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还想升级Win?法国政府批评Win泄露个人隐私 -- 18:: 来源: 据法国数据在一份正式通知中表示,Win收集了“过多”的用户个人数据 Following complaints the operating system breached France’s Data Protection Act, the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) found "many failures".之前曾有多项投诉指责Win违法了法国数据保护法案,法国国家数据保护委员会还发现了“许多失败”The CNIL has now given Microsoft three months to comply with the act.法国国家数据保护委员限定微软在3个月之内同意这一法案A Microsoft executive said the company would "work closely" with the CNIL.一名微软高管表示,该公司将和法国国家数据保护委员“密切合作”By default, Windows collects various data on how it is used - this includes what apps are installed and how much time is spent within them, example.在默认情况下,Win会收集用户们使用的各种数据--举例来说,包括安装了什么应用程序,在应用程序上花费了多少时间等"[Microsoft] is collecting excessive data, as these data are not necessary the operation of the service," said the CNIL.法国国家数据保护委员表示说:“微软正在收集过多的数据,因为这些数据并不是Win务系统所必须的”The authority also criticised the fact that an advertising ID is activated by default, which allows apps to monitor user browsing and then offer targeted ads.该部门还批评了广告ID被默认激活的事实,这允许应用程序监控用户们的浏览记录,然后向他们推送有针对性的广告In the CNIL’s view, this has been done "without consent".在法国国家数据保护委员看来,这一切行为都“没有获得允许”Plus, data was being transferred outside the EU despite a Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision, in October last year, to prohibit this.此外,数据还被转移到了欧盟之外的国家,而欧盟法院(CJEU)曾在去年月份禁止这一行为"We built strong privacy protections into Windows , and we welcome feedback as we continually work to enhance those protections," said David Heiner, Microsoft vice-president and deputy general counsel.微软副仲裁、副总法律顾问戴维·海纳表示说:“我们在Win系统中建立了强大的隐私保护机制,我们欢迎用户做出反馈,因为我们将不断努力以加强这些保护措施”"We will work closely with the CNIL over the next few months to understand the agency’s concerns fully and to work toward solutions that it will find acceptable."“在接下来的几个月里,我们将和法国国家数据保护委员密切合作,从而完全了解该机构的担忧之处,并且努力拿出他们觉得可接受的解决方案”Mr Heiner added that a new privacy statement would be issued by the company next month and that it planned to adopt the Privacy Shield - a recently approved US-EU pact to allow data flow across the Atlantic.海纳补充说道,微软将在下个月发布一份新的个人隐私声明,并且微软计划将采用《Privacy Shield协议--这是美国和欧盟最近批准的一项协议,允许数据跨大西洋流动"It is high time that companies are called to about the amount of data they collect about us without our consent," said Harmit Kambo, campaigns director at Privacy International.“隐私国际”的宣传总监哈米特·肯说道:“现在正是时候呼吁公司们算一算,微软到底在没有允许的情况下收集了我们多少数据”"Why do they need so much data about us, and why are they not open with us about it?"“为什么他们需要这么多关于我们的数据呢?为什么他们不对我们坦白这件事呢?”Mr Kambo added that he hoped other companies would also consider the implications of the CNIL’s decision.肯补充说道,他希望其他公司也考虑一下法国国家数据保护委员这一决定的意义"CNIL’s public notice to Microsoft Corporation should be a wake up call to all companies, that it’s unacceptable to hoover up their customers’ data without their consent," he said.他说道:“法国国家数据保护委员对微软公司的公共声明应该给所有公司都提了个醒,在未经顾客允许的情况下,收集他们的数据是不可接受的”1美元在世界各国可以买到啥? -- :: 来源:chinadaily You can hardly find anything a single dollar these days. Even the ‘Dollar Menu’ at McDonald’s boasts falsely! But the truth of the matter is that there are many things all over the world that will only set you back by one single bill. Below is a list of these items from all around the world; keep it handy, because you simply never know when you will find yourself in Timbuktu with only a picture of George Washington in your wallet.如今你很难找到一美元可以买到的东西甚至麦当劳的“一元菜单”也是虚假宣传!但事实是,全世界有很多一美元就能买到的东西下面是来自世界各地的一元物品清单;把它放在手边,因为你根本不知道什么时候会发现自己在廷巴克图,而钱包里只有一美元1. Nepal 尼泊尔Ever had a craving manta ray? In Nepal you can score ten pieces a buck.想吃魔鬼鱼吗?在尼泊尔,1美元可以吃片. Mexico 墨西哥If you ever have a need 8 bananas, but you find yourself pretty broke, Mexico is where to go.如果你需要8个香蕉,但你发现自己几乎破产,那就去墨西哥吧3. Ireland 爱尔兰Here you can get a bag of potato chips, but don’t hold out the dip.在这里,1美元可以买到一袋薯片,但是蘸酱就别想了. Australia 澳大利亚A dollar will get you a single minute of talk time on your cellular phone.1美元能让你用手机通话1分钟5. Kenya 肯尼亚Here’s a bundle your buck: Four bulbs, four tomatoes, and eight heads of lettuce. Salad time.1美元你可以买到一包东西:四头洋葱,四个西红柿,八颗莴苣头吃沙拉的时间到啦6. Zimbabwe 津巴布韦You have variety in Zimbabwe. They have dollar shops where you can find a range of items, including food and clothing.