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泉州丰泽区妇幼保健所泉州新阳光女子医院地址GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the British pharmaceutical giant, is under investigation by the UK#39;s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) over its commercial practices.英国药业巨头葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)正在接受英国反严重欺诈办公室(Serious Fraud Office,SFO)对其商业行为的调查。According to the company, it intends to uphold the ;highest ethical standards; and will ;cooperate fully; with the government inquiry. In a statement, the SFO wrote, ;The Director of the SFO has opened a criminal investigation into the commercial practices of GlaxoSmithKline plc and its subsidiaries.; It did not elaborate any further about the nature of any illegal activity by the company.这家公司自称坚持“最高的道德标准”,并将“全力配合”政府调查。反严重欺诈办公室在一份声明中写道:“反严重欺诈办公室主任已经开始对葛兰素史克及其子公司的商业行为展开刑事调查。”但这份声明没有详细说明这家公司非法活动的性质。Earlier this month, Chinese law enforcement accused GlaxoSmithKline of bribing hospital and government officials. At that time, Chinese authorities said GlaxoSmithKline#39;s former China chief Mark Reilly was responsible for starting a ;massive bribery network; in the country.本月早些时候,中国执法部门指控葛兰素史克贿赂医院和政府官员。当时,中国官方指控葛兰素史克前中国区负责人马克锐在中国建立了“庞大的贿赂网络”。In response to those accusations, GlaxoSmithKline said in a statement: ;We take the allegations that have been raised very seriously. They are deeply concerning to us and contrary to the values of GlaxoSmithKline. We will continue to fully co-operate with the authorities in this matter.;针对上述指控,葛兰素史克在声明中回应称:“我们非常认真地对待中方提出的指控。我们对这些指控深表关切,这种行为违反了葛兰素史克的价值。我们将继续全力配合相关部门对该事件进行调查。”In Poland, meanwhile, 11 doctors and a regional manager for the pharmaceutical company were charged with corruption from 2010 to 2012, according to the B in April.B4月份报道称,在波兰,11名医生和这家制药公司的一名区域经理因为2010年至2012年期间的腐败行为而遭到了指控。If the latest allegations prove true, the company may have violated the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, according to the B.据B报道,如果最近的指控属实,那么,这家公司可能已经违反了英国《反贿赂法》(UK Bribery Act)和美国《反海外腐败法》(US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)。No other details were immediately available. A spokeswoman for GlaxoSmithKline declined to comment.目前尚无其他详细信息。葛兰素史克发言人也拒绝就此发表。 /201405/302206泉州哪个医院看不孕不育比较好 One in five women in asset management has suffered sexual harassment at work, according to an FTfm survey of 730 fund industry staff, which shows that sexism continues to plague the market.根据英国《金融时报》基金管理(FTfm)专刊针对730名基金行业员工的一项调查,该行业每5名女性中就有一名在工作中遭受过性骚扰。调查显示,性别歧视在该行业仍大量存在。The global survey of both men and women found that another third of female asset management staff had experienced sexist behaviour at work on a weekly or monthly basis and that 15 per cent had felt under pressure to exploit their sexuality at work.这项针对资产管理行业男女员工的全球调查发现,另有三分之一的女性员工在工作中每周或每月会遭遇性别歧视行为,15%在工作中感受到利用自己的性魅力的压力。One of the 488 female respondents to the survey, who asked to remain anonymous, referred to sexist abuse by clients, managers and colleagues as “routine”. She said: “[My bosses invent] perverted nicknames about parts of our bodies and fantasise about pornographic scenes. Clients hit on [me] nonstop. I can’t dress like I would in another job and I purposely don’t wear make-up.”在488名女性受访者中,一位要求匿名的受访者称,客户、管理者以及同事的性别歧视言论已成“常事”。她表示:“(我的上司们会发明)有关我们身体部分的变态昵称,还会幻想色情场景。客户们不停地(向我)献殷勤。我无法穿得像其他工作那样,我故意不化妆。”The findings cast doubt on the common assumption that asset management represents the softer side of financial services. According to figures published in October by diversity campaign group Opportunity Now, a little more than a 10th of women working across banking and financial services said they had suffered sexual harassment. Saker Nusseibeh, chief executive of Hermes Investment Management, said the FTfm findings were of “enormous concern. Making the workplace an unwelcoming environment for 50 per cent of the possible talent pool is value destructive and stupid.”