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A Chinese teenager has been found hiding in the cargo hold of an Emirates passenger jet that had flown from Shanghai to Dubai.日前,一名中国少年被发现藏身于一艘阿联酋航空客机的货舱内,企图从上海偷渡到迪拜Emirates said the stowaway had been found on Flight EK3 from Shanghai and had been handed over to Dubai police.阿联酋航空方面表示,他们在从上海启程的EK3航班上发现了这名偷渡者,并且已经将其移交给了迪拜警方The airline did not name the stowaway but China official Xinhua news agency said he was a -year-old boy named Xu. The boy is reported to have said he was ;very comtable; in the hold.这架客机并没有提及这名偷渡者的姓名,但是中国官方媒体新华社报道称,这是一名岁的徐姓男子据称,该男子表示待在货运舱感觉“非常舒”He said he had heard that even beggars in Dubai could make a lot of money, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,这名男子表示,他曾听说在迪拜甚至是当乞丐都能挣大钱;We are co-operating fully with authorities in Dubai and as this is a police matter we are unable to comment further at this time,; Emirates said in an emailed statement.阿联酋航空在一份邮件声明中表示:“我们正在全力配合迪拜当局由于这件事和警方有关,目前我们还不能就此事做进一步”Xinhua said that consulate staff had been sent to the airport to learn more about the situation.据新华社报道,领事馆工作人员已经前往机场了解更多相关情况According to a translator appointed by prosecutors, the boy said he had jumped over a fence at Shanghai airport and climbed into the cargo hold while a security guard looked away, Xinhua added.据新华社报道,迪拜方面的检察官的翻译表示,这名男子承认自己跳过了上海机场的围栏,并趁一名安保疏忽时爬进了这架客机的货舱Dubai is home to the world busiest airport international travel and is a major destination job-seekers from around the world.迪拜拥有世界上最繁忙的国际机场,此外还是全世界求职者的一个主要目的地Emirates operates numerous flights between its Dubai hub and China, including two round-trip flights daily to Shanghai.阿联酋拥有多条往来迪拜港和中国的航班,其中就包括每天飞往上海的两趟往返航班 8999

第十四课: 导游 Lesson : The Tour Guide 各位听众朋友好欢迎您收听“旅游业英语”的第十四讲我是澳 大利亚澳洲广播电台中文部的节目主持人马健媛 在第十三讲中我们复习了一些非常有用的句型并学习了表示时间的 一些不同说法在这一课中,我们要学习有关自我介绍的正式及非 正式说法,务业中一些职务的英语名称及如何说或取信于你的 顾客在这一课的情景对话中,蒙纳女士和怀特先生与利奥推荐的 导游见了面 Leo: Good afternoon. Mona: Hi Leo. Why are you wearing a different unim? And where is Mr Le? Leo: Let me introduce myself. I am Mr Le. Your tour guide. Jack: Leo, you’re a tour guide? Mona: But you’re the hotel receptionist! Leo: I also work Five Star Tours. Mona: I don’t understand. Leo: Please let me explain. I’m saving up to study hotel management in Australia. So I work Five Star Tours in my spare time. 让我们再听一遍对话的内容我会在每句话之后将句子翻译成中 文 利奥: 下午好 Leo: Good afternoon. 蒙纳: 你好,利奥你怎么穿了一身不同的制呢?乐先生在 哪里呀? Mona: Hi Leo. Why are you wearing a different unim? And where is Mr Le? 利奥: 让我自我介绍一下我就是乐先生,你们的导游 Leo: Let me introduce myself. I am Mr Le. Your tour guide. 杰克: 利奥,你怎么变成了导游呢? Page of 7 Jack: Leo, you’re a tour guide? 蒙纳: 你不是酒店前台的接待员吗? Mona: But you’re the hotel receptionist! 利奥: 我同时也为五星旅游公司工作 Leo: I also work Five Star Tours. 蒙纳: 我真不明白这是怎么回事 Mona: I don’t understand. 利奥: 请听我的解释我现在正为了到澳大利亚学习酒店管理 专业而存钱,所以我业余时间还为五星旅游公司打工 Leo: Please let me explain. I’m saving up to study hotel management in Australia. So I work Five Star Tours in my spare time. 您注意到利奥在做自我介绍时是怎么说的吗? 利奥: 让我自我介绍一下我就是乐先生,你们的导游 Leo: Let me introduce myself. I am Mr Le. Your tour guide. Let me introduce myself 是英语中自我介绍时比较正式的一种说 法,而比较随意的一种说法就是直接说出自己的姓名或者身份,例 如: “I am Leo, your tour guide”. 请注意听录音并跟着重复 Let me introduce myself. I’m Leo. Your tour guide. Eng: I’m Joe. Your driver. Eng: I’m Emma. The Cashier. Eng: I’m Ellia. Your interpreter. 让我们再听一遍这部份对话在利奥的讲话之后会给您留出时间, 让您重复他的句子 Leo: Good afternoon. Mona: Hi Leo. Why are you wearing a different unim? And where is Mr Le? Leo: Let me introduce myself. I am Mr Le. Your tour guide. Jack: Leo, you’re a tour guide? Mona: But you’re the hotel receptionist! Leo: I also work Five Star Tours. 563

