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The ed Nations has unanimously approved new sanctions on North Korea. 联合国一致通过对朝鲜进行新的制裁。But when it comes to the average North Korean, not a whole lot is going to change.但是,对于朝鲜普通民众并没有很大变化。These fresh sanctions, which are some of the toughest yet, are the product of around two months of negotiations between the U.S. and China after North Korea tested a nuclear weapon and launched a satellite.新的制裁是朝鲜进行核试验和发射卫星后,美中两国经过长达约2月的谈判结果。The sanctions hit valuable exports from Pyongyang, like rare earth materials, gold and iron. They also prevent North Korea from snatching up aviation fuel and various weapons.制裁措施打击平壤贵重品出口,如稀土材料、黄金和铁矿。还阻止朝鲜夺取航空燃料和各种武器。To top it off, all cargo going in and out of North Korea must be inspected. Previously, the cargo was only to be inspected if there was reason to believe it could have contraband aboard.最重要的是,所有进出朝鲜的货物必须进行检查。以前,如果有理由相信船上可能有违禁品,那才要检查货物。All fairly bad news for North Korea and its military aspirations. But for the average North Korean?对朝鲜及其军事野心是坏消息。那对朝鲜普通民众呢?The sanctions aren’t supposed to affect North Korean citizens. Instead, they’re targeting North Korean higher-ups and the regime’s nuclear program.制裁不应该影响朝鲜平民。相反,他们的目标是朝鲜的高层和核计划。North Korean laborers abroad aren’t affected, and the sanctions don’t target the country’s agriculture or food sectors either.朝鲜国外劳工没有受到影响,而制裁也不会针对该国的农业或食品部门。That’s not to say North Koreans are in a good spot right now — as much as 41 percent of the country is chronically undernourished, according to the ed Nations. 这并不是说朝鲜现在处境很好,根据联合国报道,朝鲜有高达百分之41的人长期营养不良。译文属。201603/429304芜湖治疗尿道炎的医院Research has shown that there is little blood absorption of Stevia in rats and humans.研究表明,水雷和人体的血液都很难吸收甜菊糖甙Both organisms metabolize the chemical in the same way.人体和小鼠的生理机制是以同种方式对化学物质进行代谢的The joint FAO, WHO expert committee on food additives concluded世界卫生组织添加剂食品专家委员会that Reb A the main sweetening agent from Stevia has no evidence of an ability to damage or mutate DNA.认为并无据表明从甜菊糖甙中提取出的主要甜味剂瑞鲍迪甙A会损害或改变DNAWhich is usually how cancer begins.而DNA的改变也正是癌症产生的原因This claim is based on research conducted in subcultures and living organisms.这一论断是在传代培养和生命机体实验的基础上完成的Research on mice and rats have shown针对小鼠进行的研究表明no DNA strain breakage or chromosome damage at doses up to 2000 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day.每天每公斤体重摄入量为2000毫克并不会对DNA和染色体造成损害For a 150 pound person this would be equivalent to a 136 grams而对于一个150磅重的人来说which if you think about it in terms of weight is equivalent to two fifths of a box of cheerios.这意味着136克在重量上来说等于2/5盒樱桃In research focused on looking at the relationship between Reb A and cancer,在针对瑞鲍迪甙A和癌症之间关系的研究中,most of the research on any Stevia compound has been done at the level of the cell and DNA damage.大部分关于甜菊糖甙化合物的研究内容都对细胞和DNA有损害Typically cancer is started by damage or mutations to DNA.通常情况下,癌症是由DNA损害或变异造成的,The first study review looked at 8 groups of hamster cells第一项研究报告观察了8组仓鼠细胞,exposed to Reb A for 4 and 24 hours of varying concentrations.它们分别以不同强度接触瑞鲍迪甙A从4-24小时不等None of the groups showed significant reduction of DNA allegiance or breakage.