在津巴布韦你有很多选择他们有一元商店,在那里你可以买到各种东西,包括食品和衣7. Thailand 泰国This is the place Green Thai Curry #38; Rice.1美元可以让你吃到泰国绿咖喱米饭[!-empirenews.page--]8. Canada 加拿大If you need a snack you can get one lone apple.如果想吃零食,1美元可以买到一个苹果9. Switzerland 瑞士Here you can get a small bit of real Swiss cheese.在这里1美元可以买到一小块正宗的瑞士奶酪. Haiti 海地Got rice? If not, you can get four differing rice dish types.有米饭吗?如果没有,1美元可以买到四种不同的饭食. Portugal 葡萄牙If you need a pick-me-up you can get a small, single-serving espresso.如果你需要提神饮料,1美元可以买到一小杯外带浓咖啡. Belgium 比利时Here you can pick up a pack of gum; chew on that!在这里1美元可以买一包口香糖,让你嚼个够. Egypt 埃及If you’re hungry six falafel sandwiches should fill the void.如果你饿了,1美元买到的6个沙拉三明治应该能填饱你的肚子. Greenland 格陵兰岛A single liter of gasoline. That comes to just under four bucks a gallon. Not as bad as you thought in America, is it?1美元可以买到一公升汽油这说明每加仑不到四美元没有你在美国想象的那么糟是吗?[!-empirenews.page--]. Vietnam 越南Buy yourself ty quail and start raising them if you wish.1美元可以给自己买0只鹌鹑,如果你愿意的话可以开始养鹌鹑了. Venezuela 委内瑞拉Believe it or not, you can get from ? a tank of gas to a full one, depending on the size of the tank. Now I may relocate.信不信由你,在这里1美元可以买到半箱至一箱的汽油,取决于你的油箱有多大这么看来没准我会搬到这里来住. ed Kingdom 英国Satisfy your pickle yen with a single pickled egg.1美元可以买到一颗酱蛋,给爱吃泡菜的你解解馋18. Saudi Arabia 沙特阿拉伯Take a taxi a single mile a dollar.1美元可以乘出租车走一英里19. Czechoslovakia 捷克斯洛伐克This is the place to go! Three bottles of beer will only cost you a buck.这真是你该去的地方!三瓶啤酒只花1美元. Honduras 洪都拉斯Take a taxi anywhere in the city! Saudi has nothing on these guys.1美元可以乘出租车到这个城市的任何地方!与之相比沙特真是弱爆了1. China 中国Here you can get one pint of beer.在这里1美元可以买到一品脱啤酒. Italy 意大利In Ganji you can rent an entire house this low price.在甘吉小镇你可以用1美元的低价租到一整套房子3. Indonesia 印度尼西亚Feed yourself an entire meal here.在这里1美元可以吃一顿饱饭. Finland 芬兰If you need to relieve yourself, the dollar you have will buy you a visit to the toilet.如果你需要方便,1美元可以上一次公共厕所6. Denmark 丹麦Sweet tooth? Here you can get a chocolate Kinder Maxi bar.爱吃甜食?在这里1美元可以买到一个健达大号巧克力棒7. Jordan 约旦You will get chips and a Pepsi in Jordan.在约旦1美元可以买到薯片和一听百事可乐And last but not least: In Norway you won’t be able to get anything, so stay away from there if you are down to your last dollar!最后但同样重要的是:在挪威,1美元无法买到任何东西,所以如果你只剩下一美元,请远离那里!英文来源:中国日报网论坛译者:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮

《如果你忘记我(双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 巴勃罗;聂鲁达(Pablo Neruda,19-1973)智利当代著名诗人岁开始发表诗作,193年发表第一部诗集《黄昏,19年发表成名作《二十首情诗和一绝望的歌,自此在智利诗坛名声鹊起聂鲁达一生的作品主要有两大主题:一是政治,二是爱情这首诗究竟是献给爱人的,还是写给祖国的?让我们一起感受下吧 If You get Me 如果你忘记我 ◇ ——by Pablo Neruda ——董继平 译 I want you to know one thing. 我要你知道 一件事 You know how this is: if I look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window, if I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were all little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait me. 要你知道这是怎样的: 如果我看着 水晶的月亮,看着我窗前 缓慢的秋天的红色树枝, 如果我在 火堆旁触摸 那难以感触的灰烬 或者木头那布满皱纹的躯体, 万物都把我带到你那里, 仿佛那存在的万物, 芳香,光芒,金属, 都是小船 驶向 你的那些等待我的小岛 Well, now, if little by little you stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little. 那么,现在, 如果你渐渐停止爱我 我就会渐渐停止爱你 If suddenly you get me do not look me, I shall aly have gotten you. 如果你突然 忘记我 就别寻找我, 因为我将已经忘记了你 If you think it long and mad, the wind of banners that passes through my life, and you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots, remember that on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land. 如果你认为那穿过我的生活 而吹拂旗帜的风 漫长而疯狂 如果你决定 把我留在那 我扎根的心灵海岸上, 记住 在那一天, 在那个时刻, 我将抬起我的手臂 我的根将出发 去寻找另一片土地 But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined me with implacable sweetness, if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me, ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished or gotten, my love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine. 可是 如果在每一天 在每个一时刻 你都感到你注定要以 那种不可替代的美妙来想着我, 如果每一天都有一朵花 爬到你的嘴唇上来寻找我, 我的爱,我自己的爱, 那么所有的火焰就在我内心重复, 在我内心没有什么熄灭或被遗忘, 我的爱以你的爱为生,爱人, 只要你活着,它就会在你的怀抱中 不离开我的怀抱 作为一名坚定的智利共产党人,《如果你忘记我这首诗是聂鲁达避难时在异国他乡完成的家们认为这首诗具有双重含义,既可以看做是写给爱人的,也可以看做是写给祖国的但无论如何解读这首诗,它都当之无愧成为广为流传的爱情经典 小编很喜欢这一句,“on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land.” 你呢?

