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上海激光去痘手术费用九院做红色胎记手术价格费用My car is stupid, Don.Don,我的汽车真笨。What do you mean, Yael?Yael,你什么意思?I turn the key, the engine ignites.我拧车钥匙,引擎发动。I turn the steering wheel,the wheels move. And thats it!我转方向盘,轮胎转动。就是这样。Well, what you expect? Thats how a car works.汽车都是这样呀,你还想怎么样呢?I know, but cars are so rigidly mechanical,我明白,可是这也太机械化了吧。you know, its likewhen we removed the horses to make horseless carriages;我们用汽车代替马车,they took away the only intelligent partof the carriages!但是却卸下了马车唯一智能的部分。So you want to go back to the horse-baggage days?那么,你想回到马车时代?No, but it would be cool, if cars are more intelligent.我不想,要是汽车能更智能就太好了!You mean like be able to sense things and react to them, like a horse mind?你是说能像马一样识别事物并做出反应?Right, actually there are designers and engineers at MIT working on a new kind of three-wheeled car–a new kind of wheel actually.没错,事实上,麻省理工学院的设计师和工程师已经在研究一种新型三轮车。Its a sort of “smart” wheel that contains most of themechanical parts of the car—drive train, suspension, and braking.这是种车的“智能”轮胎具备大部分汽车的机械部分功能—驱动系统、悬置系统、制动系统。And the wheels have artificialintelligence–they can sense obstructions and potholes in the road.轮胎人工智能:能识别障碍物和道路的坑洼。And since these smart wheelscan communicate with each other, they could allow cars in cities to move in flocks, like birds orsheep.另外,智能轮胎能相互交流,让车子像鸟和羊一样成群结队。Also, the wheels can turn 360 degrees, so the car can move in any direction.轮胎还能360度转弯,这样车可以向任何方向移动。That sounds kind of futurist.这听起来很前卫,Do these kinds of cars actually exist?这种车确实存在吗?Sort of, there are computer models and prototypes, but its not like you can buy one at a cardealership. 算吧,已经有计算机模型和汽车原型了,但是想在车行买到可能还不太现实。Well, let me know when you can.那么,可以的时候别忘了告诉我。 /201409/331018静安抽脂多少钱 Sea cucumbers are repulsive to most predators, so the pearl fish is safe inside.大多数捕食者排斥海参,所以珍珠鱼在里面很安全。Itll stay until its time to feed again.它会呆在那里直到下一次觅食。It doesnt harm its host, but the bad news for sea cucumbers is that pearl fish are happy to share that temporary home with others.它对寄主无害,但对海参而言坏消息是珍珠鱼喜欢与大家分享它们的临时住所。It seems theres plenty of room for all.看来里面空间足够大家呆的。The Barrier Reef we see today is comparatively young.我们现在看到的大堡礁相对年轻。It began to form during the last ice-age when sea levels were 120 meters lower than they are today.它们在上一冰河世纪开始形成,那时海平面比现在低120米。When the ices began to melt, the growth of corals get paste of the rising seas blocking off the waters of the lagoon.当冰层褪去,随着海水上升开始生长,将环礁湖的水体封闭了起来。And during that one great event, another important habitat was created.经过那个大事件,另一个重要的栖息地出现了。Stretching away behind May to the Horizon, its the greatest expense of the lagoon.在我身后一直延伸到地平线的是广阔的环礁湖,And yet admit 10,000 years ago, thats a blink of an eye in geological time.在仅仅1万年前,那只是地质年代的一瞬间。The beach under standing on would have been a slope of the hill overlooking a plane covered in Eucalyptus forest.我所站的这片海滩,曾是一座俯视着树林平原的小山坡。With the sea level rose, the plain was inundated,and the hill became an island.但是海平面上升,平原被淹没而小山变成一座岛屿。These continental islands as theyre known are essentially pieces of mainland cut off by the rising water.这些陆边岛正如它们的名字是被上升的海水隔开的大陆地块。There are 600 of them scattered about the lagoon.在环礁湖上星罗棋布着600多座这样的小岛。 201501/357025Michigan voters head to the polls in less than a month to vote on a ballot proposal to raise the states sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent to fund roads. For this Week in Michigan Politics, Michigan Radios political analyst Jack Lessenberry explains why theres a lack of support for the proposal and what will happen if voters reject the tax increase.201504/368927上海哪里吸脂好

