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泉州市第一医院什么时候建立泉州治疗宫颈糜烂专业医院For:正方辩词:Credit card has more advantages than disadvantages.信用卡的优点多于缺点。I think the most advantageous part of the credit card is its use. Due to the simplified processes of the operations, credit cards are even used in the groceries, too. Credit cards can make it easier to buy things if you dont like to carry large amounts of cash with you. In addition, having a credit card will help you build a good credit history which is very important in applying for things such as loans, rental applications in the future.我认为信用卡最大的优势便在于它的使用方式。由于它简单的操作过程,信用卡甚至在杂货商店也能使用。它可以帮助我们在外出购物时免去携带大量现金的烦恼。另外,使用信用卡还能够帮助你积累良好的信用记录,这对将来申请贷款和租赁意义重大。The credit card is very useful in my life. It permits me to purchase first and pay later. Therefore, it is helpful to handle some emergencies when the cash is limited.信用卡对我的生活非常有帮助,它能够让我;先消费,后还款; 。因此,当遇到紧急情况而又现金不足时,信用卡就帮了大忙。Against:反方辩词:Credit card has more disadvantages than advantages.信用卡的缺点多于优点。In spite of having some advantages, I think, credit cards have more disadvantages. The first disadvantage regarding credit cards is theft concern. If you lose your credit card anyway, it could be a disaster. The person who gets your credit card could buy objects by using it. so you will have to face big problems.虽然信用卡给我们带来了很多便利,但是却为我们埋下了更多隐患。第一个隐患就是信用卡偷窃。如果信用卡被偷,那你将会大难临头。小偷会刷你的卡大量消费,所以你很可能会陷入大麻烦中。In addition, credit cards are inviting people to spend more money that they dont have yet. As a result, people may fall into debt because of their credit card purchases. Some credit card companies have fees or penalties for late payments or not being able to pay the minimum owed; once the amount owed begins to rise, the interest a person will owe the credit card company may become quite costly.另外,信用卡会促使人过度消费,从而使持卡人陷入债务危机之中。在某些信用卡公司,持卡人如果推迟还款或者无能力付最小限额的债款,他们就必须额外交付相应的费用或被罚款。而且一旦欠款增加,持卡人所需付的利息也会越来越高。 /201501/356242泉州怎么药流 Todd: OK, Shona, youre an artist and you like art so you must have a special routine when you go to a gallery or a museum. Do you have any recommendations how to appreciate art when you go?托德:夏娜,你是艺术家,你喜欢艺术,你去美术馆或物馆参观的时候一定与众不同。对于如何欣赏艺术你有没有什么建议?Shona: Yeah, sure. I think people tend to follow a specific ritual when they go into an art gallery, which I think is a bit odd in my opinion. I dont know, like, they might kind of, theyll be talking to their friends outside the gallery or museum but as soon as they go in they start speaking really quietly.夏娜:好。我认为人们在美术馆参观时经常会遵循特定的礼节,可是我认为这有点奇怪。在美术馆外面的时候人们会互相聊天,可是进入美术馆以后他们就开始非常小声地说话。Todd: Right. Right.托德:对,没错。Shona: And like hushed tones as if its like, you know, what you do when you go into church or chapel or temple or whatever. You kind of speak a bit more quietly because you are in a sacred place. People treat the art gallery and the museum as a sacred place, so their voice will go down. They might start to kind of be a bit unsure of where they are standing, like, ;Oh, am I in someones way?; or I think in an art gallery or museum, to fully appreciate what you are like looking at, youve got to be a tiny bit selfish. You shouldnt worry to much about people around you, you know, because if youre a bit self-conscious or whatever, youre not going to be really appreciating whats around you.