够拼!乐队主唱为省5镑行李费 套件衣被热晕 -- :1: 来源:   James McElvar said: "I knew something was wrong early on as I just couldn't breathe properly - I thought I was having a heart attack".  詹姆斯·迈克尔瓦说:“我当我无法正常呼吸的时候我就知道事情有些不对了——我还以为我心脏病发作了”  A teenage boy band singer who collapsed through heat exhaustion after wearing all his clothes to avoid paying an airline fee has spoken of the "nightmare" moment he fell ill.  这个青少年男孩也是一乐队的歌手在为了避免付行李超重费用而穿上了所有的衣之后中暑昏倒,这场病简直是他的一场“噩梦”  James McElvar said that he felt he was left with no option other than to put every garment of clothing on after he was told he would have to pay a £5 charge as he was carrying too much luggage.  詹姆斯·迈克尔瓦说在被告知他不得不付5英镑的行李超重费后他感到自己除了把每件衣都穿上身外别无他法  The 19-year-old, a member of a band called Rewind, said that after being told by Easyjet staff at Stansted Airport he would have to pay the fee, he decided to beat it by putting all his clothes on and going to his seat.  这个19岁的男孩是Rewind乐队的一员,他说在伦敦斯坦斯特德机场被易捷航空的工作人员告知他不得不罚款之后,他决定把所有衣都穿上然后走向自己的座位来解决这个问题   He told the Mail Online: "It was impossible to walk, I could barely get on the plane. I wanted to take them all off as soon as I got to my seat - beside which was a spare seat that I could have sat one of my bags on - but was told I had to wait until we were up in the air."  他告诉每日邮报称:“我几乎无法行走,也几乎难以走进机舱我一坐上座位就恨不得立刻把衣都脱掉——把它们放到我边上那个用来放我的包的空座位上——但是我被告知必须要等到飞机上天之后才行”  After getting to his seat, James, who had been travelling back to Glasgow with other members of the band, began undressing but found his body temperature had sky-rocketed, leaving him feeling unwell.  坐进座位之后,与乐队其他成员一起飞回格拉斯哥的詹姆斯开始脱衣但是发现他的体温骤升,这让他感到很不舒  He said: "I knew something was wrong early on as I just couldn't breath properly I thought I was having a heart attack.  他说:“当我无法正常呼吸的时候我就知道事情有些不对了,我还以为我心脏病发作了”  "It was a nightmare. I passed out twice and was taken off the plane at Glasgow Airport to a waiting ambulance."  “这简直是一场噩梦我两次失去知觉,在到达格拉斯哥机场之后就立刻被等待的救护车带走”  The teenager had squeezed himself into the entire contents of his rucksack, which contained four jumpers, six t-shirts, three pairs of jeans, two jogging bottoms, two jackets and even two hats, rather than ditch them.  这个青少年把自己完全硬塞进了他的帆布背包——包含了四件连衫裤、六件T恤、三条牛仔裤、两条运动裤、两件夹克衫,甚至还有两顶帽子——宁愿全部穿上也不愿丢弃

  冰岛胜英格兰 意大利胜西班牙 -- 1:9:18 来源:chinadaily 6月7日,年欧洲杯进8的比赛中,冰岛队以-1击败英格兰队缔造了欧洲杯历史上最伟大的奇迹之一同样进8比赛中意大利队以-0击败主力球队西班牙队冰岛队作为重大赛事中最小的国家,将继续他们年欧洲杯的旅程,在决赛中对战法国队 Iceland pulled off one of the biggest shocks in the history of European Championship when they defeated England -1 while the European dominant ce Spain were downed by Italy -0 in the last clashes at Euro on June 7th, . Iceland, the smallest country ever to appear in a major tournament, will continue their run at EURO and face France in the quarterfinals. 尽管英格兰队曾一度领先,最终还是无奈被踢出局开场第分钟,英格兰队拉希姆;斯特林被冰岛队守门员哈尔达松绊倒,英格兰队队长韦恩;鲁尼主罚点球踢进球门右下角两分钟之后,冰岛队扳平了比分卡里;阿纳松用头接界外抛球并将球传给拉格纳;西古德森,西古德森近距离破门尽管英格兰队掌控着比赛,但冰岛队在第18分钟发动了第二次有效进攻,并将比分改写为-1前锋科尔贝恩;西格索尔松禁区内射门,尽管英格兰门将乔;哈特用左手试图阻挡,但还是未能阻止足球入网 England were knocked out although they took the lead in the fourth minute as captain Wayne Rooney fired a penalty kick into the bottom right corner after Raheem Sterling had been brought down by Iceland goalkeeper Halldorsson. But Iceland levelled the score two minutes later. Kari Arnason nodded a huge throw-in Ragnar Sigurdsson to slot home from close range. England were in control of the game but Iceland made it -1 in the 18th minute from their only second meaningful attack. Their striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson fired home from the edge of the box and England keeper Joe Hart got his left hand to it but could not stop the ball flying into the net. 在遭遇了1-负于冰岛队的失利之后,英格兰主帅罗伊;霍奇森宣布辞职霍奇森在赛后发布会上表示,“我对今晚的结果和最终出局非常失望,我们走得不如我预想得远,这是不能接受的” Roy Hodgson has announced his resignation as England manager after his side suffered a shock -1 loss to Iceland. ;I'm extremely disappointed about tonight's result and ultimately our exit from the competition,; Hodgson said at the post-match press conference. ;We haven't progressed as far as I'd thought we were capable of and ultimately it is not acceptable.; 在圣但尼,意大利以-0击败了曾三度获得欧洲杯冠军的西班牙队开场第33分钟,国际米兰队前锋埃德尔任意球直接攻门,西班牙门将德赫亚将球挡了出来,贾凯里尼扑射又被挡了出来,尤文图斯队后卫吉奥吉奥;基耶利尼及时冲到门前将球踢进球门第9分钟,西班牙队射门不进,意大利队抓住机会反击,替补球员马特奥;达米安传球,西班牙队长塞尔吉奥;拉莫斯用脚挡了一下球,南安普顿队前锋尼科拉;帕瓦里尼接球凌空抽射,球进 At Saint-Denis, Italy ended defending champions Spain's bid a record third successive European title with a -0 victory. Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini opened the scoring in the 33rd minute when Inter Milan striker Eder stepped up to rifle a bullet free-kick at goal. Spain keeper David de Gea blocked the shot but Giaccherini dashed into the goalmouth melee to pounce home on the rebound. Southampton ward Graziano Pelle sealed the win in the 9nd minute when Italy caught Spain on a counter-attack with substitute Matteo Darmian making his way deep down the wing bee smashing a deflected cross into the box through Spain captain Sergio Ramos' legs. Pelle volleyed home from the edge of the six-yard box. 这次胜利意味着意大利队避免了第三次在欧洲杯中对战西班牙队而遭遇出局的厄运在决赛中,意大利队将对战德国队 The victory meant Italy avoided a third consecutive elimination at the European Championship to Spain and secured a quarterfinal clash against Germany.

