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四川重庆星辰医院减肥手术多少钱重庆去色素痣多少钱GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the British pharmaceutical giant, is under investigation by the UK#39;s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) over its commercial practices.英国药业巨头葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)正在接受英国反严重欺诈办公室(Serious Fraud Office,SFO)对其商业行为的调查。According to the company, it intends to uphold the ;highest ethical standards; and will ;cooperate fully; with the government inquiry. In a statement, the SFO wrote, ;The Director of the SFO has opened a criminal investigation into the commercial practices of GlaxoSmithKline plc and its subsidiaries.; It did not elaborate any further about the nature of any illegal activity by the company.这家公司自称坚持“最高的道德标准”,并将“全力配合”政府调查。反严重欺诈办公室在一份声明中写道:“反严重欺诈办公室主任已经开始对葛兰素史克及其子公司的商业行为展开刑事调查。”但这份声明没有详细说明这家公司非法活动的性质。Earlier this month, Chinese law enforcement accused GlaxoSmithKline of bribing hospital and government officials. At that time, Chinese authorities said GlaxoSmithKline#39;s former China chief Mark Reilly was responsible for starting a ;massive bribery network; in the country.本月早些时候,中国执法部门指控葛兰素史克贿赂医院和政府官员。当时,中国官方指控葛兰素史克前中国区负责人马克锐在中国建立了“庞大的贿赂网络”。In response to those accusations, GlaxoSmithKline said in a statement: ;We take the allegations that have been raised very seriously. They are deeply concerning to us and contrary to the values of GlaxoSmithKline. We will continue to fully co-operate with the authorities in this matter.;针对上述指控,葛兰素史克在声明中回应称:“我们非常认真地对待中方提出的指控。我们对这些指控深表关切,这种行为违反了葛兰素史克的价值。我们将继续全力配合相关部门对该事件进行调查。”In Poland, meanwhile, 11 doctors and a regional manager for the pharmaceutical company were charged with corruption from 2010 to 2012, according to the B in April.B4月份报道称,在波兰,11名医生和这家制药公司的一名区域经理因为2010年至2012年期间的腐败行为而遭到了指控。If the latest allegations prove true, the company may have violated the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, according to the B.据B报道,如果最近的指控属实,那么,这家公司可能已经违反了英国《反贿赂法》(UK Bribery Act)和美国《反海外腐败法》(US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)。No other details were immediately available. A spokeswoman for GlaxoSmithKline declined to comment.目前尚无其他详细信息。葛兰素史克发言人也拒绝就此发表。 /201405/302206四川省副乳切除多少钱 Few Chinese take paid leave中国很少有人带薪休假A large amount of Chinese employees refuse to take paid leave, a legal right for workers stipulated by Chinese law, a new survey has found.我国法律规定职工享有带薪休假的合法权利,但很多职工拒绝享受带薪假。According to a nationwide survey conducted by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, around 50% of Chinese employees choose not to take paid leave.人社部一项全国性调查显示,目前我国有50%左右的职工选择不休带薪假。In a bid to find out why, the People#39;s Daily recently interviewed several employees in different employment settings. The newspaper found interviewees who work for government organs, institutions and State-owned enterprises reluctantly give up their rights due to concerns that asking for paid leave might ;leave bosses the bad impression of being lazy; and influence future job promotions.为找原因,《人民日报》近日采访了不同职业背景的一些职工,发现在政府部门、事业单位和国有企业工作的受访者由于担心要求休带薪假可能会给老板留下;偷懒;的坏印象,影响未来工作晋升而不情愿地放弃休假的权利。In other jobs, such as sales, employees forego paid leave to avoid smaller bonuses, as only basic salary is given during that time.对于其它工作,如销售,职工放弃带薪休假是为了避免奖金的缩水,因为带薪休假期间只能拿底薪。 /201507/389138四川妙桃隆胸假体多少钱

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重庆鼻头缩小多少钱Amazon, the US ecommerce group, plans to ramp up its business in China by setting up operations in Shanghai’s new free-trade zone, allowing it to sell more imports, more cheaply to better compete with domestic rivals Alibaba and JD.com.美国电商集团亚马逊(Amazon)计划入驻上海自由贸易区(FTZ),从而能以更低价格销售更多进口产品,提高面对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等本地对手时的竞争力。The retailer follows software company Microsoft and a string of banks into the 28 sq km free-trade zone, set up a year ago as a test bed for economic reforms. Amazon hopes that by setting up a logistics warehouse within the zone, thus enjoying lower shipping costs and freight times, it will boost its wafer-thin 2 per cent slice of the online shopping market.一年前,中国在上海设立了28平方公里的自贸区,把它作为经济改革的一块试验田,已吸引到微软(Microsoft)和多家入驻。