夏娜:他们就像在教堂、礼拜堂或是寺庙里一样轻声说话。小声说话是因为在神圣的地方。人们通常会把美术馆和物馆也看作神圣的地方,所以他们会降低音量。而且他们还会不太确定他们是不是站错了地方,比如他们会想:哦,我是不是挡到别人了?可是我认为,在美术馆和物馆要想充分欣赏那些作品,你就要稍微自私点。你不应该担心周围的人,因为如果你对此太顾虑,你就不能真正去欣赏那些作品。Todd: Well, you know, thats really interesting but I thought you were supposed to be quiet. Like, I thought if you talk, then theyll ask you to leave, or youll be breaking the rules.托德:这个观点很有趣,但是我认为是应该保持安静。如果有人说话的话,会有人让你离开,或者说这样做是违反了规定。Shona: No, not at all. Not at all. Maybe like in a library or something, like at university where people are studying and youre not allowed to speak but in an art gallery or museum it supposed to be quiet interactive. It doesnt matter which one you are in. You know, it doesnt matter how grumpy looking the attendants are, who are like there, or you know, what the clientele is. You should be able to openly speak about what you are seeing around you, and like, honestly, I feel so passionately about it. Like I think you should be able to talk, and its not a rule. Its not a rule. Like, have you ever like saw someone talking loudly and theyve been chucked out of an art gallery or museum for doing so.夏娜:不是,完全不是这样。完全不是。如果在大学图书馆这种学生学习的地方,那你要保持安静,可是在美术馆和物馆,应该进行安静的互动。无论在哪个艺术馆都可以这样。无论工作人员看起来有多生气,无论那里的人们怎么样,无论参观者是谁,都没关系。你应该说出你对作品的看法,说实话我非常喜欢这样。我认为可以说话,这并不是规定。你有看到有人因为大声说话而被赶出美术馆或物馆吗?Todd: You know what, I cant remember, but I cant even remember anybody talking.托德:我不记得了,其实我甚至不记得有人在美术馆里说话。Shona: Exactly. Well the next time youre in an art gallery or museum you should talk and be lively and see what happens.夏娜:没错。下次你去美术馆和物馆参观时应该说说话,表现的活跃些,看看会发生什么事。Todd: OK, but if I get thrown out.托德:好,如果我被赶出去呢?Shona: Its my fault.夏娜:那就是我的错了。 译文属 /201512/416637泉州一院修复处女膜

泉州无痛人流去哪做比较好Ill take it. 我买了。A:May I help you,maam?有什么可以帮到你的吗?女士?B:Im looking for some perfume.我想买香水。A:What brand would you prefer?您喜欢什么品牌的呢?B:Perhaps Chanel.香奈儿的吧。A:Ok.How about this one?好的,这款怎么样?B:It smells good.How much is it?闻起来不错,多少钱?A:It goes for .60美元B:Good.Ill take it.Thanks for your help.好的,我就买它了。谢谢你的帮忙。A:My pleasure.Ill wrap the perfume up in a gift box for you.不客气。我把香水给您用礼品盒包起来。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201705/511585泉州新阳光医院治疗宫颈修复多少钱 unit 227 预定二人餐位dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good moming. Panyu Restaurant. May help you?A:早上好,这是番禺宾馆。我能帮您什么吗?B:What time do you open this evening?B:今晚你们什么时候开始营业?A:We open at 6:30, sir.A:6:30,先生。B:I see. Id like to reserve a table for two.B:知道了。我想预订两个人的餐位。A:Yes, sir. What time would you like your table, sir?A:好的,先生。具体什么时间呢?B:Im not sure, perhaps around 8 pm.B:还不确定,大概是晚上8点吧。