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2019年11月17日 10:56:31

Are you familiar with the, uh, website Ashley Madison.com. Yes你们熟悉Ashley MAdison.com 这个网站吗?当然Ok, I know a lot of guys are pretending they are not, but恩,但我知道很多人还在假装自己不懂Ashley Madison is a, they describe, they call it a dating siteAshley Madison据说是一个用于约会的社交网站for married men and women who are looking to have an affair.专门务于那些想要‘第二春’的已婚男女They pay a fee of some kind and they pair you up with other sneaky people.人们以某种方式先付费 然后网站就会把你和另外一个人配对But well.....unfortunately for those who signed up for this service actually Madison was hacked.但我想对那些注册过这个网站的人说 我为你们感到不幸 因为Madison被黑客攻击了A group of hackers called the Impact team broke in and they#39;re threatening to expose有一个叫‘影响力’的黑客组织黑进了这个网站 并威胁说the identities of more than 37,000,000 users.要曝光所有三千七百万用户的信息if actually Madison They said shut down the site. or we will reveal everyone#39;s identity.如果Madison选择关闭这个网站 他们就会披露出所有的用户信息Now first of all how crazy is that they have 37,000,000 Hahaha....诶 等等 拜托 他们居然有三千七百万的用户!哈哈哈Isn#39;t that like everyone? Isn#39;t that like...... I mean really......那不就是所有人了么 难道不是吗?我真是醉了……Walmart doesn#39;t have 37,000,000 customers.就连沃尔玛都没三千七百万的顾客好么And you know 36,000,000 of those 37,000,000 customers are guys right?不过其中的三千六百万都是[同志]吧?I mean Women don#39;t need a website. Women just need ..all they need is a pos and they are fine.本来就是啊 因为女人们根本不需要这种网站啊 她们只要有一个刷卡机就够了But if this information gets released, millions of marriages could be affected.但话说回来 如果这些信息曝光了 估计得有上百万的家庭受到影响吧And you know that#39;s hardest on kids. Kids don#39;t undetstand of the sort of thing.这样的话小孩子才是最受伤的 小屁孩才搞不懂大人的这些事儿呢Kids are very innocent until we pollute their minds.他们都超单纯 直到我们‘污染’了他们纯洁的心灵And in fact, we went on the street today, we asked kids...... We asked kids what adultery it is? Oh......实际上 我们今天延沿街采访了孩子……我们问孩子“出轨”是啥意思?天……!We#39;re trying to do a show or I don#39;t know what to tell you. And here it is. Kids explaining #39;Adultery#39;.诶 拜托 我们在努力做节目好么 不然你们看什么?好 来看看孩子们对‘出轨’的解释吧!What is “Audltery”? Um......to be a movie star? Do you know anyone who is a audlterer? Um......你知道什么是‘出轨’不?呃……就是当个电影明星?那你知道有谁出轨了的吗?呃……Johnny Depp? What is “Audltery”? A dog running? Describe “Adultery”. It#39;s artery for adults?约翰尼.德普?什么是‘出轨’?啥?奔跑的小?请你描述一下‘出轨’是什么?变成大人?What is “Adultery”? Being an adult? What do you think the best part of adultery is? Getting to drink.什么是‘出轨’?做大人?那你觉得“出轨”最好的地方是什么?可以喝酒!Getting to drink? Yeah...... I agree. What is “Adultery”? Apparently saying that is fun...nursing...and...可以喝酒? 嗯……好样的 我同意 什么是‘出轨’?很明显啊……就是做父母啊 ……照顾别人神马的……还有..all sorts of things. Are your parents adulterers? Yes. Both of them? Yes.反正就是那些事儿呗 那你爸妈出轨不?要!两个都出轨?对!How#39;s that? Fun. Fun. Yeah. What is Adultery? Um.......what do you say?感觉咋样?挺好玩的!嗯……好玩……答的好……什么是“出轨”?呃……你说啥?Adultery. Adultery? I don#39;t know what those are. You wanna take a guess? Um...... Heeeee......出轨 出轨啊?