  百位女性裸体拍照 反对特朗普 --1 :: 来源:chinadaily More than a hundred women stripped and posed naked with mirrors in Cleveland, answering a photographer's call to blend art with politics and portray Donald Trump as unfit the White House. 超过一百位女性在俄亥俄州克利夫兰市手持镜子,裸体摆姿势这是在响应摄影师将艺术与政治融合的号召,并表达唐纳德?特朗普不宜入主白宫的观点They gathered on the eve of the Republican National Convention, where the New York billionaire will be anointed the party's nominee president after winning a raucous primary race despite alarm from the party establishment and the country at large about his divisiveness. 她们集会的时间是共和党全国代表大会召开前夕会上,纽约亿万富翁特朗普将被提名为共和党总统候选人尽管党内大佬和多数民众都对其分裂主义表示警惕,他还是在喧闹的初选中赢得了胜利"He is a loser," photographer Spencer Tunick told reporters after the sunrise shoot in which 0 women took part. One hundred of them will be featured in the picture to be unveiled shortly bee the November 8 election. 摄影师斯潘塞?图尼克在日出的拍摄结束后对记者说:“他是个失败者”0名女性参与了拍摄其中有一百位女性出镜的照片将在月8号大选前公开The installation took place on private property in sight of the arena where the convention kicks off on Monday. 拍摄在一处私人房产内进行,从周一召开全代会的场馆可以看到这里The owner gave permission, said Tunick, and so while public nudity in Cleveland is illegal, it was not possible police to intervene. 图尼克说,虽然在克利夫兰,公共场合裸体属违法行为,但房产的主人给予了许可,警察不能干涉Entitled "Everything She Says Means Everything," the photo art featured women of all shapes, colors and sizes participated, holding up mirrors toward the arena. 这一摄影艺术作品以《她言即一切为名,参与的女性身材、肤色和体型各异她们举着镜子对准会议场馆Tunick's website said the mirrors reflected "the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the concept of 'Mother Nature'... onto the convention center, cityscape and horizon of Cleveland." 图尼克的网站称镜子将“进步女性的知识、智慧和‘自然母性’的观念投射向会议中心、克利夫兰这座城市和它的地平线”The artist is well known his sometimes startling images of nude people. But Tunick told reporters he thought it was his most political shoot ever, saying he felt compelled to take action. 这位艺术家因拍摄时常令人震惊的裸体群像而闻名但图尼克告诉记者,他认为这是自己最具政治意味的摄影作品,他觉得必须进行采取行动Just voting against Trump at the ballot box in November was not enough. 仅仅在月的选举中不投给特朗普是不够的"I have two daughters and a wife," he said. "I can't believe the language and rhetoric of hate against women and minorities coming from the Republican Party." 他说:“我有妻子和两个女儿我不敢相信共和党对女性和少数群体的那些仇恨言论和措辞”He said he had to do something to counter "this idiotic thinking." 他表示自己必须做些什么来对抗“这种愚蠢的论调”- Fearless – - 无所畏惧 - MaPo Kinnord, 55, an art professor and artist, said she took part because she loved Tunick's work and happened to be visiting her niece in the city where she grew up. 55岁的马波?金诺德是一位艺术学教授,也是艺术家她表示自己参与拍摄是因为喜爱图尼克的作品,且恰好来克利夫兰看望侄女金诺德在这座城市长大"To be totally naked and out in the open and to be fearless is what we need to be," Kinnord explained. 金诺德解释说:“在露天完全并且无所畏惧,这是我们需要做到的”Kinnord said she would "never" vote Trump and expressed hope that Britain's recent referendum voting to leave the European Union had been a wake-up call against complacency in the US election. 金诺德说她“绝不会”投给特朗普,希望英国最近的脱欧公投给美国大选中的自鸣得意者敲响警钟Morning Robinson, 18, took part with her mother, saying she wanted "to do something a little different" bee going off to college that would enable her to express herself freely. 18岁的莫宁?罗宾森和母亲一起参与了拍摄她表示想在进入大学前“做些不一样的事”,让她自由表达心声"I was really nervous at first," but it felt good being out in the open and not afraid of her body, she said. 她说“一开始很紧张”,但处于户外且不畏惧自己身体的感觉很棒"Republicans have this view of how women should be in society and I just don't agree," she said. "I don't know exactly, I just know their views don't match mine." 她表示:“我不认同共和党关于女性在社会上该如何自处的观点我知道的并不确切,但我就是知道他们的想法跟我的不一致”英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编辑:yaning。

  美儿童携带50包海洛因 当糖果派送小朋友 -- :51:35 来源: 美儿童携带50包海洛因 当糖果派送小朋友 Child accidentally takes 50 heroin bags to US nursery A four-year-old child took about 50 packets of heroin to her nursery and began passing them out, believing them to be chocolate, Delaware police say.Police say the child unknowingly brought the drugs to the centre when her mother gave her a different bag to take to nursery.The girl's mother, Ashley Tull, 30, has been charged with child endangerment and a drugs charge.Her sister told the Associated Press she had no idea the drugs were inside.Alicia Tull said her sister does not use or deal drugs and that she was taken advantage of by an individual who stored the drugs in her home without her knowledge.Delaware Police Master Cpl Gary Fournier told the Delaware News Journal newspaper the "investigation is continuing and more charges are thcoming" but would not say whose heroin it was.Several children who received the packets went to hospital as a precaution, police said, but none of the packets was opened.In total, the bags held nearly g (0. ounce). Each packet was labelled "Slam".Ms Tull has been released on a ,000 (£3,700) bond has been ordered not to have any contact with her children, ages to four, who are in the custody of a relative, Delaware State Police said.美国特拉华州(Delaware)警方说:“一个四岁的孩子携带了约50小包的海洛因到幼儿园后开始分发,孩子们以为这些是糖果”警方说孩子的母亲给了孩子一个不同的背包,孩子不知不觉就把毒品带到了日托中心女孩的母亲艾希礼(Ashley)30岁,已被指控危害儿童和吸毒艾希礼的告诉美联社记者她不知道背包中藏有毒品艾丽西亚(Alicia)说她没有吸毒或进行毒品交易,她只是帮他人保存物品从而获利,而有些人把毒品藏在她家,她毫不知情特立华州警署负责人(Delaware Police Master Cpl)加里福尼尔(Gary Fournier)告诉特拉华新闻报(Delaware News Journal nespaper):“调查还在继续,也将会有更多指控”,但可能不会指明海洛因是谁的警方说一些收到小包海洛因的孩子为了确保无恙便去医院,但是这些海洛因包装都还是密封的这些海洛因重总计约克每个小包都被贴上了“Slam”糖果的标签图勒女士已被释放,她交了6000美金作担保,并且被禁止接近她的孩子们她的孩子们到岁,目前由一个亲戚监护

