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Happy 兔 Year (1)嘉宾:Greg 高慕鸿主题:“Happy 兔 Year”.Questions for dialogue 1:1. How will Jing Jing celebrate the New Year?2. Are Jing Jings grandparents good cooks?3. How does Xiao Gao describe his mothers apple pie?Idioms for dialogue 1:Back at yaThe big dayFeastPig outOn top of thatSing ones heart outGood cookOff the record.Dont have the heart to do somethingStuff your faceFinger lickin good /201310/261248杭州市中医医院QQ号Todd: Ruth, what is something you are afraid of? Like snakes, spiders, rats?托德:鲁斯,你有害怕的东西吗?比如蛇,蜘蛛或是老鼠?Ruth: Probably sharks.鲁斯:应该是鲨鱼。Todd: Sharks.托德:鲨鱼。Ruth: I know that sounds quite irrational, especially when I dont live near the sea but just the thought of being eaten by a shark. Its horrific. I really, really, Im frightened of sharks.鲁斯:我知道这听起来不合常理,尤其是我也不生活在海边,但是只是想想被鲨鱼咬的场景,那真是太可怕了。我真的非常非常害怕鲨鱼。Todd: Have you ever seen a shark?托德:你看到过鲨鱼吗?Ruth: No.鲁斯:没有。Todd: No.托德:没有吗?Ruth: Thankfully.鲁斯:谢天谢地。Todd: Yeah.托德:是啊。Ruth: I think Id run a mile.鲁斯:我想我得跑得远远的。Todd: I dont know really what Im afraid of, I guess,I dont like heights too much. Yeah, so. I have to admit that when Im on a plane I get kind of freaked out, when I fly, yeah. You think, ;How is this thing staying in the air?;. You know?托德:我不清楚我到底害什么,我想我不喜欢太高的地方。所以我必须承认,我在飞机上的时候,在飞行的时候会有点儿害怕。你想想,就像“这个东西到底是怎么待在空中的?”你懂吗?Ruth: Youre always happy to land.鲁斯:着陆的时候你总是很高兴。Todd: Yeah, yeah. Always, always, very happy to land, and often when I go home I have to fly across the Pacific and theres no land so you look out your window and you think, ;Ah, if something goes wrong with the plane we cant land anymore, but thats very irrational because most accidents I think happen over mountains, so. I think so.托德:对,是啊。着陆的时候我非常高兴,通常我要回家的时候必须要飞过太平洋,那里没有陆地,所以当你向窗户外面看的时候,你会想“啊,如果这架飞机出了什么问题,那我们就再也不能着陆了”,不过这非常不合常理,因为我诊断大多数事故都是在山区发生的。我是这么认为的。Ruth: Although if you landed in the sea, then there might be sharks.鲁斯:即使你降落在海面上,那里可能也会有鲨鱼。Todd: Thats true. How do you feel when you fly?托德:那倒是真的。你在飞行的时候有什么感觉?Ruth: I quite like flying actually. I quite like it. I mean Im quite used to flying. Ive flown to a lot of places. If its a long haul flight, i guess its a bit boring, but I like the handheld computer you get to play with.鲁斯:实际上我非常喜欢坐飞机。我很喜欢。我是说我很习惯坐飞机。我坐飞机去过很多地方。我认为长途飞行有点无聊,但是我喜欢带着手提电脑,这样就可以在飞机上玩了。Todd: Yeah, those are nice.托德:是啊,那真是很不错。Ruth: Theyre good.鲁斯:它们非常好。Todd: Now, youre a vegetarian so whats the food like?托德:你是素食主义者,那飞机上的食物怎么样?Ruth: Oh, well the last time I flew I didnt get any vegetarian food. I think I forgot to tell them, so I had to eat the chicken, whatever.鲁斯:哦,上次我坐飞机的时候他们就不提供素食。我想我忘了告诉他们,所以我不得不选了鸡肉。Todd: Really, you actually ate the chicken?托德:真,实际上你可以吃鸡肉?Ruth: No, I didnt eat it. I didnt eat it. I just had it in front of me.鲁斯:不,我没有吃,我没有吃。我只是把它们放在了我前面。Todd: Yeah, I heard that the vegetarian meal are actually better than the chicken or beef meal.托德:好吧,我听说素食其实比鸡肉或是牛肉餐好吃。