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"宜昌男健泌尿专科不孕不育多少钱13 Comparison比较A:Both Bob and carl will become somebody in the future.Don#39;t you think so?鲍伯和卡尔将来都了不得,你看呢?B:Yeah.But Bob#39;s talent can#39;t to be named on the same day with Carl#39;s.不错,但是鲍伯的才智可无法与卡尔同日而语A:But Bob is more generous and y to help.但是鲍伯更慷慨、更乐于助人。B:We cannot judge a man totally by that.我们可不能以此判断一个人。A:Julia and Anne have both taken dance lessons.朱莉娅和安妮都选了舞蹈课。They want to be famous dancer,I think.我想她们都想当有名的舞蹈家。Yet Julia is not a patch on Anne because she#39;s not as diligent and clever as Anne.朱莉娅根本比不上安妮,因为她的刻苦和悟性都不如安妮A:I don#39;t see much difference,anyway.但是我却没看出有什么差别。A:Who#39;s better at chess,Bill or Fred?谁的棋玩得更好一些,比尔还是弗雷德?B:Botd are superb in their skills.两个人的棋艺都不错。Anyhow,Fred is one up on Bill from my point of view.但是我认为弗雷德要略胜一筹。A:You said it.你说对了。A:Mary sings much better than Susan,doesn#39;t she?玛丽比苏珊唱要好,对不对?B:Yes.But Mary is no match for Susan in painting.是的.但是在绘画方面玛丽不是苏珊的对手.A:Maybe it#39;s because Susan#39;s parents are both painters.也许是因为苏珊的父母都是画家的缘故吧。A:Plastic bags are widely used nowadays.现在人们大量使用塑料袋。B:But they#39;re hard to be disposed of.但是塑料很难处理掉。A:In this aspect,I think,pater bags have the edge on plastic bags.我认为在这方面纸袋要比塑料袋强一点儿.A:George speaks Japannese better than Frank.乔治的日语比弗兰克说得好。B:Yet in writing,George has nothing on Frank.但是写得不如弗兰克。A:Therefore,I hope they could help each other and learn from each other.所以我希望他俩能命相帮助,取长补短。A:You#39;re going go Dresden for sightseeing?B:Yeah.And I#39;m going by bus.你要去德莱斯观光吗?不错.我要坐公共汽车去.A:I think a train journey is as fast as a bus journey.我认为坐火车与坐汽车一样快。B:But both my wife and I prefer taking a bus.可是我和我妻子都喜欢坐公共汽车。A:Bob returned from Japan last week. You know that?鲍伯上周从日本回来了。知道吗?B:Yeah.I met him yesterday.知道,我昨天遇到了他。He#39;s no longer the same young man as he was eight years ago.他可不是八年前的那个年轻人了。A:I think so,too.我也这样认为。A:Maria sings like a lark,doesn#39;t she?玛丽娅的歌儿美极了。B:Yes,she#39;s almost equal to Celine Dion when she sings.是啊,差不多都比得上席琳.迪翁。A:Maybe she#39;ll make a famous singer in the future.也许将来会成为一名著名的歌唱家。B:You can bet on that.我敢打赌她会的。A:Yesterday I ;hamlet;.Such a fantastic book!昨天我读了《王子复仇记》.真是本好书.B:You said it.No one can match Shakespeare in artistic talent.你说对了,就艺术才能而言没人能与莎士比亚相比.A:I do agree with you.我很赞成你的观点。A:Do you like travelling?B:Yes,I do.你喜欢旅游吗?是的。A:Do you usually travel by bus?你总是坐汽车旅行吗?B:No,by train.I think it#39;s much safer than bus.不,坐火车。我想火车要更安全些。A:Mike,you#39;re seventeen years old,right? B:Yeah,Why?迈克,你已经17岁了吧?是的,怎么啦?A:You look quite mature beside your cousin who is eighteen.和你18岁的表兄比,你显得很成熟。B:You can bet on that.你说对了。A:I think my car can run much faster than yours.我认为我的车比你的跑得快。B:But mine equals yours in economy. B:That#39;s true.但是我的和你的一样实惠。A:I hear Fred is a very good student in your class.听说弗雷德是你们班上非常优秀的学生。B:Though he#39;s not the one who can get the highest score,尽管他不是得最高成绩的人,yet,on the whole,he is comparable to the best.但是总体来看他却可以和班上最好的媲美。A:What do you mean by ;on the whole;?你说的;总体;是什么意思?B:I mean he#39;s a stuent developing all round.我是说他是个全面发展的学生。A:Can you tell me some of the places you#39;ve traveled to ?讲一讲你旅游过的地方好吗?B:I#39;ve been to Paris,.Berlin,Alaska...我去过巴黎、柏林、阿拉斯加......B:But you just can#39;t compare the former two with Alaska.前两者可没法儿和阿拉斯加相比。A:Who do you think is the gratest novelist in the history of English literature?你认为英国文学史上谁是最伟大的小说家?B:Charles Dickens.Actually no one can parallel him in writing.狄更斯。事实上没人能在写作上和他相提并论。A:I#39;m afraid I can#39;t agree with you on that.恐怕我不敢苟同。I like D.H.Laurence#39;s novels better.我更喜欢D.H.劳伦斯的小说。A:What kind of life do you perfer,city life or country life?你是喜欢农村生活还是城市生活?B:In comparison to city life,the country life is quiet and peaceful.与城市生活相比,乡下较为宁静。A:But it doesn#39;t have all the modern convenience offered by the city.但是乡下没有城市提供的现代设施。B:Yeah,I agree.Every wall has two sides.我同意这一点。凡事都是有利有弊。A:What do you think of the acting of the two main actors in the film?你觉得电影里两个主人公的扮演者的演技怎么样?B:I consider the hero#39;s acting is inferior to that of the heroine#39;s.don#39;t you agree?我觉得男主人不如女主人公演得好.你不这样认为吗?A:Well,I#39;m afraid not.I think the hero has much more to be believed in.不。我认为男的演得相当真实。A:If one is rich,is the happy?一个人有钱就幸福吗?B:I don#39;t think so.It#39;s impossible to equate wealth and happiness.我不这样认为.不可能把财富和幸福划等号。A:Could I understand what you said as:the poorest is the happiest?我能不能理解为穷人才是最幸福的?B:Of course not.Sometimes a poor man can be extremely miserable.当然不能。有时穷人相当悲惨。A:Have you any idea of the prices of ruby and diamond?你知道红宝石和金刚石的价格吗?B:I#39;m not very sure.but I know ruby is less valuable than diamond.不太了解.但是我认为金刚石要比红宝石贵重.A:How do you know that? B: I got is from an encyclopedia.你怎么知道呢?从百乎全书上看来的。 /200907/76788宜昌市治愈疱疹需要多久 宜都市人民中妇幼保健医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱

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宜昌包皮环切术费用I can hold my own.我能做好。讲解:这句话算是一句俚语。意思是“I am very capable.”。美国人通常对自己充满自信。美国人的思维是you can do it,所应该考虑的是how can I do it?美国人最有魅力的一点是在心中永远充满希望和信心,be positive all the time。 /201503/361373 宜昌男健是正规医院吗?宜昌治包皮过长哪家医院比较好



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