这些调查发现令人质疑这样一种普遍看法:即资产管理代表着金融务业较为柔和的一面。根据多元化运动组织Opportunity Now在10月公布的数据,和金融务业略超过十分之一的女性员工表示,她们遭受过性骚扰。Hermes Investment Management首席执行官萨克#8226;努赛贝(Saker Nusseibeh)表示,英国《金融时报》基金管理专刊的调查结果令人“深感忧虑。让潜在人才库中的50%人群的工作场所变成一个不受欢迎的环境,是对价值的毁灭,极为愚蠢。”The Financial Times distributed the survey to fund staff through emails, its website and industry associations.英国《金融时报》通过电邮、网站和行业协会,面向基金业员工进行了这项调查。The results revealed deep mistrust about companies’ whistleblowing channels and how complaints are dealt with.调查结果显示出,人们对公司的举报渠道和处理投诉方法极不信任。A female hedge fund employee, who said she was sexually assaulted by a senior banker who worked with her company, did not report the incident to her managers out of fear that it could damage her career. “No one wants to be the girl that screams,” she said.一位对冲基金女员工表示,她曾受到所在公司一位高级家的性骚扰,但她没有将此事报告给顶头上司,担心那可能损害自己的职业前途。她表示:“没有人想当大声疾呼的女生。” /201412/346221What can Chinese billionaires learn from Li Ka-shing ? Be careful of debt. 中国的亿万富豪们能从李嘉诚那里学到什么?是,要谨慎看待负债。 In a rare media interview last week, Asia#39;s richest man said property markets in Hong Kong and China both look overheated, and stressed the importance of financial prudence. #39;We need to be careful about debt, as if we are ting on thin ice,#39; Mr. Li told China#39;s Southern Weekend. #39;We have been buying less land in Hong Kong and China because prices are so high.#39; 这位亚洲首富在上周罕见地接受了国内媒体采访,说香港和中国大陆的房地产市场都有过热迹象,并强调了审慎理财的重要性。《南方周末》引用李嘉诚的话说:“我一生的原则是不会去赚最后一个铜板。”李嘉诚还表示,“过去两三年我们买入的项目较少。香港地价高,已看到不健康的趋势……内地的地价也飞涨,我们也无法成功投得土地……对于债务和贷款问题,非常小心处理,如履薄冰”。 Real estate has been a leading source of wealth creation in both Hong Kong and China, but Hong Kong developers are much more cautious with credit than their mainland peers. The total debt-to-asset ratio of Hong Kong-based developers―at around 30%―is half that of those on the mainland. 不管在香港还是中国大陆,富豪很多来自地产行业。在对待信贷的态度上,香港开发商比他们的内地同行要谨慎得多。总部位于香港的开发商的资产负债率大约在30%,这一水平是内地同类企业的一半。 In China, developers have been growing fast by buying land using borrowed money, building apartments quickly, and sometimes selling them even before they are completed. But the government#39;s efforts to cool the housing market have slowed sales and price growth, putting that model at risk. 在中国大陆,开发商使用借贷资金大量购地,快速建设住房,常常还未完工便开始售房回笼资金。他们凭借这一模式快速成长。然而政府的购房限令放慢了销售额的增长速度,使这种快进快出、高杠杆率的经营模式面临风险。 #39;Many Chinese companies are borrowing at very high rates and there is no way that they can make this kind of return,#39; said Antonio Huang, head of Asia structured trade and export finance at Banco Santander SA. As money gets tighter, some will inevitably go bust, he said. 西班牙国家亚洲结构贸易与出口金融主任 Antonio Huang说,中国企业借贷的利率很高,而他们根本不可能达到这么高的回报。随着资金收紧,有些企业将不可避免地倒闭。 At Mr. Li#39;s Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., which operates ports, telecommunications and retail businesses, liabilities were 43% of assets as of June 30. Net debt as a percentage of net total capital, the amount by which net assets exceed cash, stood at 20%. By comparison, Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., controlled by China#39;s richest man, Wang Jianlin, had a total debt-to-asset ratio of 76% as of June 30. Its net-debt-to-net-total capital ratio was 38%. 截至今年6月,李嘉诚旗下经营港口、电讯及零售的和记黄埔有限公司,其资产负债率为43%,净负债占净资本(总资产减现金)的百分比为20%。 大陆公司则更激进。拿中国大陆首富王健林掌管的大连万达商业地产股份有限公司来说,截至6月30日,其总资产负债率达76%,净债务占净资本比为38%。 