宝山区中西医结合医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格费用John U. Bacon joins us for this weeks sports roundup.Wolverines moving forwardBacon tells us that despite the 24-17 loss to the Utah Utes last week, the Wolverines played ;far better football on both sides of the ball than Ive seen in a long time.;He tells us he didnt anticipate a win for Michigan, but he did expect to see 60 minutes of honest, fundamental football, and it looks like thats what we got.;Theyve got a lot of work to do … but man, you can see the foundation, you can see the building blocks, and this team is going to improve pretty quickly,; he says.Bacon says that the Jim Harbaughs postgame press conference was the best hes seen.;Calm, the eyes are still on fire, the jaw is still set … but he was not about to throw his team under the bus by saying we didnt execute, which was one of Brady Hokes singsong phrases,; he says.He cites it as an early example of Harbaughs ;very good coaching.;The Wolverines kick off their home schedule Saturday afternoon against Oregon State, and Bacon expects Michigan to pull out a win.Marquee game for SpartansMichigan State will keep the Oregon Ducks busy Saturday night, and Bacon tells us the Spartans are favored by four points.He says that MSUs loss to the Ducks last year may have actually played to their advantage, as it kept them ;under the radar; all the way through to the end of the Big Ten season.Bacon applauds the work Mark Dantonio has done coaching in East Lansing, and calls Saturdays matchup a ;marquee game.;;They win this one, theyll be a top five team for a while,; he says.Lions to have good seasonThe Detroit Lions will play their season opener Sunday at San Diego.;The big problem theyve got is how to replace Ndamukong Suh,; Bacon says.He describes Suh as the type of player whose value lies in his ability to really disrupt the offense of the other team.;The guys theyve got down there are competent, theyre good, but theyre not game changers,; he says.Bacon tells us that the Lions are expected to have a good season and may make the playoffs by the end of it.Tigers shut out againThe Tigers lost to Tampa Bay last night 8-0, their eighth shutout.Bacon says that it all started at the end of the trade deadline.;We said, if you dont trade youre playing to win, and if you do trade youve bagged it for the season. And look, once the front office has given up on the season, dont expect the players or the fans to care any more than they do. So once theyve bailed on it, the season is done,; he says.201509/398303上海市闵行区中心医院祛痘多少钱 and plan them all out and really the budget becomes a big part of the planing parcel然后它们都计划好 预算会是婚礼规划的一个重要部分it ends up done it.very quickly.yeah its amazing how many different things you forget about整个计划要包括它才算完成 非常快 是的 你会为自己忘了很多不同的事情而感到惊讶So,are there trends right now,what is the biggest trend now of the wedding现在办婚礼的趋势是怎么样的呢 现在最大的流行趋势是什么I think the biggest trend maybe is the destination wedding,they flying me all over the world我觉得是旅行结婚 新人们要我飞向世界各地because they dont want one day,they want three days因为他们想要三天的婚礼 而不是一天的they want a welcome party,they want the wedding,they want the brunch,so they dont want it to go away in one day他们想要一个欢迎宴会 婚礼 以及之后的早午餐 他们不想让这些程序在一天内完成Wow,yeah.I cant imagine that,its a long weekend,thats a big week哇 是的 我完全不能想象 漫长的一周 真的是重要的一周All right,so not everybody can afford a wedding planner,no,but its certainly helpful并不是每个人都请得起婚礼策划师 嗯 但策划师又很有帮助I didnt think I needed one,I have no idea about a wedding planner我不觉得我需要 因为我不了解什么是婚礼策划师I would also like to give a shout out to Dr.Wayne Dyer who married us who is incredible and beautiful and just made it so special在此我也想感谢Dr.Wayne Dyer 为我们婚 美好的不可思议还让它变得如此特别My brother Vence worte those most hilarious song that some