You could be mistaken thinking that somebody has been playing around with make-up. But Venus the cat is actually real, despite her striking appearance.你可能以为这是主人耍调皮给猫猫化了妆,但这只名为维纳斯的猫确实是长了一张“分裂脸”The five-year-old tabby has taken the Internet by storm thanks to her unique face, which is black on one side and orange on the other. Her eyes are different too - her black side has a yellow one while her orange side has a blue one.这只5岁的家猫因其独特长相在网上爆红,猫脸的一边为黑色,另一边为黄色不止如此,它两眼的颜色也不一样,黑脸一侧的眼睛是棕色的,黄脸一侧的眼睛却是蓝色的Venus boasts 9,000 likes on her Facebook page, is featured in dozens of YouTube s and even has her own website selling Venus-related merchandise. She has also appeared in National Geographic magazine and starred on numerous US TV shows.维纳斯的脸书账号有9000粉丝,也有很多YouTube视频,甚至还有自己的网页,出售和它有关的周边商品维纳斯还登上过《国家地理杂志,还在很多美国电视节目中入镜In a brief interview on her website, Venus addressed speculation she is a fake. She said: Im 0 per cent natural. No makeup at all. Not even eyeliner.在其主页上的一个简短采访中,维纳斯对它这一相貌的质疑予以回应,“我是百分百纯天然的,真的没化妆哦,眼线都没画呢”Venus owners Christina and Chris got her from a dairy farm in North Carolina in , where she was a stray. They fell in love with her at first sight because she looked like a mixture of their other two cats, an orange tabby and a black tuxedo.维纳斯的主人克里斯蒂娜和克里斯在年北卡罗莱纳州的一个奶牛场发现了维纳斯,那时它还是只流浪猫一看到维纳斯他们就爱上了它,因为她看起来像是他们另两只猫咪的结合,一只是黄色虎斑,另一只是黑色燕尾猫They were astonished that the line down her face was so distinct. Even her whiskers were white on one side and black on the other.令他们惊讶的是,这只猫脸上的分界线相当明显,而且正好在脸部正中间,连它的胡须都不一样,一边是白色的,另一边是黑色的Christina and Chris, who declined to give their surnames, have said that people have accused them of dying Venus fur - but the reality is that their pet was ‘born this way.克里斯蒂娜和克里斯,拒绝透露自己的姓氏,他们表示,人们纷纷指责他们将维纳斯染成这样 - 但事实是,维纳斯真的是生来如此现在夫妻俩已成功将维纳斯塑造成一个鼓舞亿万人的榜样,在猫和人类的世界中鼓励多样化的存在A recent post on Venus Facebook page s: ‘No matter how different you are, love yourself and all of your perfect imperfections! We all have them.‘ Be true to yourself and dont change anyone! Were not all supposed to be the same. Our differences are what makes us unique which makes everyone one of a kind.在脸书上最近一篇关于维纳斯消息中写道:“无论你是多么的不同,爱自己以及所有你的完美和不完美!每个人都是如此做真正的自己,不要为任何人改变!我们不都是相同的,我们的与众不同成就了我们的独一无二”They also post appeals other cats in local shelters to be rehomed and ask donations to the Florida Humane Society.他们还在当地为其他流浪猫寻找新主人,并呼吁向佛罗里达州动物保护协会捐款Quite how Venus looks the way she does has been the source of some speculation.维纳斯的长相为何如此引起了很多猜测Leslie Lyons, a professor at the University of Calinia, Davis, has said that Venus is ‘extremely, extremely rare, but her appearance could be explained.莱斯利·莱昂斯,加州大学戴维斯分校的教授表示,维纳斯的长相“非常,非常罕见”,但她的外表是可以解释的Professor Lyons, who studies cat genetics, said her theory was that black coloration was randomly activated in all the cells on one side of her face while she was developing. The orange colouration was activated on the other and they met in the middle of her body while she was in the womb.研究猫科遗传学的里昂教授表示,当维纳斯在子宫中发育过程中,脸一侧的黑色的基因被随机激活,黄色基因在脸的另一侧激活,分界线正好是脸中间The professor said she would like to carry out DNA testing with samples of skin from both sides of the cat. If her theory is right then Venus will have different DNA on the black side to the orange side.她表示,如果可以,她可以对维纳斯脸两侧的基因进行检测,如果她的说法是正确的,那么维纳斯脸部两侧的基因是不同的 5