Mr. Li#39;s empire can afford to take on more debt. His ports, electricity and telecom businesses have relatively low operational risks, and are hardly affected by economic cycles, because people have to have utilities even in a downturn. The companies also generate a lot of cash, which helps pay down debt quickly. 李嘉诚的生意能负担起更大规模的债务。港口、电力和电讯业务的经营风险较低,并且几乎不受经济周期的影响──经济不好,电费和电话费还是要付的。这些业务可产生大量资金,能快速缩减负债规模。 Wanda#39;s real-estate business is much more cyclical, because 83% of revenue comes from property sales rather than leasing retail space, which generates a steadier cash flow. The company had negative operating cash flow in the first six months of 2013, requiring it to tap external funding to meet its financial needs and obligations, according to the prospectus of a recent bond offering. 而万达的房地产业务受经济周期的影响要大得多,因为其83%的收入来自房地产销售,而非现金流更加稳定的租赁业务。根据万达近期的债券募集说明书,去年上半年和今年上半年,公司的营运现金流均为负值,需筹集外部资金以满足其财务需求。 Despite tougher economic conditions at home, Wanda has gone on an overseas shopping spree. This year, it paid billion to build London#39;s tallest hotel, and another billion to buy British yacht maker Sunseeker International. Wanda acquired AMC Entertainment Holdings, a U.S. cinema chain, last year for .6 billion. Wanda says its debt ratios aren#39;t high compared with its Chinese peers, and it can sell investment properties to raise money if needed. 国内经济放缓的大背景下,万达加快了海外收购的步伐。今年,该公司投资10亿美元在伦敦兴建当地最高的酒店,并另付10亿美元并购英国圣汐游艇公司(Sunseeker International)。去年,万达斥资26亿美元收购了美国影院连锁企业AMC Entertainment Holdings。万达指出,其债务比例与中国同行相比并不高,且如果需要的话,公司可以出售一些投资性地产来进行融资。 Sifting through Forbes#39;s list of China#39;s rich, one might notice a pattern of high debt ratios at property developers and conglomerates. Overall, China#39;s corporate debt is high by international standards―127% of gross domestic product compared with an average of 70% in other emerging markets, according to Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA . The fortunes of Chinese billionaires are closely tied to their companies, because most are first-generation entrepreneurs with wealth bound up in the businesses they founded. 上了《福布斯》中国富豪榜的很多房地产开发商和综合性集团都采取了类似的高负债率经营模式。据西班牙对外有限公司(BBVA)称,如果以国际水平为标杆进行衡量,中国企业总体上负债水平很高,债务占国内生产总值(GDP)的127%,而其它新兴市场的均值仅为70%。高杠杆对中国富豪们的私人财富带来较大风险,因为他们的大部分财富依然投资于其公司当中。 To mitigate the risks, Chinese billionaires could borrow from the Li Ka-shing playbook. Mr. Li is also on an overseas buying binge, but he has managed to keep debt ratios low. Since the 2008 financial crisis, Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. has spent more than billion on overseas acquisitions, according to Dealogic. But as Mr. Li invests in European utilities, he is considering an initial public offering of his global retail business, A.S. Watson amp; Co., next year, which some analysts have valued at more than billion. 要降低风险,中国的亿万富翁应当从李嘉诚那里取经。李嘉诚也大举进行了海外收购,但他将负债率保持在较低水平上。根据数据公司Dealogic,自2008年金融危机以来,长江基建集团有限公司已投入超过220亿美元用于海外收购。在李嘉诚投资于欧洲设施的同时,他正准备让旗下全球零售企业屈臣氏上市,有分析师估计,筹资金额将高达200亿美元。 Not all bets by Mr. Li, often referred to as #39;Superman#39; in Hong Kong because of his business prowess, have done well. Hutchison lost billion over seven years because of investments in a high-speed mobile-phone network. But it has been able to absorb those losses because the conglomerate is diversified and debt levels are low. As more Chinese entrepreneurs join the world#39;s billionaire club―China now ranks only behind the U.S. in the number of dollar billionaires, according to Forbes―they should think about protecting their wealth more than growing it aggressively. 因非凡的商业能力而被香港人尊称“超人”的李嘉诚,其实也并非在商海中一帆风顺。和记黄埔曾因投资于高速移动电话网络而经历了长达七年、总计200亿美元的亏损。但因为投资项目的多样化和低债务水平,公司经受住了这一考验。随着越来越多的中国企业家加入到世界亿万富翁俱乐部中(根据《福布斯》,中国亿万美元富翁总数现已仅次于美国),他们应当更多地思考如何保护他们的财富,而不应一味快速扩张。 /201312/267970石狮市中医院公立还是私立