Ruth: Really, theyre quite good, I mean when Ive had then in the past theyve been quite good.鲁斯:是啊,素食真的非常好吃,我是说我以前在飞机上吃过素食,真的非常好吃。Todd: Well, heres to not seeing any sharks in the future.托德:嗯,希望你以后也不会看到鲨鱼。Ruth: Absolutely.鲁斯:当然了。 译文属 /201409/327750杭州市中医院浙江中医学院附属第二医院 好不好Neil:Welcome to The English We Speak with me - a very tired Neil - and Feifei.尼尔:欢迎大家和我一起来到我们所说的英语---我们是非常疲惫的尼尔和菲菲。Feifei:Hi, Im Feifei.菲菲:大家好,我是菲菲。Neil: Oh, Feifei, Im so tired.尼尔:哦,菲菲,我好累啊。Feifei: Me too. The kids?菲菲:我也是。是孩子们吗?Neil: Ah, the kids kept me awake all night. As soon as one of them went back to sleep, the other one started screaming. Whats your excuse?尼尔:啊,孩子们折腾了我一夜。一旦他们其中的一个去睡觉了,另一个就会开始尖叫。你的理由是什么?Feifei: A mosquito.菲菲:一只蚊子。Neil: A mosquito?尼尔:一只蚊子?Feifei: Yes, there was a mosquito in my room. Every time I turned the light off and tried to go to sleep I heard buzzing in my ear. I havent slept a wink.菲菲:是的,我屋子里有一只蚊子。每次我关上灯想睡觉就能听到我耳朵边嗡嗡的声音。我一夜都没合眼。Neil: And I havent slept a wink either! A wink is when you close and open one of your eyes very quickly once - usually to show friendliness or that you are having a joke with someone.Its also a verb - to wink.尼尔:我也一夜没合眼!眨眼就是你关上又睁开你的一只眼的非常快的动作,经常用来表示友好或者你和某人开玩笑。这也是一个动词--眨眼。Feifei: So, if you say I havent slept a wink it means that youve had so little sleep,your eye didnt even close once!菲菲:所以,如果你说“我一直没合眼”,这意思是你几乎没有睡觉,你的眼睛甚至一次也没合过!Neil: Thats right. Its an exaggeration. Here are some examples:尼尔:说得对。这是一个夸张的说法。这里是一些例子:A: You look terrible! Whats the matter?A:你看起来很糟糕!发生了什么?B: I havent slept a wink. It was a really bad idea to move to a flat next to a pub.B:我一直没合眼。搬到酒吧旁边的公寓居住真是一个坏想法。A: How about a trip to the cinema tonight?A:今晚去电影院一趟怎么样?B: Sorry I cant. I havent slept a wink. There were cats outside fighting all night.B:对不起我不行。我一直没合眼。整晚都有猫们在外面打架。Neil: So, we can use I havent slept a wink to say that we are very tired because we havent had much sleep. I cant wait to get home tonight and just jump into bed... I dont know how Im going to get through the rest of this programme, let alone the rest of the day.尼尔:所以,我们可以用“我一直没合眼”来说我们很疲惫因为我们没怎么睡觉。我等不及今晚回家跳上床了...我不知道我该怎样挺过接下来的节目,更不要说剩下的一天了。Feifei: Me neither.菲菲:我也是。Neil: Nice and quiet in here, though, isnt it?尼尔:这里很好很安静,不是吗?Feifei: And dark.菲菲:而且昏暗。Neil: Do you think anyone would notice if we just...尼尔:你觉得有人会注意到吗,如果我们...Feifei: Thats a great idea! Ill just put these two chairs together.菲菲:这是一个好办法!我会把这两个椅子放到一起。Neil: And Ill rest my head on this desk and...尼尔:我会把头放在桌子上然后...Both: Argh! Kids! Mosquitos! Is there anywhere to sleep? Argh!一起:啊!孩子们!蚊子!还有其他睡觉的地方吗?啊! /201401/273383否定I dont have the slightest idea.我一点都不知道。I have no idea.我不知道。No idea.我不知道。I dont know.我不知道。slightest是slight的最高级,在此表示的是“最微小的”。“I dont have the slightest idea.”比“I have no idea.”的否定语气更加强烈。Thats not right.那是不对的。A: She was born in 1854.她出生于1854年。B:Thats not right.那是不对的。Its all wrong.全错了。A: The plane will take off at 4 pm.飞机下午四点起飞。B:Its all wrong.全错了。Youve got it all wrong. Wrong on both counts.