  导购口语:It the latest fashion, very popular.这是最新款式,非常流行It is a latest model. The style is the most popular this year.这是最新款式这个款式是今年最流行的Would you like to see our latest models?您要看一下我们最新的款式吗?语句:Latest fashion与latest model这两种表达都可以用来表示“最新款式”,还可以用latest style,latest pattern,latest design表达情景再现:We have many patterns you to choose.我们有许多款式供您选择The latest winter fashions are now on view here.最新的冬款现在都在陈列着Well, there the style. It the latest.那么,看看这种款式这是最新的了 1983

  A: I would love to rent out your apartment.B: That’s great.A: How much is the rent?B: The rent each month is $.A: That’s a lot of money.B: Did you have a better price in mind?A: What about 0?B: That’s way too low.A: I can’t pay much more than that.B: How about 0 a month?A: That would be fine.B: Great. It was a pleasure doing business with you.A set of newborn triplets were the talk of their Tennessee hospital this year, after tipping the scales at a combined 19.6 pounds at birth.今年田纳西州医院的热门话题是新生的三胞胎,他们出生时总重达19.6磅Jack, Stella and Luke Tipton arrived in that order, weighing 7 pounds, ounces; 6 pounds, 3 ounces; and 5 pounds, 9 ounces. The siblings missed the world record mark heaviest triplets by . pounds.杰克、斯特拉和卢克先后出生,老大重7磅盎司,老二重6磅3盎司;老三重5磅9盎司这三胞胎只与世界最重三胞胎记录相差.磅;We were shocked,; mom Kate Tipton of Knoxville told A News. ;They weighed Jack twice. He was first. They thought, That not right. He cant weigh 7 pounds, ounces as a triplet.;“我们很震惊,”来自诺克斯维尔的妈妈凯特·蒂普顿接受美国广播公司采访时表示“他们给杰克称了两次体重,他是最重的他们认为这不对作为三胞胎,他不可能有7磅盎司重”Jack, Stella and Luke arrived in March but only recently did Tipton doctor suggest that she look into whether or not her kids had broken the Guinness World Record the largest triplets.杰克,斯特拉和卢克是在今年3月出生的,但直到最近蒂普顿的医生才建议她看看是否她的孩子们打破了最重三胞胎的吉尼斯世界纪录To her surprise, Tipton triplets were just . pounds shy of the title.令她吃惊的是,蒂普顿三胞胎只与吉尼斯世界纪录相差.磅The heaviest triplets on record tipped the scales in at a combined weight of pounds in Calinia, according to Guinness.根据吉尼斯世界纪录显示,记录的最重三胞胎是年在加利福尼亚出生的,总重量是磅;I look back now and I said, Wow, what if I had been pregnant another week?; Tipton joked. ;But, I did not want to be pregnant any longer. They were the biggest in the history of UT Medical Center.;“我现在回头看,我说,哇,如果我再怀一个星期,会发生什么呢?”蒂普顿开玩笑道“但是,我不想再怀了他们是田纳西大学医学中心历史上最大的三胞胎”Tipton doctor Mark Hennessy told her this was the first time in his 5 years of practice that hed ever delivered or seen triplets of this size.蒂普顿的医生马克·汉尼斯告诉她,这是他5年行医生涯中所接生的或者所看到的三胞胎里最大的Tipton and her husband, Caleb, have two other daughters, Sophia, 9, and Aubrey, 8.蒂普敦和她的丈夫迦勒还有两个女儿,分别是9岁的索菲亚和8岁的奥布里 698

  Buying Business Cards 买名片A: Hello. I would like to buy some business cards.你好,我想买些名片B: Excellent. How many would you like?太好了你想要多少?A: Two thousand would be fine.二千张就好了B: You need to fill out this m, please. 你需要填这张表格A: All I want is the same thing on this card.我想要做的样子和这张表上的一样B: That will be no problem, sir.没问题,先生A: ...Okay, Im finished. Here your m and my old card.好的,我做好了给你表格,这张是我之前的名片B: Very good, sir. Your order will be y in one week.非常好,先生一个星期后名片就能制作好了A: Do you think you could finish it in three days?你觉得三天做好可能吗?B: No problem, sir. But it will cost you extra.没问题,先生但是要加钱 7993

  A: My doctor says that I need a blood test.B: I can help you with that. Just have a seat and roll up your left sleeve.A: What are you taking my blood ?B: Your doctor has requested a check of your white blood count.A: What inmation does that give him?B: If your white blood cell count is off, it could signal an infection somewhere in your body.A: Is a blood test painful?B: I am putting a tourniquet on your arm to plump up the vein. It will only feel like a little pin prick.A: Oh, my God, that hurts!B: That was it! Thank you coming in today.