我也不知道那是什么鬼诶 那你猜一下呢 呃呃呃……呵呵呵呵……Did you guess it#39;s funny? Adultery? Until it happens to you right?你觉得好笑么?嗯……等发生在你身上的时候就好笑了吧?What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody? It means they#39;re cheating?对不起另一半是啥意思?就是……他们做了对不起另一半的事And what does that mean? It means they#39;re not following the rules.那又是什么意思呢?就是说 他们犯规了And what are the rules? That you can#39;t cheat.犯什么规了?就是你不能做对不起另一半的事What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody else?什么是对不起另一半?That means that they...you know ...get the wrong person就是说……嗯你懂的……就是找错人了They might accidently get the different person that they are not supposed to get.他们可能不小心找到不适合自己的人了So when you cheat on somebody, it#39;s usually an accident? Yea.那么就是说 你对不起别人的时候都是不小心的咯?对But not all the time. Sometimes it#39;s on purpose. Yea.但也不总是这样 有时候你是有目的才对不起别人的是吧 恩 对Like if you went on to Ashley Madison and signed up to meet somebody? Yea.就像是人们注册Ashley Madison网站然后去和别人约会是吧?对的Right!Thanks kids I#39;m Jimmy Kemmel.干得好!谢谢孩子们!我是吉米.坎尔If you like that, subscribe to our youtube channel to get all our latest s before they die and go to Youtube heaven.如果你喜欢我们的视频 请订阅我们的油管频道 观看享受更多的最新视频吧! Article/201706/514212襄阳治疗梅毒得多少钱保康治疗生殖感染价格But as Edison#39;s power grid expands over a greater and greater area,he realizes his kerosene empire is at risk.但随着爱迪生的电网扩张 其覆盖面积越来越大 他认识到 自己的煤油帝国正在面临风险Every home Edison wires with electricity is a lost customer for John Rockefeller.接入爱迪生电网的任何一户家庭都是约翰·洛克菲勒失去的顾客The great titans of the late 1800s,like Rockefeller, they tended to be very ruthless.十九世纪晚期的商业巨头 例如洛克菲勒 他们都非常冷酷无情They were interested in dominating the market,and moved in every way they could to get as big a chunk of the market as they could in order to ensure their own profits.他们只关心主宰市场并尽一切可能获得更大的市场份额 以此确保自己的利润The industrialists of that time are naked capitalists.当时搞工业的都是一些裸的资本家They absolutely wanted to get rich,and they wanted to build something that lasted.他们一心想变得更富有 他们还想建立长久的基业Rockefeller wanted Standard Oil to be the greatest oil company in the world.洛克菲勒希望标准石油成为世界最大的石油公司Rockefeller launches a targeted PR campaign against electricity.洛克菲勒发起了一波针对电的公关宣传攻势Painting the new technology as dangerous,even deadly,he warns of mass electrocutions and out-of-control fires.将这种新技术说成是危险的 甚至可能致人死亡 他说电有可能导致大规模触电身亡和难以控制的火灾Rockefeller knows if he can frighten the public,kerosene will continue to be the dominant light source.洛克菲勒知道 只要他能吓坏公众 煤油就能继续保持光源上的统治地位I am not a good enemy.我不是一个好对手I#39;m a terrible enemy.我是一个可怕的对手So, if you screw around with me, or you hurt me,I#39;m gonna hurt you back.如果你要跟我作对 想伤害我 我就会回击Now that doesn#39;t mean physically,but I will, in the end, win.Because I#39;m a winner, and I don#39;t lose.这并不一定要是身体上的 不过最终 取胜的将是我 因为我是一个赢家 从未失败过But John D. Rockefeller is about to become the least of Morgan#39;s problems.不过约翰·D·洛克菲勒其实还并不是根所面临的问题中最棘手的A new competitor emerges.一个新的竞争对手出现了Ladies and gentleman, Nikola Tesla!女士们先生们 尼古拉·特斯拉A war over the future of electricity is coming,and J.P. Morgan could be the first casualty.