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赣州妇女儿童医院男科咨询赣州全南人民医院男科医院在那儿赣州信丰治疗睾丸炎多少钱 3 kinds of false friends you must fire from your life离开误交的三类朋友I often blog posts, here at Forbes and on other platforms, that spark further thought. I just one at Inc.com, by Jeff Haden, about the types of people you should remove from your inner circle if you’re a business owner.我经常在福布斯和其他网站上读一些客帖子,有些帖子发人深省。我最近在Inc.com网站上读了一篇杰夫.哈登写的帖子,帖子讲的是企业主应远离的几类人。It got me reflecting on the folks I’ve removed from my life over the years (not removed in the Mafioso sense – I mean ‘stopped interacting with’), or those I’ve encouraged others to remove. It might sound callous or draconian, but I’m convinced that life is too short to have people around you on a daily basis who make it more difficult to succeed or to be happy.Now of course, we all have days when even the folks we’re fondest of – friends, colleagues, family – make us want to tear our hair out. That’s not what I ‘m talking about (that’s life on the planet). I’m talking about those folks who consistently make your life harder or less pleasant.So, here’s my observation of the three types of people to invite out of your life:这让我不禁想到了几年间那些被我从我的生活中消除的人(我的意思是“停止交往”,而不是黑手党意义上的消除),和那些我劝别人疏远的人。这听起来可能有些冷漠无情,但是我坚信人生苦短,我们不应该让那些阻碍我们成功和快乐的人整日出现在身边。有时候即使是我们最喜欢的朋友、同事和家人也会是我们发狂,但那不是我要说的情况(这个星球的生活就是这样)。我要说的是那些总是你的生活充满困难和不快的人。下面的三类人,就是我通过观察认为你应当远离的人。Energy vampires. Some people just wear you out; you feel more tired and stressed, less vital after interacting with them. These folks seem to believe that the main job of their friends and colleagues is to help them feel better. I once had a friend who required hours and hours of “processing” – his pain, difficulty, emotional upheaval, the unfairness of his past life: everything needed to be gone over ad infinitim. Sadly, no matter how deeply you listen, no matter how much counsel you offer, no matter how much you put your own needs on the back burner to support these folks, it will not be enough. Think about the friends and colleagues who consistently take more from you than they give back, and ask yourself why you’re still offering yourself to be sucked dry.精力吸血鬼。一些人总让你精疲力尽,与他们交往后,你感到很累很压抑,甚至萎靡不振。这些人似乎认为朋友和同事的主要工作就是使自己过得好。我曾经有一个朋友,他分秒不停地“诉苦”——关于他过去的生活所经历的痛苦、遇到的困难、遭遇的情感挫折和不公平待遇。每件事他都要无休止地讲下去。可悲的是,无论你多么用心聆听,无论你提出多少建议,无论你为了帮助他们放下自己手头多少事,在他们看来似乎都显得不够。想想你的那些朋友和同事,他们从你那里拿走的远超过归还的,然后问问自己,为何还要让他们吸取你的精力。I Me Mine: My brother used to be married to someone who expected much more from others, on a daily basis, than she was willing to give. For instance, she had no problem asking someone to babysit for her child, or watch her house, or run an errand for her…but when it came time to reciprocate, somehow it just never seemed possible. When she came to visit, everything had to be oriented to accommodate her: the foods she required, the quietest room with the proper light, the cats farmed out to friends because of her allergies. No such accommodations were possible when others visited her. “I Me Mine” people are the center of their own universe, and if they’re in your life, you are always going to have to work around their needs and preferences. Collaboration, reciprocity and give and take are not part of their vocabulary. Do what you can to minimize your interactions with these folks (although they may let you know in no uncertain terms that you’re being unreasonable or unfair not to be available to fulfill their every whim).