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  5.They Wanted To Buy An Island5.打算买座岛In 1967, The Beatles planned to sail to Greece, find a suitable island, and set up a Beatletopia. Theyd build four houses, all connected at the center by a glass-domed recording studioentertainment complex. The island would also have homes members of their inner circle.1967年,甲壳虫计划乘船到希腊,找个合适的小岛,建立一个;甲壳虫匹亚;他们盖了四座房子,都与中间玻璃圆顶的录音棚(也是场所)相连岛上还将为团队其他人修建房屋It was a wild plan, and it was John idea. Tired of English weather and crazy fans, Lennon wanted a place where he and his friends could live in peace. Paul, on the other hand, had a different take on the situation. ;I suppose,; he once said, ;the main motivation . . . would probably be that no one could stop you smoking.;Dreaming of rest and recreational drugs, The Beatles flew to Greece, rented a yacht, and searched their new home. As they cruised the Mediterranean, the boys dropped quite a bit of acid, and John and George spent a lot of time playing ukuleles. So they could sneak their LSD into the country, Magic Alex—their Greek friend and the eventual head of Apple Electronics—cut a deal with the Greek government. In exchange a photo op with the Ministry of Tourism, The Beatles received diplomatic immy.The band found a spot to their liking, a guitar-shaped island called Leslo, which doesnt exist on any map. They sent one of their assistants to buy the island, but by the time they got their money out of the UK, The Beatles had lost interest in their Greek getaway. Evidently, this was par the course with The Beatles. According to McCartney, they once considered buying a little English village, but they dropped that idea, too.Really, it a shame that the deal never went through as The Beatles were about to fall apart. Perhaps an island getaway couldve saved their friendship. Of course, it mightve smudged their ;peace and love; personas, as Greece was ruled by a fascist dictatorship at the time.这个疯狂的计划是约翰的主意列侬厌烦了英国的天气和疯狂的粉丝,希望有一处可以和朋友平静居住的地方另一方面,保罗对这件事有不同的意见;我认为,;他曾说,;主要动机——很可能是没人阻挠你抽烟了吧;渴望休息和性药物,甲壳虫飞到希腊,租了一艘快艇,开始寻找新家在地中海航行的途中,他们扔掉了一些药物,约翰和乔治花了很多时间玩夏威夷四弦琴所以他们能偷偷地带着LSD致幻剂入境,亚力克斯巫师——他们的希腊朋友,后来苹果电子公司的领头人——与希腊政府达成了一项协议作为满足旅游部形象宣传的条件,甲壳虫获得了外交豁免权乐队发现了一个他们喜欢的、吉他形状的岛屿,叫做;Leslo;——任何地图上都没有他们让一位助手买下这座岛,但是等把资金转出英国时,甲壳虫对逃亡希腊已经失去了兴趣显而易见,这发生在甲壳虫身上不足为怪据麦卡特尼所言,他们曾考虑买下英国一个小村庄,但是他们也放弃了这个想法这真是件让人羞耻的事:协议从未兑现,因为甲壳虫不久将解散或许,逃亡小岛也不能拯救他们的友谊当然,这可能玷污了他们;平和友爱;的形象,因为希腊当时正由一位法西斯独裁者统治.The Short-Lived Apple Boutique.昙花一现的苹果精品店After the death of manager Brian Epstein, The Beatles took their musical empire in a new direction. Wanting more say in financial matters, they established Apple Corps, a company that branched into several divisions like Apple Records, Apple Films, and Apple Electronics. The Beatles were also interested in retail, so in December 1967, they opened the Apple Boutique, a strange little store at 9 Baker Street in London.