  沉痛哀悼,南苏丹牺牲维和士兵终到家 -- 18:: 来源: 中国政府空运回在南苏丹袭击中牺牲的两名联合国维和士兵,并将在其家乡举行葬礼面对为世界和平牺牲的战士,全世界热爱和平的人们应该共同努力保卫世界和平与稳定 The Chinese government Tuesday airlifted the remains of its two UN peacekeepers killed in the recent fighting in the conflict-hit South Sudan back home burial.本周四中国政府空运回在南苏丹袭击中牺牲的两名联合国维和士兵,并将在其家乡举行葬礼The bodies of deceased Corporal Li Lei, and Master Sergeant Yang Shupeng, 33 who were killed in the fighting between government troops of President Salva Kiir and ces loyal to Vice President Riek Machar in the capital Juba were flown back home in a special chartered plane sent by Chinese President Xi Jinping last week.死者下士李雷岁,士官长杨树鹏33岁他们在总统萨尔瓦·基尔的政府军和副总统里克·马查尔党派军队在首都朱巴的冲突中牺牲上周习近平主席指示派遣专机空运牺牲士兵回家Maj. Gen. Su Guanghui, acting director of the Peacekeeping Affairs Office at the Chinese Defense Ministry who led the delegation the evacuation of bodies of fallen officers and other military officers mounted a parade and saluted as the bodies were being lifted to be loaded onto the waiting plane Beijing.中国国防部维和事务办公室主任少将苏光辉带领部队撤离牺牲士兵当遗体被运送到飞往北京的专机时还有其他很多军官列队致敬The 737 Boeing plane carrying the caskets of the departed peacekeepers wrapped in the Chinese National flag was seen off at Entebbe International Airport, about 0 kilometers south of the capital, Kampala by the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, Zhao Yali and some Chinese nationals living in Uganda in a somber mood.波音737飞机运载着躺在覆盖中国国旗棺木里的牺牲士兵飞机在距离首都南边0公里远的恩德培国际机场起飞,这里是中国驻乌干达的坎帕拉赵亚立和其他乌干达的中国同胞深感悲痛The special chartered plane is going to take off with the remains of our two soldiers. They sacrificed their lives in the peacekeeping mission in Juba. We feel very very sorry that, said Yali.亚立说:“专机将带着我们两名牺牲士兵的遗体起飞,他们在朱巴的维和任务中牺牲我们深表遗憾”I should say that, all together with all peace loving nations of the world, we should try together, work together to safeguard the peace and stability in the world. We will remember them ever, he said.他说:“我想说,和全世界热爱国家的人们一起,我们应该共同努力保卫世界的和平与稳定我们将永远怀念他们”The bodies of the fallen soldiers were last Friday airlifted to Uganda and persevered at Mulago National Referral Hospital Mortuary, Kampala, awaiting their final journey back home.牺牲士兵的遗体上周五空运到了乌干达,并运送到穆拉戈国家医院太平间,最终将飞抵家乡中国开启火星探测计划 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:今年月日是我国首个“中国航天日”,中国航天终于有了自己的节日一大批科研成果和航天计划揭开面纱,共同庆祝“中国航天日”China marked its first ever Space Day on April , the day its first satellite Dongfanghong-1 launched into space in 1970.中国将月日设立为第一个“中国航天日”,1970年的这一天我国第一颗人造地球卫星“东方红一号”发射成功A range of events was held across China, after the State Council announced in late March that, starting this year, the country would celebrate this occasion. And one of the highlights was a press conference on April , during which Xu Dazhe, head of the China National Space Administration, said the central government approved a Mars mission. As part of this newly unveiled plan, an unmanned probe will be sent to orbit and land on the Red Planet in .今年三月下旬国务院宣布设立航天日后,全国开展了一系列活动,其中最受瞩目的当属中国政府批准火星探测工程在月日的新闻发布会上,国家航天局局长许达哲宣布了这一消息在新公布的计划中,我国将争取在年发射探测和着陆巡视的火星探测器It’s a challenging task. Since the 1960s, different countries have sent more than 0 probes to Mars, and only 19 accomplished their missions. If China’s probe succeeds in landing on Mars, it will conduct scientific research on the Martian soil, environment, atmosphere and water, opening a new chapter in the country’s deep-space exploration program.这是一项极具挑战性的任务自世纪六十年代以来,世界各国陆续发射过0多个火星探测器,但只有19个完成任务如果探测器成功着陆火星,那么我国将开展对火星土壤、环境、大气和水的科学研究,这将会开启深空探测项目的新篇章Apart from the Mars mission, Xu also revealed a series of other space exploration plans. China will launch about 0 of its Long March carrier rockets over the next five years. There were 86 Long March missions in the five years from to , and 8 from to .除了火星计划,许达哲还透露了一系列其他的探测计划在未来五年里,长征系列运载火箭将实现0次飞行年至年的5年间,长征系列运载火箭承担了86次运载任务,年至年这一数字仅为8Chen Xuechuan, assistant president of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, told Xinhua News Agency that China is quickly catching up with other countries after being a relative latecomer in human space endeavors.中国航天科技集团总经理助理陈学钏告诉新华社,作为载人航天事业的新成员,中国正在快速追赶其他国家The launch of the SJ- retrievable scientific research satellite earlier this month marked the 6th mission of the Long March rocket family, and the pace of the launches is accelerating.本月早些时候,实践十号返回式科学实验卫星顺利发射是长征系列运载火箭执行的第6次运载任务,其发射速度也正在提升“Our first 0 Long March missions took us 37 years. But it only took us seven years to complete the latest 0,” Chen said.陈学钏说:“前0次发射用时37年,而后0次仅用了7年的时间”安东尼、杜兰特领衔美男篮梦十二队 -- 18:53:5 来源:chinadaily 卡梅隆;安东尼和凯文;杜兰特将领衔美国男篮梦十二队出战里约奥运会 Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant are to lead the US Olympic men's basketball team in Rio. 梦十二队阵容在纽约哈姆莱的一所学校首次亮相这梦之队没有包括勒布朗;詹姆斯在内的顶级球星上周,勒布朗;詹姆斯退出国家队詹姆斯曾带领克里夫兰骑士队击败金州勇士队获得了NBA总冠军 The Olympic team made its debut at a school in Harlem, but it is without a number of top players including LeBron James, who removed his name from Olympic consideration last week. James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals. 纽约尼克斯队球员卡梅隆;安东尼表示,梦十二队还是那值得期待的梦之队他表示,“虽然那些有天赋的球员不在了,但我依然确信这梦十二队和以往的梦之队一样我们不像以往拥有那么多的篮球巨星,但是我认为这是个很棒的团队,他们渴望胜利,他们期待着上场” New York Knicks player, Carmelo Anthony, says the team will still be one to watch. ;As far as the talent goes and the level of play, I'm pretty sure that that's still going to be the same. We don't have as many of the big names guys that we've had bee. But I think, so far, this is a great group of guys and they're hungry. They want to play.; 在梦十二队中,只有安东尼和杜兰特曾是年奥运会获得过金牌的梦十队成员安东尼还出征过年和年奥运会,他还是美国第一个出征过次奥运会的男子篮球运动员许多运动员因惧怕寨卡病毒而退出奥运会,至今没有NBA球员对安东尼的决定提出过表彰 Anthony and Durant are the only two members returning from the gold medal winning team. Anthony also played on the and Olympic teams and is poised to become the first U.S. male basketball player to play on four Olympic teams. While a handful of athletes from other sports have pulled out of the Olympics due to Zika fears, no NBA player has yet to cite the virus his decision.

