某个也会因为已经流露出的感情得不到回应早就伤心透了。这终将导致怨恨猜忌并摧毁朋友之情。因为朋友总需要呆在一起形影不离的,一旦其中一个有了追求者或是爱上了谁,另一个会怎么想?因为付出得不到回报,这种憋屈之感会让人备受煎熬。单相思是种很苦的病,不是那么容易痊愈的。这就是为什么在某些友谊中最好保持清醒,不要轻易跨过雷池。Many people think how wonderful it will be to begin a new love relationship with their best friend. They are around all the time, they trust you, you trust them, their cute enough, they are a good friend..there is no reason not to! But there is something missing though and that is the level of love and passion that happens and sparks between two people when they fall in love. Make sure you really think this one over before making any sudden moves because your choice can result in three different ways. You either are best friends for life, broken hearted, or for the lucky ones; you have your soul mate. This is quite the gamble to take, so think it through before you jump the gun.很多人会觉得和自己的密友开始一段恋情是多么美妙的事。他们总是陪着你,信任你,你也信任他们,他们够可爱,他们是那么好的朋友。。。那么多顾虑多累啊!但坠入爱河后迸发的炽热火花和仍然与这有很大的境界上的差别。在你有所行动前务必慎重思量,这可能导致三种结果。你们要么是生活中最好的朋友,要么彻底破裂,要么是那足够幸运的一对;你现在还有你的红颜知己,拿这个来赌真的有点大了,所以在你以身试法前还是悠着点吧! /201012/119880南安市OPT祛斑好不好 The turning of the calendar is both arbitrary and powerful. Each day is just another day, but when the year resets we feel like the slate is cleaned and we can begin anew.日历牌的翻页既随意又意义重大。日子一天天地过去,但新的一年到来时,我们的感觉却是翻开了全新的一页,生活可以重新开始。Here are five ideas to help you get a good start for 2012 ; not just for a new year, but also for the start of a new decade.以下五点建议可以帮助你2012年有个良好的开端,不仅仅为了新的一年,而且是为了下一个新的十年。1. Set up a savings plan.制定攒钱计划Ever since the financial tsunami swept all before it in September 2008, many people have saved furiously. That#39;s a good thing, but there#39;s a temptation to lose that discipline once the storm clouds start to break.自2008年9月金融海啸将一切席卷一空以来,很多人都在疯狂地攒钱。这是好事,不过一旦风暴的阴云开始消散,这样的自律就可能丧失。While the economy remains fragile and many people are still out of work, signs of recovery are becoming more and more apparent. Among your New Year#39;s resolutions include a savings goal that is a function of your regular income, even if it#39;s not a large amount of money. Maintaining the discipline is crucial. The amount of savings can grow over time.尽管经济依然脆弱,很多人仍待业家中,复苏的迹象却变得越来越清晰。在你的新年决心中,制定一个攒钱的目标,与你的固定收入挂钩,即使攒下的每笔钱并不很多。保持自律非常重要。攒下的钱能随着时间的推移而增长。2. Build a rainy-day fund.建立应急基金Advice on how to save for retirement or your kids#39; college is plentiful. Less plentiful is guidance on what kind of rainy-day fund you should have.有关如何为退休和孩子上大学攒钱有很多的建议,但说的较少的是应该建立哪种应急基金。A rainy-day fund, which your savings plan can feed, should cover about six months of income. It#39;s a form of personal insurance, valuable in these rapidly changing times.应急基金的钱可以来自你的攒钱计划。它应该相当于约六个月的收入。这是个人保险的一种形式,在眼下这种迅速变化的时代非常重要。This fund should be kept in safe and easy-to-tap assets. Laddering certificates of deposit out six months is one way.这笔钱应该放在安全且容易变现的资产中。存入六个月的阶梯式定期存款是一种方法。That means buying CDs of one month, two months, etc. to six months. As each CD matures you buy another six-month CD to keep the ladder in place.也就是说存入一个月、两个月,直到六个月的定期存款。每笔定期存款到期的时候,你就再买一笔六个月的定期存款,以便保持阶梯式存款的延续。3. Migrate to a debit card or to plastic that must be paid each month.改用每个月必须还款的借记卡或其他卡。Cutting up credit cards makes a lot of sense and eliminating all credit-card debt makes even more sense. The interest rates associated with credit-card debt can easily overwhelm the returns you can get elsewhere.剪碎信用卡很有道理,消灭全部信用卡债务就更有道理了。信用卡利率能轻易地抹消你在其他地方获得的收益回报。But the world is moving away from cash at a rapid clip. The notion of having no plastic is barely feasible. Try buying a plane ticket with cash and see what that sparks in the government computers.不过,现在世界正在迅速摆脱使用现金的年代。不用信用卡的想法几乎是行不通的。试试用现金买机票,看看这会在政府的电脑里引起什么样的反应。So what kind of card to have? A debit card acts just like cash, which makes it the best option. You can spend only what you have.那么应该拥有什么样的信用卡呢?借记卡就像现金一样,因此是最佳之选。用借记卡,你就只能量入为出。Second best are charge cards that require payment in full each month. Ever since I paid off my last credit-card debt in 1996, I have only used a charge card or a debit card. It gets tough, especially around big events such as Christmas. But it#39;s nice to not have a tempting and expensive option in the wallet.第二个最佳选择是每个月需要全额还款的签帐卡。从1996年我把最后一笔信用卡帐单付清之后,就只用签帐卡或借记卡了。虽然不容易,特别是在圣诞节这样的大日子前后。不过钱包里没有诱人而用价不菲的信用卡,也不错。4. Rebalance your investments.平衡投资Last year, rebalancing meant adding to stock exposure after a year of steep stock losses. That notion felt mildly crazy at the time, but it proved wise.在去年,平衡投资就意味着在一年的股市投资巨亏之后增加股市敞口。当时这种想法感觉有些疯狂,不过事实明是明智之举。That#39;s because stocks rallied from the March lows and put in a remarkably strong year. Now, most of us are probably too heavy on the stock side of the equation. Moving some of the money into bonds or even cash to regain balance would be prudent.这是因为股市从3月份低点大幅上涨,一年的涨势都非常强劲。如今,我们大部分人的投资或许都过于偏重股票。把投资股市的一部分钱用于债市甚至是持有现金,以恢复投资平衡,这会是一种谨慎的做法。5. Plan to reward yourself.奖励自己New Year#39;s resolutions usually don#39;t stick and a big reason is that it#39;s all like eating sawdust. Go on a diet, save money, don#39;t spend. We start the year like ascetic monks and by February we discover that the monastic life isn#39;t for us.新年决心常常无法坚持下去,一个主要原因是这个过程味如嚼。节食、攒钱、不花钱。我们以苦行僧的姿态开始了新的一年,而到2月份之前,却发现这种生活并不适合我们。Therefore, it#39;s important to have one resolution that is fun. A little sugar with the vinegar.因此,制定一个有趣的新年决心很重要。要学会苦中作乐。For myself, it means saving up money for a special family trip later this year. This saving is in addition to the savings plan established in the first resolution.对我自己来说,这意味着为今年晚些时候的家人特别出游攒钱。这是在第一个决心中的攒钱计划之外的。 /201201/168321泉州市有哪些减肥中心

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