我,我的。我弟弟曾和一位女士结了婚,这位女士总期望别人为她出更多的力,而她自己却很少付出。例如,她毫不客气地让别人帮她照看孩子,看管房屋,或者跑腿等等。但当别人有事请她帮忙时,几乎不可能。她去拜访别人时,衣食住行都要符合其要求:食物要合口;住房必须安静且光线适中;由于她对猫过敏,主人要托朋友看管猫。当别人回访她时,却根本得不到这样的待遇。“我,我的”这类人总是以自己的世界为中心。如果你和他们一起生活,你将不得不总是围绕他们的需要和喜好工作。在他们的字典里从来没有诸如“合作”“互助”“互相谦让”之类的字眼。你要尽量减少与这些人来往(尽管他们可能明确告诉你,如果不满足他们每次的心血来潮,你会显得多么不公,多么不近人情)。Liars. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times – why are you still on the list of people whose calls I return? If someone is consistently unreliable, or tells you things that aren’t true, or says one thing to you and another thing to someone else in order to protect themselves….cut them loose. Liars are the worst. Energy Vampires and I Me Mines are a pain and make your life more difficult – but Liars can create honest-to-goodness legal and moral problems.说谎者。愚弄我一次,你真不害臊;愚弄我两次,我真丢脸;愚弄我三次——我为什么还和你交往(我都不会再回你电话了)?如果一个人一直以来都不可靠,总是告诉你一些不真实的事,并且为了保护他自己的利益,总是当面一套背地一套,你应当远离这样的人。说谎者最可恶。“精力吸血鬼”和“我,我的”这两类人只是让你痛苦或者活得更艰难些,但说谎者却能真正造成一些法律和道德问题。The great thing to realize is that you actually have the power to do this. You don’t need have to these people in your life. You can kindly but firmly minimize your interactions with them. And that frees you up to invite wonderful people into your life.重要的是,你应该意识到实际上你有能力去做这件事。在生活中,你不需要这些人。你可以友好但要坚决地减少与他们的交往。这样一来,你就可以自由地邀请一些令你愉快的人进入你的生活了。 /201211/211477A man tried to get a job in a stage show.一个人想在一个舞台剧中找份工作。;What can you do?; asked the producer.“你能干什么呢?”负责人问。;Imitate birds,; the man said.“模仿鸟儿,”那人说。;Are you kidding?; answered the producer, ;People like that are a dime a dozen.;“你在开玩笑吧?”负责人答道,“那样的人一毛钱可以找一打。”;Well, I guess that#39;s that.; said the actor, as he sp his arms and flew out the window.“噢,那就算了。”那名演员说着,展开翅膀,飞出了窗口。 /201209/201300赣州市蓉江区妇幼保健院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

赣州兴国治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好The world#39;s most widely followed faith is gathering persecutors, even non-Christians should worry about that.世界上最流行的宗教信仰正在各处受到压制,即使非基督徒也应对此关切。CHRISTIANITY is growing almost as fast as humanity itself, but its 2.2 billion adherents cannot count on safety in numbers. That is partly because the locus of the world#39;s largest religion is shifting to hotter (in several senses) parts of the world. According to a report published by the Pew Forum in December, the Christian share of the population of sub-Saharan Africa has soared over the past century, from 9% to 63%. Meanwhile, the think-tank says, the Christian proportion of Europeans and people in the Americas has dropped, respectively, from 95% to 76% and from 96% to 86%.基督教徒的数量几乎和世界人口数量同步增长,但是,22亿信徒的众多数量并不能自然地保障他们的安全。部分原因是,这个世界上最大宗教的地域越益向世界更热的地方扩展(这里;热;字有多种含义)。