泉州新阳光医院靠谱吗泉州好点的女子医院 石狮市儿童医院做孕检多少钱

泉州新阳光医院私密整形多少钱 China#39;s smaller cities are now the scene of a housing glut, which could undermine China#39;s growth. What are the possible consequences? How are developers reacting? Is the government doing anything about it? Tim Franco for The Wall Street Journal目前,中国的中小型城市出现了住宅供应过剩的情况,这可能会损害中国的经济增长。那么这种情况可能会带来什么后果呢?开发商作何反应?中国政府又有何举措?Below WSJ reporters Esther Fung and Bob Davis answer those and other questions. 以下是《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)记者方心恩(Esther Fung)和戴维斯(Bob Davis)对相关问题的回答。Why are the recent price cuts so bad? Isn#39;t this just the market at work--less demand, ergo lower prices? 为何近期的降价潮有严重的负面作用?这难道不是需求减少导致房价下跌这种市场机制起作用的结果吗?The same could have been said for the U.S. in 2007. Falling prices in Las Vegas, Bakersfield, Miami were just the market at work. The problem is that if prices fall too far, they don#39;t invite more people to invest in property. Just the opposite. Would-be buyers keep their wallets closed, fearing that the value of a home will go down in value.相关报道中国楼市增长放缓 市场各方忧心忡忡客:营口房地产市场冷过冬天客:谁会点燃中国经济火药桶?美国2007年的房地产市场情况或许可以这么说。当时、贝克尔斯菲市以及迈阿密的房价下跌都是市场机制起作用的结果。问题是,如果房价跌幅太大,就无法吸引更多人来投资,只会产生相反的作用。潜在购房者将会捂紧钱包,因为担心房价会进一步下跌。That#39;s particularly a problem in China, where people have thought for 20 years that real estate prices can only go up in value. If that psychology switches, it#39;s a huge problem. 这在中国尤其是个问题。在中国,人们最近20年来一直认为房价只会上涨。如果这种心态发生转变,将出现很大的问题。There was concern that the property bubble had burst in 2011. What#39;s different now? 曾有人担心中国房地产泡沫已在2011年破裂。现在的情况有何不同?In 2011, the big worry was escalating prices in China#39;s major cities putting apartments out of the reach of all but the rich. The central government implemented property curbs, such as limits on multiple home purchases, to rein in speculation and frothy prices. After two tough years for developers, prices started heading up again smartly last year.2011年,最大的担忧是中国主要城市节节攀升的房价已超出除富人以外群体的购买能力。为此,中国中央政府实施了多套住房限购等房地产调控举措,以遏制房地产投机和高房价。而经过对开发商而言较为艰难的两年之后,去年房价又开始大幅上涨。What makes the current problem different is that a) the problem is more widesp, hitting lots of small and medium-sized cities, b) the issue is a glut rather than rising prices, and c) China#39;s finances are tied ever more tightly to real estate. 当前情况有所不同,主要体现在三个方面:a)现在的房地产泡沫问题更加广泛,已波及很多中小型城市;b)现在的问题是供应过剩,而不是房价上涨;c)中国财政与房地产之间的关系比以往任何时候都更为紧密。 Since 2008, debt in China has grown at a pace similar to the U.S, Europe, Japan and South Korea before they fell into deep recessions. One big reason for the run-up in debt is lending to real estate developers. If developers can#39;t afford to make payments on their loans because they can#39;t sell enough apartments, China has a big problem. 自2008年以来,中国的债务增速和美国、欧洲、日本和韩国陷入严重衰退前的速度不相上下。债务增加的一个原因是对房地产开发商的贷款增加。如果开发商因为无法销售足够多的房子而还不起贷款,中国就会出大问题。Speaking of which, how are developers paying their bills? 说到这一问题,房地产企业目前的应付帐务付情况如何呢?Many construction companies are getting paid in apartments as developers become more and more cash-strapped, according to Zhou Liping, a property consultant at Jiangsu Lianmeng Property Consultancy. #39;It#39;s quite common, #39; he said, adding that some of these construction companies then use the apartments as collateral when they take on bank loans. 据Jiangsu Lianmeng Property Consultancy的地产顾问周丽萍(音)表示,由于开发商的资金日趋紧张,它们将房子冲抵建筑工程款付给很多建筑公司,这种情况很普遍。周丽萍还称,有些建筑公司再将房子作为抵押品向贷款。Are there signs of construction workers losing their jobs? 