你全弄错了。I dont think youre right about it.我想你错了。A: I dont think youre right about it.我想你错了。B:Oh, really?哦,真的吗?Thats not what I mean.I didnt mean that.我不是那个意思。You misunderstood me.你误解我了。Your idea is fundamentally wrong.你的想法根本就是错的。A: Life is meaningless.生活真没意思。B: Your idea is fundamentally wrong.你的想法根本就是错的。fundamentally ad. 根本地Its actually not the case.实际情况并非如此。A:You must be very busy.你一定很忙。B: Its actually not the case.实际情况并非如此。Certainly not Of course not.当然不是。I dont think so.我不这样认为。A:She is cute.她很可爱。B:I dont think so.我不这样认为。Theres no need to start out that early.没有必要走得那么早。A:Could we start at twelve?12点出发可以吗?B: Theres no need to start out that early. Lets make it one oclock and we still leave half an hours margin.没有必要走得那么早,咱们定在1点吧,那样还能留出半小时空余时间。start out“出发,动身”How could that be? How could that happen?怎么会这样?No way. Never. Definitely not. Absolutely not.绝对不是。非常坚决地否定或拒绝。Im very sorry I cant.对不起,不行。A: Ive run out of money. Can you lend me 100 dollars?我的钱用光了,你能借我100美元吗?B:Im very sorry I cant.对不起,不行。That makes no sense. That doesnt make sense.那也太没道理了。make sense“有意义,讲得通”Im not talking about that. Thats not what Im talking about.我没说那个。A: The movie is very interesting.电影很有意思。B:Im not talking about that.我没说那个。talk about“谈论,讨论”Rubbish. Nonsense.瞎说。A: You must fall in love with Jane.你一定爱上简了。B:Rubbish.瞎说。rubbish n. 废话,胡说八道Im afraid theres some misunderstanding here.恐怕这儿有点误解。A: Why do J have to pay it myself?为什么我自己付款呢?B: Im afraid theres some misunderstanding here.恐怕这儿有点误解。misunderstanding n. 误会,误解 /201412/347983西湖区治疗女性疾病多少钱

绍兴市妇幼保健院做人流好吗浙江省杭州市滨江区萧然医院Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Frank:Hello!你好。Jane:Is Patti there?是佩蒂在吗?Frank:I’m sorry, I’m afraid you’ve dialed the wrong number. There is no Patti here。对不起,你打错电话了,这里没有派蒂。Jane:Wrong number? Are you sure? I called yesterday and she was there。打错了,你确定吗?我昨天还打来过。Frank:I’m sure you have the wrong number. This one has been my number for more than 20 years。我确定你打错了,这号我已经用了20多年了。Jane:That’s impossible. I remember the number clearly. Isn’t this 763-4565?不可能吧,我把电话号码记得很清楚,是763-4565?Frank:No, it isn’t. It’s 736-4565. It seems you’ve misdialed。不是,是736-4565。你肯定打错了。Jane:Really? I’m so sorry I bothered you. I’ll try again。真的吗?很抱歉,我再试试。Frank:That’s all right. This sort of thing happens all the time to everyone。没关系,这种事每个人都经常发生。Jane:Yeah, I guess it does. Sorry again for bothering you。是的,我也觉得,再次抱歉。Frank:No worries。没关系。重点句子:我准是拨错号了。l must have dialed the wrong number。这儿没有这个人。Nobody here by that name。对不起,你打错了。Sorry, I think you have the wrong number。我肯定你打错电话了。I’m sure that you have the wrong number。他也许是换新号码了。对不起打扰了。He probably changed to a new number. I’m sorry I bothered you。你打错电话了。请到电话簿里去查询正确的电话号码吧。You have dialed the wrong number. Please look up the correct number in the telephone directory。对不起,打扰了。I’m sorry that I have disturbed you。没关系。That’s all right。 /201412/349883杭州做无痛人流的费用是多少建德市体检多少钱

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