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崇义县人民医院前列腺炎哪家医院最好赣州市人民医院专家咨询南康市红十字会医院割包皮多少钱 The last few years have been a good time to be a movie fan. Comic book adaptations have gone from a doomed niche market to dominating the box office due to the success of movies like Avengers and The Dark Knight, and science fiction continues to take risks, as seen in Prometheus. The contenders the Best Picture Oscar in recent years have shown that there is no shortage of dramas that range from the heartening to the heartrending. However, many of the aspects of modern film that we take granted have long roots in the movies of decades past.过去几年是电影迷的美好时光因为诸如《复仇者联盟(Avengers)和《黑暗骑士(The Dark Knight)这类电影十分成功,改编幽默连环画已经从在夹缝中生存的状况发展到控制票房市场的程度科幻电影就像《普罗米修斯(Prometheus)里所呈现那样,继续冒险从近几年奥斯卡最佳影片的候选影片来看,从振奋人心到心酸悲哀,各类影片应有尽有然而,我们认为现代电影界理所当然的事,许多都深深植根于过去几十年出现的电影.Promises! Promises!.《誓!誓!Even the most reserved individual can vividly remember the sexiest scenes they have seen in the cinema. From Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan, sex has spiced up film ever.即使是最矜持的成年人也能生动地记起在电影院看见的性感十足的镜头从《开放的美国学府(Fast Times at Ridgemont High)里的菲比·凯茨(Phoebe Cates)到《黑蛇呻吟(Black Snake Moan)里的克里斯蒂娜·里奇(Christina Ricci),性开始成为电影必不可少的元素Of course, it had to start somewhere. Nudity has been a part of cinema since its inception, but a long time, filmmakers had to wrestle with restrictive morality-based policies such as the Hays Code. In the 1960s, however, movies were beginning to challenge those restrictions on sex and nudity.Sex comedy Promises! Promises! was the first major motion picture to feature a major star—in this case, Jayne Mansfield—appearing nude. While there had been nudity in smaller (and often silent) movies bee, this movie helped legitimize the use of sex to sell a film and fuel the fame of the naked star. Without this movie, there would have been no raunchy sex comedies like American Pie or Knocked Up, nor a generation who mastered the art of hitting the pause button at strategic moments of their favorite scenes.当然,凡事都有起点自从赤身裸体在电影里出现之后,就成为了电影院的一部分;但是有很长一段时间,由于像《海斯法案(Hays Code)这样基于道德的政策十分严苛,电影制片人不得不与之频繁较量但在世纪60年代,电影开始挑战这些对性和裸露身体的束缚性喜剧《誓!誓!是以一位明星裸体出镜——本片中是杰恩·曼斯菲尔德(Jayne Mansfield)——的第一部重要电影尽管此前小型影片(常常无声)也有裸体镜头,但这部片子使利用性让电影更卖座的做法合法化,也使这位裸体明星名声大噪没有这部电影,可能就没有《美国派(American Pie)和《一夜大肚(Knocked Up)这样低俗的性喜剧了,也不会产生这一代掌握敲击暂停键艺术的人——看见他们喜欢的镜头就暂停9.Ocean 9.《十一罗汉When the credits start rolling, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Audiences have been trained to stay seated. modern audiences, that is largely due to Iron Man post-credits ;stinger,; which is an extra scene that rewards fans sticking around. All of Marvel subsequent releases and many other unrelated films have followed suit.当影片演职表滚屏时,有一件事变得一清二楚:观众已经习惯保持坐姿了对现代观众而言,这很大程度上是因为《钢铁侠(Iron Man)职员名单后面的;思丁格;——回报观众留恋徘徊的额外镜头随后漫威(Marvel)旗下所有电影,还有其他不相关的电影都采用了这个办法However, Marvel hardly pioneered this idea. It goes all the way back to James Bond second film, From Russia With Love, which promised audiences after the credits that ;James Bond would return,; a practice that continues to this day.The first film stinger, however, came from the original Ocean , which showed Sinatra, Davis, and the rest of the crew sauntering down a street in Las Vegas. Compared to the modern-day ;stingers; that seek to surprise to viewers, this was pretty mild, but without Ol Blue Eyes roaming down the boulevard, we might have never seen Samuel L. Jackson telling Robert Downey Jr. about The Avengers Initiative.但是,漫威并非这个创意的开创者这可以追溯到詹姆斯·邦德(James Bond)的第二部影片:《俄罗斯之恋(From Russia With Love)——这部电影向观众保在演职员表后面;詹姆斯·邦德会回来;——这种做法持续到了现在实际上,电影末尾的第一个;思丁格;在最初版本的《十一罗汉中呈现了西纳特拉(Sinatra)、戴维斯(Davis)和其余船员在街上漫步的画面与今日的寻求送给观众惊喜的;思丁格;相比,这相当温和但是如果他不在林荫大道上闲逛,我们可能永远看不见塞缪尔·L·杰克逊(Samuel L. Jackson)告诉小罗伯特·唐尼(Robert Downey Jr.);复仇者行动;(The Avengers Initiative)的事8.Star Wars8.