据Pew论坛今年12月发表的一份报告,黑非洲(撒哈拉以南)的基督教人口占总人口的比例,在上个世纪中从9%猛增至63%。与此同时,欧洲和美国人口中基督徒的比例却分别从95%和96%降到76%和86%。But moving from the jaded north to the dynamic south does not portend an easy future. In Nigeria scores of Christians have died in Islamist bomb attacks, targeting Christmas prayers. In Iran and Pakistan Christians are on death row, for ;apostasy;;quitting Islam;or blasphemy. Dozens of churches in Indonesia have been attacked or shut. Two-thirds of Iraq#39;s pre-war Christian population have fled. In Egypt and Syria, where secular despots gave Christianity a shield of sorts, political upheaval and Muslim zeal threaten ancient Christian groups. Not all Christianity#39;s woes are down to Muslims. The faith faces harassment in formally communist China and Vietnam. In India Hindu nationalists want to penalise Christians who make converts. In the Holy Land local churches are caught between Israeli encroachment on their property and Islamist bids to monopolise Palestinian life. Followers of Jesus may yet become a rarity in his homeland.但是,基督教从疲惫的北方向富有活力的南方扩展,并不能预示基督徒在南方的安宁生活。在尼日利亚,几十名基督徒在针对圣诞节祈祷者的伊斯兰炸弹袭击中死亡。在伊朗和巴基斯坦,基督徒因为;变节;(放弃原来的伊斯兰信仰)或;亵渎;罪被判死刑。在印尼,几十座教堂被袭击或关闭。在伊拉克,战前基督教人口的三分之二已逃离那里。在埃及和叙利亚,虽然世俗的独裁者多少给了基督徒一些保护,但政治动荡和穆斯林的狂热在威胁着那里历史悠久的基督教团体。此外,穆斯林并不是基督徒遭受磨难的唯一根源。基督教信仰在形式上的共产主义国家中国和越南也受到烦扰。在印度,印度教民族主义者要求惩罚那些变换信仰转为基督徒的人。在耶路撒冷圣地,当地的教堂受到两方面的夹击:以色列人对基督教财产的侵蚀和巴勒斯坦人独占耶路撒冷的要求。耶稣的家乡可能会罕见基督徒了。Compared both with the wars of religion that once tore Christendom apart and with various modern intra-faith struggles, such as those within Islam, little blood is being spilt. But the brutality matters. Even if Western powers no longer see promoting Christianity#39;s interests as a geopolitical priority, it is hard to imagine American evangelicals ignoring a full-scale clampdown on house churches in China. And whatever their own beliefs, Western voters have other reasons to worry about the fate of Christians. Regimes or societies that persecute Christians tend to oppress other minorities too. Sunni Muslims who demonise Christians loathe Shias. Once religion is involved, any conflict becomes harder to solve.与历史上那些基督教徒之间的宗教战争和现代的宗教内部冲突(如伊斯兰)比较起来,目前对基督教的烦扰还不算太血腥,但仍然是残酷的。即便西方大国已不再把扩展基督教作为地缘政治的优先目标,仍然很难想象美国的传教士们会漠视中国对家庭教堂的全面禁止。不管他们自己的宗教信仰是什么,西方的选民们有其它原因对基督教徒的命运感到关切。因为,压制基督教的政权或社会通常也会压制其他少数人群。把基督徒视为魔鬼的逊尼派穆斯林同样诅咒什叶派穆斯林。只要宗教问题缠绕进来,任何冲突都变得难以化解。Just don#39;t call it a crusade绝非十字军运动[注2]Among liberal values, the freedom to profess any religion or none has a central place. America#39;s government is bound by law to promote that liberty. In line with its own ideals, America is rightly as concerned by the persecution of Muslims of any stripe as by the travails of Christians in China or Jews and Bahais in Iran. And it objects when Christian lands, like Belarus, practise persecution. Other more secular Western countries should do more to defend that right.在自由主义的价值观念中,信教或不信教的自由有着极为重要的地位。美国政府有促进宗教自由的法律义务。基于它自己的理念,美国理应对所有形式的宗教压制感到关切:不管是穆斯林受到的迫害,还是中国的基督教徒、伊朗的犹太教徒和巴黑伊教派经受的磨难,都是一样。当基督教占统治地位的国家(如白俄罗斯)发生压制其他宗教现象时,美国同样表示了反对。