A:Fine! Ill reserve a table for two at 8 pm, sir. May I have your name, please?A:可以,我给您预订一个晚上8点的餐位,共两个人。请问您的姓名?B:Davis.B:戴维斯。A:Thank you, Mr. Davis.A:谳谢您,戴维斯先生。B:Oh, any chance of a table by the window? My wife loves the birds eye view. As its her birthday, I want it to be a celebration.B:哦,对了。能不能给我一张靠近窗户的桌子?我的妻子特别喜欢观看外面的景色,而且今天又是她的生日。我想给她庆祝一下。A:I see. We have aly received many bookings and though I cant guarantee anything, please be assured that well try our best, Mr. Davis. I hope youll understand.A:我明白。我们已经接受了许多的预订,所以不能保一定有。但请放心,我们会尽力的。戴维斯先生,希望您能理解。B:I do, but I would appreciate you, if it could be arranged.B:我能.理解。如果能够安排一下,我会十分感激你们的。A:Well try our best.A:我们会尽力的。B:Thank you.B:谢谢。 /201510/405367泉州市惠安县洛阳填医院可以做人流吗

泉州阳光女子医院16. Using the Warranty16.使用保修A: Hi, I need assistance, please.A:你好,我需要帮助。B: How can I help you today?B:今天我能怎么帮助你?A: My phone refuses to turn on anymore.A:我的电话打不出电话。B: It looks like it short circuited.B:看来是短路了。A: Well, I did drop it many times.A:好吧,我把它掉到地上很多次。B: Im afraid I cant help you.B:恐怕我帮不了你。A: I guess Ill have to use the warranty.A:我想我将不得不使用保修。B: According to your contract, you may choose a new phone.B:根据你的合同,你或许要选择一个新的手机。A: Ill just get the same brand again.A:我还要买同样牌子的手机。B: Will you need the warranty?B:你需要保修吗?A: No. Just have the phone.A:不需要。只要手机。B: Make sure you dont go dropping it! B:确保你不会再把它掉到地上!译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/406741 我昨天收到了大学室友寄来的一张生日贺卡,让我感慨万千。一眨眼,大学毕业已经好多年了,虽然我们一直保持联系,但是大家都在为生活奔波,所以每年也只有逢年过节才会互通信息。这倒让我想起了我们今天要学的习惯用语,叫:on again, off again.On again, off again这个习惯用语的意思是断断续续的。就好象我毕业后跟大学室友的联络一样,on again, off again. 时断时续。下面例子里的这个远足爱好者打算退出自己的远足俱乐部。让我们听听他是怎么想的。例句-1:Im thinking of dropping out of my hiking club. Its not that I dont like getting out and exploring some of the great trails in the area. But one month there might be an outing every week, then the next theres only one. Id prefer a schedule of hikes thats not so on again, off again.这个人说:我正在考虑是不是要退出远足俱乐部,这样做并不是因为我不喜欢跟大家一起去远足,探索这附近很多有意思的山间小道,但是有时候一个月每星期都有活动,下个月却可能只有一次。我真希望,俱乐部的远足活动不要这么时断时续。这倒让我想起了我的那些男朋友,也许是因为她住在加州,那里的男人更不愿意安定下来吧。她每次交男朋友,都是几个月的热度,然后男方就会失去兴趣,但又藕断丝连,过一段时间又回来给她打电话。让我十分苦恼。这种on again, off again时断时续的交往方式并不适合她。******显然,连续性对很多事情来说都很重要。我们一起来听听下面这位居民的看法:例句-2:The last neighborhood committee never got much done. Perhaps it was because of all the on again, off again meetings they had. But now, the new leaders get together regularly. As a result, theyve been able to improve public safety, organize civic events and accomplished a lot thats made our area a nicer place to live.这个人说:上一届居民委员会什么都没干,也许是因为他们开会太少、太没准日子了吧。新一届负责人走马上任后,定期开会,结果有效地改善了小区的公共安全,组织了各种活动,还做了很多其它事情,结果显著改变了我们这片地区的居住环境。这倒让我想起了原来用的那家手机公司,信号特别不稳定,我每次开车出去买东西、办事情,手机的信号总是时断时续,丝毫没有保障。这种情况持续了不到一个月,我就忍无可忍了,换成了现在的这家手机公司。大家猜猜看,这个习惯用语是怎么来的?有些语言学家说, on again, off again这个习惯用语最早是指那些并不严重的火车事故,因为火车刚刚出现的时候,经常会脱离轨道,过一会儿又会自己重新回到轨道上去,因此就有了on again, off again的说法。 /201506/380079泉州第一医院妇科医生哪个好泉州泉港区妇科



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