经纪人布莱恩·厄普斯顿去世后,甲壳虫引导他们的音乐帝国走向了一个新方向想要在经济方面获得更多话语权,他们成立了苹果公司——下辖几种不同种类的分,比如苹果唱片、苹果电影和苹果电子甲壳虫还对零售感兴趣,所以1967年月,他们开了一家苹果精品店——位于伦敦贝克街9号的奇怪小商店Paul described the shop as ;a beautiful place where beautiful people can buy beautiful things.; While musicians like James Taylor recorded songs upstairs or in the basement, fans could shop goods on the ground floor. The merchandise was created by a Dutch design collective called The Fool, and they painted the storefront with a psychedelic rainbow mural, complete with stars, planets, and a yin-yang. The locals didnt care the artwork, and the city council had it painted over.The Boutique didnt do so well. all their musical savvy, The Beatles were lousy businessmen. Their merchandise was garbage, and official ;house hippie; Richard DiLello described the shop as ;a bog of bad taste.; In fact, the store was losing money so fast that seven months after opening, The Beatles gave all their goods away free. That was a rather hectic last day.The closing of the Apple Boutique resulted in one last scandal. Wanting to publicize their upcoming single, Paul whitewashed the window and wrote ;Hey Jude; in huge letters. The rest of the neighborhood misinterpreted his message. Since the band hadnt released the song yet, everyone assumed it was a reference to the Nazi habit of scrawling ;Juden; on stores owned by Jews. Local shopkeepers were furious, and somebody even put a brick through the window bee The Beatles could clear up the mistake.保罗这样描述这家店:;一个漂亮的人能买到漂亮东西的漂亮地方;当詹姆士·泰勒等音乐家在楼上或者地下室录制歌曲,歌迷可以在一楼看看商品商品由一个叫做;愚人;的荷兰设计团队创造,他们还把商店正面涂成能产生幻觉的虹壁画,用星星、行星和太极图作装饰当地人并不在乎这件艺术品,而市议会则用涂料把这幅画抹去了精品店生意不好他们有音乐才能,却是糟糕的商人他们的商品是垃圾,公认的;房屋嬉皮士;理查德·迪莱罗说这家店是;低级品味的泥淖;实际上,商店正在迅速亏损,营业7个月后,甲壳虫免费派发商品最后一天相当忙碌苹果精品店关闭还引起了另一个丑闻想要公开他们即将发行单曲的消息,保罗用石灰水把窗户刷白后,写上;Hey Jude(嗨!裘德);几个大字母邻居误解了他的意思因为乐队还没有发行这首歌,人们都以为这是模仿纳粹在犹太人的商店的墙上书写;Juden(犹太人);的习惯当地的店老板很生气,在他们澄清事实前,甚至有人向他们的窗户扔砖头3.Their On-Staff Astrologer3.他们的占星家Bee we leave the Apple Boutique behind, we should mention the store weirdest employee. His name was Caleb Ashburton-Dunning, he was the store assistant manager, and he could supposedly see the future. The Beatles thought that an astrologer might help out with their fledgling business, so every day, he whipped up horoscopes John, Paul, George, and Ringo. If they ever hit a snag or wanted advice on an upcoming event, he was the man with the answers.抛开苹果精品店这个话题之前,还应该说说商里古怪的雇员他叫做凯莱布·阿什伯顿-邓宁,是商店的经理助手,据说他能看见未来甲壳虫认为占星家也许能帮他们拯救处于危险中的商业,所以每天他都为约翰、保罗、乔治和林戈占星如果他们遇到什么困难,或者想听听对即将发生事情的建议,他就是有的人One fateful day, after examining John horoscope, Ashburton-Dunning told Lennon to break up with Yoko Ono and return to his first wife, Cynthia. John didnt take this very well and fired the man on the spot. Crushed, the Apple astrologer joined a bizarre cult called ;The Process Church of the Final Judgment,; a group that worshiped both Jesus and Satan. The group evolved into an animal shelter, and Ashburton-Dunning disappeared from Beatles history. As an astrologer, he probably shouldve seen it coming.