所有研究组都没有显示出严重的DNA粘连或断裂Researchers concluded that Reb A is non mutagenic由此研究专家认为,瑞鲍迪甙A不会造成突变,or does not cause damage to DNA and does not increase the risk of cancer.或不会对DNA造成伤害也不会增加患癌几率,The second study injected mice with Reb A.第二项研究向鼠体内注射了瑞鲍迪甙Athere were four different levels of Reb A doses exposed at two different lengths of time.注射量分为四个等级,持续时间的长短也分为两组Blood samples were taken as the mice were observed.在观察过程中提取了小鼠的血样There was no significant increase in altered immature在所有研究小组的样本中blood cells in the high dose group or any other treatment group.未成熟的血细胞都未显示出明显的The types of alterations to the blood cells included polychromatic改变,血细胞发生的改变包括多色或者颜色的改变,or changing colour and micronucleated or small nucleus.小核以及小细胞分子的变化Both poli chromatic and micro nucleiatic conditions are considered evidence of DNA damage and the increased risk of cancer.多色改变和小核状况的改变都被看做是DNA损伤和癌症风险增加的据,Therefore researchers conclude that Reb A did not appear to increase the risk of cancer.因此研究人员认为瑞鲍迪甙A似乎并不会增加患癌的风险201601/420951芜湖弋矶山医院男科割包皮多少钱As we have seen, pesticide and nitrate levels are lower,正如我们所见杀虫剂和硝酸盐的含量都较低,but E-coli contamination of fruits and vegetables before market preparation is much higher.但是在进入市场之前,水果和蔬菜遭受大肠杆菌污染的可能性更大Also, the synthetic chemicals used by organic farmers have health risks of their own同时,有机农场中用到的合成化学物质也会对健康造成风险,and some allow chemicals containing copper and magnesium sulfates,一些化学物质含有铜和镁还有硫酸盐,which can be fatal if ingested directly.这些物质如果直接食用会威胁人的生命,The FDA and USDA provide strict regulations for pesticides, herbicides,农业部和环保局对传统农业生产中所用到的杀虫剂,除草剂and other chemicals used in conventional farming.等化学物质有严格的规定Bio-solids used in agricultural fertilizer must be processed using stringent,certified procedures农药中用到的有机污泥,在处理过程中必须严格遵守相关规定and are closely monitored for compliance.并进行严格的监控,Simply put, there is no current scientific evidence to show conclusively that简而言之,目前没有科学据能够系统地表明organic food is healthier than conventional food.有机食品比传统食品更加健康While the French tomato study indicated higher vitamin C尽管在法国的实验中,用于测试的有机番茄中确实含有更多的and carotinoid levels in a specific type of tomato tested,维生素C和类胡萝卜素,there was no noted increase in antioxidant properties.但它们并没有使人体内抗氧化物的数量增加,Unfortunately,there are few studies that have shown any benefits of nutritional quality in organic foods,不幸的是很少有研究能够表明,有机食品中的营养物质对人体有哪些好处,and most of the tests showed only one type of vegetable in specific soils and under specific growing conditions.大多数实验只检测了某种土壤环境下,在某种生长环境下的一种蔬菜The question as to whether the consumption of organically grown vegetables关于食用有机食品是否会比食用传统食品会给人的身体causes any greater microbiological risk to consumers than conventional vegetables remains unclear.带来更大的微生物层面的风险这个问题现在还不明了While some studies show higher bacterial contamination in conventional versus organic crops,一些研究显示,传统食品中的细菌污染更严重,other studies indicate more bacterial contamination in organic versus conventional crops.而另一些实验则表明有机食品中的细菌污染更加严重As weve seen, animal manure that hasnt been properly composted significantly increases E-coli levels,正如我们所见,没有经过适当发酵的动物粪便会增加大肠杆菌的数量and animal manure is a big factor in organic farming.而动物粪便在有机农业中又不可或缺Another factor in food safety concerns the use of antibiotics in the production of animals for food.