day我的哥哥Vence前些天给我们创作了最为欢快的歌曲I havent had it on the website right now,my brother went into the studio and wrote the song for us,that is histarical我现在还没把它放在我们网站上 我哥哥去了录音棚 并给我们写了那首歌 那真的非常欢快But anyway,you really did,you help the day,it was the most beautiful and special day as it should be不管怎么 最后你很好的完成了任务 你使我们婚礼那天成为最特殊最美丽的日子and you have a book for the people who can not afford a wedding planner同时 你也为那些不能聘请婚礼策划师的新人写了一本书Its called a Wedding Book the Big Book for Your Big Day and Mindy Weiss is giving it to everybody in the audience叫做 大日子里的婚礼书籍 Mindy Weiss把这本书送给在场的每一位观众a beautiful book,all right,we will have a exclusive vedio from my wedding after this,dont go away一本很好的书 好了 我们待会会播放我的婚礼独家录像 别走开 /201608/460347上海复旦大学附属华东医院祛疤手术价格

上海复旦大学附属华东医院打美白针的费用Maybe youre not the one Im thinking of.No ,yeah. Maybe not, maybe not.可能是我认错人了 是的 可能不是我Absolutely, we just listened to some FINE music. - That definitely happened.没错 我们是听了好听的音乐 -这是真事Its good.Ah, So ;Horrible Bosses;s very, very funny and Jen who...很好 ;恶老板;真的很搞笑 詹妮弗她Youre kind of the Brunt of her vulgarity.She does so many things to you. That must be really...你激发了詹妮弗粗俗的一面 她对你做了很多事 那一定That must be hard to deal with that.Yeah. Somebodys got do that.You know what I mean.Its strange, though.还是挺有难度的吧 对 总要有人做的 你知道我意思 不过感觉怪怪的Its strange hearing that stuff coming out of her mouth because and you know her better than I do.听她说出那种话 感觉很奇怪 你比我更了解她But it seems like its not the way she would normally talk.那应该不是她平常说话的风格Right? - No, its not.Yeah. She is...She seemed uncomfortable doing it.对吧 -是的 她平常不这样说话 她 她自己也觉得很别扭But of course, you know, but I get a kick out of it. - Right.但当然了 我听了还是蛮高兴的 -恩And, and honestly, that doesnt necessitate to be said,这种话不必多说but shes really the most lovely, sweet, wonderful person.但她真的可爱甜美 招人喜欢And Im through that Ive got to work with her twice.我很高兴能和她合作 我们共合作了两次She is. She is. But, there was...She texts me sometimes是的 但有时候 她发信息给我she takes a picture of what she has to and send it to me.拍了她要念的台词发来给我She goes this is the date of today. I have to say this.她说今天真是够受的 我要说这些台词Its so horrible. - Yeah.Its a, I mean its really disgusting but shes so funny.糟透了 -是的 台词挺恶心人的 但她很幽默Isnt she just so naturally funny and quick?她天生就如此机智有趣吧 /201512/414352 My grandmother told me a long time ago,shes up there, smiling at me.我奶奶很久以前就告诉过我 她现在正在天堂冲着我微笑呢She said, I told you, I told you when you least expect it she would show up out of the blue and bite you on the tush.她说 ;我早就告诉过你 当你觉得没有希望的时候 她会从天而降 咬你的屁股;I guess so, so I get I have a big target.我相信了 所以我要求很高And shes here, shes Shawna, right?Hi, how are you?Good.她就在现场 肖娜 是吗 你好啊 你好She is thrilled to death to hear that you will not stop flirting.你说你会继续和粉丝们调情 她吓了个半死Really smart of you to say that right here.在这种场合说这些 你真是太机智了Id gonna challenge.You should mess around her.人生处处充满挑战嘛 我看你就跟着她混得了Shes a professional soccer player.她可是个职业足球运动员Shes a real deal, shes a professional soccer player.说真的 她球踢得特别专业Shes getting y for Sky Blue, New Jersey.她正准备去新泽西参加比赛Shes leaving in a couple of weeks.过几周就要出发了She has the skills of the Olympic players.她是奥运会水平的运动员Who knows what gonna happen?没准真的会拿奥运会金牌呢But she keeps me on my toes.And how long have you been together?不过她看我看得可紧了 你们在一起多久了We met just under one year ago and sparks flew我们认识不到一年 第一次见面就很有火花and we started asking each other questions and were still here.我们开始搭讪 然后就走到了现在这步Im happy to hear that cause youre a good guy.很高兴听到这些 因为你是个好人So happy, congratulations.You said this was not a cute picture.恭喜恭喜 你说过这张照片一点都不可爱This is a throwback Thursday that you posted.这是你在;复古周四;发的一张照片I think youre adorable, how old are you in this picture.不过我觉得还挺萌的 那时候你几岁 /201511/409554上海市新华医院整形科上海长鼻整形手术



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