《星球大战Star Wars revolutionized filmmaking in uncountable ways, raising the bar special effects, creative use of practical sets, and sci-fi storytelling. In the midst of all of this, one its chief contributions to cinema is often overlooked: the simple act of playing the credits at the end of the movie instead of the beginning.《星球大战引起了电影制作各个方面的革命,提高了特效要求、创造性地使用场景,还有科幻式的叙述方法其中,它对电影的主要贡献之一却常被忽略:在影片末尾而不是开头播放职员名单的简单做法Everyone recognizes the movie famous opening ;crawl,; the yellow letters that catch viewers up to the space drama they are about to watch bee scrolling into the vastness of space. Though it would later become an icon, the Director Guild did not like this idea at all at the time. They ordered George Lucas to display the credits of the cast and crew appear bee the film instead, as had been the tradition decades. Lucas refused to budge and simply paid the required fine to the Guild bee resigning.Time gave Lucas the last laugh. The runaway success of Star Wars meant that filmmakers all over the world would be borrowing its mulas ever, including the elimination of credits at the beginning of the movie. Ultimately, Luke Skywalker didnt just blow up the Death Star: He blew up the chances that youll ever have to sit through five minutes of credits bee your movie begins.大家都知道《星球大战开头出名的;爬行字幕;——黄色字母吸引了观众,把观众带入他们将观看的太空大戏,然后卷起来,消失在茫茫宇宙中尽管这后来成为了商业标志,;导演协会;(Director Guild)当时一点儿也不喜欢这个想法相反,他们命令乔治·卢卡斯在片头呈现演职员表,因为这是几十年来的传统卢卡斯拒绝妥协,辞职前直接向;导演协会;缴了规定的罚款时间让卢卡斯笑到了最后《星球大战轻而易举获得成功,这意味着全球的电影制作人以后都会借用它的模式,包括移掉电影开头的职员名单最终,卢克·天行者不仅摧毁了;死亡之星;:他还让你以后在电影开始前坐上5分钟看演职员表的几率降为零7.Deep Throat7.《深喉Deep Throat was, of course, not the first pornographic movie, but it did define what the modern consumer would consider one. Bee this film, most pornos consisted of only about minutes of footage, which was looped repeatedly to create the impression of a longer film. Moreover, such films were mostly viewed in stores selling adults books or adult clubs.《深喉当然不是第一部色情电影,但是它定义了现代观众心里的色情电影是什么样子的在这部电影之前,绝大多数色情片胶卷大约只有分钟长度,通过重复播放留下电影较长的印象此外,这样的片子主要在出售成人书籍的商店或成人俱乐部播放With its campy plot and nearly hour-long running time, Deep Throat made pornography more mainstream. Going out to see the movie was considered a fashionable date activity, and the sight of normal-looking couples heading into normal-looking theaters to see a pornographic movie made pornography more acceptable. If porn didnt aly seem hip to young people, the sight of the federal authorities trying to confiscate reels of film and shut down theaters showing it appealed to rebellious young people, solidifying pornography place as another spoke in the wheels of the sexual revolution.情节粗俗、时间近1小时,《深喉让色情片趋于主流外出看电影被当作时尚的约会活动,而看上去平常的两个人去一家平常的影院看色情电影,这样的景象让色情更容易被接受如果色情作品在年轻人中间还不流行,联邦当局试图没收电影胶卷、关闭影院的现象表明,色情作品能吸引叛逆的年轻人,结果便会固化色情作品的地位,让它成为性革命车轮里的另一条轮辐6.Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs6.《白雪公主和七个小矮人Contrary to persistent rumors, Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was not the first animated feature, major or otherwise. However, it was the first animated feature film produced in both English and Technicolor, and it represented an intense level of risk Walt Disney. At the time, many people, including his wife, assumed that audiences had neither the time nor the patience to sit through a cartoon movie.