亚马逊希望在区内设立一个物流仓库,以降低运费、减少货运时间,扩大中国市场份额。目前亚马逊只占有2%的中国电商市场。“We’re going to have lower shipping charges, faster delivery coming into the free-trade zone, so there are going to be many benefits,” said Diego Piacentini , vice-president of international consumer business, speaking to Chinese television on Wednesday.“进驻自贸区后,我们的运费会更低,交货速度会更快,所以将带来很多好处,”亚马逊国际消费业务副总裁迭戈#8226;皮亚琴蒂尼(Diego Piacentini)周三在中国电视节目中说。 /201408/322968 Among the deep-pocketed collectors of Chinese antique ceramics, few pieces arouse as much excitement as the small Ming dynasty-era bowls commonly known as the #39;chicken cups.#39; 在中国古代瓷器收藏圈里,鲜有藏品能够像明成化“鸡缸杯”(chicken cup)那样引得一众富豪收藏家趋之若鹜。The bowls, small enough to be held comfortably in the palm of the hand, were created between 1465 and 1487 and are named for the chickens painted on their sides. Only 19 are known to exist, and of those just four are in private hands, with the rest in museum collections. 鸡缸杯不足一掌大小,烧制于明代成化时期(公元1465至1487年),因其杯壁上画有公鸡母鸡,故称鸡缸杯。现存于世的鸡缸杯只有19只,其中四只在私人藏家手中,其余均被物馆收藏。But one of those four will be going up for sale on April 8 at a Sotheby#39;s auction in Hong Kong and is estimated to fetch as much as US.5 million. 但这四只鸡缸杯中将有一只现身4月8日的香港苏富比(Sotheby)拍卖会,估价高达3,850万美元。Part of the Meiyintang collection owned by Switzerland#39;s Zuellig family, this same bowl was also the last chicken cup to go up for auction, in 1999. At a Sotheby#39;s sale in Hong Kong, it brought US.7 million -- at the time, a record for a Chinese porcelain. 这只明成化斗鸡缸杯是瑞士裕利(Zuellig)家族“玫茵堂”(Meiyintang)的藏品,1999年最后一次现身拍卖会的鸡缸杯也正是这一只。在当年的香港苏富比拍卖会上,这只鸡缸杯拍出了370万美元的天价,刷新中国瓷器世界拍卖纪录。Prices for Chinese ceramics have skyrocketed since, but reverence for these cups has remained constant since imperial times. Several works of Chinese literature reference the chicken cups, often describing how emperors and nobles spent fortunes to obtain them in the 17th century. 此后中国瓷器价格一路飙高,但鸡缸杯的尊贵地位自帝王时代以来从未被动摇。几部中国文学作品曾经提到过鸡缸杯,均是描写17世纪的皇帝和贵族如何散尽千金,就为得到这样一只小小的杯子。#39;This is the crowning glory for collectors,#39; said Nicholas Chow, Sotheby#39;s expert in Chinese ceramics. But what makes this one so valuable? He explains: 苏富比的中国瓷器专家仇国仕(Nicholas Chow)说,对于藏友来说,拥有一只鸡缸杯是至高无上的荣耀。至于鸡缸杯为何价值连城,他给出了如下解释:Chenghua porcelains: The wares from this 15th-century period, known as the Chenghua era after the Ming dynasty emperor who ruled at the time, are regarded as #39;the peak in material refinement,#39; according to Mr. Chow. The imperial kilns of the period exercised strict quality control, and he likens Chenghua porcelains to silk. #39;It#39;s very sensuous -- the only porcelain you can tell blind,#39; he said. 成化瓷:据仇国仕介绍,烧制于15世纪明代成化年间的成化瓷被视为制瓷艺术的顶峰。当时的官窑产品质量极其讲究,仇国仕将其比作丝绸。他说,成化瓷的手感很特别,是唯一闭着眼睛都能摸出来的瓷器品种。Emperors love chickens: The painting is a naive, almost childish, color depiction of a rooster and a hen taking care of a young chick -- a parable for Confucian virtues that extend to an emperor#39;s looking after his subjects. The simplicity is what makes this cup so desirable, said Mr. Chow, and the artist#39;s #39;impressionistic#39; style is atypical for that time. 帝王锺爱“鸡”:这只鸡缸杯上所绘的是一只公鸡和一只母鸡带着一只小鸡的场景,色缤纷鲜明,画风率真可人,寓意帝王善待子民的儒家思想。仇国仕说,风格质 正是这只杯子如此受人喜爱的原因,这种写意画风是当时主要的艺术风格形式。Fakes abound: Mr. Chow said the chicken cups are the most-copied bowls in China, and even the Chenghua examples in museums have aroused suspicion. In a Sotheby#39;s catalog essay about next week#39;s chicken-cup sale, ceramics expert Regina Krahl wrote that former Sotheby#39;s Chairman Julian Thompson contested that the two examples at the Palace Museum in Beijing are fakes. (The museum declared in an official 1999 catalog that they are authentic.) Today, antique markets in China offer imitations for as little as a few yuan apiece. #39;It#39;s like hanging a copy of the Mona Lisa,#39; Mr. Chow said. #39;Everybody#39;s heard of the chicken cup.#39; 仿品众多:仇国仕说,鸡缸杯是中国被仿制最多的瓷器,甚至物馆里的一些藏品也被怀疑是后朝仿品。在下周苏富比的拍卖目录介绍中,瓷器专家康蕊君(Regina Krahl)写道,苏富比前董事长朱汤生(Julian Thompson)曾表示北京故宫物院收藏的两只明成化斗鸡缸杯是后朝仿品。(故宫物院在1999年的官方藏品目录中称它们是真品。)如今,在中国的古玩市场上,花几块钱就能买到一只鸡缸杯的仿品。仇国仕说,它就像是到处可见的“蒙娜丽莎”仿品,人人都听说过鸡缸杯。 /201404/284973四川处女膜修复多少钱四川opt嫩肤多少钱



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