  温网明星聚堆 凯特王妃美艳吸睛(双语) -- ::30 来源:sohu 6月7日至7月日,英国伦敦的温布尔登网球公开赛赛期,众多明星出现在比赛现场 The Wimbledon was held from June 7th to July th, and many celebrities came to watch the games. 他们相互间互动也挺欢看卷福和布莱德利;库珀亲切握手,库珀可是年福布斯全球演员富豪榜排名第四位啊 The Royal Box was filled with notable names, including actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Bradley Cooper. 王妃凯特看了几场比赛,因为她几乎成“优雅”一词的代言人,所以她穿什么吸引了众多关注和讨论比如黄裙子被挖出来是年穿过的,还是定制款 The garment is a custom version of the Ryedale dress from the Roksanda Ilincic ss collection. Below we show it in its original state. 男子决赛时换上的另一款Alexander McQueen的新版裙装 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends the Men's Final of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships between Milos Raonic and Andy Murray at Wimbledon on July , in London, England. Kate was seen in a new dress by Alexander McQueen today’s match.最萌国际明星红毯秀:小鲜肉来袭 -- ::3 来源:sohu ToddleWood的摄影艺术家Tricia Messeroux为孩子们提供了红毯变装的机会!Messeroux通常和三至六岁的孩子合作,把他们打扮得和金球奖红毯上的明星一模一样这些孩子经过设计师们的精心打造,各个都成了红毯达人啊! Photographer Tricia Messeroux of Toddlewood gives kids a red carpet makeover! Messeroux normally works with children between the ages of 3 and 6, and in this makeover series she transmed them into looking exactly how the famous celebrities looked walking down the red carpet at the Golden Globes. These kids got the full makeover experience including designer, costumes, hair and makeup. Can you say, ;Red carpet experience?!; 1. 詹妮弗;劳伦斯 Jennifer Lawrence . 蒂娜;菲amp;艾米;波勒Tina Fey amp; Amy Poehler 3. 克里基娜;兰西克 Giuliana Rancic . 凯莉;奥斯本 Kelly Osbourne 5. 露皮塔;尼永奥 Lupita Nyong’o 6. 宝拉;巴顿 Paula Patton 7. 切瓦特;埃加福特amp;萨里;默瑟Chiwetel Ejio amp; Sari Mercer 8. 索菲娅;维加拉 Sofia Vergara

  年将成史上最热年份 -- :1: 来源: Are you still wearing shorts and T-shirts? If you say yes, there's a good reason.你现在还穿着T恤和短裤吗?如果是,倒也不奇怪Planet Earth has definitely experienced its hottest summer since detailed records have been kept, and according to scientists, it might have been the hottest in more than ,000 years.今年夏天无疑是自人类详细记录地球气温以来最热的一个夏天,科学家称,这可能是000多年来最热的夏天The meteorological summer of June-July-August in the Northern Hemisphere saw its highest globally averaged temperature since records began in 1880, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported.美国国家海洋和大气(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,NOAA)报告称,今年六、七、八月——北半球气象学意义上的夏天——全球平均气温创下自1880年有气温记录以来的新高Seven out of the nine months this year have made their way to the record books. Now that it's fall, September saw its highest temperature on record, land and ocean surfaces.今年过去的九个月中,七个月份的气温都创造了历史记录现在正是北半球的秋天,九月份的陆地和海洋表面温度都创造了高温新纪录What do scientists point to this phenomenon?科学家对这种现象作何解释?"The unprecedented heat continues to be driven by the strong El Ni?o in the Pacific," said CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen. "We're now five months in a row of record highs, and that will likely continue with El Ni?o ecast to last well into the spring."CNN高级气象学家戴夫·亨嫩(Dave Hennen)说,“太平洋的强厄尔尼诺(El Ni?o)现象致使这种史无前例的高温持续,连续五个月的气温都创历史新高,而这很可能继续下去,根据预测,厄尔尼诺现象将持续到下个春天”Climate research suggests these are the hottest temperatures the Earth has seen since the Bronze Age.气候研究认为,这是自青铜时代(Bronze Age)以来地球上出现的最高气温The report also said record heat was reported across northeastern Africa stretching into the Middle East, part of southeastern Asia, most of the northern half of South America, and parts of central and eastern North America.报告还显示,从非洲东北部、中东、亚洲东南部分地区到南美洲北部大部分地区、北美洲东部和中部的部分地区都出现了创纪录的高温However, not all regions experienced above-normal temperatures. Southern South America, far western Canada, Alaska and a swath across central Asia were cooler or much cooler than average.然而,并非所有地区的气温都高于正常值南美洲南部、加拿大最西部、阿拉斯加和中亚的一片地区的气温低于或远低于平均气温"With a 98% chance that the strong El Ni?o conditions will last, it is virtually certain that this year will end up globally being the warmest on record," according to Hennen.亨嫩说:“这种强厄尔尼诺现象有98%的可能持续下去,今年势必将是全球气温再创新高的一年”The last strong El Ni?o was back in 1997. That year it wreaked weather-related havoc across the globe, from mudslides in Calinia to fires in Australia.上一次强厄尔尼诺现象出现在1997年那一年,厄尔尼诺现象在全球引发了不少与气候相关的灾害,包括加州的泥石流和澳大利亚的火灾According to NOAA, the average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces September was at 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the th century average.NOAA称,今年九月全球陆地和海洋表面平均气温高于世纪平均值1.6华氏度Experts predict El Ni?o will peak in late fallearly winter, and ecasts now suggest it will remain constant through winter and gradually weaken as spring settles in.专家预计厄尔尼诺现象将会在秋末或者初冬达到顶峰,目前的气象预报也表明,厄尔尼诺现象将会贯穿整个冬天,在下个春天来临时逐渐减弱Vocabularymeteorological:气象学的swath:长而宽的一条(或地带)