食品安全中的另一个问题就是在肉类生产过程中用抗生素While a University of Iowa study reported MRSA prevalence in one facility,衣阿华大学的研究发现,一个农场中的MRSA感染率极高,researchers were unable to find a reason for the lack of MRSA at another facility.而另一个农场却没有,但他们却无法找到其中的原因In the Denmark study,在丹麦的研究中,banning the use of antibiotics in growth promotion resulted in increasing the need for therapeutic drug intervention禁止将抗生素用来促进家畜的生长,使得药物干涉的需求越来越高,and an increase in human antibiotic resistance to food borne pathogens,同时使得人类体内的众多病原体产生了抗体specifically salmonella and campylobacter.尤其是沙门氏菌和弯曲菌属,Obviously, more research is needed to determine the benefits and shortfalls in the use of antibiotics in animal production.显而易见,要确定在家畜的生长过程中使用抗生素有哪些利弊,我们还需要更多的研究,Now that youve seen the popular arguments and the scientific evidence, what do you think?现在我们已经看到了社会上流行的说法和科学提供给我们的据,大家会怎么想呢?When it comes to making the best decision for you and your family,关于为自己和家庭选择何种食品,the decision on whether or not to buy organic foods is solely up to you.是否选择有机食品这个决定完全在于你自己,Organic foods are usually more expensive and have less seasonal availability,有机食品通常更贵,季节性也更加明显but may appeal to consumers who feel the increased cost is worth it.但可能会让一些消费者觉得物有所值,Conventional foods have their own benefits.而传统食品也有它们自己的优势,They are widely available year round.它们一年四季皆可买到,They are more budget friendly.并且价格更加低廉And some consumers trust the brand name associated with certain foods.一些消费者对于某些品牌的食品具有特殊的信任,Simply put, there is not enough scientific evidence to favor one type of production over another.简而言之,目前还没有足够的据表明,两种食品之间的优劣Whats more important is that you continue to eat the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables更重要的是,不论你选择传统食品还是有机食品,whether your choice is conventional or organic.你都应该每日食用一定量的蔬菜或水果For optimal health and nutrition,要吸收足够的营养来保持身体健康you should strive to consume two and a half cups to three cups of vegetables and two cups of fruit each day.每天最好食用两杯半到三杯蔬菜以及两杯水果201512/413783鸠江区男性男子男科医院包皮手术怎么样

芜湖镜湖区男性男子男科医院治疗龟头炎多少钱芜湖市弋江区男性男子男科医院治疗男性不育多少钱栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201508/391974芜湖哪家医院割包皮好President Barack Obama landed in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, but his welcome crew at the airport probably wasnt what he expected.周三,奥巴马总统抵达沙特阿拉伯,但机场的接待人员可能不是他期望的。Saudi Arabias King Salman didnt greet the president at the airport, nor did any senior members of the royal family. Instead, he was greeted by the local governor. 沙特阿拉伯国王萨尔曼没有在机场接见奥巴马,也没有任何皇家高级官员。相反,当地州长接见了他。These two leaders have been drifting apart, have dissimilar doctrines and strategically view things in a much different light. And that is straining everything. And I think what we saw at the airport today is symbolic of that.两国领导人一直疏远,有着不同的教义,战略上看待事情有着完全不同的眼光。这使得一切变得紧张,我想今天机场看到的就是一种象征。Obama did meet with King Salman to kick off his visit to Saudi Arabia. The two leaders discussed a variety of topics, including the fight against ISIS, social challenges in the region and Irans recent actions. 奥巴马会见了国王萨尔曼,开始他的沙特阿拉伯之行。两国领导人讨论各种话题,包括打击ISIS,地区社会挑战以及伊朗最近的行动。This is Obamas fourth trip to the country. He hosted King Salman at the White House in September of last year. 这是奥巴马第四次访问沙特。去年九月他在白宫款待了国王萨尔曼。译文属。201604/438506芜湖东方医院简介

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