一场关于电的未来的战争即将打响 J·P·根很有可能成为第一个伤亡者 Article/201605/444913新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson40:ASKING SOMEBODY TO DO SOMETHING 叫某人干某事586. I need your help. 我需要你的帮助。587. Could you lend me a hand for a second? 你能帮我一下吗?588. Could you do me a favor? 你能帮个忙吗?589. Excuse me. 打扰一下。590. Would you mind putting out that cigarette#61557;? 你介意把香烟灭了吗?591. Could you turn down the music? 把音乐关小一点好吗?592. Just return#61558; the book when you’re finished with it. 你一看完就把这书还回来。593. Could you edit this paper for me? 你能帮我编辑一下这篇文章吗?594. Would you mind moving over a little? 你介意挪一挪吗?595. Please stop talking so loud. 请不要大声说话。596. Why don’t you come with me to the store? 你为什么不和我一起去商店呢?597. Can you lend me your car this afternoon? 今天下午你能把你的车借给我么?598. Can you give me a ride into town? 你能送我进城吗?599. Let me take a look at that picture. 让我看看那照片。600. Can I borrow#61559; your pen for a moment#61560;? 我能借用一下你的钢笔吗?【生词解读】1. cigarette n. 香烟;纸烟2. return v. 回;返回;归3. borrow v. 借;借入4. moment n. 瞬间;片刻 /200708/17053襄阳怎么样治前列腺增生效果好

襄阳治疗尖锐湿疣费用多少襄阳保康县人民中心医院包皮手术怎么样TED演讲视频:为什么食堂大妈是英雄童书作家Jarrett Krosoczka分享了食堂大妈漫画书系列的灵感来源。漫画中食堂大妈暗中充当校园英雄的角色并且伸张正义。他的新项目“校园食堂英雄日”是关于让食堂工作人员意思到他们不仅为学生提供食物,也希望他们明白“谢谢”的力量。 Article/201705/507628John is adept at gardening.约翰擅长于搞园艺。adept指熟练的,内行的,an adept mechanic一个技术熟练的机械工;在某方面熟练就加介词at.She is adept at cooking.她善于烹饪。 /200802/27279襄阳襄城区男性专科But over the ages, Pangea broke up into two giant land masses, one in the north and one in the south.随着时代的变迁,盘古大陆分裂为两块巨大的陆地板块,一块向北漂移,一块向南漂移Probably around 100 million years ago, South America became separated.大约是在1亿年前,南美洲分离为一个独立的大陆And then the faunas, the dinosaurs, the mammals,接着许多动物群落:恐龙、哺乳动物the rest of the fauna and flora started to evolve in separate ways, in different ways, in different forms.大部分动物群落和植物群落都开始沿着不同的方向,按照不同的方式独自进化After the continent split, different dinosaurs evolved on each continent.陆地板块分离之后,各种恐龙都在自己的大陆上进化While, throughout the northern continents, the giant long-necks died out,当北方大陆上所有巨型蜥脚类恐龙正逐渐灭亡时down south, something extraordinary was happening.南方大陆却在发生非同寻常的事件Here, the huge long-necks not only survived, they just kept growing bigger and bigger.在这里,巨型蜥脚类恐龙不仅活得好好的,而且越长越大About 90 million years ago, there were not such animals this big in any other part of the world, but in South America.大约是在9千万年前,世界上其它地方都看不到如此巨大的动物,除了南美洲These four-legged plant-eaters, like Argentinosaurus, are a typical South American kind of dinosaur.这些四足植食动物,例如阿根廷龙,是南美洲最典型的恐龙In this Cretaceous Period, they were highly successful in the southern hemisphere.在白垩纪时代,它们在南半球相当活跃It wasn#39;t just the long-neck plant-eaters that were different on the isolated continent of South America.但在孤立的南美洲大陆上,不仅只是植食蜥脚类恐龙与众不同Sealed off from the rest of the world, the vicious tyrannosaurs never reached here.由于和世界上其它地方隔绝,霸王龙不可能来到这里 Article/201611/479540宜城看前列腺炎好吗

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