  地球日:大家应该参与的5件事 -- 3:7:5 来源:中国日报 April nd every year marks the onset of Earth Day. A day that is celebrated annually to raise awareness about our home planet and how we can save and protect it from recurring damage.每年的月日是地球日这是一个能让我们关注地球家园、珍惜并保护它免遭人类行为反复破坏的日子Started in the year 1970, Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 190 countries each year.地球日源于1970年目前世界上每年有190多个国家庆祝地球日Every year, the event is celebrated under a different theme. The theme is ;Trees the Earth;.每年的主题都不同年地球日的主题是;为地球种树;In present times, when the dangers of climate change and global warming loom as large as ever, there is a constant pressure upon the entire world to do their bit and contribute towards the betterment of our home planet. Why? Because there is only one Earth.目前地球受气候变化和全球变暖的影响越来越深,全世界人民亟需联合行动,承担起各自的责任,为构建我们更好的家园贡献力量为什么?因为我们只有一个地球Planting more trees means cutting down and reducing the carbon footprint and sp of greenhouse gases.多种树能减少碳足迹、缩减温室气体的扩散However, Earth Day is not just an event to be celebrated on one specific day. It is primarily a reminder all to do our rightful duty to save our planet everyday. Earth Day is a motivation you to start right now.不过,地球日不应该只在某个特定日子庆祝它其实主要在于提醒我们,要每天做有益于地球的事情地球日意味着你现在就要开始行动了Below, we have compiled a list of five things you can do to celebrate Earth Day (apart from planting trees) and make this a better place, a better world future generations.下面我们列举了5项便于人们实践的地球日活动(除了种树以外),一起构建更好的家园、更美的世界,造福后代子孙Have a look!一起来看吧!1. Leave your cars at home少开车Cars, being the greatest source of air pollution, can be left at home this weekend. Travelling via public transport is the better option. Other greener options are carpooling, riding a bike or you can also walk if you want a healthier option and if your workplace is not that far away from your home.汽车是空气的主要污染源,这个周末可以别开车了公共交通其实是更好的选择其他绿色出行方式还包括拼车、骑行;如果你的工作地点离家不远的话,你还有个更健康的选择:步行. Be a little dirty邋遢一点儿No, we don't mean it 'that' way. We simply mean to say, don't take a bath. Yes, conservation of water is super essential. A day or two without a bath won't harm you, but it will certainly do a lot of good our planet. A daily shower isn't a matter of health; it's a matter of comt. Showering every day can wash away the natural oils that our skin and hair need.当然,我们并不是让你不讲卫生我们想说的是,别洗澡是的,保护水资源特别重要一两天不洗澡不会对你有什么危害,但对我们的地球却有极大的益处每天冲澡与健康无关,其实只是为了舒而已每天洗澡还会冲掉我们皮肤上天然的油脂,而这些油脂其实是皮肤和头发需要的3. Volunteer yourself做义工This is one of the best things you can do. Why? Because it will do you good too. Join other like-minded individuals in a common task. If you have the time, there are lots of opporties out there to pitch in, instance, planting trees, cleaning a park or simply coming up with ways you can preserve mother Earth.这是最适合你的事情之一为什么?因为它对你本身也有好处与其他跟你有相似想法的人一起去完成一项任务如果你时间允许,这样的机会有很多,比如种树、打扫公园,以及其他有利于保护地球的活动. Green-up your home在家中践行地球日This is one of the most common things that people do whenever Earth Day rolls around, that is, switch off their lights. However, this is not something you should do just a day and only an hour. Conserve energy by switching of all power andor electricity points whenever they are not in use. In addition, take out all the plugs from plug points even after switching them off.每到地球日,很多人都会不约而同选择做这件事:关灯不过,这不应该只是你在这一天这一小时做的事为了节省能源,我们应该随时关闭所有不在使用当中的用电设施另外,关闭电源后,还应该拔下所有用电插头5. Pledge to do more everyday每天点滴积累You know what the best way to celebrate Earth Day is? Extend your celebrations. That's right! Do something everyday that will improve your surroundings to make the planet a better place to live in. Always remember that every step, every initiative counts.你知道庆祝地球日的最佳方式吗?增加你的绿色践行活动对!每天都要做对环境有利的事情,让我们的地球更宜居记住,每一步行动、每一次倡议都算The future of our planet is in your hands!地球家园的未来就靠你了!Vocabularyloom:阴森森地逼近;赫然耸现pitch in:投入;作出贡献。

  带着三位特别的“乘客”,NASA探测器抵达木星轨道 -- :: 来源: 探测器Juno抵达木星,还带着三个特意为这次星际航行定制的乐高模型 In August , NASA launched a probe (“Juno”) into space as part of one of its most ambitious projects to date. Today, they’re celebrating a major success as that probe has achieved its goal and began a 53-day orbit around Jupiter.年8月,作为它迄今为止最雄心勃勃的项目之一,NASA向太空发射了木星探测器Juno今天,他们正在庆祝这个探测器已经抵达木星轨道,并要展开它历时53天的环绕木星的探测任务了And while that news is pretty amazing it itself (though NASA has a solid history of being pretty amazing), there’s a little bit of inmation that makes it even more spectacular. Onboard that probe are three little Lego figurines that were made especially this interplanetary adventure. Which means there are Legos currently orbiting Jupiter.这个消息已经够令人称奇了(NASA令人称奇的历史可说来话长),但还有一个消息也令这件事更为惊人——那个探测器上带着三个特意为这次星际航行定制的乐高模型也就是说,现在正有几个乐高在绕着木星转And there is at least one Lego that would be absolutely freaking out about that.而且肯定至少有一个乐高要为此抓狂But these aren’t just any random Lego characters (though, to be fair, Benny seems like he’d fit in perfectly with this space trip and would obviously make a great astronaut). These are three extra special Lego characters who all represent something very specificon this Jupiter adventure.他们可不是随便哪个乐高人物(虽然,我们得承认,Benny很适合这次太空旅行,他显然可以成为一个杰出的宇航员)这三个特殊的乐高人物对于这次木星冒险都具有代表意义First, there’s Galileo holding his trusty telescope, since he was the first one to make major recorded observations of Jupiter (no doubt the little Galileo figurine is having a great time with his up close view). He’s joined by two Roman Gods, Jupiter (holding a lighting bolt which he controls) and his wife Juno (holding a magnifying glass to help her see through her devious husband’s antics).首先是拿着望远镜的伽利略,他是第一个对木星做出重大观测并记录的人(毫无疑问,小伽利略乐高肯定会享受近距离观察木星的时光)陪着伽利略的还有一个罗马的神宙斯(抓着由他控制的雷电),和他的妻子朱诺(拿着一个放大镜,以看穿她狡诈的丈夫的滑稽行为)These three were created as part of a bigger educational and outreach program and we can only imagine based on their personalities and accessories that they are likely up to some serious space-oriented shenanigans (at least, we like to use our imaginations to pretend that they are which is exactly what NASA and Lego are hoping you’ll do).制作这三个乐高,有着教育和宣传的宏大远大意义,而我们只能根据他们的性格特点和他们的配件猜想他们要来点什么严肃的太空恶作剧(至少,我们可以想象这正是NASA和乐高想要我们干的事情)Basically, everything about both this probe and its passengers is totally awesome.基本上,有关这个探测器和它上面乘客的所有一切都太棒了