与一直不断的谣言相反,迪斯尼的《白雪公主和七个小矮人不是第一部动画影片,无论规模大小但是,它的确是第一部英语的、使用色印片法制作的动画片;对沃尔特·迪斯尼而言,它代表极度危险那时,许多人,包括他的妻子,都认为观众既没有时间,也没有耐心坐着看卡通电影Undeterred, Disney borrowed most of the .5 million necessary to finance his vision. As we know now, the gamble paid off: The movie made million during the height of the Great Depression and heralded a revolution in animation. Not only did it provide the foundation later animation companies (such as Hannah-Barbera, Pixar, and Don Bluth Productions), it launched CGI animation, the empire that would eventually dominate theme parks, and mega-hit franchises like Star Wars and Marvel.迪斯尼没有灰心丧气,通过借贷凑齐了持他的理想所必须的0万美元资金正如我们现在知道的那样,这场赌局产生了回报:在困难的大萧条时期,这部电影创造了800万美元票房,还引发了动画领域里的一场革命它不仅为以后的动画公司(比如汉纳-巴贝拉(Hannah-Barbera)、皮克斯(Pixar)和唐·布鲁兹出品(Don Bluth Productions))提供了基础,它还开创了CGI动画事业——这个帝国最后将控制主题公园——和如《星球大战那样的重磅级的授权作品,还有漫威翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 393631International glamour outstripped Hollywood and hometown favorites at the top of the best-dressed list men's magazine GQ 在男性杂志《绅士季刊的“年最具衣着品味男人” 榜上,国际影星击败了好莱坞和英国本土的宠儿,跻身前列  Film star Javier Bardem was chosen by GQ's British edition as its top best-dressed man internationally, followed by Indian-born Sikh jewelry designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia and Alexander Skarsgard, Swedish star of the hit US television vampire show "True Blood."  电影明星哈维尔·巴登被《绅士季刊英国版选为“全球最具衣着品味男人”,紧随其后的是珠宝设计师兼演员瓦里斯·阿鲁瓦里亚和美国热播吸血鬼剧《真爱如血的主演、瑞典影星亚历山大·斯卡斯加德瓦里斯·阿鲁瓦里亚出生于印度,是锡克教教徒 5安远人民医院要预约吗

章贡区人民医院治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好蓉江区妇幼保健院专家咨询 The Victoria Secret Fashion Show just taped, and this year was one of the most elaborate ever.维多利亚的秘密内衣秀刚刚拉开华丽巨幕,今年的秀也是有史以来最奢华复杂的一次The show started with a circus theme, complete with acrobats, a sword-swallower and a man on stilts. Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bruno Mars permed.内衣秀以马戏表演开始,包括杂技,吞剑和踩高跷然后贾斯汀比伯,蕾哈娜和布鲁斯马斯登场Despite the huge production, the focus was on the 0 gorgeous models who walked the runway.除去这些宏大的制作,共有0位闪亮的模特走上T台Adriana Lima sizzled in red, while Alessandra Ambrosio looked amazing just months after giving birth.阿德瑞娜利玛穿上了红色,亚历山大安布罗休惊艳四座,你能想到她刚生完孩子么?The show airs on CBS December .此次内衣秀将在美国时间月日在CBS播出 15信丰妇幼保健院前列腺炎多少钱

石城人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱The ;Harlem Shake; YouTube dance has sent the ;Gangnam Style; flying.最新的YouTube舞蹈视频Harlem Shake 哈雷姆摇摆舞迅速走红,让鸟叔的《江南Style成为了过去式The New ;Harlem Shake; s are being searched by the thousands by the minute, making it one of the biggest trending topics on Twitter on Thursday, Feb. .每时每刻都有上千名网友在搜索Harlem Shake视频,而在月日该视频也成了推特上最热门的话题之一Technically, the “Harlem Shake” was a dance move from the ’80s. It began in New York’s Harlem, and was popular in music s. Then, in , it was the title of an electronic song produced by Baauer. Now, in , the song has become the track of many viral s.严格意义上来说,哈雷姆摇摆舞是始自世纪80年代的一种舞蹈,起源于纽约黑人聚集的哈雷姆区,舞蹈常用于音乐录影带中年,来自布鲁克林的DJ Baauer发行了一首电子舞曲,而在年,这首歌就出现在了很多热门视频中A News reported that it appears that the viral ;Harlem Shakes; craze started the YouTube of people wearing masks and dressed in latex suits, one in a Power Ranger costume, back in January. As you’ll see in the , which has been viewed over three million times, everyone dances.根据A新闻网的报道,这股Harlem Shake屌丝舞狂潮,始自年1月的YouTube网站上的一个视频,一群人带着面具穿着乳胶装(其中一位扮成了金刚战士),视频中每个人都在跳舞该视频的浏览量已超过了300万According to YouTube, that’s the that started the real viral trend. As of Feb. , there have been over ,000 “Harlem Shake” s, and they’ve been watched more than million times.根据YouTube的数据介绍,正是这个视频开启了屌丝舞狂潮截止月日,有超过1.万个Harlem Shake 视频,总浏览量达到了00万Now, YouTube says, over ,000 of these crazy dance s are being uploaded per day knocking out the ;Harlem Shakes; competition ;Gangnam Style.;YouTube网站表示,现在每天有000个Harlem Shake舞蹈视频被上传到该网站,鸟叔的《江南Style热潮已经过去啦 5668 赣州急性尿道炎的治疗赣州会昌妇幼保健院男科大夫



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