其它宗教色较淡的西方国家也应当在保护宗教自由上承担更多责任。What about those who see persecuting other religions as part of their calling? No faith is blameless: from Delhi to Jerusalem many of those stirring up hatred are men of God. But there is a specific problem with Islam. Islamic law (though not the Koran) has often mandated death for people leaving the faith. There are signs of change. The 57-member Organisation of Islamic Co-operation has, with American encouragement, toned down its bid to outlaw ;blasphemy; in various UN resolutions. It also condemned the attacks in Nigeria. But more Muslim leaders need to accept that changing creed is a legal right. On that one point, the West should not back down. Otherwise believers, whether Christian or not, remain in peril.有些人把迫害其他宗教看做是自己的使命,这在各个宗教里都不少见:从德里到耶路撒冷,很多煽动宗教仇恨的人自称为神意的执行者。但伊斯兰的问题更大一些。依照伊斯兰法(不是可兰经),对于改变信仰的人通常必须执行死刑。不过,现在已经有改变的迹象。有57个成员国的伊斯兰合作组织,已不再要求把一些联合国决议中的词句视为;亵渎伊斯兰;和非法,这个态度得到了美国的鼓励。这个组织还谴责了尼日利亚发生的袭击基督教徒的事件。但是,更多的穆斯林领导人需要承认人们改变信仰的权利。在这一点上,西方不应退缩。不然的话,宗教信徒们(不管是不是基督教徒)仍然难以摆脱困境。[注1]在基督教早期受到的迫害中,曾有古罗马把基督徒喂给狮子的酷刑。[注2]这里是说反对迫害基督徒并不是像十字军东征那样站在基督教立场上反对异教,而是要反对一切形式的宗教压制。 /201201/167625于都县妇幼保健院电话预约 信丰县妇幼保健院要预约吗

大余县人民医院电话预约Being ;put on the spot; by a face-to-face question might NOT be the best way to get a truthful answer.面对面地审问某人也许不是得到真实的最佳方式。People tend to tell the truth more when asked questions via text message - because they have more time to think.用发短信的方式提问一般更能得到实情,因为人们有更多的时间思考。It also includes sensitive information that the person might not normally reveal - such as exactly how much they drink, or how much (or little) they exercise.通过发短信还能得知人通常不会透露的敏感信息,比如他们真实的饮酒量,或运动量的多少。While the police are unlikely to switch to interviewing suspects via iPhone, it#39;s a good way to elicit precise, true answers from friends.尽管警察不大可能转用iPhone来审问犯人,但这是从朋友那里获得准确真实回答的好办法。;The preliminary results of our study suggest that people are more likely to disclose sensitive information via text messages than in voice interviews,; says Fred Conrad, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Michigan.密歇根大学的认知心理学家弗雷德#8226;康拉德说:“我们研究的初步结果显示,相比语音访谈,人们在短信里更可能透露敏感信息。”;This is sort of surprising,; says Conrad, ;since many people thought that texting would decrease the likelihood of disclosing sensitive information because it creates a persistent, visual record of questions and answers that others might see on your phone.;康拉德说:“这有些令人惊讶。许多人以为发短信会降低透露敏感信息的可能性,因为这会产生问题和回答的持久的可视记录,其他人可能会在你手机上看到。”When texting, people are less likely to #39;round#39; figures up or down, and more likely to give precise answers.在发短信时,人们不大可能说个大概数字,更可能给出准确的。;We believe people give more precise answers via texting because there#39;s just not the time pressure in a largely asynchronous mode like text that there is in phone interviews,; says Conrad.康拉德说:“我认为人们通过短信能给出更准确的,因为短信很大程度上是一种非同步的通信方式,没有电话访谈的时间压力。”;As a result, respondents are able to take longer to arrive at more accurate answers.;“结果,应答者能有更多时间来想出更准确的。” /201205/182830 赣州市长安医院割包皮多少钱赣州人民医院新院割痔疮多少钱



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