  红色和黄色的墙纸跟学习更配哦 -- :5:8 来源:chinadaily Struggling with that last minute exam prep? Paint your walls yellow and red.还在为迎战考试而作最后奋斗吗?把墙刷成黄色和红色吧Brightly coloured rooms can boost your concentration levels, scientists have discovered.科学家发现,色鲜艳的房间能提升你的注意力集中水平Students say they prefer to study in environments with pale colours which they feel are most relaxing, but researchers have found the opposite works better.学生们说他们更喜欢在浅色环境里学习,这让他们感到最为放松但研究者发现,相反条件下的学习效果更好Levels of focus in students are higher when they are surrounded by vivid colours, a study from Curtin University, Australia found.澳大利亚科廷大学的一项研究发现,当学生处在色鲜艳的环境中时,注意力更集中Student participants were asked to a passage and answer multiple-choice questions adopted from a university entrance test in rooms with six different colour schemes.参与研究的学生被安排在六种不同色的房间里阅读一段文章并回答多项选择题,题目选自大学入学考试The rooms were pale and vivid shades of blue, red and yellow.房间的颜色分别是浅淡的蓝、红、黄和鲜艳的蓝、红、黄Their ing comprehension scores were significantly higher in the vivid red and yellow rooms.在鲜艳的红色和黄色房间里,他们的阅读理解分数明显更高Lead author Aseel Al-Ayash said: 'Bright colours can support students' learning permance by positively affecting psychological and physiological states.该研究的第一作者阿西尔?阿娅施表示:“鲜亮的色能对人的心理和生理产生积极影响,从而有助于学生的学习表现”'If the ing tasks are difficult, the vivid colour conditions may increase arousal to optimal levels.'“如果阅读任务很困难,鲜艳的色可能将兴奋度提升到最佳水平”Several past studies have indicated the colours red and yellow are more stimulating than blue and green.过去的一些研究已经表明,比起蓝色和绿色,红色和黄色更具有刺激作用 example, student pulse rates increased in red and yellow conditions, but decreased in blue.比如,在红色和黄色环境下,学生的心跳速度会加快,但在蓝色环境下会降低This is consistent with the Yerkes-Dodson Law, which proposes that arousal improves permance up to an optimal level, with additional arousal causing a drop off in permance.这符合耶克斯-多德森定律——适度兴奋可以提升工作效率至最佳水平,过度兴奋则会导致效率降低Ironically, two-thirds of participants believed vivid red wasn't a suitable colour a study room, associating the colour with depression, discomt, annoyance and elements such as danger.而讽刺的是,三分之二的参与者认为,学习的房间不适合采用鲜艳的红色他们将红色与沮丧、不适、恼怒和危险联系起来But given their improved learning outcomes, perhaps a bit of discomt, aside from last minute cramming, is what they need.但考虑到学习效果的提高,或许除了最后关头的恶补,些许不适感正是他们所需要的It seems red and yellow may be the future of study areas, with Curtin and other Western Australia universities expressing a keenness the work.鉴于科廷大学和其他西澳洲大学对此研究的热情,红色和黄色或许会成为未来学习室的主色调英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮

  中方在东海上方拦截美方侦察机 -- :00:01 来源: 麦当娜演唱会脱粉丝上衣,女粉丝为此辩解不会告她,反而很荣幸 A Chinese jet fighter conducted an “unsafe” intercept of a U.S. spy plane in international airspace over the East China Sea, the U.S. Pacific Command said, in the second such midair encounter in a month.中方战斗机在中国东海的国际空域上方进行了对美国侦查机的“不安全”拦截,美国太平洋司令部表示,这是一个月内第二次这样的半空拦截The jet was one of two Chinese J- fighters that intercepted a U.S. Air ce RC-5 reconnaissance plane on routine patrol Tuesday, the Pacific Command said in a statement.该飞机是中国两架J-号战斗机中的一架,于周二拦截了一架正在进行常规巡逻美国空军RC-5侦察机,美国太平洋司令部在声明中说That same day, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Beijing annual economic and security talks that included discussions of regional tensions.同日,美国国务卿约翰·克里在北京就经济和安全进行年度对话,话题中包括对地区紧张局势的讨论Tuesday’s intercept was the second such incident since Beijing and Washington agreed in September on rules of behavior air encounters—an agreement hailed by both sides as an important step in stabilizing military relations.周二的拦截是自北京和华盛顿同意去年9月的空间行为准则以来第二次事件——该协议被双方赞赏,认为是构建安全军事关系的重要一步The Pentagon said last month that a Chinese fighter had flown dangerously close to a U.S. spy plane over the South China Sea.五角大楼称上月一架中国战斗机在中国南海上空靠近一架美方侦察机的危险距离飞行China denied that its plane flew dangerously during that encounter and accused the U.S. of threatening its security by regularly patrolling along the Chinese coast.中国否认其飞机在相遇中危险飞行,并指责美国在中国海岸的常规巡逻威胁其安全China’s defense ministry said on Wednesday it would look into the latest incident but accused the U.S. of “again deliberately hyping” the issue of U.S. military reconnaissance flights near China.中国国防部周三表示,将调查最近发生的事件,但指责美国在中国附近的美军侦察机的时间上“再次故意炒作”“Chinese military pilots always operate according to laws and regulations, and are professional and responsible,” the ministry said in a faxed statement.“中国军事飞行员总是依法飞行,而且很专业和负责,”国防部在一份传真声明中说China’s eign ministry echoed the comments in a regular news briefing and said the “the crux of the problem” are the U.S. flights.中国外交部在例行新闻发布会中发表类似说“问题的症结”在于美方飞机“The U.S. continues to carry out close reconnaissance activities against China, which severely undermines China’s maritime security,” said eign ministry spokesman Hong Lei.“美国继续对中国展开紧密的侦查活动,对中国海域安全构成严重威胁,”外交部发言人洪磊说He declined to comment on whether the intercept was timed to coincide with the U.S.-China talks in Beijing. “I think you need to ask the U.S. about that,” he said.他拒绝拦截是否有意在北京的中美会谈这个时间上进行的“我觉得你应该问美国,”他说Mr. Hong also declined to comment on Beijing’s commitment to the air-encounters agreement.洪先生也拒绝在北京对空间相遇协议的责任上作出表态The recent intercepts have raised questions about that among some eign military officials.最近的拦截引起了一些外国军事官员的质疑

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