在具有决定性的一天,看过约翰的星象,阿什伯顿-邓宁告诉列侬让他与小野洋子分手,回到前妻辛西娅身边约翰没有接受这个建议,当场向他开了受挫之后,苹果占星家加入了一个古怪的宗教派别,叫做;终审的进程教派;——他们崇拜耶稣和撒旦这个教派逐渐发展成为动物收容所,阿什伯顿-邓宁从甲壳虫的历史上消失了作为一个占星家,他本应预知这个结局.The Apple Scruffs.苹果铁杆粉丝Wherever The Beatles went, they were hounded by rabid fans. While filming A Hard Day Night, several scenes were interrupted. When perming at Shea Stadium, girls tried to storm the stage. And when the group visited the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., an 18-year-old Beverly Markowitz sneaked up behind Ringo and snipped off some of his hair.无论甲壳虫去哪里,他们都会被狂热的粉丝纠缠不清在拍摄《一夜狂欢的时候,有几个镜头被打断在谢亚球场表演时,女孩儿们试图冲击舞台当他们访问英国驻华盛顿特区大使馆时,一位18岁的贝弗利·马尔卡维茨悄悄走到林戈身后,减掉了他的一些头发However, none of their fans were as devoted as the Apple Scruffs. Named their big, thick coats, the Scruffs waited on the front steps of Apple Headquarters every single day, longing a glimpse of one of their idols. There were about Scruffs, most of them young British women whod given up their jobs to follow The Beatles full-time. Some of the members included Margo Stevens, the leader of the group, and Sue-John, named her huge crush on Lennon. But a few Scruffs stood out from the crowd, like 63-year-old Emma Eldredge, Carol Bed from Texas, and a gay New Yorker named Tommy.Sometimes, the Scruffs took their obsession too far. Once, they spotted an open window on Paul house, grabbed a ladder, and climbed inside. After wandering around, they made off with a pair of pants, one of his tapes, and some of Linda McCartney photos. Infuriated, Paul tracked them down and demanded his things back. He knew theyd done it because real thieves ;would have taken more expensive things.;But mostly, the Apple Scruffs were a harmless bunch. They printed their own fan magazine and created cards club members. They even helped The Beatles from time to time. example, their breaking-and-entering stunt inspired Paul to write ;She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.; Most importantly, their dedication and devotion helped The Beatles cope in their final days when things were getting rough. At the very least, they certainly encouraged George who later dedicated a sweet song to his favorite fans.即便如此,他们的歌迷比不过苹果铁杆粉丝得名于又大又厚的外套,铁杆粉每天都在在苹果总部前面的梯子上等着,希望瞥见一个偶像他们大约共人,其中大部分是年轻的英国妇女——放弃工作全天追随甲壳虫其成员包括马戈·斯蒂文斯——铁杆粉的领袖——和苏-约翰——这样起名是因为她巧遇过列侬但是有几个铁杆粉很突出,比如63岁的艾玛·埃尔德雷奇、来自德克萨斯的卡罗尔·比弗德和名为托米的纽约同性恋有时,铁杆粉的行为很过分曾经,他们看见保罗的房子打开了一扇窗户,于是架上梯子爬了进去四处逛完之后,他们离开时带走了一条裤子、一盒磁带,还有琳达·麦卡特尼的照片保罗很生气,一路跟踪他们,要求他们退还自己的东西他知道他们会这样做,因为真正的小偷;会带走更贵重的东西;但在大多时候,铁杆粉不会带来危害他们印刷自己的粉丝杂志,为俱乐部成员制作卡片他们有时甚至能帮助甲壳虫例如,他们破门而入的惊人行动启发保罗写了歌曲;她从盥洗室的窗户而来;更重要的是,他们的专注和付出帮助甲壳虫处理最后日子里遇到的问题,那时事情变得很糟糕至少他们的确鼓舞了乔治——他后来为他喜爱的歌迷献上了一首甜美的歌曲1.When Ringo And George Quit The Band1.当林戈和乔治退出乐队的时候Thanks to a mix of egos and economics, Paul McCartney left The Beatles in April 1970, ending the most famous musical act in history. But Paul wasnt the first member to leave the band. That honor goes to Ringo Starr, who quit back in 1968 while The Beatles were recording their famous The White Album.