是否有建筑工人失业的迹象?Certainly it#39;s a danger. Unfortunately, unemployment data is unreliable in China and it isn#39;t counted by occupation. So far, there is no sign of widesp job loss. There are still more jobs than workers seeking jobs, largely as a result of demographic changes that are reducing the size of the Chinese workforce.肯定存在这种可能性。不幸的是,在中国失业率数据并不可靠,而且不是以行业来划分的。目前为止,中国并未出现大量失业的迹象,招聘岗位的数量甚至还大于求职者人数,这主要是因为人口结构改变导致中国劳动力人数减少所致。What are some signs that the growing glut is having economic ripples? 哪些迹象表明住房供应过剩日趋严重已对经济产生影响?Copper prices have been falling since 2010, with analysts blaming slack demand in China as one reason. Copper is used in roofs, gutters and building expansion joints. Meanwhile, ArcelorMittal, the world#39;s largest steelmaker, has forecast slower growth in Chinese steel demand this year due to more muted construction demand growth. 铜价自2010年以来一直在下跌,分析师认为中国需求疲软是铜价下跌的原因之一。铜被用于屋顶、排水沟和建筑伸缩装置中。另外,全球最大的钢铁生产商安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)也预测,由于建筑业需求增长更加乏力,中国今年的钢材需求增幅将放缓。Retail sales growth has also slowed recently, due in part to falling growth in sales of appliance s and furniture, both linked tightly to apartment purchases. 中国近期的零售额增幅也在放缓,一定程度上是因为与购房着密切相关的家电和家具的销量增幅下降。What is the government doing about it? 政府采取了什么措施?The central government has indicated that it would allow local governments to adopt their own market regulations rather than implement a one-size-fits-all policy. 中国中央政府已经表示,将允许地方政府实施针对本地市场的相关规定,而不是采取“一刀切”的政策。In some areas, local governments are trying help out. In Fenghua, government officials are trying to stave off a default by a local developer. In Changzhou, the government has been trying to keep discounts to a minimum to prop up the housing market. In Yingkou, the government has reduced fees and taxes for new purchases and made it easy for new buyers to get the residence permits necessary to obtain social welfare benefits, including public education for their children. So far, these measures have had only a limited impact on boosting sales.在一些地区,地方政府正在试图施以援手。在奉化,当地政府官员正在试图避免一家本地开发商出现债务违约。在常州,为持当地房地产市场,当地政府正试图限制开发商的打折幅度;在营口,当地政府实施了减免新房购置相关税费的措施,同时还采取措施让新的购房者更加容易地获得当地户口,以便让购房者享受包括子女教育在内的当地社会福利。不过迄今为止,这些措施对于提振住宅销量的作用都较为有限。Does this mean developers will finally start to cut back on their headlong, hell-for-leather building? 这是否意味着开发商们将最终开始削减仓促而急速的建设计划?Some of China#39;s largest developers are now trying to focus again on China#39;s biggest cities, where demand is stronger. But why do developers keep building in problem cities despite obvious lack of demand? Why did U.S. developers do the same thing? Developers are optimists and salesmen by nature. Each thinks that its project will thrive even as others don#39;t. 中国的一些大型房地产开发商们目前正试图将注意力重新转回大城市,因为这些城市的需求更加强劲。但是为什么在明显缺乏需求的城市中,开发商仍在继续盖楼呢?为什么美国的房地产开发商也会做同样的事情呢?这是因为,开发商们都是乐观派,他们本质上而言都是销售人员。即使在其他开发商项目表现不佳的情况下,他们也会认为自己的项目会成功。According to Nomura, profits for a group of 142 listed property developers in China rose 581% between 2006 and 2012 and never fell during any of those years. Other non-financial companies saw profits rise 64% during that same period and profits sometimes fell year-to-year for that group. 根据野村(Nomura)的数据,在2006年-2012年期间,142家中国上市房企的利润增长581%,期间任何一年都未出现过利润下滑的情况。而在同一时期内,其他非金融企业的利润增长64%,并且存在同比利润出现下滑的情况。#39;China#39;s real estate developers are behaving like internet start-ups,#39; says Mark Williams, a China economist at the Capital Economics in London. #39;They#39;re focusing on grabbing market share in a growing market, but the smaller and medium-sized cities they are in aren#39;t growing rapidly.#39; 凯投宏观(Capital Economics)驻伦敦的中国经济学家威廉斯(Mark Williams)称,中国房地产开发商的做法犹如互联网初创企业;他们专注于在一个持续增长的市场中抢占市场份额,但是他们所处的中小型城市的增长速度并不快。 /201404/288074泉州新阳光黑不黑永春县妇女儿童医院专家咨询



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