由于自我和经济的混淆,1970年月保罗·麦卡特尼离开了甲壳虫,结束了历史上最著名的音乐行为但是保罗并不是第一个离开乐队的成员——那是林戈·斯塔尔,他早在1968年就退出了乐队,当时甲壳虫正在录制著名的唱片《白色专辑In addition to its influence on Charles Manson, The White Album marked a particularly dark period The Beatles. George was trying to assert himself musically, Paul was becoming rather bossy, and John kept bringing Yoko Ono into the studio, which threw off the band groove. As a result, there was a lot of fighting, resulting in band members recording by themselves. In the words of Paul, the White Album was actually the ;tension album.; That tension boiled over on August , 1968, when Ringo called it quits. Everyone was fighting, Paul had mocked his drumming, and he was feeling like an outsider. Frustrated, Ringo approached John and said, ;Im leaving the group because Im not playing well, and I feel unloved and out of it, and you three are really close.; Lennon was flabbergasted. ;I thought it was you three!; he shouted. When Ringo approached Paul, he got the same exact response.Nevertheless, Starr borrowed Peter Sellers yacht, sailed Sardinia, and spent two weeks on the high sea writing ;Octopus Garden.; In the meantime, Paul filled in Ringo, drumming on ;Back in the USSR; and ;Dear Prudence.; But eventually, the band sent Ringo a telegram proclaiming him the best drummer in the world and begging him to come back. And when Starr returned, he found flowers sp across his drum set, spelling out the words, ;Welcome Back, Ringo.;The good mood didnt last. In 1969, George was getting angry at Paul suppressing his songs and was furious at Lennon taking Yoko advice over his. It also didnt help that a documentary crew was filming every little flare-up. Finally, things exploded when Lennon told the press that Apple was going bankrupt. An enraged George confronted John, and the two ended up getting into an actual fistfight. Sick of all the shenanigans, Harrison decided it was time to go.;See you ‘round the clubs,; he said as he stormed off. Lennon, always one to add fuel to the fire, made a joke about replacing George with Eric Clapton. The four were able to smooth things over a little while, and George returned to finish Let It Be and Abbey Road. Sadly, though, time was running out The Beatles, and in just a matter of months, the dream would finally be over.除了对查尔斯·曼森的影响,《白色专辑标志着甲壳虫经历过的一段极其黑暗的岁月乔治试图增强音乐自信,保罗越来越像老板,约翰总带着小野洋子去录音棚——这些改变了乐队的习惯结果打斗不断,乐队成员自己记录了这些事情用保罗的话来说,《白色专辑实际上就是;紧张专辑;1968年8月日,林戈宣布退出,紧张关系到了一触即发的地步人人都在争斗,保罗嘲笑他打鼓,他感觉自己是个局外人心灰意冷之后,林戈靠近约翰说:;我离开乐队,因为我演得不好,我感觉不到爱,不在乐队里,你们三个才是真正亲密的,;列侬很惊讶;我以为是你们三个!;他大喊当林戈对保罗这么说时,保罗的反应一模一样然而,斯塔尔借了彼得·塞勒斯的游艇,去了撒丁岛,在公海花了两周星期创作了;章鱼的花园;同时,保罗为林戈填曲,用鼓点演奏;在苏联的时候;和;亲爱的谨慎;但是最终,乐队向林戈发出一份电报,声明他是世界上最好的鼓手,希望他回来当斯塔尔归队时,他发现鼓架四周都是鲜花,拼出了一句话:;欢迎回来,林戈;好景不长1969年,乔治对保罗不发行自己的歌曲和列侬采纳小野洋子而不是他的建议感到十分生气虽然有一组制作纪录片的人要把所有细节录在胶卷里,但也无济于事最终,当列侬告诉媒体苹果即将破产时,危机一触即发愤怒的乔治与约翰对峙,两人最终拳脚相向哈里森厌烦这些闹剧,感到离开的时刻到了;俱乐部见,;愤然离去的时候他这样说列侬——总是雪上加霜——拿艾瑞克·克莱普敦取代乔治说笑四人和睦相处了一段时间,乔治回来完成了《随它去和《庄园之路但是很可惜,甲壳虫的时间不多了,仅仅几个月之后,好梦终于结束了翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 66

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